Stryx Review: The Ultimate Guide!

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Stryx is one of first men’s cosmetics brands, offering a diverse range of men’s makeup solutions such as concealer, cleansers and tools.

This Stryx review examines the extensive line of Stryx flagship products to determine what customers really think of the brand.


Stryx Review

As we mentioned in our introduction, Stryx is a cosmetics brand specifically for men. Without going over the top, the brand’s fantastic range of cosmetics are manly, easy to apply, and great for your skin.

Men’s faces have been neglected somewhere along the way, so Stryx decided to create one-of-a-kind products to give men perfect skin, to help with zits, redness, dark spots, and oiliness. They specialise in products that enable men to be their most confident selves.

On the face, the formulations by the brand are extremely subtle, you could say unnoticeable. They’ll conceal whatever you need to conceal without being obvious. That being said, you can use as much product as you want, so if you want to go for a more noticeable look, go for it!

In their own words ‘Stryx believe in the power of handsome.’

Any man who understands the value of concealers and the importance of washing their face with something other than chemist-purchased soap will adore these products.

Another selling point for the company is that they are cruelty-free; they never have and will never test their products on animals. Additionally, if you are concerned about the ingredients in your skincare products, then Stryx is an ideal option for you. They describe exactly what ingredients they include on their website, so you can feel confident that you know what you are getting.

Stryx Reviews

What Type of skin are the products suitable for?

If you’re wondering whether Stryx products are suitable for all skin types and colours, rest assured that they are not one-size-fits-all; the brand has taken the time to ensure that their shades are adaptable. Simply add a little more to make it darker and a little less to make it lighter to your liking.

Are Stryx Products easy to use?

If you’re anything like my husband, you’ll want an easy-to-apply product. Stryx has ticked all the boxes by developing a line of cosmetics that is incredibly easy to use. These cosmetics do not require the use of a brush, sponge, blender, primer, setting spray, or powder to apply.  Simply tap or rub the product in with your fingers.

Where Is Stryx Located?

The company is based in New York City, but we couldn’t find out where their products are manufactured.

Pros And Cons Of Stryx

What We Like!

  • Cruelty-free products
  • A small range of vegan products

What We Don’t Like!

  • Only ships to the US, Canada and UK.

Stryx Review

Now, let’s look at the Stryx product line. With all products, you will have the option of purchasing once or signing up for a subscription, which is more cost effective because you will save 10% on your order.

Concealer Tool

The concealer was one of Styrx’s first product lines to hit the market and is now one of their best-selling items.

The concealer tool’s natural pigments blend in subtly to match your skin tone and are specifically formulated to hide imperfections such as pimples, razor burns, or scars.

As you never know when a red spot will appear, the tool’s discreet, sleek, dark, and durable packaging allows you to carry it around in your pocket and use it whenever you need it.

The Concealer Tool is $20 for a 1.8g twist-action pen. Additionally it comes in three different colours: light cognac, medium mahogany, and dark eclipse.

Stryx concealer
Concealer Tool

Customers generally appreciate the Stryx mens concealer tool, which received an average 4.8 star review rating from 397 customers.

Typically, many customers were sceptical when they first purchased the tool, but they have since become ardent supporters. According to the reviews, the product conceals well and does not appear overly feminine. Furthermore, it is small, unobtrusive, and simple to use.

While, the majority of reviews were positive, a few negative comments were made. These related to dissatisfaction with the fact that it did not cover up imperfections as well as they would have liked and that the shades were either too light or too dark.

It seems like a very good product. But, there were only 3 colors to choose from from, so I selected the lightest color since I’m a white guy, but it’s a little too light for my skin tone. However, I think the medium or dark ones will be too dark.

Four star review @Stryx.

Tinted Moisturizer

Advertised as the ultimate acne solution, this tinted moisturiser reduces redness and evens out skin tone before nourishing your skin to instantly improve any breakout areas.

The tinted moisturiser retails for $25 and is ideal for daily use.

Additionally, it comes in three different colours: light cognac, medium mahogany, and dark eclipse, as well as masculine packaging.

Stryx moisturizer
tinted moisturizer

With excellent reviews from 250 reviews and an average 4.9 star rating, it is safe to say that this is a very popular choice among consumers.

The tinted moisturiser has been described as a ‘game changer,’ ‘provides fantastic results,’ and ‘redness is immediately countered.’ A number of customers also mentioned receiving compliments on their flawless skin.

We found very few negative comments; those we did find were disappointed that the moisturiser was quite watery and easily rubbed off, additionally a few found that the moisturiser simply didn’t work for them.

Gel Cleanser

Unlike the two products mentioned above, which are all about coverage, the gel cleanser is a fantastic product that protects and refreshes your skin. Use on a daily basis to remove impurities and replace them with healthy botanical ingredients.

Everyday bar soaps are not intended to cleanse your face and remove natural oils, leaving your skin tight. The Stryx gel cleanser on the other hand, hydrates your skin, leaving it fresh and ready for the day ahead.

A 3.3oz tube of the Gel Cleanser costs $12.

Stryx cleanser
Stryx Cleanser

The cleanser has 64 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Furthermore the product comes highly recommended.

The product received positive feedback from customers, so if you’re looking for a cleanser, this is definitely one to consider.

