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FitFlop Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

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FitFlop produce scientifically engineered, innovative footwear designs for men and women that are both comfortable and supportive.

This Flip Flop guide reviews this premium shoe range and examine the pros and cons of this brand.

Fitflop Review

Fitflop footwear is renowned for its innovative and comfortable shoes that help relieve aching feet, but they can also help sore backs, knee, and pelvis pain.

Due to the biomechanically engineered soles of fit flop branded footwear, the shoes can help relieve high-pressure areas, help tone and tighten your leg muscles, and absorb more shock than your average shoe.

All Fit-flop shoes are rigorously tested in the worlds leading biomechanics research center in Calgary. It is here that the company study how fit flop shoes affect your muscles and how they optimize pressure diffusion and help to align the body.

All fitflop shoes are made with high-quality materials, which you would expect considering that the brand is slightly more expensive than its competitors.


What Are The Benefits Of FitFlops?

Many customers have shared positive comments about this brand, with many of them agreeing with the company that Fit Flop provide shoes that provide a variety of benefits:

  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Reduce stress on the knees
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Help to burn additional calories

It goes without saying we are all different, so all Fit flop wearers may not feel these benefits.

Fitflop has a wide range of styles for both men and women; from ballet shoes to Platforms and wedges for women and sandals to sneakers for the guys, you’ll find an ergonomically designed shoe for all occasions. Here are some of our favorites.

Pros And Cons Of FitFlop

What We Like!

  • Offer a range of health benefits,
  • Comfortable range of shoes
  • They feel great on your feet

What We Don’t Like!

  • Some customers complain of pain in their knees and ankles
  • More expensive than other brands

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FitFlop Women’s Sandals Review

Fit-Flop Eloise Sandals

A lightweight, stylish sandal that will earn you compliments, the Fit-Flop Eloise Sandal features sport-wide straps with discreet inserts to ensure these sandals fit great.

The sandal also features fit flops microwobbleboard technology, which provides maximum comfort as it offers three levels of cushioning at the toes, midfoot, and heel.

fitflop slides
Fitflop Slides

Fitflops Eloise Mixed-Metallics Wedge Slides retails for $150 and are available in Platino and Silver.

Customers were thrilled with these gorgeous women’s sandals, giving the Fit-flop espadrille wedge slides an average customer review rating of 4.8 stars.

Reviewers commented that the slides were comfortable and the perfect shoe for the summer. The slides were well-made and highly stylish.

The majority of customers thought the Fit-flop sandals fit true to size.

FitFlops Remi Adjustable Slides

Fit-flop’s Remi Sandal could be the perfect everyday sandal – It includes everything you want out of a sandal and more. Not only does the Remi Sandal feature classic chunky soles, chic styling, and superb functionality, the sandals also boast softly padded leather uppers and a leather-lined footbed.

fitflop sandals
Fitflop Sandals

In addition to these great features, the sandals include the legendary super-cushioned FitFlops Microwobbleboard midsoles, keeping you comfy all day long!

And if that wasn’t enough, the adjustable quick-stick fastenings on both straps mean these sandals are going to fit all feet widths.

Fitflops Remi Adjustable slides cost $130 and are available in white, black, brown, tan, and yellow.

The Remi sandals scored an average customer rating of 4.5-stars.

Customers loved how easy the shoes were to get on and off; they thought the sandals were versatile, exceptionally comfy, and of superb quality.

I have been a fan of FitFlop for about eight years, starting with your (now legacy) crystal-embellished 2-strap sandals. The REMI leather slides are, I feel, a design win because they’re adjustable, the side panels stabilize lateral foot movement, and the quality leather is stylish. The sole is what makes arch support and therefore walking a pleasure. Thanks

four-star review @Fitflop

Fit-Flop Surfa Toe-Post Sandals

The Surfa flipflops are a simple thong sandal, with wide foot-hugging straps and a soft fabric toe-post that gives the sandals a comfortable on-foot feel. Super-cushioned Microwobbleboard midsoles promote arch support and a slip-resistant rubber outsole that provides traction and stability.

fitflop surfa review
Fitflop Surfa Sandals

Fitflop Surfa Toe-Post Sandals retail for $60 and are available in blue, pink, and black.

