Ruggable Rugs Review: The ultimate Review

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Ruggable Rugs produces high-quality washable Rugs.

This Ruggable Rug guide reviews the wide and diverse range and examines the pros and cons of this brand.

Ruggable Overview

Ruggable is an e-commerce company revolutionizing the residential and commercial rug market.

In 2010, Jeneva Bell, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, decided to create a rug you can wash after cleaning up her living room rug after her dog, Bambi, had an accident.

Jeneva Bell then thought it might be possible to create a two-piece, machine-washable system that would prevent liquids and odors from becoming trapped deep within the fibers of a rug.

Today the company produces its patented two-piece rug system for homes across the US. The company has big ambitions and matched with a strong brand, established traction, and keen advisors, it will be interesting to see what this company does next.

About Ruggable

So, what’s all the fuss about? Let find out.

Ruggable has patented a rug system that comes in two pieces:

ruggable rugs review

A Lightweight Rug Cover

Ruggable’s low-pile, lightweight Rug Cover is stain- and water-resistant and has been designed to fit comfortably in your home washing machine. This piece of the rug goes on top of the non-slip rug pad.

Nonslip Rug Pad

The easy-to-clean Rug Pad is crafted using the same latex-free material as yoga mats and features a nonslip back, which means the rug will not move, even if you place it in heavily used areas of your home.

Ruggable Rugs Reviews: Are They Any Good?

One of the Ruggable Rugs’ selling points is their washability. The rug will not shrink or fade in appearance after repeated washings.

Ruggable rugs are ideal for family homes; you can relax while your child sits on the rug to drink; if an accident occurs, you roll up the rug and throw it in the washing machine.

Likewise, for any pet messes, the innovative rugs are much easier to clean than a traditional, non-washable rug.

When buying ruggable rugs, you have the option of purchasing different top layers.
How incredible is that? When it comes time to decorate or alter the room’s appearance, you will only need to purchase the top layer, which will save you money.

Ruggable Pros and cons


  • Rugs are hypoallergenic
  • Machine-Washable rugs
  • On hardwood, the rug does not slide. 
  • Ruggable offers a no-interest afterpay option. 
  • Shipping is complimentary within the United States of America and Canada.


  • International shipping is not available through the company. 
  • The rug may not fit in the washing machine. 
  • Long drying time.

One of the primary disadvantages of Ruggable rugs is their high price; there is no getting around the fact that rugs from Target are significantly less expensive. Having said that, because you cannot wash target rugs, Ruggable rugs will last longer and, in the long run, will be more cost-effective.

Ruggable rugs are thin; there is no plush padding to sink your feet into. They’re lightweight to facilitate washing; if you’re looking for a more comfortable feel, you’ll want to check out one of Ruggable’s competitors.

What Makes Ruggable Rugs Different?

The main difference between Ruggable rugs and other rugs is the fact you can wash the top level of your rug, making it a perfect option for many families.

Ruggable Rugs Review

Ruggable rugs are sold in a two-piece system consisting of a lightweight rug cover and a non-slip rug pad.

The water- and stain-resistant rug covers are easily detached and reattached to the non-slip pad without compromising the pad’s grip. This enables you to wash the rug cover as frequently as necessary. Please note that rug pads cannot be machine washed; however, they can be spot cleaned with soapy water as needed.

Before taking a look at some of Ruggable’s rugs, it’s critical to note that Ruggable does not chemically treat any of their rugs. Ruggable rugs do not emit harmful gases because the company uses a water-based dye that is nontoxic and considered wearable for the rug covers.

Ruggable Rugs Size Options

There are seven Ruggable size options available.  

Ruggable Round Rugs

Ruggable review

A circle rug or round rug can help define the space by establishing a vignette or focal point in your room.

Since most of our living spaces and furniture are composed of straight lines and angles, a round area rug can help soften the look of your room while also adding tonnes of interest.

Round rugs are defined by their diameter, which is the circle’s diameter at its widest point. A 6′ round rug has a diameter of 6 feet (72 inches).