Review after review mentioned how much the cleanser was appreciated by customers. Specifically the cleanser has helped oily, dry, and combination skin. Customers have reported fewer blackheads, in addition to comments that it removes concealer quickly and easily, and that it is extremely gentle on the skin.

There were two three-star reviews: one said the price was too high for the amount of cleanser received, and the other said the cleanser was a good product.

Energizing Eye Tool

Now, let us consider another popular option: the energising eye tool.

The unique serum for men instantly brightens, nourishes, and revitalises the delicate skin around your eyes. Eliminate puffiness, wrinkles, and signs of ageing with daily application of a roll-on serum.

The $29 energising eye tool comes in a 27 oz bottle.

Stryx reviews
Stryx Energising Eye Tool

The eye tool is a winner, with 551 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 stars. Customers not only agree that the eye tool conceals well, but they also agree that it is not overly feminine, which they appreciate.

Other positive comments about the serum include the fact that it makes dark circles and blemishes disappear like magic and that it lasts for days.

In contrast, there were three negative reviews, all of which expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s ability to conceal flaws.

Stryx Kits

Apart from purchasing men’s beauty products individually or through a subscription, Stryx also sells Stryx kits. Not only do the kits save you money when compared to purchasing the items separately, but they also make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts.

The complete Kit

The complete kit, as the name implies, contains the entire Stryx product line. You’ll discover:

  • Concealer tool
  • Tinted Moisturizer\sGel Cleanser
  • Eye energising tool
  • Brow and Beard gel comb
  • Bronzing gel
  • Anti-shine tool
  • Mircorfiber cleansing disc
  • Advanced lip balm
  • Advanced lip balm

The complete kit costs $178. As you can see from the lineup, you really are getting more bang for your buck.

As is the case with individual products, customers find the kit to be ideal for their requirements. With an average rating of 4.9 stars from 891 customers, this is difficult to beat.

In a similar vein to the previous customer reviews, consumers rave about the complete kit; one customer stated that he found all of the products to be excellent, and the videos to be extremely helpful. Another customer was surprised that he had no reaction to any of the products, and they work well together.

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Stryx Reviews From Other Sources

Stryx review

In this section of our Stryx review, we look at a few other review sites to see what customers think of Stryx and their men’s beauty products.

We struggled to find reviews on the larger review sites because Stryx is a relative newcomer to the industry. Furthermore, because the brand does not sell their products on Amazon, we found no feedback there.

However a number of blogs and websites had taken the time to write longer reviews, and the ones we found all agreed that the brand is a game changer for men, that it helps men take more pride in their appearance, and that they’ll notice an improvement in their skin in no time.

Customers’ opinions:

Customer service: Many of the reviews we read from people who had interacted with the Stryx customer service team stated that the service they received exceeded their expectations. They were not only quick and easy to deal with wrong orders or other issues, but they were also friendly and helpful.

Quality: Again, many customers commented on the quality of the various products, with many believing that the products were of high quality. Individuals with a broad range of skincare issues left comments, and the vast majority of them found the skincare range to be non-irritating, to work perfectly, and to feel great on their skin.

Price: The Stryx price range received mixed reviews. While many reviews stated that the products were of excellent quality for the price, a few stated that they were pricey but worthwhile, and others stated that the products were quite small for the price.

Social Media

Stryx’s Facebook page, @officialStryx, has a few thousand followers, whereas Stryx’s Instagram page, @officialStryx, has 167k followers. Both social media pages are fantastic sources of inspiration and information for all of your men’s skincare and cosmetics needs.

Where Can You Buy Stryx?

We suggest you buy Stryx skincare products from their website. This way, you’ll have access to all of the most recent deals.

Stryx Promotions and Discounts

We look for discounts and promotional codes as part of our GNGuide Stryx review to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Sign Up To Stryx Emails

Subscribe to Stryx emails to receive 10% off your first order and to be the first to learn about new products and promotions.

About Stryx

Stryx was founded in 2017 by Devir Kahan, Isaac Rami, and Jon Shanahan on the belief that “Men seek to look handsome.”

After a few embarrassing encounters with cosmetics and skincare products, the guys at Stryx decided to solve the problem by designing products specifically for men.

The brand jumped in with both feet, initially launching two products: a concealer tool and a tinted moisturiser. Today, the company has grown exponentially and offers all of the skincare and cosmetics a man will require.

Contact Stryx

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Check out their FAQs page
Stryx review

Stryx Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stryx Have a Return Policy?

The Stryx team wants you to have the best brand experience possible. So, if you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, please notify them within 30 days and they will gladly make it right.

Stryx Shipping Policy

Orders of $25 or more qualify for free standard shipping within the contiguous United States. All orders placed before 2 p.m EST are processed within one business day, and orders placed after 2 p.m EST are processed the following business day.

You can also choose expedited options during checkout, which will cost you extra.

The brand also ships to the United Kingdom and Canada.

Stryx concealer reviews

Stryx Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, this is a brand that men require; they just don’t realise it yet!

As the global male grooming market continues to grow, it’s time to devote more time to self-care, which is where Stryx make an impact as the ideal companion to your daily routine. Not only do their products give men the confidence to go about their daily lives without fear of a pimple or blemish, but they also care about the environment and the ingredients used in their products.

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