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Vasque Boots Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

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Vasque Boots produce premium, innovative hiking boots for hikers, backpackers, families, and mountaineers.

This Vasque Boots guide reviews this premium boot range and examine the pros and cons of this brand.

Vasque Boots review
Vasque Boots

Vasque Boots Review

Hikers, backpackers, families, campers, and mountaineers will all be able to find a Vasque boot that suits their own needs. With footwear designed with innovative materials, this brand will ensure you’re ready for your next adventure.

As a premium brand of hiking boots, over the years, Vasque has gained considerable experience in what their customers need from a great pair of hiking boots; they have remained at the forefront of innovation, adapting to the changing expectations of their consumers.

Today, they create lightweight performance footwear, incorporating the latest GoreTex waterproofing and Vibram outsole technologies.

Where Are Vasque Boots Made?

Vasque boots were once Italian-made, but now you’ll find the Vasque brand of hiking boots is manufactured in China.

Pros And Cons Of Vasque Boots

What We Like!

  • Great selection of hiking boots for all terrains.
  • Free shipping on online orders over $75.
  • A minimal break-in period for most designs.
  • Vasque is innovative and keeps at the forefront of new ideas

What We Don’t Like!

  • More expensive than other brands.

Men’s Vasque Boots Review

Vasque Boots create a wide range of capable hiking shoes for men.

Vasque Sundowner Gore-tex Hiking Boot Review

The Iconic Vasque Sundowner hiking boot was introduced to the world over 35 years ago and continues to be the favorite boot of many a hiker! These boots provide everything a hiker would need; the full-grain leather uppers come from Vasque’s tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota.

The boot also features a Gore-tex membrane which blocks moisture from the outside, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in all hiking conditions.

Vasque Boot review
Vasque Sundowner Gore-tex Hiking boots

The Sundowners soles feature molded polyurethane and TPU shank, and Vasque Pyrenees, meaning you’ll be able to conquer all terrains.

Vasque Sundowner Hiking Boots cost $219.99 and are available in black and brown, and are available in two widths.

These Vasque Gore-tex hiking boots have received mixed reviews and scored an average customer rating of 3.3 stars.

A large proportion of the five-star reviews are from customers who have owned their boots for twenty years or more, and these customers couldn’t praise them enough.

Other positive reviews commented that the fit, comfort, and quality of Vasque boots were fantastic, with the boots molded to their feet.

Numerous reviewers shared that the brand’s quality is not the same as it was since the company moved its manufacturing from Italy to China.

There were many negative reviews for the Sundowner boots; again, customers shared their disappointment in the quality of the current model of Sundowner boots’. Several customers had experienced detached soles, and others experienced discomfort from the stitching in the heel.

These boots are ok. Not great, but not bad. Why doesn’t Vasque go back to the original design that made them famous? I would pay $400-500 for boots that were made in Italy. (That is apparently what it would cost for production in Italy.)Who would not? Those boots would be a wise investment. My last pair are over 20 years old. I would still be wearing them had my feet not grown.

Also, why don’t they bring back the original two-tone color that made Sundowners so popular? So, now we are left with average boots in an average market. I wish they would go back to the original design, manufacturer, and color that made them famous. Those boots would be worth the cash and would score off the charts in satisfaction. Please Vasque, give us what we want….the original Italian hand-made boots that made you famous.

Three-star review @Vasque.

Vasque Snowburban II Ultradry Boots

These heavy-duty winter hiking boots are ultradry, waterproof, and breathable, making them the perfect boot to pull out from your wardrobe on those cold winter days! The Men’s Snowburban boots feature leather-covered uppers, complete with an ultra waterproof system and 400g of 3M Thinsulate insulation; together, these are going to ensure your feet remain warm in the coldest of conditions.

Vasque Snowburban ultradry boots reviews
Vasque Snowburban Ultradry Boots

These boots also feature a Nordic Rover outsole with Vasque Cold Hold compound to ensure you remain stable on your feet on wet and icy surfaces.

Vasque’s Snowburban ii Ultradry Boots are priced at $159.99 and are currently available in Brown olive/Aluminum.

Customers have shared positive reviews of their experience with the Snowburban insulated waterproof hiking boots, giving the boots an average customer rating of 4.3 stars.

Reviewers were pleased that their feet never got cold wearing the boots, they remained stable on their feet on ice, and their feet remained comfortable during the duration of their hike, even in freezing temperatures.

The negative reviews we found for the product were dated back to three years ago, so we have discounted them for the purpose of this review.

I ordered these in preparation for a little overnight backpacking trip on the coldest day of the year. I wore these boots for two days of temps below -12F, and they were just fine.

Five-star review @Vasque.

Vasque Breeze Lt Low GTX Hiking Shoes

The Breeze Lt Low Gore-tex is the perfect men’s waterproof hiking shoe for light trails and adventures. These lightweight, waterproof hiking shoes feature a VIBRAM mega grip sole to keep you steady on your feet when hiking across various terrains.

Vasque Boots reviews
Vasque Breeze Lt Hiking Boots

With a synthetic microfiber, abrasion-resistant mesh upper, and a Gore-tex membrane to block moisture from the outside, your feet are going to be able to breathe all day while remaining dry.

