Watch Gang Subscription Review: The Ultimate Guide

Watch Gang is a unique subscription service that offers a wide range of mystery watches to their subscribers. This Watch Gang guide examines the benefits and drawbacks of the Watch Gang Subscription service.

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About Watch Gang

Watch Gang, based in Los Angeles, was founded by Matthew Gallagher in 2016. Matthew Gallagher had always liked watches, but when his father sadly passed away and left him a Rolex from 1953, it immediately became cherished as a family heirloom.

Watch Gang sends new watches to its subscribers every month for as long as they want, and tries to replicate Gallagher’s surprise when he received the Rolex that meant so much to him, so the watch you get each month is a surprise.

Pros And Cons Of Watch Gang

What We Like!

  • Increase Your watch collection
  • Every watch you receive, you get to keep
  • You may obtain a watch valued at greater than you paid
  • A fantastic way to try new styles and brands

What We Don’t Like!

  • You may not like the watch you receive
  • International shipping is expensive
  • There are no returns or refunds if you dislike the watch
  • Customers with skinny wrists may be disappointed as you cannot enter exact sizing preferences

Watch Gang Reviews

watch gang subscriptions
Watch Gang

The forward-thinking company has grown in popularity and now ships all over the world. Watch Gang has different subscription tiers, with the more expensive ones allowing you to receive more high-end watches.

The watches you receive from Watch Gang are guaranteed to be worth more than the monthly subscription fee. The Wheel of Watches and the Member Store are two other ways to buy from Watch Gang.

How Does Watch Gang Work?

Every month, Watch Gang collaborates with both new and established watch brands worldwide to bring you a brand new watch style. You sign up, then choose one of three subscription tiers before receiving a watch that has been hand-picked for you.You’ll get your first watch within three days, and then Watch Gang will ship your watch on the 16th of every month.

Are The Watches High Quality?

In any of Watch Gang’s monthly subscriptions, you will always receive a watch worth more than what you paid for. The Watch Gang Original subscription brands are generally less well-known, but they are still fantastic timepieces.

The Black Tier is a great place to start if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You’ll notice a significant improvement in quality while remaining fashionable. Platinum-tiered watches always exude sophistication. Watch Gang likes to compare the difference between their Black and Platinum watches to the difference between a Mustang and a Cadillac. They are classy even when they are sporty.

We’ve included a few examples of previous watches sent to subscribers in each of the tiers further down this review so you can get a sense of their quality. The Watch Gang’s manufacturer’s warranty is included with all watches. The company will assist you with replacing any broken or defective watches within the first 30 days of receipt based on the tracking number for that order.

What Sizes Are Watch Gang Subscription Watches?

Watches from Watch-Gang start at 40mm and go up from there. With the mystery watch subscription, the company cannot guarantee watch size or band type. They typically do not stock multiple sizes of any band type and do not stock additional links for stainless steel bands.

The leather bands are the same size as those found in stores, and the metal bands include a full bracelet (meaning enough extra links that the average person usually has to remove a couple).

How Do Watch Gang Determine The Value Of Each Watch?

The value of Watch Gang watches is determined by several factors, including the retail price and the lowest online selling price. Before entering into a partnership, the company conducts market research to determine where and how much the watches are selling for. For instance, if a Citizen watch is sold in a jewelry store for $300 but is available online for $180, Watch Gang value it at $180.

Watch Gang is occasionally forced to defer to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price because they are not sold elsewhere when it comes to certain microbrands.

Can I Keep The Watch I Receive From Watch Gang?

Absolutely. Every watch you receive belongs to you.

Do I Get To Pick My Watch Each Month?

No, you’re joining a mystery watch club. Each month, you’ll receive a new watch. WatchGang’s mission is to assist its members in building their watch collections by offering a diverse selection of incredible watches.

How Do I Sign Up For Watch Gang Subscriptions?

When you first visit the Watch Gang website, you’ll be asked to enter your name and email address. After that, you’ll be taken to a quiz that will help you figure out what kind of watches you’ll receive each month and which subscription is best for you.

How Much Do Watch Gang Subscriptions Cost?

Watch gang subscriptions prices

Subscription plans for the watch gang are as follows:

Original Tier

If you join the Watch Gang Original tier, you’ll receive a stylish and fashionable watch each month worth up to $150. Some name brands, Japanese or Swiss quartz movements, are included in this tier.

The styles of watches vary considerably and include classic, sport, and military, to name a few. The brands are generally less well-known, but they are still excellent timepieces. Furthermore, you’ll be eligible for giveaways and have access to limited-time sales and receive an Assurance of genuineness for each watch.