Another popular choice with Fit-flop customers, these flipflops received an overall customer review rating of 4.5-stars.

Reviewers commented that the sandals are comfy, super cute, good quality, and provide excellent foot support.

I love this sandal so much that I now have three pairs!!
Perfect for the beach, with sundresses and summer clothes. Great to walk short and long-distance. Cute to top it off!!

Five-star review @Fit-flop.

Fit Flop Lulu Toe-Post Sandals

Offering maximum comfort for everyday wear, the Lulu features ergonomic Microwobbleboard midsoles, which are engineered to absorb shock. With slip-resistant rubber soles, you’re all set for a long summer day!

fitflop sandals review
Fitflop Toe-post sandals

FitFlop Lulu Art-denim Toe-Post Sandals retail for $70 and are available in denim.

More than Eighty reviewers gave these sandals a 4.8-star rating.

Customers share that the sandals fit perfectly, they are comfy and durable, and they love the look.

I bought these, unsure of how many outfits they would compliment. They look great with almost anything and are the most comfortable shoes. I can truly walk all day in them and not get tired.

Four-star rating @Fitflop.

Fit-Flop Men’s Sandals Review

Fit-Flop Trakk Men’s Leather Toe-Post Sandals

This fabulous pair of casual sandals for men are one of Fit Flop’s bestsellers. With fuss-free leather uppers that sit on microwobbleboard comfort technology, these sandals are going to provide outstanding comfort.

The sandals are adjustable, light padded, and the perfect sandal for sitting at the beach bar.

fitflop mens sandals
Fitflop Leather Toe-Post Sandals

Fitflop Trakk ii Toe-Post Sandals cost $100 and are available in black, brown, and blue.

These men’s sandals score an average rating of 4.6-stars, with highly positive comments from reviewers.

Customers thought the sandals were stylish, comfortable, even when walking extended distances, and they loved the support they provided.

As my fifth pair of FitFlops, I found this pair very comfortable and well made. While I prefer a couple of my older pairs with the thin toe strap, these are a nice update to my wardrobe.

Four-star review @fit-flops.

FitFlop Slippers Review

FitFlops Women’s Clog Slippers

Looking for a pair of cute slippers that are deliciously comfy, then you’ve found them? These gorgeous slippers were made for lounging in style. The slippers feature a single piece upper on top of comfortable and ergonomically optimised microwobbleboard midsoles. With a soft cosy unlined felt lining, you feet are going to love these slippers.

fitflop slippers
Fitflop Slippers

These women’s pompom shearling slippers retail for $100.

With an overall average review rating of 4.3 stars, these slippers include all the essential attributes a slipper needs according to many satisfied customers.

I can’t say enough about these slippers. They are amazing. The fit, the warmth, and the comfort are beyond expectations.

@FitFlops review

I bought these during a very cold period in Winter as my old slippers had worn out and my feet were very cold. I was instantly impressed with them. They were well made, very comfortable, supportive, and warm. I have been wearing them all the time now indoors and have been seriously considering buying a pink pair. Would highly recommend.

@Fit- Flop Reviews

FitFlop Flip-Flops Review

Fit flop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flops review

These flip-flops may look like your typical beach flip-flops at first glance, but underneath they have been engineered with FitFlops iQushion cushioning. Featuring impact pillows at high-pressure points and an anatomically shaped footbed with built-in arch contour, these are perfect for daily walks on the sand.

fitflop Iqushion flipflops
Fitflop Iqushion Fitflops

Fit-Flops Iqushion Flip-flops cost $32 and are available in a wide range of colors.

More than a thousand customers have shared their reviews for these trendy flip-flops, giving them an average review rating of 4.4 stars.

Reviewers shared that they are super comfortable; the difference between the pound store flip-flops and these ones was incredible; they look elegant, and customers love that they include arch support and heel cushions.

Comfortable and attractive. Toe post doesn’t rub. The sole is nice and thick.

