Revitive Review: The Ultimate Guide!

For those who suffer from arthritis or circulation issues, the persistent discomfort and inflammation in their lower extremities can be quite challenging to handle.

The impact on your lifestyle can be significant. Being deprived of the activities that bring you joy can be a frustrating experience. It could be something as simple as taking a walk, immersing yourself in nature, or catching up with friends.

In order to alleviate this pain and the associated discomfort in the legs and feet, a circulation booster like Revitive could be exactly what you need. By enhancing blood flow in your lower limbs, this mechanism achieves its intended purpose.

Improved blood flow can alleviate swelling and provide relief from leg discomforts such as aches and cramps.

Revitive is a popular product that many people are curious about. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at a widely popular device that claims to improve circulation. Our aim is to provide you with an honest assessment of its effectiveness.

About Revitive Medic

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Revitive, a well-known brand in the United States, has a range of circulation boosters available for purchase. Among the three types of boosters offered, the Revitive Medic is the most sought-after by customers. Revitive medic machines are a great solution for those who suffer from discomfort in their lower legs. These machines not only help increase circulation but also reduce swelling. With the use of Revitive Medic machines, you can experience relief from discomfort in your lower legs.

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Revitive Medic Review

revitive medic review

What We Like!

  • Revitive Machines Are Easy To Use
  • Revitive Can Help Relieve Pain
  • The Machines Are safe For Daily Use
  • All Revitive Machines are Portable
  • Two Year Warranty

What We Don’t Like!

  • Revitive Machines Are Quite Expensive
  • The Relief May Not Be Enough For All Users.

What Is A Circulation Booster?

A circulation booster is a revolutionary medical device that has been designed to enhance the circulation of your feet and legs. The device operates on electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, making it a drug-free alternative.

Electrical muscle stimulation, commonly known as EMS, is a technique that aids in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. The contractions aid in the circulation of blood to the lower extremities, mimicking the natural function of the circulatory system. By engaging in this activity, users can experience a boost in blood circulation throughout their lower extremities.

Circulation boosters have been gaining popularity among users due to their ability to increase blood circulation, resulting in reduced swelling in the legs and feet as well as relief from muscle aches.

Revitive Medic

revitive medic review

The Revitive Medic boasts a unique dual-mode technology that expertly blends two well-known technologies to deliver maximum effectiveness as part of your overall pain management regimen.

Foot pads are a popular way to stimulate muscles in the legs and feet, thanks to their electrical muscle stimulation technology. By using these pads, you can activate your muscles, improve circulation, and reduce any discomfort you may be experiencing. With the added benefits of being able to walk further, it’s no wonder that foot pads are becoming a go-to solution for many people.

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to alleviate pain in your legs or other areas of your body, body pads may be just what you need. These pads use electrical stimulation to provide rapid pain relief, making them a popular choice for those seeking a non-invasive solution.

After conducting thorough research into electrical muscle stimulation and circulation, the innovative OxyWave technology was born. The patented waveforms of this product are a game-changer for those who suffer from aches and pains in their legs and feet. Not only do they increase oxygen-rich blood flow, but they are clinically proven to improve circulation while in use. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to improved wellness with this innovative solution.

The Revitive Medic is a game-changer for those seeking a cordless solution to their therapy needs. With a battery life of up to 210 minutes, equivalent to a week’s worth of therapy sessions, it offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can use the Revitive Medic practically anywhere, making it the perfect companion for those with busy lifestyles. In addition, users will have access to a highly adaptable timer, providing the flexibility to choose a therapy session that best suits their busy lifestyle.

Additionally you can also receive FSA or HSA reimbursement. It is essential that you confirm your insurance coverage with your provider to check that you have sufficient cover.

Why Choose A Revitive Medic Circulation Booster

revitive medic circulation booster

Living with arthritis or circulation difficulties can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to managing the persistent discomfort and swelling in your feet and legs. Living with pain can significantly affect your daily life, preventing you from engaging in activities that bring you joy, such as taking a leisurely walk, spending time in nature, or socializing with loved ones.

Revitive circulation boosters are designed to alleviate pain and stiffness in your legs and feet, allowing you to resume your exercise routine. These devices work by enhancing blood circulation in your legs, which helps to alleviate edema and ease leg cramps. If you’re someone who suffers from impaired circulation, the Revitive could be just what you need to boost your blood flow. This device is an excellent circulation booster that has helped many people improve their circulation and alleviate related symptoms. These devices are designed to enhance blood flow, alleviate discomfort in the legs and feet, and minimize swelling.

What Conditions Can Revitive Help With?