The Watch Gang Original Tier costs $49.99 per month, $142.50 if paid quarterly in advance (5% discount), $269.99 if paid six months in advance (10% discount), and $479.99 if paid annually in advance (20% discount).

Black Tier

The black tier is the most popular watch gang tier, costing $99.99 per month. The black tier features affordable luxury watches, and each month, you’ll receive a watch worth up to $500.

You’ll receive premium microbands and high-end name brands, Japanese or Swiss movements (a mix of quartz and automatic), and you’ll be entered to win all giveaways. The authenticity of the product is guaranteed.

If you pay quarterly, you will be charged $299.99, saving $30; if you pay every six months, you will save $50 and pay $549.00; and if you pay annually, you will be charged $1099.99, saving $100.

Platinum Tier

The Watch Gang Platinum Tier is the most expensive tier, costing $299.99 per month. At this level, you’ll pay for ultra-luxury and receive watches worth up to $1,500.

Each month, you’ll receive a watch from a premium microbrand or a well-known brand that features a Japanese or Swiss automatic movement. As with the other tiers, you’ll also be entered in all giveaways, and authenticity is guaranteed.

Watchgang reviews
Example of Platinum Tier Watch

Can You Sign Up For A Quarterly Subscription With Watch Gang?

In addition to monthly subscriptions, Watch Gang also offers quarterly options at each tier level; you’ll receive a watch every three months and pay the monthly charge quarterly for whichever tier you choose.

  • Original Tier costs $49.99 quarterly.
  • Black Tier costs $99.99 quarterly.
  • Premium Tier costs $249.99 quarterly.

What Is The Wheel Of Watches, And How Does It Work?

watch gang review
Watch Gang – Wheel of Watches

The Wheel of Watches is a unique and fun way for Watch Gang members to purchase a timepiece. And the best part about the Wheel is that you’ll always get a watch that’s worth the same as or more than what you paid for it. The Wheel of Watches will be accessible from the top of your dashboard.

There are five different Wheels to choose from, each with the ability to spin for up to eight different watches. Each Wheel is made up of several Tiers. Watches are divided into Tiers according to their lowest online value.


The first Wheel of Watches costs $72 and lets you choose from the following options:

  • 3 watches from Tier 1
  • 2 watches from Tier 2
  • 1 watch from Tier 3
  • A watch from Tier 4
  • 1 watch from Grail Tier


Wheel 2 costs $160 and allows members to select from the following options: 

  • 3 watches from Tier 2
  • 2 watches from Tier 3
  • 1 watch from Tier 4
  • A watch from Tier 5
  • 1 watch from Grail Tier


Wheel 3 costs $285 and allows members to select from the following options: 

  • 3 watches from Tier 3
  • 2 watches from Tier 4
  • 1 watch from Tier 5
  • A watch from Tier 6
  • 1 watch from Grail Tier


Wheel 4 costs $385 and allows members to select from the following options: 

  • 3 watches from Tier 4
  • 2 watches from Tier 5
  • 1 watch from Tier 6
  • A watch from Tier 7
  • 1 watch from Grail Tier


Wheel 5 costs $585 and allows members to select from the following options: 

  • 3 watches from Tier 5
  • 2 watches from Tier 6
  • 1 watch from Tier 7
  • A watch from Tier 8
  • 1 watch from Grail Tier

Choose wisely when adding watches to your Wheel, as all watches are final sale, and Watch Gang does not accept returns or refunds.

Before you add the watch to your Wheel, click on the image to learn more about it. You can select the same watch recurring times in the tiers that allow you to select more than one watch. You can also sort each Wheel by brand, size, color, strap type, and other factors.

After the spin, all watches are shipped within 14 business days. The manufacturer’s warranty is included with all watches purchased on the Wheel.

WatchGang Original Tier Watches Review

Invicta Pro Div

watch gang watches review
Watch Gang – Original Tier Watch

The Invicta Pro Diver, found in WatchGang’s Original Tier, is a timelessly fashionable dive watch with just the right amount of mechanical moxie to withstand any adventure.

With a Japanese automatic movement and a water resistance of up to 200 meters, this watch will last you for years and journeys to come. The Invicta Pro Diver Men’s watch has an MSRP of $595, which means you’ll save more than $500 if it appears in your original tier subscription delivery.

Recta – Cavalier (11 SKUs)

watch gang review
Watch Gang Original Tier

The Recta Cavalier has a bravado-based attitude that is based on a mission-critical requirement for functionality. It is uncompromising, trustworthy, and accurate.

