Smartwool Socks Review: The Ultimate Guide!

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Smartwool creates comfortable, soft, moisture-wicking, and sustainable socks and clothing for men, women, and children.

This Smart wool guide examines the brand’s premium merino wool collection and weighs its advantages and disadvantages.

SmartWool Review

Smartwool creates performance clothing for men, women, and children using Merino Wool.

Merino Wool is environmentally friendly because it breathes, naturally degrades, helps regulate body temperature, and has anti-odor properties.

Smartwool sells clothing that promotes physical activity while also promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Our Smartwool Clothing Review will take you through why we love this brand.

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What Is Smartwool Apparel Made Of?

Smartwool is very passionate about getting people outdoors that they’ve dedicated themselves to creating gear that keeps people comfortable and confident when they venture into the wilderness.

To do this, they use Merino wool, which is a naturally occurring fiber that Merino sheep produce. As a result it is lighter and softer than regular wool making it ideal for wearing next to your skin.

Wool’s inherent properties enable athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to travel further and experience more, making it the ideal performance material for exploring nature.

Smartwool review

Why Choose Smartwool Socks And Clothing?

It’s Natural – Made of Proteins containing amino acids and naturally occurring compounds. Merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber, and you’ll find the Merino sheep are happy to hang out in temperatures ranging from 5 to 95 degrees.

It Assists in Temperature Regulation – When it’s cold outside, the natural crimps and bends in the fibers trap air, protecting you from the elements.
When the weather is warm, the fiber quickly transports sweat away from the skin, assisting in keeping you cool and dry.

It Assists in Maintaining a Dry and Sweat Free Environment – Merino wool wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin in the form of vapor.

It Appreciates When You Layer – At times, it’s bitterly cold outside, necessitating layering. By layering entirely in Merino wool, you create an escape route for sweat and excess heat.

It Is Odor Resistant – Merino wool is unique in that it absorbs bacteria’s odor, trapping it and preventing it from building up. Merino wool is ideal for traveling or longer treks when packing space is limited.

It Is Very Soft – The wool is wonderfully soft. It is so fine that it bends out of the way when it comes into contact with skin. Furthermore it cannot be prickly, as other wool fibers are, because it cannot support its weight. As a result, it is delicate.

It is a biodegradable material – After approximately 12 months in the ground, merino wool degrades. This means that when you’re finished with your gear, the earth will recycle this fibrous protein made up of amino acids, reintroducing carbon and nutrients into the soil.

It Contributes to UPF Protection – Merino fibers, depending on how they are spun and dyed, can help block out harmful sun rays (UPF 20+).

It is a Fire-Resistant Material – The majority of outdoor gear is used around campfires. Merino wool does not typically melt or catch fire. Nylon begins to melt at approximately 320 degrees, while polyester begins to melt at approximately 452 degrees.

Where Are Smart wool products made?

Smartwool socks are made in the United States of America from the finest Merino wool worldwide. Above all, the brands products are made with the finest Merino yarn available, sourced from sheep raised in some of the most breathtaking locations on the planet. Places like New Zealand’s and Uruguay’s magnificent ranches.

Then, American Southeast’s craftsmanship expertly transform fiber to form, ultimately producing the world’s best performance socks right here in the United States.

Pros And Cons Of Smartwool

Things We Like!

  • Smartwool products help maintain a comfortable temperature and have anti-odor properties. 
  • Smartwool contributes to a sustainable future.
  • Products are made from Merino wool, which is a naturally occurring fiber.
  • All products are breathable and biodegradable.

Things We Don’t Like!

  • A small number of reviewers stated that the product quality was not as good as it was previously.
Smartwool reviews
Smartwool Lifestyle

Smartwool Socks Review

Before you start your search through the hundreds of socks available, check out the Smartwool sock finder.

This short quiz takes you through several questions to find your perfect pair of socks. It will ask you:

  • What you need the socks for,
  • What sock height you prefer,
  • How thick you like your socks,
  • To prioritize what is important to you in a pair of socks – colors, warmth, high-tech performance, value, and comfort.
  • Your shoe size

Then it will take you to your perfect pair of socks.

Smartwool Women’s Sock Sizes

S4 – 6.534 – 372 – 4.511″ to 14.5″ /
18cm to 26.5cm
M7 – 9.538 – 415 – 7.512.5″ to 16.5″ /
32cm to 41cm
L10 – 12.542 – 458 – 10.514.5″ to 18″ /
37cm to 45.5cm
XLNA46 – 4911 – 13.516″ to 23″ /
41cm to 58cm
Women’s Smartwool Socks size chart

Smart Wool Men’s Sock Sizes

S3 – 5.534 – 372 – 4.511″ to 14.5″ /
18cm to 26.5cm
M6 – 8538 – 415 – 7.512.5″ to 16.5″ /
32cm to 41cm
L9 – 11.542 – 458 – 10.514.5″ to 18″ /
37cm to 45.5cm
XL12 – 14.546 – 4911 – 13.516″ to 23″ /
41cm to 58cm
Men’s Smartwool Socks size chart

Smart Wool Hiking Socks Review

Smartwool hiking socks do not match up to any other hiking or winter socks, especially in terms of style, comfort, performance, and value.

