Tommy John underwear Review: The Ultimate Guide

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Tommy John Underwear manufactures high-quality undergarments that are soft and durable while also keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

This Tommy John underwear guide examines the extensive underwear and clothing collection and weighs the brand’s advantages and disadvantages.

Tommy Johns Underwear
Underwear By Tommy John

Tommy John Underwear Review

The innovative underwear products are now available in over 1,000 retail locations, including Dillard’s, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and the brands Store in Philadelphia. Additionally you’ll find a wide selection online at and Amazon.

The company has expanded over the last decade from its first patented undershirt to include casual wear, activewear, underwear, and socks.

The company has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Esquire for its role in transforming the way customers shop.

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Tommy John

Before you begin browsing through the underwear collection, you should take the underwear quiz; the quiz will ask a few questions about your personal preferences. The quiz will then direct you to a variety of products tailored to your specific needs.

Tommy John manufactures their products in a variety of locations worldwide. To streamline processes and reduce their carbon footprint, the company manufactures its garments on-site in each of these locations.

Tommy John Underwear: What Materials are Products Made Of?

To ensure your comfort, all Underwear products are made with proprietary fabrics. Whatever lifestyle choices you make, there is an option for you:

Soft (Second Skin Collection)

This collection is made with a non-pilling micro modal fabric derived from Beechwood trees; the non-pilling micro modal fabric is soft, silky, and luxurious.

The second skin collection creates the illusion of wearing nothing at all.

Cool (Cool Cotton Underwear Collection)

Designed for daily wear, the cool collection is crafted from cotton stretch fabric that is breathable and lightweight. It will quickly become your go-to underwear.

The cool cotton collection features an exclusive, breathable, lightweight fabric that wicks away moisture to help you dry faster and feel cooler faster. Stretch cotton keeps you 2–3 degrees cooler than regular cotton and dries 4–5 degrees faster.

Light (Air Collection)

Designed specifically for daily wear and those frequent travelers among you.

The Air collection is crafted from a futuristic, lightweight mesh stretch fabric that dries quickly, allowing you to wash your underwear and have it ready to wear in less than four hours.

Move (360 Sports Collection )

The 360 sports collection is ideal for busy individuals because it is designed to stay put while you exercise.

The 360-degree stretch fabric, mesh cooling zones, and antimicrobial and anti-odor technology keep you cool and dry while you work hard.

Pros And Cons Of Tommy John


  • Wide range of underwear for men and women
  • Tommy John Guarantee if you’re not happy with your first purchase you get it for free
  • Available across the United States
  • Innovative underwear


  • Designs are plain
  • Expensive

Tommy John Underwear For Men

The brand offers unique men’s briefs styles in four fabric types.

Tommy Johns Mens Underwear
Mens Underwear

Tommy John Second Skin Boxer Brief, Luxe Rib

The Boxer Briefs feature an eight-inch inseam for maximum coverage. These boxer briefs feature a Micromodal fabric which is silky-soft and non-pilling, with a ribbed texture that promotes airflow. There is a no-roll, no-bunch, no-pinch waistband.

A Contour Pouch nestles the boys, with no adjustment needed, and the Quick Draw® Fly–horizontal fly allows for easy access when nature calls.

Tommy John second skin Underwear reviews
Tommy John Second Skin Boxer Briefs

Tommy John’s Second Skin boxer briefs retail for $42 and comes in grey or blue.

According to customers, these boxer briefs run true to size.

Ninety-one reviewers have given it a 4.8-star rating.

Customers expressed how comfortable the boxer briefs are, how the fabric is soft and feels good against their skin, and how they do not roll up and keep everything in place.

There was one negative comment about the lack of support, and a few customers complained about the length of the boxer briefs.

These are really nice quality, but they are just too long. And the trunks are too short. Wish there was something in between.

Three-star review @TommyJohn

Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit Boxers

The Relaxed Fit Boxers feature a 6.5″ inseam and a looser fit against the body for a more relaxed fit. Featuring breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to help you stay 2-3 times cooler and dries 4-5 times faster than standard cotton, these relaxed fit boxers are soon going to be a firm favorite.

The waistband is designed to stay put without rolling, bunching, or pinching and the no-adjustment Contour Pouch tucks up the boys.
Tommy John Cool Cotton Boxers

Finally, the Quick Draw® Fly–horizontal fly provides quick access when nature calls.

The Cool Cotton Relaxed Fit boxer briefs retail for $34 and comes in various colors and patterns.

