Camp Chef Review: The Ultimate Guide!

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Camp Chef is a company that specializes in high-quality, portable, and powerful outdoor cooking equipment. 

This Camp Chef review dives into the brand to see what customers think of the brand’s simple and long-lasting designs.

Camp Chef Review

You can’t go wrong with a camp chef pellet grill or outdoor oven if you’re looking for a quality product. The company not only provides high-quality products, but it also provides exceptional value for money.

The folks at Camp Grill know how to impress their clients, and are one of the top players in the pellet grill market.

The company began by making camping stoves, but has now expanded to include cast iron pans, pellet smokers, pizza ovens, and more.

Camp Chef is indeed a company to consider because their goods are packed with features and are available at reasonable pricing.

Where Is Camp Chef Located?

Camp Chef products are designed in the United States to ensure that they meet all of the country’s safety regulations. They are, however, made in facilities outside of the United States that fulfill their high quality and production standards.

camp chef

Pros And Cons Of Camp Chef

What We Like!

  • Well built outdoor cooking equipment
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Many unique features
  • Excellent value for money

What We Don’t Like!

Customer Favorities

camp chef pellet grill review

Camp Chef Pellet Grill

campchef grill review

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill

camp chef woodwind grill reviews

Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 36 Pellet Grill

Camp Chef Pellet Grills

The brand carries a large selection of pellet grills, smokers, and other wood pellet grill accessories. With their extensive assortment of wood pellet grills and cooking tools, you can enjoy wood-fired delicacies from the comfort of your own back patio.

SG 30 Wifi Pellet Grill

The SmokePro 30 SGG Wifi pellet grill from Camp Chef is a great addition to any backyard. You can achieve two separate excellent taste profiles on one grill by using either classic low and slow smoking or Direct Flame wood-fired grilling.

Furthermore, the WIFI controller allows you to keep an eye on your cook from anywhere with the Camp Chef Connect app, and it also allows you to assign a custom Smoke Number to each smoke. So, whether you want flame-kissed hamburgers or soft slow-cooked prime rib, the new SGG makes it easier than ever to get the flavors you want.

Pellets are the only fuel source for a pellet grill; without them, there would be no heat, so you’ll need to buy them when you buy your pellet grill. Because certain flavors and brands of pellets burn differently, Camp Grill recommends purchasing their pellets.

The pellets will take around 8 minutes to ignite, and then another 10 to 20 minutes to reach the optimum temperature.

camp chef SG30 wifi pellet grill

What Customers Say!

To date, the SG 30 Wifi Pellet Grill has received four reviews and a five-star rating.

Customers unanimously agreed that the SG30 is a fantastic pellet grill that is the ideal size and performs admirably. The grill is of excellent quality, keeps the temperature nicely, and the wifi works flawlessly, according to the reviews.

The Woodwind 24 By Camp Chef

This Woodwind is described by Camp Chef as the hero of any backyard, and we are delighted to announce that we agree.

Packed full of features, the Woodwind Wifi was created with ease and flavor in mind. Using the PID controller, not only can you choose how smoky you want your meat to be, but you can also set the temperature to cook your steak to perfection.

When its time to pack away the patented ash cleanup system makes cleaning your woodwind a breeze.

camp chef woodwind

What Customers Say!

There have been five customer reviews for the Woodwind Wifi Pellet Grill so far, with an average rating of 4.6 stars.

All of the comments were favorable and focused on how great the product is. The following comments were provided by customers:

  • Food is delicious, simple to prepare, and easy to clean.
  • This smoker shines once you get rolling with it!

Camp Chef Pizza Oven

Customers love the Italia Artisan pizza oven from Camp Chef. Specially developed features mimic the performance of a wood-fired brick oven, ensuring a flawlessly crisp crust and melting toppings for the whole family. Holding two pizza’s at a time, the oven is perfect for family pizza nights.

With double-walled construction that improves heating dynamics, a built-in valve ignition for comprehensive flame control, and a built-in temperature gauge monitor, your kids will want pizza every night of the week. In addition, the oven is ideal for roasting meats, baking breads, and more.

camp chef pizza oven

What Customers Say!

The Italia Artisan pizza oven has 28 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars as of the time of writing this article.

The following are examples of customer feedback:

  • It’s a great oven to use with a group.
  • Comes to temperature quickly and maintains it effectively; 
  • We’re considering purchasing another so we can bake more pizzas at once.
  • I wish I had purchased one sooner.

The little propane bottle doesn’t perform as well in the cold, which is a minor gripe.

Camp Chef Cooking Systems

Camp Chef cooking systems are built to be part of a larger system from the start. Easily configurable for classic BBQ grilling by adding one of the brand’s unique grill boxes, or turn your cook system into a flat top cooking machine by adding a flat top griddle accessory.