Their high-performance mid-weight hiking socks are perfect for warm and cooler weather hiking when a sound insulation layer sock is required.

The hiking socks feature shearing, which is premium-quality calfskin; the socks almost feel like your own skin because of how soft and gentle they are on the feet.

Many thousands of air bubbles have been included in Smartwool socks to help give the socks their quick-drying, perspiration-wicking qualities. Furthermore the socks are created to keep your feet warm in the winter, but they also include excellent temperature regulation, which keeps your feet cooler in the warmer weather months.

Smartwool hiking socks also have the advantage of enabling your feet to breathe. The breathability of the booty allows your feet to dry out even when you’re putting in lots of effort. There is no residue left in your shoes because your feet stay dry, and therefore your shoes don’t smell.

Here are some of our favorites:

Hiking Socks for Women

The PhD® Outdoor Light Mini is an ankle-high powerhouse when hiking those kilometers. Not only does this hiking sock combines support, stretch and comfort with a specific feminine design and fit, its ideal for long summer treks.

Not to mention the ultimate durability of IndostructawoolTM technology and the 4 Degree elite fit system make you feel comfortable on all of your adventures.

Smartwool Hiking Socks
Smartwool Hiking Socks

Women’s PhD® Outdoor Light Hiking Mini Socks cost from $18.95 and are available in Ash, Black, and mauve.

Customers gave these hiking socks an impressive overall average rating of 4.9-stars, with 100% of reviewers stating that they recommend them.

Reviewers shared that the socks feel true to size.

Having always been a fan of Smartwool socks for the winter, I ordered several pairs (yes, I went overboard and ordered three pairs of each color offered) of these mini socks. I have several pairs that I bought probably 4-5 years ago that I love. I was not disappointed. They are of the same high quality that I have come to expect from Smartwool. I waited to write this review until I had worn and washed the socks several times.

First, they were true to size when they arrived and fit perfectly after many washings (and dryings)! They are soft, comfortable, provide nice cushioning, and have just enough “give” to them. I would highly recommend them, and would hope that Smartwool will come out with some lighter colors, too! These are of the same high quality as those I bought a few years ago!

Five-star review @Smart wool

Hiking Socks for Men

The last thing you want to think about when you’re outside hiking is your feet. For this reason, Smartwool has developed a hiking sock for men that includes a 4-degree elite fit system, body-mapped mesh vents for breathability, and Indestructawool that provides exceptional durability and comfort.

When you wear these socks, you can get away and feel supported wherever your feet take you without distractions.

Smartwool hiking socks review
Smartwool Hiking Socks For Men

Men’s PhD® Pro Outdoor Light Hiking Crew Socks retail from $27.95, along with being available in black or gray.

To date, customers have given these socks a 4.9-star average rating.

Customers thought these socks fit amazingly, some thought the socks were the most comfortable hiking socks they’d ever owned, and others thought the socks were thin but had excellent cushioning.

The Classic. When someone tells you to get hiking socks, they’re going to recommend Smartwool PhD’s, and that’s for a reason. These socks have a reputation, and they live up to it. They’re durable, comfortable, and you’re going to want every color they make. Get em.

Five-star review @ Smart-wool

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Hiking Socks For Kids

Thanks to a hiking sock designed specifically for your children, it’s time for some family trail time. This Striped Hike Medium Crew Sock for Kids has medium cushioning, super soft Merino, and no extra bulk, so you can all stay on the trail for longer.

Smartwool kids socks
Smartwool Kids Hiking Socks

Smartwool’s Hiking socks for kids retail from $13.95.

Five customers gave these kids hiking socks a 4.4 review rating.

Customers thought these socks fit great, and the majority of reviewers were happy with their purchases.

It should be noted that there was one two-star review that highlighted problems with the socks being too thin.

My daughter immediately loved these socks. They were intended for hiking but became her everyday sock because of how comfortable, warm, and snug they were.

Five-star review @Smartwool Socks

SmartWool Running Socks Review

Smartwool wants you to pursue your dreams; whether your goals include running your first marathon or simply getting outside more often, they have a wide range of running socks to get you there.

The company offers a wide variety of cushioned running socks to suit every individual’s needs, ranging from ultra-thin running socks to more padded running socks.

Their Merino wool running socks have the natural benefits of wool, such as anti-odor, breathability, and moisture-wicking, so no matter the weather, you’ll find the perfect wool running sock to keep you going.

For those serious runners out there, you may benefit from Smartwool’s PhD running socks made of Merino wool.

Running Socks For Women

Smartwool’s Women’s PhD® Run Ultra Light Hex Print Micro socks feature cutting-edge technology, such as IndestructawoolTM durability and Shred ShieldTM anti-wear create a functional and durable running sock.

Additionally, utilizing their 4-degreeTM elite fit system ensures a precise, performance-oriented fit tailored specifically for women.