Maintaining good circulation is crucial for overall well-being. However, several factors, such as medical conditions like diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypercholesterolemia, and hypertension, along with age, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle, can all lead to poor circulation. One may experience a range of issues such as leg discomfort, cramping, and edema, which can manifest in different ways.

Revitive is an excellent tool for enhancing muscle strength and boosting blood flow. The circulation boosters may potentially aid in alleviating symptoms associated with illnesses that result in poor circulation. Revitive is a versatile solution that can aid in alleviating general pain and swelling in the lower legs.

What Are The Benefits of Revitive?

Revitive offers a plethora of benefits that users can experience. These benefits include:

  • Leg pain and cramps can be a real hindrance to our daily activities, such as walking. However, the Revitive Medic can help reduce these discomforts and get us back to our normal routines.
  • One of the most common issues faced by many individuals is swelling, especially in the feet and ankles. The revitive medications can help reduce swelling.
  • One of the benefits of using this device regularly is an increase in circulation in the treated areas.
  • Revitive is a great tool for improving muscle strength. By using this device, you can effectively work out your muscles and see noticeable improvements in strength over time. As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, including a decline in muscle mass. This natural process typically begins after we hit the age of 30 and can result in muscle weakness over time. By incorporating Revitive into your daily routine, you can potentially slow down the natural aging process. This device offers daily stimulation that may help keep your body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Revitive is an excellent tool to enhance your flexibility, even if you don’t engage in intense workouts.

How Can The Revitive Medic Help Relieve Pain?

Revitives Medic’s circulation boosters are innovative medical devices that utilize electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to activate numerous nerves in the feet and legs, effectively enhancing circulation. Electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) is produced through the utilization of the footpads on which one rests their feet) 

Rocking your feet back and forth on footpads can work wonders for your feet and calves. This simple exercise produces muscle contractions that help improve blood flow and circulation in the lower part of your body. Revitive is a device that has been designed to strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation. As a result, it has the potential to alleviate symptoms associated with conditions that cause or contribute to impaired circulation.

Where Are Revitive Machines Made?

revitive medic review

The company’s devices are exclusively created and engineered in the United Kingdom, where their headquarters are located. After establishing its brand, the company decided to team up with a manufacturing partner based in South Korea to expand its reach to customers worldwide. Revitive, the popular circulation booster brand, ships its products from two key locations in the United States: Georgia and Utah.

Are The Revitive Circulation Machines Easy To Use?

The Revitive is a user-friendly device with simple instructions. The manufacturer even provides a helpful video on their website to guide you through the machine’s functionality.

How Often Should You Use Revitive?

It is highly recommended to incorporate Revitive into your daily routine for optimal results. For optimal results, it is recommended that each session with your Revitive booster last between 20 and 30 minutes.

How To Use The Revitive Circulation Booster:

  1. Take a seat and place your feet on the device’s footpads.
  2. Adjust the levels until you feel the contraction of your muscles.
  3. Sit for 30 minutes and relax while the circulation boosters relieve your pain.

Is The Revitive Medic Circulation Booster Safe?

revitive medic review

Fortunately, the devices are entirely secure, which is excellent news. After undergoing extensive research and testing, foot massagers have been found to be safe for use with no documented side effects. It’s important to note that while EMS can be a great tool for improving circulation, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you’re pregnant or have an implanted cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted electronic device, it’s best to steer clear of regenerative circulation boosters. Safety first! 

In the event that you experience symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, it is advisable to refrain from utilizing these devices. It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor before incorporating the Revitive Medic into your routine to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Moreover, I would suggest using Revitive twice a day for optimal results. Before incorporating Revitive into your daily routine more than twice a day, it’s important to consult with your doctor to ensure it’s safe for you to do so.

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Revitive Medic Features

Each Revitive Medic Circulation Booster includes the following generic features:

Levels of Intensity

Circulation boosters come equipped with intensity settings that enable users to customize the device’s intensity to their unique preferences and requirements. The Revitive Medic is a game-changer when it comes to intensity levels. Unlike most machines that only offer a range of 1 to 10, this device boasts a whopping 1 to 99 range. This means that you can easily find the perfect intensity level that suits your needs and yields the best possible results. As recommended by the manufacturer, it is advisable to begin with the lowest setting and gradually work your way up to a level that is tolerable for you. As you continue to use the device, you can gradually increase the intensity to match your body’s growing familiarity with it. It’s important to note that if you plan on incorporating Revitive into your daily routine more than twice, it’s best to consult with your doctor beforehand.