The Kamran Coral Rug combines a brilliant palette of sophisticated colors with a traditional Persian design. This rug is inspired by traditional Heriz rugs and features a bold geometric pattern, a large medallion, and an ornate border.

It’s a stone blue and coral red rug that has been purposefully distressed for a weathered, rustic appearance.

The Kamran Coral Round Rug from Ruggable is $229.

This Ruggable rug is a popular choice, with over 1,160 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Customers express how the rug’s vibrant color complements their spaces and how the rug is soft, durable, and attractive. Numerous customers stated that the rug is placed in a high-traffic area of their home and continues to perform admirably.

There will always be dissatisfied customers; dissatisfied customers expressed their disappointment with the rug’s thinness and feel of cheap velcro.

Ruggable Runners

Ruggable runners are available in two sizes and 729 fashionable designs. Runners add dimension to your home’s narrow spaces.

Ruggable Rugs

Runner rugs are typically two to three feet wide and seven to fourteen feet long.  

Runners are the simplest way to add colour and texture to any small or narrow space in your home, whether it’s a kitchen, hallway, entryway, bedroom, living room, bathroom, or laundry room.

Verena Dark Wood Rug infuses a traditional Persian motif with a modern farmhouse vibe.

This rug is bordered by an ornate design that surrounds intricate gem-like shapes that are spread out across an open field. Its colour, a deep rustic brown that borders on black, has been slightly distressed to add to the rustic appeal. 

The Verena Dark Wood 2.5’x7′ runner costs $149 and the 2.5’x10′ costs $189.

With over 675 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars, this Ruggable rug runner is a customer favorite.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the rug’s appearance in their homes; the rugs are easy to clean and are comfortable underfoot.

3’x5′ Ruggable Rugs

3 by 5 rug has a length of 3 feet and a width of 5 feet.  Due to the small size of 3×5 rugs, they can be used in a variety of spaces. The possibilities for this rug size are endless, from entrances or hallways to small bedrooms, kitchens and laundries. 

Ruggable rug review

The Damali Black and White Rug adds timeless elegance to a room with its symmetry and simplicity. The textured rug features a trio of diamonds. Its subdued colour scheme of grey, cream, and pearl finishes the versatile and modern minimalist look. 

Ruggable’s Damali Black and White Rug costs $109.

There have been no reviews to date for this rug.

Ruggable 5’x7′ Rugs

A 5×7 rug, with its medium size, is probably the most versatile rug diameter available. It can enhance the appearance of a small to medium-sized room or define and enhance a section of a larger space. Whichever room you’re styling, whether it’s the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, this rug size will easily transform it.

Minnie Rosewood Floral 5×7 Rug.

This rug is designed to add color and brightness to any nursery, children’s room, or playroom. This Disney-themed Ruggable rug features autumn orange and rust-red floral bouquets, accompanied by a grey silhouette of Minnie Mouse’s iconic head and bow.

ruggable disney rugs

Ruggable’s Minnie Floral Rosewood 5’x7′ Rug costs $229.

To date, fifteen customers have given this Disney 5’x7′ rug an average review rating of five stars. According to reviewers, the rug is beautiful, easy to clean, of high quality, and looks great in their children’s rooms.

One customer explained that they purchased the rug to conceal a carpet on which their pet dog had several accidents, and the rug survived the accidents and subsequent washes.

Ruggable 6’x9′ Rugs

A 6×9 rug’s medium size makes it adaptable to any room size.
Whether you’re tying the elements of a small to medium-sized room together or highlighting a section of a larger room, 6×9 area rugs are an ideal addition to any space in need of a pop of color, a hint of texture, or even a touch of whimsy.

Without this Outdoor Sailmaker Stripe Blue Rug, a nautical-themed patio or deck is incomplete. This rug, inspired by coastal hues, showcases a striped pattern in interchanging shades of navy blue and light grey with a lovely herringbone-like texture.

ruggable rugs reviews

Ruggable’s Outdoor Sailmaker Stripe Blue Rug costs $329.