Smartwool Running socks review
Smartwool Running Socks

Women’s PhD® Run Ultra Light Print Micro Socks cost from $18.95 and are available in berry, Capri, purple, and coral.

To date, these socks have only received two customer reviews.

Both customers gave the socks a five-star rating and provided positive comments relating to these durable running socks. They shared that the socks were comfy, pretty and they stayed put when running.

Running Socks For Men

Smart wool enlisted the assistance of professional athlete Rob Krar to develop the ultimate running sock. This purpose-built sock features Shred ShieldTM technology to minimize toe wear, activity-specific minimal and targeted sole cushioning, and a new malleolus ankle cushion to protect on all running trails.

With a vibrant mountain design, you’ll perform at your best while also looking your best.

Smartwool mens running socks
Smartwool Running socks for men

Smartwool’s PhD Pro Endurance Print Crew Socks retails from $25.95.

These socks have scored a 4.9-star rating from 41 reviews to date and were recommended by 92% of reviewers.

Customers thought the men’s running socks were great for everyday wear and long runs and shared that the socks fit true to size.

The socks have fuzzy toes and heels on the inside. I was expecting a smooth texture on the inside. The socks are great for outside in the bitter cold.

Three-star review @Smartwool.

Awesome. Some of the best running socks that I’ve owned.

Five-star review @ Smartwool.

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Cycling Socks By Smartwool Review

Whether you prefer single-track adventures or cycling along stretches of road, the longer a ride lasts, the more critical it is to wear comfortable cycling socks. Smartwool’s
PhD® wool cycling socks
are engineered to keep you comfortable while you ride.

Smartwool created phD® wool cycling socks for extended rides; the company wanted to design cycling socks that fit exceptionally well, so you forget you’re wearing them, even after a long day on the bike.

Cycling Socks for Women

The Women’s PhD® Cycle Ultra Light Micro socks help you ride farther. With a low-cut design, IndestructawoolTM technology for increased durability, and other sock technologies that improve comfort, fit, and breathability, these ethically sourced Merino wool bike socks will help you log more miles on the trail or road.

Smartwool cycling socks
Smartwool Cycling socks

Women’s PhD Cycle Ultra Light Micro Socks cost from $16.95 and are available in orchid, grey, or moonbeam.

These women cycling socks are new to the Smartwool range, so have only received one review to date.

The five-star review shares that the ultra-light socks live up to their name, the micro socks are light, and the customer loves the benefits of Smartwool and PhD, which wicks the moisture away on long rides.

Cycling Socks For Men

With your feet pedaling, they require a durable, breathable sock that will aid in performance enhancement. The PhD® Cycle Ultra Light Mini features Shred ShieldTM technology to minimize toe wear and a 4 DegreeTM elite fit system for a customized, performance-oriented fit.

Smartwool cycling socks review
Smartwool Cycling socks for men

Men’s PhD® Cycle Ultra Light Mini Socks cost from $16.95 and are available in black, graphite, and white.

The men’s cycling socks have received an average review rating of 4.4-stars, with 100% of respondents stating that they would recommend these lightweight socks to their friends.

Customers thought the socks worked like a charm, were comfortable, and kept their feet cool and dry.

A few customers were disappointed with their purchase and shared issues with the socks being very thin and tight at the ankle.

Used for cycling and light workouts, got the XL size, but they run small and are not comfortable. I love Smart wool, have heavyweight socks I have worn for years, but these are just too small at the biggest size.

Three-star review @ Smart wool.

Smartwool Ski Socks Review

Smartwool’s Merino wool ski socks help regulate temperature, move moisture away from the skin, and resist odors to keep you comfortable in various conditions.

Their PhD® ski socks feature a 4 DegreeTM elite fit system for a more comfortable day on the slopes with no slipping or bunching.

Their cozy ski socks also have various cushioning styles and levels to choose from, allowing you to fine-tune your sock for the best fit in-boot.

Ski Socks For Women

Smartwool’s Women’s PhD® Ski Light Elite Pattern ski socks are perfect for extreme skiing that requires a targeted cushion on your shin, the balls of your feet, and your heels without feeling bulky in tight ski boots.

Their Indestructawool technology, the 4 DegreeTM elite fit system for dialed, performance-oriented fit, and their SeamlessTM virtual toe provide all-day boot comfort.

Smartwool ski socks
Smartwool Ski Socks

You will experience warmth and comfort between your foot and boot, which will help you conquer the highest mountain ranges!

The Women’s PhD Ski Light Elite Socks retails from $25.95.

Eight reviewers have left comments and a five-star rating for these great women’s ski socks; wearers shared that the ski socks are great for a warm ski day; they are comfortable and lightweight and hold up over time.

These socks just keep going. They don’t lose their stretch or wear on the bottom despite 40 ski days last season. I don’t put them in the dryer and wash them with tech wash.

Five-star review @smartwool

Ski Socks For Men

Smartwool’s PhD® Ski Light Elite Benchetler Print socks combine the power of Merino wool with a one-of-a-kind Chris Benchetler design to provide both style and support on the slopes.

