Crossrope Review: Are The Jumpropes Worth It?

About Crossrope

cross rope jump ropes

Crossrope is a company that sells weighted ropes, handles, and mats all over the world. They want to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. 

Jumping rope is a cardio exercise that is more effective than running, jogging, or swimming. When you add weight to that, you have a portable workout that is more effective.

Cross Rope’s patented interchangeable system enables you to quickly and easily switch between weighted ropes, adjusting the resistance accordingly. The fact that crossropes are portable makes them more attractive. You can take them on vacation, to the beach, or to the park, or wherever you want to work out. Crossrope’s aim is to provide you with a fun, calorie-burning workout.

This guide reviews the Cross-Rope brand and examines the pros and cons of the brands jump ropes.

Crossrope Reviews

What We Like!

  • Tangle-free weighted ropes allow you to focus on your workout. 
  • Handles are lightweight and ergonomic, with a patented fast clip connection system that allows for quick and easy rope changes. 
  • Each set includes access to Crossrope Lite.
  • All Crossrope sets include a hassle-free 60-day return policy and a lifetime warranty on the handles.

What We Don’t Like!

  • Relatively Expensive

Is Crossrope Worth It?

Crossrope jump rope reviews

We recommend the Crossrope for anyone searching for a weighted jump rope. The Crossrope offers the best quality on the market at the time, while there are cheaper options. The Cross rope is the best jump rope on the market due to its high quality manufacturing and design. 

Why Choose Crossrope?

The Crossjump Weighted Jump Ropes are gym-quality ropes that provide a complete full-body workout combined with the excellent Crossrope App. Not only are these jump ropes heavier than other brands on the market, but they’re also unique in that you can purchase ropes customized to your height, making your workout much more effective and efficient

With these weighted ropes, you’ll be pushing your body harder; not only will you get an excellent cardio workout, but you’ll also work your upper body!

The Crossrope system will have a significant positive effect on your overall health.

Who Should Buy A Crossrope Jump rope?

Crossrope is ideal for anyone who currently incorporates jump ropes into their workout routine; In particular athletes and jump rope enthusiasts. However, they are also suitable for those who intend to combine their jump rope routine and their regular fitness routine.

If you’re new to jump roping as a workout, your best bet is, to begin with, a less expensive, lower-quality rope until you are sure jump roping is for you.

Can You Use A Crossrope On Any Surface?

Crossrope jump rope reviews

While the Crossrope jump ropes’ braided steel construction and proprietary coating increase their durability, crossrope recommend you don’t use them to jump on hard surfaces.

Hard surfaces do not absorb shock well and can result in shin splints if you land directly on them. Therefore, to solve this issue, Crossrope’s Jump Mat provides a great jumping surface.

What Sizes Are Crossrope Jumprope?

Cross rope offers jump ropes in four sizes; use the table below to determine which size is best for you.

Small (8″ or 2.44m)4.9″ to 5.4″ (1.45m to 1.63m)
Medium (8.6″ or 2.59m)5.45″ to 5.9″ (1.64m to 1.75m)
Large (9.0″ or 2.74m)5.95″ to 6.15″ (1.76m to 1.87m)
Extra Large (9.6″ or 2.90m)6.2″ to 6.9″ (1.88m to 2.06m)

Having the proper size jump rope is critical for getting the most out of your jump rope workout.

If you are in-between sizes, Crossrope recommends going with the longer option if you are new to jumping. However, if your experienced and well-coordinated, the choice is entirely yours.

If you order a size and find it doesn’t meet your requirements, you have 60 days to return it.

Does Crossrope Really Work?

According to fitness experts, jumping rope is a low-cost and simple cardiovascular workout that improves conditioning, balance, and coordination.

Crossrope’s variety of weighted ropes ensures that you get an all-around workout and are a highly effective way to burn fat, particularly around your midsection,” 

The light rope is ideal for speed and high-intensity training, while the heavy rope is ideal for strength and endurance workouts. The best part is that the interchangeable fast clip system makes switching between ropes a breeze, providing you with the versatile workout you’ve been looking for.