Over 900 customers have given the relaxed fit boxers an average rating of 4.5 stars and stated that they run true to size.

Along with reviews stating that the boxers looked great, customer comments say that the boxers exceeded expectations. They are a significant improvement over previous jockeys. The slight pouch is fantastic, and the horizontal fly is simple to use.

Customer service representatives were mentioned numerous times, with customers praising their efficiency and effectiveness in resolving their shipping issues.

A few customers complained that the boxers were too expensive, while others reported how uncomfortable they were.

Tommy John 360 Sport 2.0 Pocket Trunks

Trunks with a 4.5-inch inseam offer a sophisticated look for everyday wear and hit right at the mid-thigh. Even during the most intense workouts, the 360-stretch fabric prevents riding up and wedgies.
Designed for use in the gym and during athletic performance.

Best Tommy John Underwear
Tommy John 360 Sport Trunks

Constructed from a non-pilling, 360 stretch nylon and spandex fabric that is both durable and breathable, the trunks develop the boys in luxuriously soft, natural fibers.

The Horizontal quick fly access gives you easy access when you need it, and the trunks are antimicrobial and odor-resistant, keeping you fresh and cool all day long.

These trunks have received a 4.6 star rating from 586 customers. 

Tommy John Pocket trunks costs $34 and run true to size.

Customers rave about how comfortable and breathable the trunks are, how well they stay in place, and how high the quality is. One customer stated that they feel as if he is wearing nothing because they are so soft.

The few negative reviews stated that the trunks were unwearable, did not meet the customer’s expectations, and provided no support.

Tommy John Square Cut Boxers

The Square Cut underwear is slightly longer than a brief at 3″ in length and the best introduction to contemporary styles. With a 3″ inseam, the Second Skin X Air Square Cut Boxers fit snugly against your body. The non-rolling, non-bunching, non-pinch waistband will not roll, bunch, or pinch.

Tommy John Boxer briefs review
Tommy John Square Cut Boxers

They feature a silky soft non-pilling micro modal fabric, an antimicrobial quick-drying air mesh fabric gusset, a contour pouch for added comfort, and a quick draw fly horizontal fly for easy access.

The second skin X Air square boxers retail for $37.

Almost 1,500 customers have rated the Square Cut Briefs 4.5 stars. 

Customers report that the briefs fit true to size; some have stated that they are the best underwear they have ever worn, praising the fabric and design, the material’s softness, and many said they would purchase more.

There were several negative reviews from customers who had not received their orders; additionally, customers complained that the briefs bunched up on their legs and that they were overpriced.

Tommy John Air Mesh Briefs

These Air Mesh Briefs offer minimal coverage, excellent support and feature a premium lightweight fabric for maximum comfort and style. With a featherweight, antimicrobial, and quick-drying Air Mesh fabric, a Stay-Put waistband that won’t roll, bunch, or pinch, a Contour Pouch to tuck the boys in, and a quick Draw® Fly–horizontal fly for easy access when nature calls; these are an incredibly comfortable pair of briefs.

Tommy.john underwear
Tommy John Air Mesh Briefs

The Air Mesh Briefs retail for $38, and customers report that they fit true to size.

These briefs have an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Customers commented on how comfortable they are, how well-fitting they are, how high-quality they are, and one customer thought they were expensive but special.

A few customers left negative reviews because the briefs rode up and provided insufficient support; some compared them to grandma’s pants.

Tommy Johns mens underwear
Tommy John Underwear

The brand currently has some fantastic discounts available on their website. Additionally, you can purchase men’s underwear packs to save money per pair.

Tommy John Underwear For Women

Buying women’s underwear can be difficult, with so many different options available.

Tommy John Womens underwear reviews
Tommy Johns Womens Underwear

During this Tommy John Underwear review, we found that Tommy John offers a wide variety of women’s underwear in an array of colors and designs; they are all made from breathable cotton, ensuring you stay cool and fresh.

Tommy John Women’s Cool Cotton Boyshort

These boyshorts are soft, stretchy, and durable; they are composed of 86% Pima cotton and 14% spandex, which provides a comfortable stretch.  The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric helps you stay 2-3 times cooler and dries 4-5 times faster than standard cotton. 

Boyshorts are a type of athletic underwear that can enhance your backside and slim your legs and stomach. They have a similar cut to men’s boxer briefs and feature a no-fuss band to keep them in place.