These men’s ski socks feature the IndestructawoolTM technology for increased durability, a 4 DegreeTM elite fit system for a dialed-in, performance-oriented fit, and a Virtually SeamlessTM toe for improved in-boot comfort.

Smartwool ski socks for men
Smartwool Ski socks for men

The warm ski socks have a wider welt for all-day comfort, targeted cushioning around the toe, heel, and shin, and body-mapped mesh zones for breathability.

These PhD Ski light elite Benchetler print socks retails from $25.95.

Four customers have left five-star reviews for these comfortable ski socks.

Customers commented that the cushioned socks were comfortable and perfect for a long day on the slopes.  

The most comfortable socks I have ever owned, even when ski touring all day, with zero blisters!

Five-star review @smart-wool

Snowboarding Socks Review

Spending the winter on the slopes requires the right clothing and socks to keep you comfortable on your snowboarding adventure.

The right snowboard socks will ensure you have the best day.

Smartwool’s PhD® snowboarding socks come in various cushioned options to help you dial in your fit, whether you need extra padding on your sole, shin, calf, or the entire foot.

You can ride the whole day in absolute comfort with the Smartwool Merino wool snowboarding socks, keep your feet warm and dry.

Snowboarding Socks For Women

The Women’s PhD® Snow Medium Dahlia Pattern socks add a one-of-a-kind Mary Rand-inspired design to your snow day essentials. These thick and warm snowboard socks feature Smartwool’s best sock tech.

They feature IndestructawoolTM technology for increased durability, a Virtually SeamlessTM toe for increased comfort, and a 4 DegreeTM elite fit system for a dialed, performance-oriented fit— letting you board and explore with confidence.

Smartwool snowboarding socks
Smartwool Snowboarding socks

Women’s PhD® Snow Medium Traced Dahlia Socks cost $26.95 and are available in black and blue.

These women’s snowboarding socks received an average review rating of four stars.

Customers who left positive reviews thought the socks were great for walking in the wind; the socks keep them nice and warm and thought they were incredibly comfortable.

There was one negative review; the customer shared that the top band on the snowboard socks was too tight.

Mens Snowboarding socks

The classic checkerboard look of Vans is combined with Smartwool’s Merino wool comfort and benefits in the PhD® Snow VANS Checker Light Elite Snowboard socks.

These snowboarding socks feature IndestructawoolTM technology for increased durability, a Virtually SeamlessTM toe for increased comfort, and the 4 DegreeTM elite fit system for a dialed, performance-oriented fit.

Smartwool mens socks
Smartwool Vans Snowboarding socks

This men’s snow sock will keep you outside enjoying the snow for longer than ever before.

Smartwool PhD® Snow VANS Checker Light Elite Socks cost $25.95.

The men’s snowboard socks scored an average review rating of 4.7 stars from 9 reviews.

Customers’ comments include that they love the socks; they are perfect for spending the day on a board, keeping feet dry and warm.

One negative review showed that the customer’s feet got cold in 28˚ degree weather, with 1600 gram insulated boots on; however, he would purchase a thicker sock if Smartwool made some.

Love the Vans line! Also, I want to shout out to the Smartwool customer service; we were originally sent the wrong size, but they sent us a new pair right away! I wish all my service experiences paralleled this one! Thanks!

5-star review @smart-wool

Hunting and Fishing Socks by Smartwool Review

Whether you’re fishing in the woods or casting from the banks, the Smart-wool hunting socks can keep you comfortable from dawn to dusk. Hunting Socks are made with super-soft Merino wool, which helps to resist odors for days on the go.

The PhD® Merino wool hunt socks are made in the USA from the finest Merino wool sourced worldwide and feature innovations designed to keep you comfortable over long periods of wear. The hunting socks are made for hunting and come in a variety of thicknesses and heights.

Womens Hunting Socks

The Hunt Camo Medium Crew provides medium-cushion comfort and a supportive fit for the hunt. This Merino wool hunting sock fits a variety of boot heights, and the natural fibers aid in breathability and temperature control.

Smartwool hunting socks
Smartwool Hunting socks

The Women’s hunt Camo medium crew socks retail from $20.95.

Four reviewers provided these comfortable hunting socks with an average review rating of five stars.

Customers state that the socks are warm and breathable, and there is no bunching or sagging throughout the day.

Hunting and Fishing Socks For Men

Smartwool’s Hunt Heavy Crew Sock provides that special feeling. The arch and ankle support system contributes to a great fit; a heavy cushion reduces impact absorption and keeps your feet toasty. A ZQ-Certified Merino wool blend keeps your feet comfortable, breathable, and itch, and stink-free.

Smartwool Mens fishing socks
Smartwool Mens Fishing socks

Smartwool’s Hunt heavy crew socks retails from $22.95.

These heavy-weighted hunting socks have received an average review rating of 4.4 stars from 19 reviews. Customers have mixed reviews.

Customers made positive comments about how warm the socks keep feet and how long they have lasted.

Some customers thought the socks didn’t feel as heavy as they once had and were disappointed with their purchase.