Vasques Breeze Lt Low GTX Hiking Shoes cost $159.99 and are available in Beluga/tawny olive, black/red, and green/grey.

This Goretex hiking shoe received mixed reviews from Vasque customers. The shoes received an average customer rating of 3.7-stars; however, customers gave the quality of these shoes a 4.6-star rating.

Customers commented about problems with heel slippage with these shoes; it seems like a common problem for customers as there were many similar reviews.

Vasque Women’s Boots Review

Vasque Clarion ’88 GTX Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Clarion ’88 boots were introduced back in 1988, just as the name leads you to believe. After an overhaul, the women’s hiking boot has made a comeback, and today is better than ever.

With the throwback, retro styling, coupled with modern comforts, mean the boots will soon become your new favorite boots.

Vasque Women's boot review
Vasque Clarion Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Women’s Clarion boots feature suede and fabric upper with abrasion-resistant mesh and a Gore-tex membrane, which are going to keep your feet dry while allowing the moisture inside to evaporate.

To keep you steady on your feet, the shoes feature the Vibram Winker with XSTreck Compound and a TPU heel.

Vasque’s Women Clarion ’88 hiking boots are priced at $159.99 and are available in gray/teal and gray.

The Women’s Clarion waterproof hiking boots scored an average customer rating of 3.8-stars.

The majority of customers were mostly happy with their purchase. They were pleased with how their shoes performed.

Some customers were unhappy with the sizing of the boots and recommended customers purchase the shoe 1/2 size above their standard size.

These are very comfortable and flattering. I love the color. The size ran a bit short for me, but my feet are a bit mismatched.

Four-star Review @Vasque Boots.

Vasque St. Elias FG GTX Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Women’s St. Elias FG GTX hiking boots are the perfect boot for keeping your feet dry during those long-distance hikes and will quickly become your go-to footwear for hiking.

Featuring Waterproof Nubuck leather uppers with a Goretex membrane to keep your feet dry, an all-terrain compound with EVA cushioning pods and the Vasque exclusive Vibram frontier with XSTrek compound to deliver lightweight durability and performance.

Vasque Waterproof Hiking Boots

Vasque Women’s St. Elias FG GTX hiking boots cost $199.99 and are available in Cognac.

These boots received an impressive average rating of 4.9 stars, with all customers praising the boots for their versatility and quality.

Reviewers advised customers to take some time to break the boots in, as they encountered a few blisters, but overall they provided a comfortable experience.

After purchasing four different waterproof boots from four boot manufacturers, I decided on the Vasque St. Elias boot for my upcoming backpacking trip at Mt. Rainier. Both my daughters have been happy with their St. Elias boots, and I have loved my Vasque Mantra hiking shoes for the past several years.

The comfortable footbed and quality materials are what sold me on St. Elias; however, from the beginning, I had problems with the cuff putting pressure on my right ankle tendon. I had hoped that after breaking in the boot, the ankle cuffs would soften or my ankle would adjust.

Unfortunately, in hiking the Wonderland Trail this past week at Mt. Rainier, the shoes had over 50 miles on them, the leather was supple in the foot, but I began having stabbing pain in my ankle at the place where the boots had bothered me, despite having Rock Tape there. The cuffs are too stiff for my ankle, and I will need to return the shoes to find another option.

I hope Vasque will continue to produce their supportive footbed but find a more flexible upper for the cuff in the future. I would recommend the AKU Altera GTX upper style, which hugs your ankle.

Four Star Review @Vasque.

Vasque Snowblime Ultradry Women’s Hiking Shoes

These insulated hiking boots are a fantastic boot to keep your feet dry and comfortable on cold, winter days full of adventure.

The Snowblime boots feature waterproof nubuck leather uppers that offer ankle support, breathable and waterproof ultradry membranes that will protect your feet from rain and snow while letting moisture escape. They also feature 200g Thinsulate polyester fiber insulations to keep those feet cozy during cold conditions.

Women's Vasque hiking boots
Vasque Snowblime Ultradry Hiking Boots

To keep your feet cushioned, the boots feature EVA midsoles, while thermoplastic midfoot shanks and rubber outsoles make crossing different terrains easy underfoot.

Vasque’s Women’s Snowblime Ultradry insulated waterproof hiking boots cost $149.99 and come in brown/blue.

Reviewers gave the boots a 4.8-star rating.

Customers left mainly comments about how comfortable and lightweight the hiking boots were, that they had excellent grips, and kept them stable.

Customers thought the boots fit true to size.

Fantastic boot. I wear it year-round in the winter for The last five years. I have foot problems in the forefoot, which requires a good stiff boot that is still comfortable for hours of hiking, and this is it. I can’t say enough about it. Please keep making it Vasque

Five-star review @Vasque.

Vasque Kids Boots Review

If you’re looking for a pair of kids hiking boots, then look no further, as Vasque Footwear offers a great range to accommodate every kid’s taste.