Another popular cooking device with a lot of power is the Yukon. Cooking for a large group is a breeze with its 448 square inch cooking surface and two 30,000 BTU burners. Because its portable, this cooking system can be taken everywhere you go.

camp chef cooking system

What Customers Say!

With 19 reviews and a 4.9 star rating, it’s safe to assume that buyers were happy with their Yukon 2 burner stove purchase.

Yukon is popular among customers because of its mobility, durability, and ease of use. The bulk of the testimonials we read mention how consumers use it to cook everything from boil noodles to breakfast, and that it never disappoints.

Here are some of the great comments:

  • Excellent investment, substantial, and well-constructed.
  • Built to last, this stove is quite strong – I wish my home stove was as excellent!
  • Simple to assemble and cooks up a storm

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Camp Chef Reviews From Other Sources

As part of our Camp Chef review, GNGuide investigates multiple review sites to learn more about customers’ thoughts on the brand’s outdoor cooking equipment.

Our research began on Amazon, where the firm has received a lot of positive comments for its culinary equipment and accessories:

  • The SmokePri Slide Smoker from Camp Chef has 738 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.
  • The Brands Wifi Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker has a 4.5 star rating based on 95 reviews.
  • Camp Chefs Flat Top Tool Kit has 159 ratings and a 4.7-star rating based on 159 reviews.
  • With 2,235 reviews and a 4.6 star rating, the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp oven is a popular choice.

While there were numerous individual reviews complimenting specific goods from the brand’s collection, we were unable to locate evaluations from any of the major sites, so we went to Home Depot. Consumers on the homedepot website have praised the brand, with 87 percent of the 322 customers who posted a review recommending the Wifi Pellet grill.

camp chef griddle reviews

Customers’ opinions:

Customer service: The customer service team at Camp Chef has been mentioned a lot in customer reviews. The brand scored highly in terms of responsiveness and friendliness. Customers discovered that the company stood behind their products and went above and beyond to quickly and easily resolve customer issues.

A few customers expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service they received, but they did not provide explanations for their feelings.

Quality: According to consumer feedback, the quality of the brand’s products is by far the most important selling element. The following are some of the comments:

  • Safe and high-quality
  • I’m pleased with the burner; it’s of high quality.
  • It is on the heavier side because to the high-quality materials used.
  • Sturdy and of excellent quality.

While the majority of customer evaluations on the quality of the brand’s items were excellent, a few customers complained that the components used were poor, and one customer stated that her item rusted right away.

Price: Price was a major component in consumer reviews, much like it was in remarks regarding the quality of the Camp Chef griddles and other products. Many customers stated that the products were reasonably priced.

Social Media

Camp Chef has a large social media following, with over 687k likes on their @campchef Facebook page and 144k likes on their campchef Instagram account. On both pages, the brand seems to be quite active and provides useful information and delicious recipes.

Where Can You Buy Camp Chef?

To ensure that you receive your no-hassle warranty, we recommend purchasing your equipment directly from a Camp Chef stockist. For more details check out their website.

If you want to buy something online, go to the campchef website, or go to the Amazon campchef store.

camp chef review

Camp Chef Promotions and Discounts

We look for discounts and promotional codes as part of our GNGuide Camp Chef review to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Sign Up To Camp Chef Emails

Military Discounts

The business has teamed with GovX and ExpertVoice to offer a military discount program to all military personnel.

Pro Deals

If you work in the outdoor sector, you’re in luck since Camp Chef offers a Pro deal program that allows their outdoor industry buddies to familiarize themselves with all of the brand’s products. There are a few points to remember:

  • The purchase must be for personal use only.
  • Orders can’t be more than $1500.
  • Orders are final and cannot be returned.

Check out the Pro deal page on the brand’s website for more information.

For a full list of Camp Chef promo codes check out our discount code page.

About Camp Chef

Ty Measom, the company’s founder, was both dissatisfied and fascinated by the size and quality of outdoor cooking equipment available in 1990. He set out to design a device that was both portable and capable.

The Pro60 and Camp Chef were created after endless hours of planning, engineering, and experimentation. Outdoorsmen all over the world praised the basic yet robust design. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include griddles and grill box attachments, as well as cast iron components and, most recently, pellet grills.

Contact Camp Chef

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Call: 1 (800) 650 2433
  • Email:
  • Use the contact form
  • Live chat
  • Check out their FAQs page

Camp Chef Frequently Asked Questions

Does Camp Chef Have a Return Policy?

Only within 30 days after the shipping date is the brand’s return policy valid. They give a complete refund if the item is returned unused. The purchaser is, however, responsible for return shipping.

camp chef reviews

Camp Chef Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Camp Chef has left a lasting impression on us throughout our review. To begin with, customer feedback on the quality, convenience of use, and affordability of their items is outstanding. Their customer care team has also been praised, and their website is user-friendly and full of useful information, we especially love the recipes. Finally, the business offers a three-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, so you’re covered if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

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