Smart-Wool Compression Socks Review

Smart-wool compression socks have so many performance benefits that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Their wool compression socks provide graduated support and can be worn with or without light cushioning.

Merino wool compression socks’ moisture-wicking comfort is enhanced by mesh ventilation zones for added breathability, and the flat toe appears to help reduce in-shoe discomforts.

Compression socks for women

With a slim heel and narrower overall fit, the women’s specific fit is intended to help keep your compression socks in place. Super-soft Merino, eye-catching prints, and graduated compression ranging from 10 to 20 mmHg.

Smart wool’s compression socks add comfort, performance, and a stylish look to your everyday sock game.

Smartwool compression socks
Smartwool Compression Socks

For all-day comfort and style, the Women’s Compression Sightseeing Sunflower Print OTC features a vibrant print, a Virtually SeamlessTM toe, a supportive arch brace, and cushioning on the ball and heel of the foot.

Smartwool’s compression socks retails from $35.95.

With an average customer review rating of 4.8 stars, these compression socks are highly recommended.

Customers thought they were comfortable, helped achy lower legs, and look and feel great.

I work 12-hour shifts in a pediatric emergency room. These socks are comfortable and keep my legs from being sore the day after working. No other sock does that. They are also of great quality and last a long time. These are the only socks I’ll wear to work.

Five-star review @smartwool

Compression Socks For Men

You’ve just boarded a 13-hour flight to Europe. You have a neck pillow, an eye mask, and noise-canceling headphones, but did you remember to look after your feet?

The OTC compression sock has 10-20 mmHG compression, which is ideal for reducing swelling in the ankle and feet, and a virtually SeamlessTM toe and supportive arch brace keep your feet comfortable in your shoes.

Smartwool compression socks review
Smartwool Compression socks for men

Mesh ventilation zones increase breathability, and flat toe seams help reduce in-shoe discomforts, enhancing the moisture-wicking comfort of Merino wool compression socks.

Men’s compression socks retails from $34.95.

The Smart-wool compression socks scored an average customer review rating of 4.8 stars.  

Customers shared that the socks are lightweight, warm, and incredibly comfortable.  

Great support hardly noticed I was wearing socks. My feet did not get too hot and kept the swelling down while being on my feet all day. Great Socks!

five-star review @smart-wool

You’ll also find a wide range of compression socks at Sleefs.

SmartWool Base Layer Review

As your next-to-skin piece of clothing, a base layer plays a vital role in wicking moisture away from your body and regulating core temperature. While a nice down jacket is far easier to justify, a base layer can be just as important for skiing, hiking, and climbing activities.

IntraknitTM Merino smart-wool base layers have fewer seams, a more articulated performance fit, and body-mapped ventilation to reduce bulk while allowing more movement. They’re breathable, flexible, and ideal for keeping you warm in changing weather and high-intensity activities.

Like the sock quiz, before you check out the wide range of Smart-wool base layers, a great place to start is the Perfect base layer quiz.

You’ll be asked a few questions:

  • Your gender
  • What temperature you’ll be wearing your base layer
  • The weather conditions you’re expecting
  • What base layer you are looking for
  • What adventures will you take your base layer on
  • How active you’ll be
  • How hot you get

When you’ve answered these quick and easy questions, Smartwool will take you to your personalized recommendations.

Men’s Smartwool Apparel Size Chart

SmallMediumLargeX LargeXX Large
Chest36″ – 38″
39″ – 41″
42″ – 44″
45″ – 48″
49″ – 51″
SmartWool – Men’s Clothing Sizes

Women’s Smartwool Apparel Size Chart

XS 2S 4 – 6M 8 – 10L 12 -14XL 16
36″ – 38″
High Hip31″-32″
SmartWool – Women’s Clothing Sizes

Merino 150 Base Layers

For aerobic activities and those not too cold but not too hot days, lightweight Smartwool Merino 150 base layers are the perfect option.

Women’s Merino Sport 150 Tee

If you are pursuing high-intensity activities, the Smartwool 150 Tee Women’s Merino Sport is the perfect t-shirt for you. This top uses a smooth seam to minimize chafing and maximize comfort.

Moreover, all of Merino Wool’s moisture management, temperature control, and odor resistance is combined with the long-lasting and fast dry time of polyester, so you can perform when it is important.

Smartwool Merino wool
Womens Merino Sport 150 Tee

Smartwool’s women’s merino sport 150 tees retails for $50.

Only two customers have provided reviews on this t-shirt to date.

One five-star review states that the t-shirt is soft, doesn’t wrinkle, and will be buying more.

The other review was a one-star review, and the customer shared that they were disappointed with the size of the t-shirt and that the company does not offer petite sizes.

Men’s Merino 150 Base Layer Bottom

The Smartwool Merino 150 Base Layer Bottoms work all year tirelessly to keep you comfortable on and off the slopes, as well as at your campsite. When you wear these base layer pants, the ultra-smooth Merino helps regulate your body temperature, breathes well, and naturally resists odors.