Crossrope Jump Ropes Review

The Get Lean Jump Rope Set

Crossrope Get Lean

The Get Lean jump rope set’s aim is to aid in weight loss. It does this by adding some resistance to your workout and thereby elevating your heart rate. You can take these lightweight ropes anywhere to help you “burn fat,” “improve cardio,” and “develop lean muscle.” 

The ropes are interchangeable; one is a 1/4 lb jump rope, great for endurance and HIIT workouts; the other is a 1/2 lb jump rope, good for beginners and advanced cardio exercises. 

Additionally, there are lightweight, nonslip polyurethane grips on the Jump Rope. These create a grip that is comfortable even when your hands are wet. 

You can purchase the Get Lean Jump Rope for $99. It comes with a carry pouch for storing the rope and access to the Crossrope App. 

Is The Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Worth It?

The Get Lean Jump Rope has 4,100 reviews, with over 96% of those evaluations giving it five stars. 

The majority of buyers are satisfied with the jump rope, and even critics admit that it was a good investment. Reviewers notice an increase in their endurance and are pleased with the workout and the rope’s quality. 

Get Lean Jump Rope Customer Review

I never thought I’d learn so many tricks quickly. The jump rope’s quality makes it easy to learn because it’s heavier than most jump ropes in the market. Its durability is nothing compared to others.

Five-star review @Crossrope.

The Get Fit Jump Rope Set

crossrope jump ropes
Crossrope Get Fit

The Get Fit jump rope bundle includes everything you need for a fantastic cardiovascular workout. You’ll get slim and power handles, as well as four ropes.

The 1/4 pound and 1/2 pound ropes are ideal for cardio and HIIT workouts, while the 1 pound and 2 pound heavy ropes are ideal for full-body activities.

This gives you the best of both worlds, with easy access to four different weight levels, as well as cardio and strength workouts.

Is The Crossrope Get Fit Bundle Worth It?

Nearly 2,000 satisfied Crossrope customers have given the Get Fit Bundle a 4.8-star rating, making it one of the company’s highest-rated products. Customers love the Get Fit jump ropes because they are durable, versatile, easy to use, and comfortable to grip. They also like that you can switch ropes by just switching the grips on each rope. There was hardly any negative feedback (less than 1%) from reviewers. Those who did had mixed feelings about the company overall. There were complaints about the jump ropes not fitting properly and the length of time it took to get them. 

Get Fit Jump Rope Customer Review

After coveting these ropes for over a year, I finally ordered them. After having used them the last few weeks, I can say that they were worth every penny and totally worth the wait!

Both the quality and design exceeded my expectations. My boyfriend and I are experienced jumpers, and have tried many ropes. They are in a league of their own. We both felt the difference immediately, and look forward to using them for years to come! I tell everyone who will listen to buy a set. 🙂

Five-star review @Crossrope.

The Get Strong Jump Rope Bundle

Crossrope jump rope
Crossrope Get Strong

The Get Strong Set is ideal if you want to bulk up and gain muscle mass and power. The use of heavier ropes throughout each workout ensures that a greater variety of muscle groups will be worked. Both a 1 lb. heavy rope, ideal for high-intensity strength training, and a 2 lb. heavy rope, ideal for total-body conditioning, come with the power handles. A Crossrope Get Strong Jump Rope Bundle can be yours for $149. 

Is The Crossrope Get Strong Jump Rope Worth It?

The Crossrope Get Strong bundle has received 1,431 reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. Reviews sing the product’s praises, with customers raving about how using heavier ropes improves their exercises. Numerous satisfied customers advocate the Crossrope line as the best option for those in need of a quick and efficient workout. 

Get Strong Jump Rope Customer Review

I love the heavy rope weight. I do 30min of 1lb ropework and then another 30min of 1/4lb rope work for a total of 1 hour work out, and I get up to 800-900 calories burned every time.

The heavy rope has helped me be a better jump roper overall due to feeling the rope, and it’s made me a lot stronger. Now when I use the lighter 1/4lb rope, I’m crazy fast. I burned a total of 18k calories for the month of March, doing one hour of ropework and lost 5Ibs.

Five-star review @Crossrope.