This lovely rug has an average rating of five stars from thirteen reviewers.

Customers commented on how easy the rug was to lay out, how well it stayed in place, and how beautiful it looked. Numerous customers use this outdoor rug indoors due to its excellent dirt-picking ability.

Ruggable 8’x10′ Rugs

As a large area rug, an 8×10 rug can assist in defining a space, anchoring the design theme of the room, and tying all of your decor elements together. Ruggable’s Floral Medallion Yellow Grey Rug is the ideal accent piece for updating a room.

This contemporary floral rug motif is rendered in vibrant hues of polenta, dandelion yellow, and pewter and is expertly blended against a silver and dove grey background.

Ruggable Rugs review

The Floral Medallion Yellow Grey Rug from Ruggable is $399. 

This 8’x10′ Ruggable rug has over 592 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars. 

The majority of customers commented on how lovely the rug looked and how well it fits their space while also acting as a barrier against the cold tile. Additionally, they commented on how easily the rug could be rolled and laid and how well it washed. 

While this rug received mostly positive reviews, a few customers expressed concern about the lack of padding, the fact that it slides around when animals run across it, and the fact that it can bunch up slightly.

Ruggable 9’x12′ Rugs

As a large area rug, a 9×12 rug can enlarge a room and help tie a space together once all the furniture is in place. Ruggable’s Vintage Daisy Bordered Blue rug will bring a touch of classic style to your home.

This antiqued and Bohemian blue vintage rug features a rich blend of slate blue, grey, and Azul. This timeless floor decor will enhance any room in your cottage, contemporary, traditional, or shabby chic home interior.

Ruggable rugs reviews

The Vintage Daisy Bordered Blue Rug from Ruggable Rug is $579.

This rug is extremely popular with Ruggable customers, receiving nearly 799 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.

Positive reviews have been shared; the rug is fantastic; it washes and dries quickly; it retains its appearance after a few washes; there is no fading; it is an excellent choice for a high-traffic rug.

One customer shared her story of expressing dissatisfaction with the design of the rug she had ordered, the outstanding Ruggable customer service team arranged for a replacement rug.

There were a few negative reviews; customers were required to flatten the corners when objects collided with them. A few customers expressed dissatisfaction with the rug’s feel when walking barefoot.

What Colors Do Ruggable Rugs Offer?

Ruggable rugs are available in an array of colors. Ruggable’s website includes a helpful color chart and tips on selecting the right colored rug. The following are some examples: 

Grey and Silver Rugs: These colors blend into the background, allowing for the pop of other colors. 

Blue and Green Rugs: This color scheme gives your room a timeless, calming, and elegant feel. 

White and Cream Rugs: Lighter rugs help to expand small spaces visually. 

Natural Rugs: Subtly toned rugs complement any style and add an air of sophistication to any room. 

Multicolor Rugs: Use bright colored rugs to brighten up your space or draw attention to your home’s specific area. 

Pink and Purple Rugs: This color combination is playful, whimsical, and bold, making it ideal for children’s rooms.

Are Ruggable rugs good quality reviews
Gumdrops Multicolor Rug – @Ruggable

What Style of Rugs Do Ruggable Offer?

Now, let’s discuss the types of rugs you’ll discover while shopping with Ruggable. Ruggables’ website features rugs from five different rug collections:


You’ll find floral, geometric, and Persian rugs in this collection.


Ruggable’s style collection includes rugs in contemporary, transitional, traditional, modern, art deco, and vintage styles, as well as a variety of other designs.


Ruggable manufactures a variety of patterned rugs, including solid and ombre rugs, metal and stone rugs, and novelty rugs.

review of Ruggable rugs
Star Wars Toile Blue Rug @Ruggable


Ruggable and Disney collaborated to create the Star Wars and Disney collections. This is ideal for any Disney fans out there.

Additionally, they collaborated with Cynthia Rowley to create vibrant, original prints.

Seasonal Rugs

Ruggable Rugs are also the right place if you’re looking for Halloween rugs and a variety of fun, festive holiday rugs.