Smooth flatlock seams help minimize chafing, a wide fabric-covered waistband ensures a perfect fit, and a nylon thread core adds strength.

Smartwool base layers
Smartwool Base layers

Smartwool’s men’s merino 150 base layer bottoms cost from $85.

All reviewers have given the men’s 150 base layer bottoms five-star reviews.

Customers have used the bottoms for various past-times, and all have found them to be comfortable.

Hiking. Very comfortable and stay in place, unlike other base layer leggings that ride with my pants. Keeps you warm but not overly warm. Will be purchasing more soon.

Five-star review @smart-wool

Smartwool Merino 200 Series Review

The Merino 200 series layer is a minimalist style layer. With Merino Sport yarns and gender-specific mesh ventilation strategically placed to optimize thermoregulation and breathability during high-intensity activities in cold weather, it aids in enhancing sweat management, movement, and comfort.

Women’s Intraknit™ Merino 200 Base Layer Bottom

SmartWool’s cutting-edge Women’s IntraknitTM Merino 200 leggings will assist you in acclimating to the cold weather. 3D-knit articulation improves the fit of the leggings and aids mobility.

Merino Sport Yarn aids in moisture-wicking, odor resistance, and durability, while targeted knit insulation and ventilation keep you warm and dry. Whether you’re running, skiing, or adventuring in cold weather, these women’s base layer pants are up to the task.

Smartwool Merino 200 base layers
Merino 250 base layers

The women’s Intraknit Merino 200 Base Layer Bottoms retails from $120.

These bottoms have received an average review rating of 4.5-stars.

Again customers used the bottoms in various pursuits, and the bottoms met their expectations. Customers shared that the merino bottoms were comfortable, they didn’t get cold wearing them, they provided complete ease of movement and wicked the sweat away.

I like these bottoms; they are comfortable all day while skiing. Only bummer is how easily the intraknit snags…The first time I put on these leggings, they caught super easily and snagged while I adjusted them, making me question the integrity of the craftsmanship.

I still really like these leggings, but I really wish that wasn’t the case! I love to use my gear hard and for many years, and I am curious to see how long these layers last due to this.

Four-star review

Men’s Intraknit™ Merino 200 1/4 Zip Base Layer Jacket

The Men’s IntraknitTM Merino 200 1/4 Zip is a new addition to the Smart-wool innovative IntraknitTM line. This 3D-mapped Smartwool® base layer provides a near-custom fit and range of motion.

Its engineered construction helps you perform better by being lightweight and having a cleaner finish.

Smartwool Merino 200 Base layer jacket
Smartwool Merino 200 Base Layer Jacket

Suppose you’re looking for cold-weather base layer clothing. In that case, this one features Merino Sport yarn, which combines the strength and benefits of Merino wool with the durability and quick-drying properties of polyester to create the ultimate performance-ready top for all of your high-energy activities.

The Men’s Intraknit Merino 200 1.4 zip base layer jacket retails from $130.

This Men’s SmartWool base layer received an average review score of 4.8-stars.

Customers agreed that the Merino base layer was perfect for high output activities in cold temperatures while remaining comfortable and feeling great.

Merino 250 Thermal Series Review

Smart wool’s bulk-free, 100% Merino wool thermal layer elevates active winter wear to a new level.

With integrated insulation and ventilation, perfectly articulated flex zones, and Merino comfort, it’ll be the first layer you reach for when you need a warmer layer for your high-intensity, cold-weather adventures.

All Smartwool 250 base layers feature:

  • Merino wool is 100% natural and provides long-lasting warmth next to the skin.
  • Mesh ventilation knitted into gender-specific zones aids in moisture management.
  • The 3D-knit articulation improves fit and movement.
  • Knit insulation and ventilation strategically placed in the garment help keep you warm and dry without adding weight.

Women’s Merino 250 Base Layer Pattern Crew

Smart-wool’s Women’s Merino 250 Base Layer Pattern Crew has been improved to provide you with additional comfort during cold weather days and activities. The functionality and aesthetics of this 100% Merino wool fan favorite have been enhanced by adding new colors and a new fit.

Shoulder panels eliminate the need for top shoulder seams, and a flatlock seam construction helps prevent chafing.

Smartwool Merino 250 base layers
Smartwool Merino 250 Layers

Enhance your winter wardrobe with one of smart-wool’s best base layers for cold weather and feel the difference the next time you go skiing, hiking, climbing, or biking.

Women’s Merino 250 Base Layer Pattern Crew costs from $110 and is available in a wide range of colors.

With over 100 reviews, this merino 250 base layer is a favorite with Smartwool customers, who gave the item an average 4.8-star review rating.

Many customers complimented the item for its perfect fit, the warmth it provides on those extra cold ski days, and how soft and comfortable the top is.  

