Medcursor Massage Gun Review: The Ultimate Guide!

About Medcursor Massage Guns

The extensive line of Medcursor Massage Guns and premium healthcare products is intended to assist patients and caregivers in enhancing their well-being and gaining access to care while relaxing in their own homes. The brand takes pride in consistently bringing you superior and high-quality products thanks to its ongoing commitment to thorough research and development.

You can be sure that the product you are buying will be of high quality and will also make your life better. The Medcursor massage gun is one of the cutting-edge, high-quality healthcare products made by the American company Medcursor. The innovative products are examined in this Medcursor Massage gun review to see if they live up to the hype!

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Is The Medcursor Massage Gun Worth It?

Many of you might be debating whether to purchase a massage gun from Medcursor as opposed to one of the pricier models. These massagers have a lot of power and a variety of accessories if you’re looking for a high-quality massage gun. We are confident in recommending the Medcursor products due to the thousands of satisfied customers.

Medcursor Massage Guns Review

First and foremost Medcursors mission is to

‘continuously explore the most respected part of the industry to bring premium products combined with unparalleled customer service. They aim to deliver the best possible healthcare products and empower individuals and caregivers with the right tools to enhance their well-being and facilitate healthcare for people across the globe’


While massage guns, foot massagers, and other similar devices do not completely eliminate muscle soreness, they can significantly reduce pain, tension, and inflammation when used on a regular basis.

Medcursor Massage Gun Features

medcursor massage gun

Great value for money is the first thing that comes to mind when I consider the Medcursor Muscle Massage Gun. The muscle massager gun has a lot of features in addition to being reasonably priced. This expert muscle massager is the best for breaking down lactic acid, getting rid of sore muscles, and easing stiff, sore, and sore muscles. 


The soft touch polycarbonate used in the medcursor massager is extremely lightweight and extremely durable. Carrying this massager around is incredibly simple, and using it won’t wear you out as quickly as using a more expensive massager.


It comes as a huge surprise that the Medcursor massager is so powerful, given that typically less expensive massage guns aren’t.


The massage gun also comes with six interchangeable massage heads to accommodate all of your massage requirements. 

  • *The EVA foam ball head is good for soft tissue.
  • *Bullet head: This one is for foot massage and trigger point therapy.
  • *Fork Head is effective in treating trigger points, the neck region, and the area along the spine.
  • *Relax the entire body using the flat head.
  • *Massage large muscle groups or to relieve extreme soreness with the round head attachment. 
  • *The cone treats deep tissue in your joints, feet, or wrists,


The Medcursor handheld percussion massage gun has a wide range when it comes to speed. The seven speed settings, ranging from 1300 to 3200 rpm, offer a deep tissue massage specifically targeted to meet the needs of various muscle groups. The 5-speed system is effective, so you can gradually move up the speed levels at your own speed.


Unfortunately, the Medcursor massage gun is noisy.


The built-in Lithium-ion battery has a 2000mAh capacity and can last for three hours of continuous use. The battery will discharge more quickly if you use the device more quickly and forcefully.

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Where Can You Buy Medcursor Massage Guns?

We recommend you purchase your medcursor massage gun from Amazon, however you can purchase them from one of the authorised sellers to ensure you are covered by the manufacturers warranty. Authorised sellers include Walmart, Medcursor, Brighton and Nekteck.

Medcursor Massage Gun Reviews

medcursor massage gun review

Typically, we scan various review websites to find out what actual customers think of the company and its goods. As part of our review of the Medcursor Massage guns, we thought you’d appreciate a summary of what Amazon reviewers had to say.

Customers’ opinions

Customer service

Similar to the numerous positive comments about the quality and affordability of the many Medcursor massage devices. Customers have nothing but good things to say about the Medcursor customer service team. Overall, the customer service team were friendly and helpful. Many reviewers believe the customer service team is difficult to beat. From sending replacement chargers at no cost to their quick response times they are hard to beat.

In contrast, as with any manufacturer, we found a few complaints about the customer service team, some reviewers contacted customer service only to be ignored.


