Sheertex Tights Review: The ultimate Guide

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Sheertex is a women’s apparel brand that produces high-quality, unbreakable sheer tights designed to make you feel comfortable all day long.

This Sheertex review will determine if the Sheertex brand achieves its goals and what makes them so popular.

Sheertex Review: Are Sheertex Tights Any Good?

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Sheertex’s most significant selling point is that their tights do not break, however hard you try. The tights feature ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers make the tights ten times stronger than steel, making them last months instead of days.

The Sheertex tights are ethically made, and the company prides themselves on their ethical workplace practices and strategies to reduce waste.

Pros And Cons Of Sheertex

What We Like!

  • Tights are unbreakable and last months.
  • Sheertex tights are ethically made
  • The company care about the environment
  • Tights are true to size

What We Don’t Like!

  • Sheertex products are final sale
  • Shipping time can be lengthly
  • Tights are priced on the expensive side

The biggest con we found relating to Sheertex pantyhose was the price; you can probably buy 6 or 7 decent tights for the equivalent cost of one pair of Sheertex tights. However that said, they will last much longer than all seven of the other tights combined.

All sheertex products are final sale, so you can’t return them if you are unhappy with your purchase, and shipping times can be lengthy.

Sheertex Review

If you need some new sheer tights, then you’ll probably want to read our review before heading out to one of your local convenience stores to pick up a pair.

Sheertex produces tights, thigh highs, socks, and hair accessories, using one of the world’s strongest polymers.

Sheertex review
Sheertex Tights

What Is Sheertex Made Of?

Let’s take a look at what makes these tights so strong.

Sheertex pantyhose are made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fibers. The fibers are ten times stronger than steel and are regularly used in ballistic products, making them the strongest sheer pantyhose in the world.

The Sheertex ultra-strong pantyhose feature reinforced seams, an invisible waistband, and a control top to top them off.

Is Sheertex Ethical?

Sheertex prides itself on creating one of the most durable sheer tights available. As we’ve said before, Sheertex tights are ten times stronger than your regular pair of sheers, meaning that they will last a lot longer, thus reducing the enormous number of stockings sent to landfills after one use.

The company is working hard to develop a recycling program and implement strategies to reduce waste.

As part of their quality assurance checks, any pantyhose that don’t pass are turned into jumbo scrunchies, ensuring that the pantyhose that isn’t good enough doesn’t end up in the landfill.

The company also commits to ethical workplace practices; employees are paid a fair wage, Sheertex offers equitable salaries and health benefits. They also try to ensure team members have the opportunity to grow and expand their skills.

Other Ethical Brands:

Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights Review

The Classic Sheer Tights are more robust than steel, in addition to preventing thigh chafing, being comfortable and attractive. These 30 denier tights are made strong by Sheertex Knit Technology, so you won’t need to worry that they’re going to get damaged during whatever activity you wear them.

The Classic Sheer Tights are available in sizes, X-small to 3X-large, and cost $79 for a single. If you wish to save a few dollars, Sheertex also offers the classic Sheer Tights in a 2-pack, where you can save 10%, and a 3-pack, where you will save 15%.

Sheertex tights
Sheertex Tights

Over 3,431 customers have left an average review of 4.7 stars for these sheer tights, which is incredible.

The majority of customers love the Classic sheer pantyhose fit, style, and material. One reviewer has been wearing these tights nearly every day for six months, which provides a testament to just how good they are.

Sheertex Thigh Highs Review

A large number of us will struggle to find a thigh-high that actually stays put and doesn’t roll down at the most awkward times.

This is where the Sheertex Sheer Thigh Highs come in. The ultra-durable thigh-high tights include silicone stay-ups around the top of each leg to ensure they stay where they are meant to. These 30 denier sheer Thigh Highs are made by Sheertex Knit Technology and feature a cute lattice lace trim at the top.

sheertex pantyhose review
Sheertex Sheers

The Sheertex thigh highs come in sizes X-Small through to 3X-large. They cost $49 for a single, $88 for a two-pack, and $125 for a three-pack.

Two hundred customers have shared their review of these thigh highs and provided an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Customers love the sheer thigh highs, stating the quality is excellent, and love that they stay put and can’t be broken.

The only negative review we found complained about the size of the thigh-high, stating that they are shorter than your regular thigh highs.

Sheertex Backseam Sheer Pantyhose Review

Now to your classic pantyhose. These gorgeous backseam sheer tights will bring elegance and confidence to your stride. The 30 denier Sheertex backseam sheer pantyhose are again extra strong and feature the Sheertex Knit Technology.

Sheertex reviews
Sheertex Durable Pantyhose

The backseam tights are available in sizes X-small to 3x-large. They cost $79 each, save 10% if you purchase a 2-pack and 15% if you buy a 3-pack.

Sixty customers gave the backseam sheer pantyhose an incredible 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The tights scored so high as customers were happy with tights that didn’t rip and shared their satisfaction with Sheertex’s customer service.

Sheertex Latticed Semi-Opaque Tights Review

The 80 denier Sheertex latticed Semi-Opaque Tights are just gorgeous and are for anyone who wants to add some panache to their day.

The tights feature an elegant lattice pattern from waist to toe; it has a high-rise waistband, which means you’ll stay comfortable throughout your day. Once again, these tights are made from strong Sheertex Knit Technology, so you won’t be able to break them.