Tommy John womens underwear review
Tommy John Boyshorts

The Cool Cotton Boyshorts with Lace Waist Print by Tommy John retails for $24.

The Tommy John boyshorts are a customer favorite, earning a 4.7-star rating from over 800 customers.

According to customers, the boyshorts run true to size. Customers raved about the boyshorts, stating that they are their favorite panties because they fit perfectly, are comfortable, stylish, and wash up like new.

There were a few one-star reviews; customers complained that the boyshorts were too large, the quality wasn’t as good as the men’s, and they weren’t as breathable as advertised.

Tommy John High-Rise Briefs

When worn with your favorite high-rise pants, Tommy John high-rise briefs help protect your skin from rubbing; they are an ideal choice. With a high level of breathability and lightweight comfort, Smoothing fabric, a higher rise, and increased coverage highlight what you love and conceal what you don’t.

The VPL Guarantee covers the laser cut vanishing seams, which result in no visible panty line.

Tommy Johns underwear
Tommy John High-Rise Briefs

The Women’s Comfort Smoothing High Rise Brief by Tommy John retails for $26 and is available in black and tan.

Customers gave the high-rise briefs an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Customers stated the briefs fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable, and the material is incredibly smooth.

Reviewers made negative remarks about how the high-rise briefs slid down and refused to stay up

Tommy John Second Skin Cheeky

The Tommy John Cheeky brief is a brief that falls between a thong and a classic cut; you’ll show some cheek without sacrificing support. However, they will not show if you wear low-rise pants, as they are cut lower than a hipster.

These will quickly become firm favorites thanks to their silky soft, non-pilling micro modal fabric, non-rolling, bunching, or pinching waistband, and Cool Cotton gusset for added freshness and breathability.

Tommy John panties
Tommy John Second Skin Cheeky

Tommy John’s Women’s Second Skin Cheeky is priced at $20 and is available in various colors.

Once again, a popular choice among customers, these cheeky pants run true to size and have a 4.6-star rating.

Customer feedback indicated that the cheeky’s were adorable, comfortable, and made of breathable fabric.

Several customers expressed disappointment that the cheeky’s were not suitable for wearing leggings due to the visible panty line.

Tommy John Thongs

For those of you who despise visible pantyline, we’ve found the ideal pants for you! While many women dislike thongs, Tommy John has created a thong that is discreet and will not show through your clothing. 

With its feather-light, anti-microbial, quick-drying Air Mesh fabricno VPL (Visible Panty Line) guarantee, and Cool Cotton gusset for added freshness and breathability, you may have discovered the perfect thong.

Tommy John thongs review
Tommy John Thongs

Tommy John’s Air Mesh Thong retails for $22 and is available in a variety of colors.

The thongs fit true to size, according to customers, who gave them a 4.7 rating.

Customers commented on how surprisingly comfortable the high-quality thongs were, how they stayed in place and how they made them feel sexy.

Tommy John Women’s Briefs

Tommy John’s briefs provide soft coverage and support, as well as a flattering boost to your posterior. These could be the most comfortable briefs you’ll ever wear. This pair of panti-hose is made from a perfect blend of micro modal and spandex fabric for non-pilling, breathable, and comfortable underwear.

There will be no pinching or bunching. This ensures that these will be the most comfortable bikini briefs you’ve ever worn.

Tommy John womens briefs
Tommy John Womens briefs

A cool cotton gusset keeps you 2-3 times cooler and dries 4-5 times faster than regular cotton, providing additional breathability and freshness where you need it most.

Our unique stay-put waistband will not roll or leave marks. Additionally, these panti-hose are tagless for maximum comfort.

Tommy John’s women’s second skin briefs retail for $20 and comes in various colors and patterns.

These are one of Tommy John’s best-selling women’s shoes, with nearly 3,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating to date.

Customer feedback indicates that the briefs are incredibly comfortable, have an excellent fit, do not creep or crawl, and have a flattering style.

Additionally, they stated that the briefs are soft and that they don’t give them a wedgie.

Negative reviewers stated that the waistband rolls down, while others noted that the second skin did not feel like the second skin underwear advertised.

Bras Reviews

Tommy John bras
Tommy Johns Bras

If you’re tired of slipping straps, pinching, and bunching, consider Tommy John’s bras and bralettes.

Tommy Johns bras are ideal for daily wear due to their innovative features such as built-in power mesh for stabilization, extended back clasps to ensure proper fit, and breathable perforated cup liners to prevent boob sweat.