@Fit flop Four-star review

Great lightweight beach sandal, but the material is really hard and uncomfortable, making really sore places between the toes; this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this with fitflops

@Fit-flop Two-star review

Fit-Flop Sneakers Review

FitFlop Uberknit Sneakers For Women

The Uberknit sneakers are simple; they feature a breathable, soft, stretchy slip-on knit upper, which sits on an anatomicush midsole, that’s is anatomically contoured, slip-resistant, and include engineered flex lines so your foot can move freely.

These Uberknit sneakers are hardwearing, flexible, and look great!

Fitflop uberknit sneakers
Fit Uberknit Sneakers

Fit-flops Uberknit Slip-on sneakers are available at a price of $100 and in neon blush and black.

With an average customer review rating of 4.7 stars, these are a favorite with Fitflop customers.

Reviewers praised how comfortable the shoes felt and how easy they were to get on and off. Others spoke about how great they looked, and one customer stated that the shoes were a dream to wear.

Men’s FitFlop Rally X Leather Sneaker

These sleek, light and flexible sneakers with a timeless ‘tennis shoe’ shape provide all-day comfort: Anatomicush midsoles provide all-day cushioning, contour to your feet, and feature light-slip-resistant rubber pods.

Fitflop mens sneakers
Fitflop Rally X Sneakers

Fitflop Rally X Men’s Leather Sneakers retail for $130 and come in black, grey, and white.

Only one customer has posted a review to date.

The five-star review praises the sneakers, stating that they are comfortable enough to wear all day, and you can wear them with jeans, trousers, or shorts.

Fit Flop Boots Review

Fitflops Sumi Leather Ankle Boot

If you need a great pair of casual ankle boots, keep things simple with this great-looking, clean and classic Sumi boot. Featuring soft leather, a zip on the inside, and the Fitflop ergonomic SupercomFF comfort technology fitted into the midsoles, these boots are not only going to look great, but they are also going to keep your feet cushioned too.

fitflop ankle boots
Fitflop Ankle Boots

Fit Flop Sumi Leather Ankle Boots cost $150 and are available in black and blue.

These boots have received a 4.3-star average review rating to date, with reviews from 19 customers.

Customers shared that the boots are light on your feet, very comfortable; they have a roomy toe box,

The rest of the boot is fantastic but designed so that once it’s zipped up, it’s too tight around the ankle. Unable to wear comfortably gave mine to a friend with skinned ankles, and she said they rubbed.

One-star review @Fitflop

Love these boots. My cupboard contains Fitlop shoes of all types; they are so comfortable that nothing else will do. Sadly on this occasion, I had to return the Sumi boots as the fit was a bit too narrow for me. I wondered whether they would stretch with wear but decided not to risk it. Please bring out more of these sleeker styles Fitlop seems to sell out very quickly.

Four-star review @Fit-flops

Fit Flop Shoe Review

Fit Flop Leather Mule Platforms For Women

Can there be such a thing as a comfortable platform? FitFlop believes, the Pilar leather mule platforms tick all the boxes. These platform mules have a cool-70’s vibe about them; they feature chunky heels, butter-soft leather uppers, and shiny micro-studs providing detail around the sole.

fitflop mules
Fitflop mules

Fitflops’ new ergonomic CushX midsole features soft cushioning inside a firmer shell and contoured footbeds, which provides a lightweight feel.

Fit flops Pilar leather mule platforms are available at a price of $150 and in black and brown.

Another favorite with Fit-flop customers, these mules earned an average review rating of 4.6-stars.

Customers thought the mules were fashionable, comfortable, lightweight, and the perfect addition to any outfit.

Comfortable clogs, who would have thought it!? They are light, easy to walk in, give great leg length, and look great with trousers and dresses alike. The only question is.. can I justify a pair of the brown ones too? Big fan here x

Five-star review @FitFlop.

Fit-Flop Allegro Soft Leather Ballet Flats

The Allegro Ballet Flats are slim, look great, hide Dynamicush technology in the forefoot, and include a sleek, feather-light midsole that contours to support each foot.