Sheertex most durable pantyhose
Sheertex High Quality Tights

The Sheertex latticed Semi-Opaque tights are available in sizes X-Small to 3X-Large. The cost for a single pair is $79, $142 for a two-pack, and $201 for a three-pack.

More than 200 customers gave these Semi-Opaque tights 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Customers stated that the tights were highly durable, they look nice, and fit well. They also commented on how sexy and flirtatious the lattice pattern made them feel.

Sheertex Shaping Luxury Semi-Sheer Tights Review

Shaping tights that fit and feel uncomfortable have been the norm, well, that is until now. These Sheertex shaping luxury Semi-sheer tights are not only strong, but they fit perfectly and help to compliment your figure.

The luxurious 50 deniers knit blend makes these shaping tights extra soft and features a supportive control top to help smooth your figure.

Sheertex review
Sheertex Tights

You can purchase these tights in sizes X-Small through to 3X-large. A single will cost $99; a two-pack costs $178, and a three-pack $252.

Thirty-five customers gave the Sheertex shaping luxury Semi-sheer tights 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Customers are delighted with their purchases, stating they are the most durable tights in the world and are worth every cent. A few customers were also pleased to point out that the Sheertex pantyhose live up to the hype.

Sheertex Polka Dot Sheer Tights Review

Another popular Sheertex pair of tights is the Polka Dot Sheer tights. The sheer tights feature polka dots from waist to toe. These tights are fashionable, functional, and look fantastic. Sheertex Knit Technology makes the 30 denier polka dot sheer tights, so they don’t break as swiftly as the regular patterned tights purchased.

Sheertex tights review
Sheertex High End Tights

You can purchase these tights in sizes X-Small through to 3X-large. A single will cost $79; a two-pack costs $158, and a three-pack $201.

The Sheertex polka dot sheer tights received a 4.8-star rating from 195 customers. As with the other tights reviewed, these tights were highly recommended.

Sheertex Customer Reviews From Other Sources

As part of the GN Guides review of Sheertex, we search the internet for Sheertex customer reviews.

On Sheertex’s website, the company receives glowing praise; customers feel the Sheertex branded tights are worth every cent; they are comfortable, durable, and live up to the hype surrounding them.

Next, we checked out Trustpilot; the company did not fare well on this review site, with only an average rating of 2.4 stars. Eighty percent of the fifteen customers that left comments stated that their experience with Sheertex was bad or poor. 

Most of these customers experienced terrible customer service, said their tights ripped on the first wear and were delayed in receiving their purchases.

On Amazon, Sheertex received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for the thigh highs. Similar to the Sheertex website, customers mostly posted positive reviews about the tights.

Sheertex Discount Code, Promotions and Offers

There are numerous promotions and discounts available to you when purchasing the Sheertex brand. To find the most recent promotion check out

If you refer a friend, you’ll receive a $20 voucher and your friend a $10 voucher.

By signing up for the Sheertex newsletter, you’ll receive a 10% off your first order, in addition to being one of the first customers to receive details on special offers, product launches, and insider exclusives.

Where Can You Buy Sheertex Tights?

You can find the Sheertex pantyhose collection at Alternatively, you can purchase on the Sheertex Amazon page.

Sheertex Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take Sheertex To Ship?

All orders are shipped directly from the Sheertex factory in Montreal. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours, although some may take longer, and shipping takes an average of 3 to 5 working days.

Sheertex ship their products to Canada, USA, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and France.

The company offers expedited shipping:

  • Free shipping takes up to 21 working days, depending on the location of the delivery.
  • Standard shipping costs $5 and can take up to 6 working days.
  • Express Shipping costs $15 and takes up to 3 days.

What Is The Sheertex Return Policy?

The vast majority of Sheertex products are intimate items, so they cannot be exchanged or returned once they leave the factory.

Does Sheertex Have a Warranty On Their Products?

Sheertex’s 30-day good luck guarantee covers items sold directly from the Sheertex website for 30 days from the date of the arrival of the product. The guarantee covers damages or defects.

How Do I Wash Sheertex Tights?

Sheertex recommends you hand-wash your tights in cold water and let them air dry. Sheertex pantyhose is machine-washable, but the company suggests using a delicates cycle and placing them in an intimates bag.

A Little Bit About Sheertex

In 2017, Katherine Homuth founded Sheertex. After finding herself frustrated with changing pair after pair of old-fashioned disposable hosiery, she set out to change the world, well, the fashion hosiery business anyway.

Luckily for us, Katherine and her team took it upon themselves to create a miracle fiber that they could use to make unbreakable tights. She was told that it was impossible to make unbreakable tights, but with grit and determination, you’re here reading her success story.

After successfully engineering the miracle fiber and creating a proprietary manufacturing process, the company took over the largest hosiery factory in Montreal, Canada, where they are based today.

Sheertex Contact Details

If, for any reason, you need to contact Sheertex, you can contact them in a variety of ways:

  • Call them on 1(800) 715 1658
  • Email the company at

Are Sheertex Worth The Hype?

During our Sheertex review, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many customers love these innovative tights.

If you are someone who wears tights regularly, you really should give Sheertex tights a go, you may have a high initial outlay, but in the long run, these tights will save you a fortune as you’ll be wearing them over and over again.

Sheertex tights are not only a great purchase; you’re also protecting our planet as you won’t be throwing away all those regular tights that just last 5 minutes.

Unbreakable Tights


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