Medical Device Approved by the FDA

Revitive is an FDA-approved medical device that provides a drug-free solution for those who suffer from deficient blood flow in their leg muscles. This device is designed to briefly increase blood flow, which can help reduce pain and discomfort. Moreover, with FDA clearance, you can rest assured that the brand has undergone extensive testing and is authorized to treat conditions associated with inadequate blood flow. While there are several products available on the market that claim to improve circulation, it’s important to note that not all of them have been approved by the FDA. If you’re considering purchasing a circulation booster that may potentially pose a risk to your health, it’s crucial to opt for one that has undergone rigorous scrutiny by the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Compact And Portable

The device boasts a compact design, measuring just 14 inches in diameter and weighing a mere 3 pounds, making it incredibly portable and convenient to take with you on the go.

Revitive is a portable device that can be easily carried while traveling.Many of the circulation boosters available on the market today come in bulky and space-consuming designs. The Revitive, on the other hand, boasts of its portability and convenient storage capabilities.

Patented Technology

Revitive is a revolutionary product that utilizes cutting-edge patented technology to effectively address circulation and joint issues. The device’s unique isoRocker technology is what sets it apart, allowing for a natural forward and backward rocking motion of the feet.

Maintaining joint mobility is crucial, as it allows for a range of motion that mimics the natural movement patterns of walking. However, the movement is executed with a softer touch.

When a company develops a technology independently, it becomes patented. This indicates that the technology is private and that no other company may use it without permission. Revitive’s investment in both its product and the research behind it is evident.

Which Revitive Is Best?

revitive medic review

Determining the top-performing Revitive machine can be a challenging task, as every user has their own preference based on the specific area of their body where they encounter pain or discomfort.

  • The Revitive Medic has gained immense popularity among users due to its ability to alleviate pain, enhance circulation, and reduce swelling in the lower leg.
  • The Revitive Medic Knee has been specifically designed to target knee arthritis or osteoarthritis.
  • If you’re someone who frequently experiences tired feet and swelling, the Revitive Advanced may be the perfect solution for you.

Revitive Customer Reviews

The Revitive Medic circulation booster has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised its ability to alleviate pain and improve circulation, others have reported issues with reliability and performance. The individuals who discovered its benefits praised it for enhancing their mobility and balance. Some even reported that it helped them walk more efficiently.

Customer Reviews

It really works! Doctors told my mother there was nothing they could do to ease the pain in the bottom of her feet when she walked. After using it for 2 months – she can now walk up to five hours in a day without discomfort!

10/10 Review @Revitive Medic

I didn’t know what I was ordering at the time. Thought it would strengthen my legs – after a mild stroke. I don’t see any improvement, and you might consider adding what it is supposed to do in the manual.

2/10 Review @Revitive Medic

Other Revitive Boosters

Revitive Medic Knee Review

revitive medic circulation booster

The Revitive Medic Knee Circulation Booster is perfect for people who have knee osteoarthritis or who have recently had knee surgery. The quadriceps muscle is essential for total knee joint health and mobility, which is where Revitive Medic Knee comes in. The Medic Knee is a revolutionary therapeutic option for those who have knee pain, including arthritis pain. The Medic Knee has three distinct functions: 

Medic Foot-Pad Program

The same patented program underpins the Medic model. The footpads’ innovative electrical muscle stimulation enhances the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your legs and feet.

Knee Program

The Medic Knee strengthens your thigh muscles, which may help support and stabilize the knee. It uses big reusable thigh electrode pads and a specialized knee program.

TENS Program

Designed to help with chronic pain and arthritis pain. The TENS Program uses tiny electrode body pads to stimulate sensory nerves surrounding the knee joint. As a result, there is a natural pain alleviation reaction. The Revitive Medic Knee is also qualified for FSA/HSA reimbursement. You should confirm your insurance coverage with your provider before purchasing.

Made my legs feel great.
However, the batteries seemed to run down fast.

7/10 @Revitive

+ I have not had leg cramps since I started using the machine and have avoided using pain medication.
– Should be able to simultaneously treat two different body parts at the same time.

10/10 @Revitive.

Revitive Advanced Circulation Booster Review

revitive medic circulation booster

My husband and I used this device, but it did not do anything to help the pain in our legs or feet. Furthermore, it was not even comfortable using it. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

1/10 @Revitive

I have significant neuropathy-related discomfort that my medication does not solve. I had hoped, after reading the possible benefits the product write-up indicted, I might feel some relief.

While I can say the unit does seem to improve circulation and does exercise leg muscles, it did not provide the relief I had desired. I do feel this product can help many people with a variety of circulation, muscle-related and general for pain-related problems.

8/10 @Revitive

Revitive Alternatives

Revitive Medic Reviews From Other Sources

revitive medic circulation booster

GNGuide visits various other websites as part of this Revitive Medic review to learn what their customers honestly think about the products.We began our research with the Better Business Bureau, which has accredited the company with an A+ rating.