The Ultra-Heavy LE Jump Rope

Crossrope jump rope
Crossrope Ultra Heavy

Advanced jumpers who care about improving their strength, performance, and toughness with each rope turn should consider investing in the Ultra-Heavy LE set. Strong and weighing in at just about 3/4 pounds each, Ultra Heavy LE handles are nearly twice as heavy as regular power handles.

All the way down to the matte black nickel electroplating on the hand-stitched handles, Crossrope has thought of everything. The new Ultra Heavy LE handles, like those on the other Crossrope systems, connect with a simple clip, and the 4 lb and 5 lb ropes are specifically intended to target every muscle in your upper body.

To vary your workout, you may quickly and easily switch between the light blue 4 LB rope and the dark blue 5 LB rope. If you want to get your hands on a set of Crossrope’s Ultra heavy LE jump ropes but they’re sold out, don’t worry; Crossrope maintains a waitlist in case they decide to make more. 

Is The Crossrope Ultra-Heavy LE Jump Rope Set Worth It?

There have been 83 reviews of this jump rope set thus far, and every single one of them has been positive. Reviews have consistently praised Crossrope’s excellent jump rope workout. According to reviews, these ropes are great for people who want to challenge themselves during their workouts. They also provide a full-body workout, look cool, and are a great choice for anyone wishing to take their jumping to the next level. 

Crossrope LE Jump Rope Set Customer Review

I haven’t mastered the super heavy ropes yet; they are certainly a challenge. But I like challenges! They make jumping with the 2 lb rope feel like it is a speed rope.

I have noticed a definite change in my physique and endurance level since I began using these ropes. I enjoy the workouts daily and have complete nine challenges since I began the program in March 2020

Five Star Review @Cross rope.

Crossrope LE Mat Review

crossrope jump rope
Crossrope Mat

The circular form of the Crossrope LE mat makes it great for jumping roping. You can easily do side swings, and the length of the mat ensures that your jumping rope will make contact with it. The mat’s brand-new, tapered edge is another key element that helps keep it in place. Weighting in at 6.5 pounds, the LE mat is 54″ x 36″ and 1/4″ thick. The LE Mat is great for hard rope exercises because it is heavy and sturdy thanks to its special material formulation. The LE Mat from Crossrope may be bought for $99. 

Is The Crossrope Le Mat Worth It?

The LE mat is a popular accessory for jump rope buyers, as seen by the 311 reviews and 4.8-star rating it has received. Customers have said that the mat is essential to prolonging the life of their rope. The mat’s oval form is perfect for a variety of exercises, and its durability, soundproofing, and protection of the floor make it a great all-around training mat. 

Customer Reviews For The LE Mat

When purchasing my ropes, I went back and forth about whether or not to buy a mat – I’m glad that I did!

Not only does the mat make it possible for me to jump rope indoors without causing a disturbance to my neighbors in my apartment building, I can feel the difference it is making to protect my knees, ankles, and feet (not to mention my ropes!)

Five-star review @Crossrope.

Is The Crossrope App User Friendly?

Crossrope jump rope
Crossrope App

The Crossrope App was designed by CrossRope specifically to make your jumping rope routines more effective. Both the Crossrope Lite and Crossrope Premium applications offer a variety of exercises for users of varying fitness levels and time commitments. You can do only jump rope exercises or combine them with other bodyweight moves like pushups, squats, and lunges. The app’s goal is to motivate users by providing vocal cues and instructional films that they may watch without using their hands. Only the paid edition of the software stores your data and allows you to view historical data for comparison. The premium software has a subscription price of $11.99/month or $79.99/year (a savings of almost 50%!). There is a free trial period of 30 days to help you decide if this service is what you need.

Do You Have To Sign Up For A Membership?

Crossrope is a free app that you can download on both Android and iOS smartphones. After downloading Crossrope, you’ll be able to use the Lite Membership for free and decide afterwards if you wish to pay for an upgrade. You may keep track of your jumps with the help of a nifty audio counter called the “Crossrope Count,” which is available to Premium Members only. The number of times you jump is recorded in the app by listening to the sound the rope makes when it hits the ground or mat.