Tommy John offers four types of bras: lightly lined demi bras, lightly lined wireless bras, triangle bras, and scoop bralettes. Each is available in a variety of colors.

Bras for women are available in various sizes, ranging from extra small (A-C) to XL (D-DD).

Price Range for Tommy John bras: $48 for a bralette to $72 for a lightly lined Demi bra.

Modibodi, Knix and Meundies also have a wide range of women’s underwear.

Tommy John Lounge Wear Review

When it comes to designing loungewear sets, Tommy John prioritizes comfort.
There are two loungewear collections:

  • Second skin sleepwear is soft and cozy; the micro model fabric resists bunching, making it an excellent choice for nightwear.
  • The cool cotton collection is slightly more breathable to keep you cool and calm throughout the night.

Tommy John Loungewear and Pajamas For Men

Tommy John’s loungewear is insanely soft; the modal fabric feels great next to the skin.

Tommy John Underwear: Men’s Pajamas

Tommy John’s pajamas are sure to dazzle. The luxurious modal fabric is silky soft and features a ribbing texture for added breathability. These Pajamas include a crew neck tee and shorts.

We like that you can select a different size for the top and bottoms to ensure an ideal fit. All men’s pajamas are made of Tommy John’s second-skin fabric, which gives the impression of being naked.

Tommy John Pajamas review
Tommy Johns Pajamas

The Second Skin Pajama Crew Neck Pocket Tee Pajamas retail for $58 and are described as true to size by customers. 

Customers have given these pyjamas an average review rating of 4.8 stars. 

The PJ’s are soft and comfortable, they fit well, they are a little snug, but you can order a larger size if you prefer your pj’s to be loose.

Tommy John Second Skin Short Sleeve and Jogger Lounge Pack

Tommy John’s Second Skin fabric is used on both the pajama Lounge Pants and Lounge Joggers. It’s the ideal fabric for chilling because it feels so light that you barely notice you’re wearing anything, but the micro-modal does a decent job of insulating despite its lightweight.

This Lounge set is ideal for lounging around on a lazy Sunday. They’ll feel great and last for years thanks to the luxurious tri-blend fabric, generous but modern cut, and reinforced stitching.

Tommy Johns Pajamas
Tommy John Loungewear

Tommy John Men’s Loungewear costs $154. 

There is only one review for this Loungewear set, and the customer thought it was excellent.

Loungewear and Pajamas For Women

Tommy John’s women’s loungewear collection includes tops, joggers, pajama shorts, and pants. They are made from a soft tri-blend fabric and stretch material that maintains their shape, making them ideal for all-day comfort.

When you have no intention of leaving the house, the only person you must impress is yourself. Therefore, slip into Tommy John’s sleepwear collection and bask in the absurd comfort.

Women’s Loungewear

Without the hassle of zippers, loungewear can keep you looking professional enough for a casual Friday or WFH meeting.

The lounge jogger elevates the traditional baggy sweatpant with a tapered fit and tighter leg bands that flatter your shape. It features two functional pockets for storing your phone or other personal items, and with the drawstring waist, you can rest assured that the joggers will stay put when the pockets are used.

This luxuriously soft tri-blend lounge tank is constructed with an innovative 4-way stretch fabric and a contemporary fit.  Tommy John’s Women’s Lounge Tank is priced at $48.00 and is available in a range of colors.

Tommy Johns pajamas review
Tommy John Pajamas

The lounge tank has garnered widespread praise, with over 90% of reviewers awarding it a five-star rating.

The tank has received numerous compliments for its softness and flattering fit and its comfort and high quality. It is exceptionally well-fitting and true to size.

Tommy John Women’s Pajamas Set

Women’s pajamas are made from ultra-comfortable Second Skin fabric that you’ll want to live in. Additionally, their sleep shorts keep you cool and comfortable during the summer heat, while the sleek sleep pant keeps you warm without trapping you in the blankets.

Women’s pajamas are made from ultra-comfortable Second Skin fabric that you’ll want to live in. Additionally, their sleep shorts keep you cool and comfortable during the summer heat, while the sleek sleep pant keeps you warm without trapping you in the blankets.

The Women’s Second Skin Pajama Tee is crafted from a luxurious silky-soft, pill-resistant fabric that is non-restrictive and tailored to your body, not a box.  The Pajamas are fade resistant, which means they will remain looking new for an extended period of time. 