With a Japanese Quartz three-hand movement, a solid stainless steel bracelet, and 30-meter water resistance, this watch will look great on any occasion. The watch retails for $180, so it’s a $130 savings for some Watch Gang subscribers who received it in their April delivery.

WatchGang Black Tier Watches Review

Bulova – Curv 1 (SKU)

watch gang reviews
Watch Gang Black Tier

This watch is the world’s original curved chronograph movement. The Bulova CURV features high-performance quartz technology with a vibrational frequency of 262 kHz for precise accuracy.

The stainless steel case, dark grey dial with blue accents, anti-reflective curved sapphire glass, screw-back case, alligator grain black matte leather strap with 3-piece buckle, and water resistance to 30 meters are all features of this five-hand chronograph.

The Bulova Curv retails for around $676, which means Watch Gang’s black tier subscribers will save $576.

Cadola – Intrepid (8 SKUs)

review of watch gang
Watch Gang Black Tier

This sporty, nautically rugged timepiece is named after America’s Cup winner in 1967 and 1970, who was cutting edge and innovative.

The Cadola Intrepid is a reminder of expert seafaring combined with ingenious engineering at the heart of the world’s most performance-driven boats. The watch features a Japanese quartz chronograph with a date and 24 hours, a stainless steel case, a solid stainless steel bracelet with a fold-over buckle and push button, and a 200-meter water resistance.

All black tier subscribers receive a $300 discount on the Burnt Orange Cadola Intrepid, which retails for $450.

WatchGang Premium Tier Watches Review

The Platinum Tier costs $299.99 per month and includes a wide selection of high-end micro brands and big-name brands that you can wear every day or on special occasions.

Esoteric – Bathyal (3 SKUs)

review of watch gang
Watch Gang – Premium Watches

The blue dial of the Esoteric Bathyal Azul has a matte finish and deep sandwich cutouts with plenty of old radium color lume.

A black date wheel with orange numerals is featured in the deep date window. Deeply grooved markers filled with enamel paint adorn the bezel. To help mark dive times, a large pip is filled with Superluminova.

For precise time marking, the No-Play bezel clicks tight and makes a full 120 stops around the bezel.

A regulated Miyota 9015 movement, an automatic mechanical movement renowned for its precision and reliability, powers each Bathyal.

Watch Gang Platinum members save $500 on the Esoteric Bathyal, which retails for $800.

Harbinger – Expedition (2SKUs)

Watch gang reviews
Watch Gang Premium Watches

The Expedition is a full-featured tool watch designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.

This model is inspired by and built to withstand the harsh conditions of the Saudi desert, and it comes with a stainless steel bracelet and a leather strap. The Harbinger watch is made of stainless steel and has a 60-minute stainless steel bezel.

The Expedition is the one watch you’ll want on your wrist no matter what adventure you’re on.

The Harbinger Expedition costs $849, but if you sign up for Watch Gang’s platinum subscription, you’ll save $549.

Watch Gang Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this Watch Gang Subscription review, GNGuide visits a variety of other websites around the world to learn what their customers think about the products.

We began our search for reviews on Trustpilot, where Watch Gang has received 2,490 reviews with an average review rating of 4.5 stars.

The watch subscription service received an excellent rating from 68% of reviewers.

Customers reported that the watches they received were of high quality, with some retailing for more than 300% more than the subscription fee. They also enjoy the variety of watches they receive and look forward to the monthly package arriving.

Customers are disappointed with the customer service team, disappointed that the watch they spun the wheel for was worth less than the amount paid. Several customers complained about the poor quality of the watches.

I really like my first watch; the second was okay. I got my friend to sign up, and he’s gotten three watches already, and I really like the ones he got, so it’s just, I guess, a matter of chance. I’d be interested in more tiers.

Three-star review @Trustpilot.

The brand has a BBB Rating of C+.

Additionally Watch Gang is active on social media, with 247k individuals following the @watchgang Facebook page and 156k following the watchgang Instagram page.

Watch Gang Promo Codes, Discounts, and Promotions

We searched for discount codes and promo codes as part of the GNGuide Watch Gang review. Here are the latest discounts and promotions we found:

Refer Your Friends

By referring your friends, you can earn free points. You and your friend will each receive 50 points to use towards a watch at a later date if they refer a friend using your unique link code.

Watch Gang Coupon Code

Watch Gang Giveaways

Giveaways are held multiple times per week by the Watch Gang! 

TAG Tuesday 1.30 pm PST (LIVE): On Tuesdays, the company gives away a TAG watch. The lucky winner is announced on Facebook & Instagram. 