With all this technology in one flat shoe, cushioning your feet all day, you’re never going to want to take these beauties off.

fitflop ballet shoes
Fitflop ballet flats

Fitflops Allegro Soft Leather Ballet Flats cost $100 and are available in black, silver, white, blue, tan, blush, and pink.

More than 580 customers have left reviews for these Fit flop ballet flats, providing them with an average review rating of 4.3 stars.

Comfortable and summery, smart for work and comfortable all day, super comfy and versatile, and perfect fit, soft leather are just a few comments left by reviewers that these ballet shoes have received.

Several customers commented about the sizing of these shoes; they recommend buying a shoe size down as the shoes run large.

Wish it had a little more of a heel, as it is very flat. Comfy and stylish

Four-star review @Fitflop.

Beautiful leather but one whole size bigger- had to return.

One-star review @Fitflop.

Fit-flop Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this Fit Flop reviewGNGuide reviews various other sites worldwide to understand better what Fit-Flop customers think about the products.

We started our search on the Trustpilot site. The Fitflop brand receives an average review rating of 4.2-stars, with over 65% of the reviewers sharing a five-star review and only 14% sharing a one-star review.

Customers praised the Fit Flop customer service team for their efficient, helpful, and fair service; they also thought the shoes were comfortable, of excellent quality, and loved how they looked.

Some customers thought the brand was pricey, but most thought the quality of the shoes was worth the investment.

Love, love, love this brand!! These are the only shoes I can wear all day without pain as I have very low arches. Gorgeous designs, brilliant craftsmanship, and first-rate customer service if I ever need to get in touch. Would highly recommend.


My order arrived in the usual amount of time, which is generally 5 to 7 business days, which is positive. However, once again, my lovely sandals were far too wide, and my foot kept moving forward, so I had to return them. The return was seamless, one email to and from Fitflop, and my package was picked up at my door!


On Amazon, many shoes from the fitflop brand had received positive reviews. The Iqushion Flip flop had received an average review rating of 4.5 stars from over 4,000 reviewers, with over 70% of them providing the flip-flops 5-stars.

The fitflop Facebook has more than 724,000 followers, and the Instagram page has 57,700 followers.

fitflop reviews

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Where Can You Buy Fitflop?

You’ll find the complete Fitflop collection at

Alternatively, you can purchase the Fitflop range from a range of retailers and Fit Flop outlets across the U.S. For those of you in other areas across the globe, the company has hundreds of distributors across the globe and you can always purchase selected items on Amazon.

Check out the helpful store locator on their website.  

Fitflop Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fitflop’s Shipping Policy?

Fitflop offers free standard shipping on all orders above $99.

Standard shipping costs $5.95 for all orders under $99; customers will receive their delivery within two to five business days after the order is processed.

You can choose to receive your delivery within two business days; this will cost $15.95.

Next day delivery costs $38.95.

What Is Fitflop’s Return Policy?

If you find you are unhappy with your order, you can return your order within 28 days from when you placed your order.

All items must be returned in their original condition and original packaging; you must not have worn the shoes outside.

Final sale products are non-refundable.

About Fitflop

Fit Flop was founded in 2007 by the Canadian-born entrepreneur Marcia Kilgour, who collaborated with biomechanists Dr. David Cook and Darren James to create FitFlops super comfy midsole, called the Microwobbleboard!

Within a year, the company sold over 12 million pairs of their innovative shoes and had become one of the most popular summer shoes of the time.

The company has a mission to:

’empower their customers to live an active and fulfilled life.’

Over the years, they have become a favorite for not only being stylish but comfortable too.

Fitflop Contact Details

You can contact Fitflop’s customer service team in various ways.

Address: Fitflop USA LLC, 11th Floor, 10 Bank Street, White Plains, New York 10606, USA

Is Fitflop Worth It?

You will find it easy to find a pair of fit flop shoes you love, but does that mean you spend your hard-earned cash on them?

Fit flops are one of the most comfortable shoes available; if you’re wearing your shoes for an extended period, then Fitflops are designed in such a way that your feet and legs aren’t going to tire as quickly as they would with some other brands.

The company delivers the perfect combination of comfort and style; they are on-trend, you can wear your shoes all day, and they continually bring out a large number of new styles.

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