Additionally, the Women’s Second Skin Pajama Pants are crafted from a luxuriously silky soft, pill-resistant micro modal fabric. 

Tommy John Loungewear
Tommy John Loungewear

The innovative stretch fabric ensures that these bottoms maintain their shape at all times, and the stay-put waistband gently hugs your body without rolling or leaving a mark.

The Women’s Dress Blues Petals Pajama Set by Tommy John retails for $116.00.

Tommy John’s women’s pajamas are hard to beat; they have a modern fit, unshrinkable, wrinkle-free fabric to maintain their shape, and the tri-blend fabric is so soft.

Tommy John Clothing Review

Clothes For Men

What distinguishes shopping for men’s clothing with Tommy John from browsing a department store? Nothing, unless you want your wardrobe to be unmatched in terms of quality, style, and convenience. In that case, yes, it is quite distinct.

As you can see, each piece of clothing is designed to be the best you’ve ever worn.

review of Tommy John
Tommy John Clothes

From dress shirts with a slim fit, to long sleeve polo shirts, or short sleeve tees? Socks, shorts, pants, and sweatshirts… the brand has it all.

Everything the company creates is versatile and comfortable enough to fit perfectly and makes you look great whether you’re working, playing, or simply lounging.

Clothing For Women

Tommy John’s women’s clothing is designed to provide women with the stylish, comfortable fit they require to live their lives. It’s designed in the United States of America and constructed with premium fabrics.

Not only are their garments made from premium, high-quality fabrics, but they are also stylish and comfortable to wear.

Tommy John reviews
Tommy Johns Womens Clothing

Other providers of great women’s and mens clothing include Taylor Stitch, California Cowboy and Alain Dupetit.

Tommy John Men’s Undershirts Review

Men’s undershirts are form-fitting and free-flowing. With their patented stay-tucked tapered design, the brand has revolutionized the way men view undershirts.

Undershirts are available in four styles and three colors: white, black, or beige.

Tommy John Crew Neck undershirts

The Crew Neck Undershirt is ideal for wearing under your business shirt and tie to work. This Cool Cotton undershirt is made of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you 2-3 times cooler and dries 4-5 times faster than standard cotton.

The Memory Collar’s lay-flat, stretch rib design eliminates “bacon neck.” and has 30% more stretch and recovery than the original Tommy John undershirt, ensuring that it never loses its shape.

Tommy.john underwear
Tommy John Undershirts

The Cool Cotton Crew Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt is available in black or white and retails for $40.00.

The average rating for this undershirt is four stars.

Customers report that it fits true to size. According to reviews, the undershirt is of excellent quality, fits perfectly, and has an ample amount of length.

A few dissatisfied customers complained about their undershirts losing their shape after a few washes.

Tommy John High V-Neck undershirts

Without a tie or with one button undone, anyone can wear the high neck undershirt. The Second Skin High V-neck undershirt is silky soft and made of non-pilling micro modal fabric. It also features a lay-flat, stretches rib Memory Collar that eliminates “bacon neck.”

Tommy John’s patented design ensures that this undershirt will never come untucked.

Tommy Johns reviews
Tommy John Undershirts

The Second Skin Stay-Tucked High V-Neck Undershirt retails for $43.

Customers have rated this undershirt 4.4 stars, indicating that they believe it is worth the price and that the stay-tucked-in feature is accurate due to the length.

One customer remarked on the shirt’s undeniable quality, describing it as having a compression-like snug fit.

Are Tommy John Undershirts Worth It?

Purchasing the cheapest undershirt is not always the best option; if the undershirt does not fit properly or the material does not agree with your skin, you are in for an uncomfortable day.

The brand’s undershirt collection features undershirts that stay put, are extremely lightweight, and are constructed of breathable materials.

Tommy John Socks Review

Tommy John socks reviews
Tommy John Socks

You’ll find a great range of high-quality, fashionable, and reasonably priced socks.Socks are made with Pima cotton blends that keep your feet cool, comfortable, and dry. The invisiGrip technology, combined with arch support and zoned cushioning, ensures that the socks stay in place throughout the day.

These socks are available in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate everyone.

Other Sock articles that may be of interest of you:

Where To Purchase Tommy John Underwear

Along with their website,, the wide range of apparel is available in various stores throughout the United States, including Nordstrom and Men’s Warehouse.

Additionally, Amazon sells a limited selection of Tommy John’s collections.