Review Examples

 Love this top. Had my reservations, itchy wool? Not to worry, very soft and comfortable and warm. Size? Not to worry, other reviewers suggested to size up. Here is what I love: colors and pattern, fit which is close and slim, and sleeve length is good, and love 1/4 zip. I was reluctant to buy a wool garment that was in close contact with skin, but after purchasing merino wool in NZ, I was sold and on the lookout for another! Would definitely recommend highly. Price is on the high side, but I am confident it will be a keeper for a long time.

five-star review @ Smartwool

I have three Smartwool baselayer tops, and they are all size small and fit well. This one in small size was very tight, shorter, and not as stretchy, so I sent it back. For a frame of reference, I’m 5’4″ and weigh 110. The fabric has a nice-looking pattern, but since I’ve found Smartwool sizing to be unreliable lately, I’m not sure whether I want to try the medium.

Two-star review @Smartwool – This review was replied to by Smartwool who advised the customer to get in touch with them.

Men’s Intraknit Merino 250 Thermal Colorblock Bottom

Smartwool’s Men’s IntraknitTM Merino 250 Thermal Colorblock Bottoms combines their most advanced technologies into a single pair of base layer pants. The thermal layer features an integrated insulation and ventilation system, perfectly articulated flex zones, and Merino wool comfort.

These lightweight tights add a new dimension to winter activewear, allowing you to ski, hike, bike, and climb in greater comfort and confidence than ever before.

Men’s Intraknit Merino 250 Thermal Colorblock Bottoms cost $130.00 and are available in a forged iron.

Smartwool thermal bottoms
Smartwool thermal bottoms

Five customers have given these men’s thermal bottoms an average review rating of five stars.

Reviewers thought the pants fit well; they were not too bulky and kept them warm.

This product is phenomenal. The stitching in the knees makes movement feel even better. I went snowboarding with these and my snow pants – I didn’t need anything else to stay at the perfect temperature. I love them and plan to order more.

Five-star review @smart-wool.

Merino Sport Fleece Review

The Smart-wool IntraknitTM Merino Sport Fleece features a durable 3D-knit exterior and a comfortable Merino wool interior.

This highly articulated and body-mapped hybrid fiber composition results in a capable, thermoregulating layer ideal for various applications and high-intensity activities.

Men’s Intraknit™ Merino Sport Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie

The new Smart-wool Men’s IntraknitTM Merino Full-Zip Hoodie incorporates the cutting-edge construction and benefits of our IntraknitTM technology. The Sport Fleece fiber combines a durable and fast-drying synthetic outer with a soft Merino wool interior.

This adaptable garment is capable, comfortable, and prepared to elevate both your IntraknitTM collection and performance.

Smartwool Merino Sports Fleece
Smartwool Merino Sports Fleece

The Men’s Intraknit Merino sport fleece retails from $160.

Reviewers gave the Smartwool fleece jacket an average 4.7-star review rating.

Customers thought the material was light but warm, and this casual jacket had a good design.

I live in Indianapolis, IN. So this hoodie is all I need, most days. But it is also thin, so my biker jacket fits nicely over the top. My only request is for pants to exactly match. If you are wearing this hoodie, make sure to zip up the pockets because everything will fall out when you sit down.

Five-star review @smartwool.

If you are looking for some high-quality casual gear to wear over your thermal bottoms, check out California Cowboy’s fantastic range of signature apres-ski shirts.

SmartWool Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this SmartWool reviewGNGuide reviews various other sites to understand better what Smart-wool customers think about the products.

We started our search on Amazon.

Individual items are reviewed on Amazon, but after scrolling down the Amazon Smartwool page, we saw that almost all products had received a good review.

The Smartwool hiking crew socks for men scored an average review rating of 4.8 stars, with over 85% of the 2,079 reviewers providing a five-star review.

Customers commented that they were satisfied with their sock purchase; the comfortable socks fit perfectly, they are warm, without being suffocating, and are several reviewers’ socks go-to sock.

There were are few negative reviews; these were mainly based on the quality of the socks that has gone downhill in the past ten years.

Now to – Customers had reviewed many smart wool socks; the socks also received excellent reviews; the Smartwool no-show socks received an average review rating of 4.3 stars. Customers thought the socks were comfortable, stayed up, and kept them dry.

The Smartwool Facebook page has nearly 267,000 followers, and the smart wool Instagram page has 125,000 followers; both pages are regularly updated and interact with their followers.


SmartWool Promo Codes, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

As part of our Smartwool sock review, we searched across numerous sites to find discounts and promotions. Additionally if you want a full list of the brands coupon codes check out our Smartwool coupon page.

Smartwool Pro purchase program

Smartwool offers a discount to individuals who have the vocations listed below, so they can keep their feet warm.

You will need to complete several steps, read the terms and conditions, and then submit all required documents. 

You need to be employed in one of the following jobs.

  • An employee of a retail store
  • REI Employee
  • Smartwool insider
  • Industry Professional
  • Adventure Travel Guide
  • Skiing and Snowboarding/Climbing/Mountaineering Guide
  • Fly Fishing Guide
  • River Rafting, Paddling, or Sea Kayak Guide
  • Skiing/snowboarding Instructor or Ski Patrol
  • Search, rescue, and avalanche professionals
  • Active Military / Government Employee

Pro Program discounts are currently set to 40% off the retail price. You will need to renew your pro purchase privileges annually.