Your phone will still work whether it’s on the ground or on your person as long as you’re within 10 feet of it. Users adore the app’s flexibility in offering a wide range of workouts that incorporate a number of bodyweight activities. This app is a great complement to their training routines because each session is different and challenging. Users have noted that while the app is missing a few features, it offers a wonderful selection of challenging and varied workouts. 

Crossrope Reviews From Other Sources

In order to provide an accurate assessment of Crossrope, GNGuide combed through a number of online resources to learn what real users had to say about the product. The search yielded a plethora of Google user comments. The 4,366 reviews this firm has received so far have given it an average rating of 4.8 stars. Nearly all of these reviews have given Crossrope jump ropes and accessories five stars.

Despite the high cost of the Crossrope goods, users claim enhanced agility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness after consistently incorporating the ropes into their workout routines. In addition, the heavier ropes present a greater challenge, and the option to alternate between the lighter and heavier ropes makes for a fantastic and entertaining workout with noticeable results.

Similarly, Crossrope jump rope sets have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from buyers on Amazon. The jump rope sets are well rated and have many great reviews. Only 2% of buyers on Amazon gave the jump ropes a mediocre rating of only one star.

Customers have voiced their displeasure about the poor quality of the ropes and gear, the lack of delivery of their entire orders, and the fact that some of them were not informed that the Crossrope App required a monthly subscription fee. Social media is an important part of Crossrope’s marketing strategy; the company has over 60,000 Facebook likes and over 100,000 Instagram followers. 

Where Can You Buy Crossrope?

The complete Cross rope collection is available at Alternatively you can purchase a range of Crossrope products on Amazon.

Crossrope Promo Codes, Discounts, and Promotions

Crossrope jump rope reviews

We searched for working discount codes and promo codes as part of the GNGuide Crossrope review. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any that were relevant.

While we were unable to locate any coupon codes, we did come across this ongoing promotion. The company regularly offers discounts, so continue to check out their homepage.

Crossrope Community

Crossrope coupon codes are only available to members of their community. The brand has fun promotions now and then, but you can only see them if you’re on the inside.

Refer A Friend

Give friends 20% off their first order, and you’ll receive 20% when they place an order. Register today to receive your one-of-a-kind code.

Crossrope Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Crossrope Shipping Policy?

Crossropes ships worldwide, with some exceptions to delivery areas (see their website for the complete list). Each order is subject to a two-business-day processing time. Crossropes will notify you via email when your order ships and provides a tracking number for their package.

  • Domestic customers receive free standard shipping on orders over $50, with a six to ten business day estimated delivery time.
  • Two-day shipping is $9.95 and ensures that you will receive your order within two business days of shipment.
  • Express shipping is $9.95 and is guaranteed to arrive in two to three business days from the time of shipment.
  • Domestic Standard overnight shipping is calculated during the checkout process and will arrive one business day after shipment.
  • Canadian customers receive free expedited shipping via Canada Post and will receive their orders within three to seven business days of shipment.

Crossrope Return Policy

Customers have 60 days from the date of shipment to return or exchange merchandise.

To initiate a return or exchange, please complete the form on Crossrope’s website and follow the provided instructions. Within two business days of receiving the package, Crossrope will process the request.

Do Crossrope Products come With a Warranty?

Crossrope offers a lifetime warranty on all interchangeable handles, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing damaged components. The warranty provided by Crossrope does not cover the jumping ropes.

About Crossrope

David Hunt established Crossrope in 2012. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based business has since cornered the market on jump ropes. When David Hunt was a lieutenant in the Navy, he found out that heavy ropes could be used as jump ropes for full-body workouts. He was a huge admirer of jumping rope but had had more than his fair share of broken ropes, inspiring him to create the Crossrope. Media outlets including Time, Men’sHealth, and Women’sHealth have all covered Crossrope. The company’s goal is to outfit “everyday heroes,” people who want the flexibility to work out whenever and wherever they like.

Crossrope Contact information

Before contacting Cross-rope directly, you might want to look through their help page, which answers the majority of questions you may have.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can reach Cross rope through a variety of channels:

  • Call: 1 (888) 547 8311
  • On their Facebook page
  • Live chat on the website.

Other retailers that may be of interest to you include:

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