Tommy John Underwear Promo Codes, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

As part of this review, GNGuide discovered some excellent deals on Tommy John Underwear.

Coupon Code for Tommy John Underwear

Save 15% on your first order

Use the promo code ‘First 15’.

Tommy John

Sign Up For Email

You can sign up for the brands Email subscription to receive 20% off your first full-priced order.

Discounts for Military Personnel

After verifying their eligibility, all military personnel and first responders will receive a 20% discount on all purchases.

Discount for students and teachers

Additionally, educators and college students in the United States of America will receive a 20% discount on all products.

Discounts for Medical Personnel

Finally, our medical heroes will be eligible for a 20% discount.

Tommy John Underwear Reviews From Other Sources

GNGuide analyzes various other websites as part of this Tommy John review to determine how their customers feel about the brands Underwear products.

Tommy John received an average review rating of 3.8 stars on

On the first page of reviews, we encountered numerous negative comments about the product’s quality; customers complained that the underwear they purchased was not durable, with holes appearing in the fabric; this appeared to be a recurring issue as we scrolled down the screen.

The brand has nearly 138,000 Facebook fans and 105,000 Instagram followers.

Tommy John Underwear Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tommy John Underwear have a return policy?

All unworn products must be returned in their original condition, with all tags and labels attached, to a store or via mail.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange unsuitable products.

Customers who have authorized returns will receive an email with a pre-paid shipping label covering the cost of return shipping. Within ten business days, your refund will be processed.

Final sale items are non-refundable or exchangeable.

If you have worn any Item then you will not be eligible for a refund or exchange.

What Is The Best Pair You’ll Ever Wear, or It’s Free Policy?

Customers who are dissatisfied with their initial purchase of underwear, bras, socks, or undershirts can contact TJ for a refund or exchange.

You can send a refund requests within 30 days of the expiration date.

What Is Tommy John’s Shipping Policy?

Except during holiday periods, the brand ships all orders within two business days.

Tommy John Underwear will provide tracking information within 24 hours of receiving your shipment notification.

Shipping Delivery Costs

TJ US Standard Shipping Rates:

Delivery within the United States of America at standard rates will take between five and eight days after shipment.

If your order total is less than $75, you will pay $6.95. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping.

TJ US Expedited Shipping Rates:

Delivery via US expedited service may take up to three days from the time of shipment.

If your order total is less than $75, you will pay $9.95. Orders over $75 will pay $5.95.

TJ Hawaii and Alaska Standard Rates

After shipping, delivery to Hawaii and Alaska may take up to seven days.

If your order total is less than $99.95, you will pay $12.95. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping.

Additional TJ Shipping Rates:

  • $17.95 for two-day express delivery
  • $24.95 for overnight delivery

Do Tommy John Deliver Internationally?

Orders shipped internationally are subject to the destination’s custom import duties and taxes.

  • All orders that total less than $149.99 will pay a $24.95 shipping fee
  • Orders over $150 receive free shipping

Tommy John Washing Instructions

To maintain the optimum condition of your Tommy John premium underwear, machine wash in cold water with similar colors.

Tumble dry on a low setting and avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.

Another tip for maintaining the appearance of your Tommy John’s underwear is to avoid washing them with heavy or zippered items that could snag the fabric.

About Tommy John Underwear

Tom Patterson and his wife, Erin, founded Tommy John in 2008. Patterson quit his sales job and started selling undershirts from the comfort of his San Diego apartment.

Furthermore, Tom took it upon himself to revolutionize underwear despite his lack of fashion experience. Initially, he produced fifteen garments, but after hearing from his friends that if he made more items, they would buy them, he founded Tommy John.

Later that year, Nieman Marcus acquired the line, which continued to grow.  The company has grown in popularity and now sells a wide variety of premium, comfortable men’s and women’s apparel.

Tommy John Contact Details

You can contact the Tommy John Underwear customer service team in various ways.

  • Call them on 1(800) 708 3490
  • Email:

Why You Should Purchase From Tommy John

Throughout this Tommy John Underwear review, I’ve read hundreds of comments from satisfied customers stating that their underwear fits perfectly and is the most comfortable they’ve ever worn.

Nevertheless, I’ve read hundreds of reviews from customers who disagree and believe the brand is overpriced in comparison to the quality received.

In general, Tommy John Underwear creates some fantastic clothing; they’re making a name for themselves with their innovative designs and functional pieces.

Save 15% on your first order

Use the promo code ‘First 15’.

Tommy John

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