Vasque Kids St. Elias Utradry Waterproof Hiking Boots

These boots are an excellent option for any kids out there who love to hike! With premium Suede leather, constructed of Vasque Ultradry waterproof components to keep their feet dry, a Monolith Outsole and multi-directional lugs provide traction on all surfaces, and a molded rubber toe cap will protect their feet.

Vasque Kids Boots Review
Vasque Kids Boots

Vasques Kids St. Elias Ultradry Waterproof Hiking boots cost $79.99 and comes in brown.

To date, these kids hiking boots have only received one review.

I got these boots for my 11-year-old. I didn’t have time to break in boots and used them right out of the box. They conquered the highest peak in Utah, and they performed excellently. Not a complaint from my boy on the 26-mile round trip backpacking trip.

Five-star review @Vasque.

Vasque Boots Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this Vasque Boots reviewGNGuide reviews various other sites worldwide to understand better what Vasque customers think about the products.

We started our search on the Zappos site; individual shoes are reviewed rather than the company on this site.  

The Vasque Juxt shoes received an average customer rating of 4.4-stars, with 64% of reviewers giving the shoes a 5-star rating.

Customers commented that the shoes provided great support; they thought they were lightweight but tough, and many found them extremely comfortable.

This is my 3rd pair… I volunteer in Glacier NP and Yellowstone NP… I hike daily… These shoes are great… not too heavy, good footbed.. good support.

Five-star review @Zappos.

On Amazon, a large number of Vasque hiking boots had received comments; the Vasque Men’s Sundowner Gore-tex boot received an average rating of 4.4 stars from nearly 700 ratings.

I’ve now been Hiking in these for about 22 months with at least 250 miles on them. I have changed the insoles at this point which I expected. These fit like a glove and have not changed with time.

The outsole is still in great shape since I only use them on the trail. I feel like if these were used on concrete, they would certainly wear much faster since it seems like softer rubber than the original 1990s version (which I had.) I was pleased when I saw them and purchased them when they went on sale.

I’m still happy with them now. I believe they will last the average 500 miles I expect from a pair of good hiking boots. Expect the solid leather to be heavier than other non-leather boots. Keep the mink oil around as they soak it up after a while.

Five-star review @Amazon.

This was my 4th or 5th pair of Sundowners… I got my last pair in 2013ish. These feel like a much lower quality. They don’t fit quite right… I ordered 12W, same as the last 3-4 pairs, but they’re way too tight on my toes…

I suspect they’ll stretch out a bit since they’re leather, but they don’t fit perfectly right out of the box as the previous versions did. I should have listened to all the reviews that said these aren’t what they once were.

Three-star review @Amazon.

With more than 62.9k followers on the Vasquefootwear Instagram page and 24.2k followers on their Facebook page, the company is a big hit with consumers.

Vasque Boots Promo Codes, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

As part of our Vasque Footwear review, we combed the internet for discounts and promotions.

Unfortunately, we could not find any relevant discount codes, but check out the Vasque site for current promotions.

The first time we logged into the Vasque site, we were greeted by a pop-up box offering a 10% discount if we entered our email address so be sure to check this out before making a purchase.

Where Can You Buy Vasque Boots

You’ll find the complete Vasque Boots collection at, or online at Amazon.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Vasque range from Red Wing Shoe Co stores and other approved stores across America.

Vasque Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Vasque Boots Shipping Policy

Receive free standard delivery for all online transactions over $75 within the United States.

Standard shipping will take an estimated delivery time of two to five business days.

The company does not deliver to PO boxes or APO/FPO.

Vasque Boots Returns Policy

Online returns or exchanges must be made within thirty days of when you receive the product. If you purchased the product directly from, return shipping is complimentary.

Products returned must be unworn.

Returns are processed within ten to fourteen days of receipt.

If you purchased your merchandise in one of the red wing stores or another authorized Vasque dealer, you could return the product to the store where you originally made the purchase.

Do Vasque Boots Come With A Warranty?

All Vasque Hiking Boots come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

About Vasque Boots?

Vasque Footwear was founded in 1964 by William Sweasy.

He traveled to Europe and discovered a hiking craze, so when he returned home, he was determined to create purpose-built hiking boots so more Americans could enjoy the wondrous outdoors.

Over the years, Vasque boots have helped hikers and explorers trek across the great American ranges; the Rockies, the Sierras, the Tetons, the Cascades, and many more.

Vasque is a brand that creates inspiring footwear to empower hikers to get outside and do whatever they need to do to get out in nature.

Vasque Boots Contact Details

You can contact Vasque’s customer service team in various ways.

Address: Red Wing Brands of America, Inc, 314 Main Street, Red Wing, MN55066

Is Vasque Boots Worth It?

The Boots and shoes you wear while hiking or exploring can make or break your experience, so ensuring that you have a pair of boots that work is incredibly important.

Vasque Boots have a wide range of boots for all terrains; while there have been some reviews about the reduced quality of the boots since they moved the manufacturing to China, they are still one of the better boots out there and as they have a one year warranty, for any manufacturing defects, what do you have to lose.

Check Out The Great Range of Innovative Hiking Boots

Vasque Boots

If you can’t find a pair of boots you like at Vasque boots, you might want to check out the following retailers:

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