If you’re looking for a high-quality massager at a reasonable price, a large number of reviewers recommend the Medcursor line. The overall quality of the devices was found to be of high quality. Specifically customers mentioned the high quality of the finish and appearance of each device. As was the great quality of the accessories, customers found them to meet their massage needs.


A recurring theme in the numerous reviews we read was that this massage gun was well worth the money and provided excellent value for money. Additionally, a number of them state that they have recommended the device to friends and family.

Additional Medcursor Massagers Worth Noting

Medcursor Foot Massager Machine With Heat

medcursor massage gun review

The foot massager machine with heat is the most expensive of the brand foot massagers because it has the most features. To begin with, you will receive exactly the type of massage you require because you can choose the intensity of your foot massage using the three air pressure adjustable intensity settings. Additionally, you can choose between two lengths of time to sit and unwind: 15 minutes or 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to do so.

To provide a custom massage and massage more areas of your feet, the 360-degree massage machine has two independent rolling heads and numerous ergonomic small massage heads. You can also customize your foot massage by choosing between full heating, base heating, and instep heating because there are optional heat modes. In the end, the foot roller massager is perfect for unwinding, especially when it comes to unwinding tense muscles and focusing on particular pressure points in the ankle, calf, and legs.

By incorporating kneading, shiatsu, rolling, and adjustable air pressure, the massage can be customized to your needs. This foot massager’s portability is another benefit; at only 10 pounds, you can take it almost anywhere. The touch panel and washable cloth that can be removed from the foot chamber also add to the machine’s convenience.

Is The Medcursor Foot Massager Worth It?

The Medcursor foot massager is definitely something to think about, with over 1,700 reviews and an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. According to reviews, the foot massager is easy to use, really effective, and the bottom rollers are unbeatable. The foot massager had some reported quality problems, and a small percentage of reviewers found it to be uncomfortable.

Medcursor Neck And Shoulder Massager Reviews

medcursor massage gun review

For easing muscle pain and aches, the Medcursor Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat is the best option. The neck massager quickly and easily relieves muscle soreness thanks to its eight deep shiatsu kneading massage nodes. Additionally, it reduces neck stiffness, gets rid of persistent fatigue, and most importantly, it aids in relaxation. The device has three speed and strength settings, and the breathable mesh fabric encourages heat penetration while allowing the eight massage nodes to move freely.

Customers typically choose one speed and stick with it, but you can switch between the three options based on your muscle aches. By adjusting the handle belt, you can also alter the position and strength of the massage. To ensure user safety, the shoulder massager also has overheat protection and a 15-minute auto-shutdown feature. Overall, this neck and shoulder massager is very good. After a long day, it offers much-needed relaxation and eases muscle pain!

Medcursor Alternatives

Social Media Stats

Medcursor’s Facebook page, @medcursor, has a few hundred followers, as does its Instagram page, @medcursor. Both social media pages are fantastic sources of inspiration as well as a wealth of information for all of your massage needs.

Medcursor Promotions and Discounts

We look for discounts and promotional codes as part of our GNGuide Medcursor Massage Guns review to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Gain access to the Medcursor VIP club when you subscribe to receive the brands emails. Not only will you receive a 20% discount coupon, you’ll also receive some fantastic membership benefits. These benefits include special savings, email-exclusive offers, being the first to know about new products, and receiving priority access to free product trials.

Medcursor Massage Guns Company Info

Our research revealed very little about the founders of the companies. Medcursor was founded in 2018 and is based in California. The company is dedicated to improving people’s lives all over the world. Today, the brand’s innovative products are aimed at improving the global healthcare community.

Contact Medcursor

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Check out their FAQs page

Medcursor Massage Guns Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Is Medcursor Located?

Medcursor’s headquarters are in California, and their massage devices, like their competitors’, are manufactured in China.

Does Medcursor Have a Return Policy?

The company has an excellent return policy. In the case that you are dissatisfied with your product for any reason, you have thirty days to return it in its original condition and packaging for a full refund less return shipping costs if the return is not due to a defect in the product.

In addition, a 12-month warranty will be provided to cover any quality-related issues. If the product is damaged or faulty, the brand will replace it or give you a full refund.

Medcursor Shipping Policy

Check out Amazon or the other distributors for shipping information relating to Medcursor products.

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