The three circulation boosters are available on Amazon, where they have received the following review ratings:

  • Revitive Medic – 629 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.
  • Revivite Advanced – 585 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.
  • Revitive Circulation Booster has a 4.1-star rating based on 2,168 reviews.

As with the Revitive website, reviewers left many positive comments; the device is similar to a tens unit but for the legs; it is simple to set up and use and provides excellent lower leg simulation. Similarly to the other devices reviews, the majority of the negative reviews focused on the machines failing to perform as advertised.

Revitive proudly displays customer reviews regarding their customer service, product quality, and delivery terms. On the website, 89% of customers said they would purchase from Revitive again. Additionally an impressive 98% received their orders on time and in good condition, and 84% said Revitive handled their customer service inquiries effectively.

Where Can You Buy Revitive Medic?

The Revitive foot machines are available for purchase online at or on Amazon.

Revitive Medic Ways To Save

revitive medic review

As part of our GNGuideRevitive review, we looked for discount codes and promo codes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any that were relevant. Keep an eye on the Revitive Medic website to learn about current promotions.

While we were unable to locate any coupon codes, we discovered the following ongoing promotions.

Revitive Medic Newsletter

Sign up for exclusive offers by signing up to the Newsletter.

Revitive Free Trial

The brand provides a free 60-day trial on each of their devices to all customers.

Revitive Medic Frequently Asked Questions

revitive medic review

What Is Revitive Medic Shipping Policy?

Revitive only uses reputable courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS to deliver directly to your door. The carrier will send you a tracking number and an estimated delivery date once the company dispatch your item. The average delivery time for standard shipping is five to seven business days. Orders of $50 or more receive free shipping, while orders less than $50 will pay a $12 shipping fee. You can choose to receive your order within two or three business days by paying $20 on all orders over $50.

Revitive Medic Return Policy

If you want to return your revitive medic, you must do so unopened. Furthermore, in order to receive a full refund, you must ask for a prepaid return mailing label within 14 days of delivery. If you decide to return your opened circulation booster within 60 days, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee. After 60 days, the brand does not accept returns unless the devices are malfunctioning under warranty.

What Is Revitive’s Warranty Policy?

All Revitive foot massagers include a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can rest assured that you will receive your money back if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

About Revitive Medic

revive medic

Actegy Health created Revitive, a privately held consumer health technology firm, in 2003. Actegy Health is a multinational corporation with British roots. Since introducing the first Circulation Booster in the United Kingdom in 2005, the company has sold over two million devices in 13 countries.

Their objective is to provide game-changing, drug-free health solutions that have been clinically proven to improve people’s lives. Furthermore, the business is always broadening their technology. Today they also offer solutions for people suffering from breathing issues such as COPD, knee osteoarthritis, and chronic pain.

Their rapid expansion has earned them a spot on the Fast Track 100 list of the UK’s fastest-growing privately held companies three times. Professor Alun Davies, Professor of Vascular Surgery at Imperial College London, and his team have been conducting clinical trials with Revitive Circulation Booster® in patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, and Diabetes since 2014. This forward-thinking company is committed to improving people’s lives and serving clients in any way they can.

Revitive Medic Contact information

Before contacting Revitive directly, you may want to browse their Frequently Asked Question list as this provides some information about common questions already asked.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can reach Revitive through several channels:

  • *Call toll-free: 1 (877) 260 3116
  • *Address: Actegy Health Inc, 6400 Shafer Court, Suite 225, Rosemont, IL 60018.

Revitive: Are The Circulation Boosters Worth It?

Revitive has been proven effective through clinical studies and numerous positive customer reviews. This amazing product possesses the power to alleviate pain, discomfort, and swelling not only in the legs but also in other parts of the body.

According to several satisfied customers, the circulation booster has proven to be an effective solution for achieving a more restful night’s sleep, free from the discomfort of muscle cramps. The device has reportedly been able to reduce users’ pain and discomfort while walking, according to some reviews.

According to recent studies, the utilization of the device has been found to result in a noteworthy enhancement in the blood circulation of the feet and legs.

Revitive, an FDA-approved circulation booster, stands out from the crowd with its unique patented technology.

Each device from the company comes with a standard warranty of two years. In addition, the company provides a generous 60-day home trial with no risk involved. So, here’s the deal: if you happen to have used the device for a total of 60 days and it just doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re in luck! You have the option to return it.

If you happen to be experiencing discomfort and inflammation in your lower extremities, the Revitive Medic could potentially be a viable option to consider. This device is a game-changer for those seeking relief from pain and discomfort, all without breaking the bank.

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