Top Kids Electric Scooter Helmets

Looking for a Kids electric scooter helmet? An electric scooter is one of the best gifts you can give your child if you want them to spend more time outdoors and be more active. Don’t overlook the safety equipment and electric scooter extras if they already own one. When traveling at any speed, a helmet is an absolute need.

Your kid has to be properly outfitted with a helmet and other safety gear any time they hop on their bike, electric scooter, skateboard, roller skates, or anything else that rolls. This is a good idea to keep kids’ tiny brains safe and give you some peace of mind.

But just because kids should wear helmets does not imply they actually will. When youngsters have to wear helmets that don’t fit well or that they don’t find appealing, they often complain of headaches, earaches, and achy heads and necks from the straps. Choose a helmet that not only fits perfectly but also looks amazing and satisfies all the safety standards to win them over.

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What You Should Look For When Buying A Kids Electric Scooter Helmet

Does The Helmet Meet Safety Standards?

Even though helmets are not required, the ones you wear must meet the safety standards set by your country’s laws. In addition, the construction, padding, and shock absorption of the helmet should allow for a speedy release in case of an accident.

Is The Helmet Comfortable For Your Child?

The key to getting kids to wear helmets is making them as comfortable as possible. Since wearing a heavier helmet rapidly becomes uncomfortable, light ones are a necessity. For a secure fit that still allows for the head to expand, look for an internal ring adjuster and webbing. Moreover, air vents will help keep your child’s head cool, and extra padding will provide comfort for your child’s head and neck. 

Does The Store Provide A Professional Fitting?

Your neighborhood bike store is the best place to get a helmet for your kid because they will be able to give you and your kid the best fit and guidance. Be sure you understand the helmet return policy before making an online purchase. Some stores won’t accept returns of worn helmets even if they are still in their original packaging and haven’t been dropped or damaged, but this isn’t usually an issue with internet vendors. Bike helmets are safety equipment, and while it may not always be visible, knocks or drops can compromise the helmet’s capacity to protect the wearer’s head. 

Never Buy A Second Hand Helmet

We all like gently used toys and clothing for our children, but helmets are one thing that should never be passed down. It is recommended that you get a new helmet, as previously owned ones may have hidden damage and may not conform to current safety regulations.

Choose A Bright coloured Kids Electric Scooter Helmet

Having your youngster wear a white or brightly colored helmet can help your child stand out to drivers and pedestrians on the road. Even if you’re only riding around the park or sidewalks, a brightly colored or patterned helmet will make your child more receptive to wearing it and less likely to object. You may make yourself more visible on the road with the help of a helmet’s reflectors and even a rear LED light.

How To Fit Your Kids Electric Scooter Helmet Correctly

Even the most sturdy helmet won’t protect your child’s head if it doesn’t fit well, so getting the right size and making sure the helmet is positioned correctly on your child’s head are both crucial to keep them safe while on their electric scooter.

Ensure You Measure Your Child’s Head

Don’t assume your child’s head size based on age alone. Take a measurement of your child’s head circumference first because that will determine the size of his or her helmet.Then, beginning at the forehead, measure the circumference of your child’s head where it is widest, which is typically 2 adult finger widths above the brow and the ears.

If you don’t have a convenient tape measure, you can always just measure the length of the string in relation to a standard ruler. After all other measurements have been ruled out, the circumference will be the deciding factor in determining the correct size of the helmet for your child.

What To Do If Your Child Is Between Sizes

If your child is just on the border between sizes, we recommend ordering down for safety. A helmet that is too small may also cause irritation. A large helmet, however, will not provide enough protection for its head. 

How To Fit Kid’s Electric Scooter Helmets

The top of the helmet should be level, so it covers your child’s eyes but not their forehead. Adults should place two fingers horizontally, just above the eyebrows; this marks the spot where the helmet will rest.

The adjuster or chin straps are the lengthy straps that rest on both sides of your infant’s face. When clipped together, they should lie flat toward the top, creating a ‘Y’ shape at each earlobe. If you place one finger between your child’s chin and the buckle of the chin strap, it is too loose. The right tightness is one that is just snug enough to be comfortable while riding.

How Often Should You Purchase A New Helmet?

Most experts agree that you should get a new helmet every three to five years after you acquire one. But, after three years of usage, even if your kids electric scooter helmet has never been involved in a crash or accident, the materials within it start to decay; its safety can no longer be guaranteed. Your helmet should be replaced immediately if it has been involved in a collision.

Best Kids Electric Scooter Helmets

Lets check some of the best kids electric scooter helmets, to provide protection while having fun on their electric scooters.

Retrospec Remi Kid’s Helmet

best kids electric scooter helmets, top kids electric scooter helmets

Any child above the age of five would benefit from this fantastic bestselling helmet, which is cool in more ways than one. It’s comfortable to wear because of its light weight and the eleven vents that allow air to circulate through and around the helmet. Additionally, this scooter helmet will protect your child’s eyes from the sun and increase their field of view while they perfect balance and control on their bike, skateboard, or scooter with this handy built-in visor!Easy-to-adjust nylon straps, a chin pad that won’t rub, and a dial that can be turned for a more secure fit make this a great option in terms of safety.

What We Like!

  • Sun visor is a great addition
  • Adjustable size
  • Great quality

What We Don’t Like!

  • No reflectors

Check out other products by Retrospec

Thousand Jr Kids Helmet

best kids electric scooter helmets, top kids electric scooter helmets

Kids as young as five can use the thousand Junior helmet, which is adjustable to fit heads from 49 to 53 centimeters in circumference. The six strategically placed vents in the helmet draw air in and direct it through the helmet’s inner channels to keep the wearer’s head and neck comfortable and cool.

You can make sure it fits perfectly using the dial-fit system, and it can even be adjusted so that it grows with your child. The helmet’s straps are made of vegan leather and have a chin pad and one-hand, no-pinch fastening, making it easy for your child to put it on and take it off. Finally, the Thousand Junior series of helmets comes with a set of removable, reflective stickers to promote inventiveness, allowing your youngster to customize their helmet however they see fit.

What We Like!

  • Kids love to customize
  • Comes with accident replacement
  • Well ventilated
  • Really easy to adjust

What We Don’t Like!

  • No reflectors
  • Pricey

Nutcase Street Helmets

best kids electric scooter helmets, top kids electric scooter helmets

The Street helmet is great for your older child, with eye-catching artwork and intelligent features that will have people exclaiming, “Nice helmet!” everywhere they go. That’s right, this is the helmet you’ve been waiting for—dual-certified, it’s for use on bikes, scooters, and skateboards.

The MIPS safety system, which is the best way to protect your head with a helmet, is built into all of the styles in the street line. It has more than double the reflectivity of standard safety gear. This helmet has 10 air vents to promote ventilation and a fidlock magnetic fastening to make putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

What We Like!

  • So many styles to choose from
  • Great safety features

What We Don’t Like!

  • Pricey

Woom Kids Helmet

best kids electric scooter helmets, top kids electric scooter helmets

The newly updated Woom Kids Helmet is one of the most unique bicycle helmets on the market because of how well it fits and how well it protects. It’s a cute, high-quality helmet with absurdly simple sizing and fit adjustments. The helmet has numerous innovative safety features to safeguard your child, including a visor bumper that provides protection from the rain and sun while also helping to prevent facial injuries. It has a fidlock magnetic closure system, making it easy to get on and off. Further, the log is reflective to increase visibility.

What We Like!

  • Easy to use
  • Magnetic fid-lock buckle
  • Great colors

What We Don’t Like!

  • If your child has a wide head avoid as does not fit great

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