Wheel Point Wednesday (LIVE) 9:30 am PST: On Wednesdays, Watch Gang spin the wheel, and one lucky member will receive whichever watch the wheel lands on; results will be announced on Facebook or Instagram. 

Friday Rolex Giveaway (LIVE) noon PST: One lucky winner will win a Rolex every Friday; again, results are announced on Facebook & Instagram. 

Seiko Saturday noon PST: Every Saturday, Watch Gang share a post on our Facebook and Instagram with instructions on entering this competition. Winners are announced Tuesday during the TAG Tuesday Giveaway.

Watch Gang Points

Members are rewarded with points. Every point is worth $0.50 and can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Earn credit by spinning the Wheel of Time.
  • Discounts on items in the Member Store
  • Raffle entries for Grails for Good (when available)
  • You can use them to purchase a Mystery Watch Subscription.
  • You cannot sell points, transfer, or assign to another person or entity.
  • Points do not have any value outside of and are not redeemable for cash.

It’s simple to accumulate points. All members can earn points by referring a friend, and every week during the weekly Giveaways, Watch Gang gives away points to lucky active Watch Gang members.

Members who purchased subscriptions before February 11th, 2020, will receive one point for every ten dollars spent on a Renewal Subscription, as well as 100 Anniversary Points when their 12th subscription watch arrives.

New members will be able to earn points similarly soon, according to the Watch Gang. When further information becomes available, we will update this page.

Points earned through renewals, referrals, contests, and other Watch Gang activities expire 14 days to 12 months after they are added to your account. Purchased points have a 5-year expiration date from the date of purchase.

Watch Gang Free Shipping

Receive free shipping on your first months subscription by entering the coupon code: watchmeship.

Check out the Watch Gang website to stay up to date on current promotions.

Watch Gang Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Watch Gang Shipping Policy?

For subscribers based in the United States, shipping will be a flat rate of $9.82; this fee covers you in the event of a lost or damaged shipment.

International shipments are slightly more expensive than domestic shipments:

  • Canada – $14
  • United Kingdom – $19.82
  • Australia and the rest of the world – $34.82

Subscribers are responsible for paying any applicable customs, import duties, and taxes.

Watch Gang Return Policy

Watch Gang does not issue refunds or accept returns for watches that are not to your liking.

If you decide that a mystery watch subscription is not for you and that you would like more control over the watches you receive, check out the Wheel of Watches.

The Wheel of Watches is a unique and fun way for Watch Gang members to purchase a watch and filter their selection to only the types of watches they desire.

Do Watch Gang Have A Warranty Guarantee

The Watch Gang’s manufacturer’s warranty is included with all watches.

The company will assist you with replacing any broken or defective watches within the first 30 days of receipt based on the tracking number for that order.

How Do I Cancel My Watch Gang Subscription?

Watchgang reviews, Watch Gang Review,
Watch Gang Subscription

Send an email to, use the Manage My Subscription form, or use the Live Chat feature during business hours to cancel your Watch Gang subscription.

Cancellations must be made before the 8th of each month, or the following month’s shipment will be sent. Prepaid subscriptions will not be refunded; instead, Watch Gang will transfer points to the Wheel of Watches or the Member Store.

Is Watch Gang Legitimate?

Can we trust watch gang? Watch Gang is not a scam because you actually receive a free watch every month, but the question then becomes whether or not you want to keep the watch and whether or not anyone would be interested in buying it from you.

Watch Gang Contact Information

Before contacting Watch Gang directly, you might want to look through their help center, which has many articles that could answer your questions.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can reach WatchGang through a variety of channels:

Does GNGuide Recommend Watch Gang?

Do we recommend Watch Gang? Well, it all depends on your personality and whether you enjoy being surprised with a different watch every month, but Watch Gang is worth it if you want surprises. All Watch Gang watches will always be worth more than their original MSRP. This could be ideal for thrill-seekers and explorers who want to learn about watches other than the usual brands.

Watch Gang ensures that no up-and-coming watch brand falls by the wayside. Gallagher’s mission to tap new and emerging brands may help the watchmaking industry’s future. Watch Gang is a good place to start if you’re a new collector. Watches, particularly those in the Black and Platinum tiers, have a high resale value. Even if you don’t save 5x as much as they promised, you can at least recoup your purchase costs.

To summarize, it is worthwhile to try their subscriptions, and who knows, a few months of subscription may get you a Rolex Daytona in the mail. If you’re looking for a watch to gift, and can’t find one with Watch Gang, check out these other retailers:

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