How Do Ruggable Rugs Feel Underfoot?

Ruggable rugs typically feel thinner underfoot than a standard rug.

Because most Ruggables rugs are flat and thin, you may want to consider another brand for the plush designs.

Where Do Ruggable Rugs Work Best?

Ruggable rugs are incredibly versatile and will complement any room in your home.

A rubbery underside ensures that the rug remains in place, making it ideal for use in high-traffic areas of your home. Ruggable rugs are suitable for hallways, entryways, and children’s bedrooms.

Placing one of the rugs beneath large pieces of furniture may not be the best choice, as you will need to move it around whenever the rug requires cleaning.

Can You Wash Ruggable Rugs?

Each Ruggable Rug is machine washable. Remove the top layer and throw it in the washer.

If you have any spills or if your child or pet has an accident, immediately wash the top layer in the washing machine.

Can You Vacuum A Ruggable Rug?

You can vacuum all ruggable rugs, but Ruggable recommends that you use the proper settings, attachments, techniques, and vacuum type to keep your rug looking great.

Their rigorous testing recommends:

  • You use low suction and low power and keep the beater bar/brush turned off.
  • Only use handheld attachments without bristles, brushes, or beater bars
  • Use a pull motion only instead of pushing the vacuum
  • Avoid vacuuming the edges and corners.

Ruggable Rugs Reviews Other Sources:

GN Guide conducted research for this Ruggable review by visiting various customer review sites to ascertain what customers have to say about Ruggable rugs.

Customers have given the rugs a 4.3 out of 5 ratings on the Ruggable Facebook page; this rating is based on over three thousand customer reviews.

Ruggable has received over 58 thousand reviews on its website, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Here are a few of the viewpoints we discovered.

“Excellent customer service. I had some hiccups with our delivery and once I reached out of help had multiple staff working to help correct the error. I will definitely be ordering from Ruggable again in the future”.

First time customer. They’re pulling twice as much as they should from my account and telling me to wait 3-5 days for someone to get back to me. No phone number to call, no responses. Absolutely despicable.

5/5 Excellent customer service, amazing rug,, exceeded our expectations.

Ruggable Promotions and Discounts

The first discount we’ve discovered is available directly from Ruggable

By subscribing to email alerts, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your first order. Additionally, you’ll be the first to learn about any upcoming sales the company may have. 

Refer A Friend

If you look to the top right-hand side of Ruggable’s website, you’ll notice the ‘Refer & Get 15%’notice; click on this to refer friends and they’ll receive a 15% discount on their first order.

Where Can You Buy Ruggable Rugs?

In addition to, you’ll find Ruggable rugs at various retail stores across the US and Canada.

If you are shopping online, you can find rugs on Amazon and

Ruggable FAQ

Where Does Ruggable Ship to?

Ruggable ships across the U.S. and Canada. They do not ship to P.O. boxes or to the U.S. Territories.

Does Free Shipping Apply to All State Across The U.S?

Shipping is free in all states and Canada, exluding Hawaii and Alaska.

Does Ruggable Offer Expedited Shipping?

No, rugs are made to order, you will receive them within four weeks of your order.

What Is Ruggable’s Return Policy?

All items can be returned for a full refund or can be exchanged within 30 days of the delivery date. Ruggable will charge a $25 proccessing fee per item.

All rugs must be in a new condition and without:

  • Pet fur
  • Dirt or grass stains
  • Signs of wear
  • Damage or stains

Ruggable Contact Details

If you need to contact Ruggable or need further information on the products or services Ruggable supply, you can contact the customer service team by email.


Do GN Guide Recommend Ruggable?

Other retailers carry rugs similar to Ruggables. However, you will have difficulty finding any that are washable. This is the primary benefit of Ruggable rugs and the reason we recommend them.

If you have a busy family and are constantly cleaning up spills and stains on your rugs, this excellent brand is unbeatable.

Ruggable rugs are available in various styles, colors, and sizes, ensuring that they will complement any room.

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