Enter Your Email

Receive 15% off your first order (Valid on full-price apparel) by signing up to receive news and offers from Smartwool. A pop-up will appear when you first enter the website, so be sure to enter your details.

Web Specials

The company regularly offers discounts, so check out their website.

Where Can You Buy SmartWool?

You’ll find the complete Smart wool collection at

Alternatively, you can purchase the Smartwool clothing range from a range of retailers across the U.S. For those of you in other areas across the globe, the company has hundreds of distributors worldwide and you can purchase the merino wool sock range on Amazon.

Check out the helpful store locator on their website.  

SmartWool Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Wool Shipping Policy

Smartwool offers free three-day shipping on all orders over $75.

If your order is less than $75, and you reside in the U.S., you will be charged the following rates:

  • Ground shipping costs $5 and takes five to seven business days. (Not available to customers residing in Alaska or Hawaii).
  • Three-day delivery costs $10.
  • Two-day delivery costs $15.
  • Overnight delivery costs $30.

The company does not deliver on weekends.

Smartwool women's review
Smartwool Merino Wool

Smart-Wool Returns Policy

Smartwool’s return policy is simple. If you ordered the wrong size, color, or style, you’d be covered by the Smartwool 100% satisfaction guarantee, making it easy to return your unworn SmartWool clothes within 60 days.

If you made a purchase in-store, return the unworn item to the store where you made the purchase.

You can return the Smartwool item you are not satisfied with to:

Smartwool returns Timberland Distro Center, 50 Service Lane, Danville, KY 40422.

Is There A Smartwool Guarantee?

Their Go Far. Feel Good. Guarantee backs every single item made by the Smartwool team.

This means that they stand behind every item they make and provide you with a two-year guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly, you can return your Smartwool purchase within two years of your purchase date, and the company will provide you with some new gear.

How Do You Wash Smartwool Socks and Clothing?

You can wear Smart-wool’s merino wool for days without needing to be washed, as the Merino wool fibers absorb odor-causing bacteria, preventing them from reproducing or growing on their surface. This aids in reducing odor in your socks, shirts, and bottoms, which means you won’t have to wash your clothes as frequently.

Simple Merino wool care will ensure that your Merino socks, base layers, and other clothing look as good as they feel. While it is generally acceptable to wash Merino wool Smartwool products, it is critical to check the tag on each garment for the best results.

Washing Guidelines

  1. Turn your socks and garments inside out.
  2. Machine-wash in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle (avoid hot water as heat may shrink wool).
  3. Use a mild soap and avoid bleach and fabric softener (bleach ruins the Merino wool fibers, while fabric softener coats them, impairing their natural ability to manage moisture and regulate body temperature).
  4. While most Merino products can be tumble dried, Smartwool recommends air drying to minimize your environmental impact and extend the life of each product. Lay your wool garments flat to dry (hanging wet wool may distort the shape). If you prefer to dry in the dryer, set it to the lowest setting. Additionally, read the care label as you should not dry several of smart wool products in the dryer.

About SmartWool

Smartwool is an American company founded in 1994 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, by New England ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke when they wanted to ski for more extended periods without getting cold toes.

The company discovered the performance benefits of Merino wool as a fabric. The fabric was soft, moisture-wicking, thermoregulating, sustainable, and odor-neutralizing. All of which contributed to keeping their feet dry, comfortable, and warmer for longer than the synthetic socks they were wearing until that point in time.

The Timberland Company acquired Smartwool in 2005, and Smartwool became a subsidiary of VF Corporation following VF Corporation’s acquisition of The Timberland Company in 2011.

In 2010, Smartwool signed a contract with the New Zealand Merino Company to source its Merino wool exclusively.

The Smartwool community comprises individuals who believe that time spent outside is beneficial, restorative, and necessary for everyone.

The company was the first outdoor company to manufacture performance Merino wool ski socks, revolutionizing the category and permanently altering how outdoor enthusiasts viewed their feet.

SmartWool Contact Details

You can contact Smart-wool’s customer service team in various ways.

  • Call them on 1(888) 879 9665
  • Email
  • Use the contact us form shown on

Is SmartWool Worth It?

Smartwool products are a great addition to your wardrobe and can accompany you on all your outdoor adventures in all weather conditions, assisting in comfortably achieving your objectives. While the products are not cheap, they are well-made and thoughtfully designed for athletic endeavors.

A large proportion of customers felt that Smartwool socks and clothing defined comfort and were the best socks they’d ever owned, as evidenced above in our Smartwool clothing review.

Smartwool products kept consumers dry and warm. Although some customers thought the Smartwool brand was expensive, they also felt the products were worth the money paid, considering how soft the material is and how durable the products are.

A few Smartwool critics were disappointed that the quality of the clothing was not what it was. However, Smartwool emerges as a high-quality brand that sources its materials carefully and develops technical, performance gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Not quite the socks or clothes you were looking for, then check some of the following retailers for some more inspiration:

Get Free 3-day Shipping on all purchases over $75


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