Revant Optics Review: The ultimate Guide

About Revant Optics

American company Revant Optics is working to keep high-performance eyewear out of landfills by providing inexpensive replacement lenses. This Revant Optics buying guide looks at the advantages and disadvantages of this thriving and sustainable business. Revant Optics takes great pride in their customer service, going so far as to guarantee that they will deliver exactly what you order, when you order it. The company is so sure that you will be satisfied with your new lenses that they provide a one year guarantee, just in case you have any issues, in addition to a sixty-day money-back guarantee and free shipping and returns.

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Revant Optics Reviews

What We Like!

  • Great Range of Lenses For Most Major Brands of Glasses
  • High-Quality Lenses

Are Revant Optics Worth It?

Revant Optics provides an incredible service by letting customers keep their favourite frames even if their lenses break. In terms of lens selection, they offer lenses from many different manufacturers. Some of the lenses are significantly cheaper here on the Revant Optics website than they would be if bought directly from the manufacturers. Without a shadow of a doubt, Revant Optics provides premium lenses at affordable prices.

What Is Revant Optics Low Waste Promise?

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In addition to providing excellent quality lenses, the company also prides itself on its low-waste manufacturing processes.

One of the companies missions is to

‘Become the most sustainable lens company in the World’

Revant Optics mission

How Do I Identify My Frame When Purchasing Revant Optics Lenses?

To get you started, here is a link to Revant’s informative frame identification article. If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget the name or number of the frame your glasses came in a few days after you buy them, let alone a few months later, so this Revant Optics review found the article extremely helpful. The article by Revant Optics provides a detailed guide on how to identify the manufacturer of your glasses. You can double-check that you are buying the right lenses by clicking the “check compatibility” button on each lens product page.

Send pictures of the front and sides of your frames, as well as any writing or numbers on the frames, to the eyewear specialists via email if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Revant Optics guarantees the quality of their lenses and will replace them or issue a full refund if they do not fit properly or perform as advertised. Revant has implemented a recycling program and strives to reduce waste whenever possible in order to fulfill its mission. Companies that can put the scrap plastic and metal from the lenses’ production into useful products like phone cases and car parts receive the waste from the lens manufacturer.

What Color Lenses Are Available?

Whatever your mood or desired style, you’ll find a lens color among the more than 18 available options, such as Midnight Sun, fire red, black chrome, and tracer yellow.

Revant Sunglasses Review

So, you need new lenses for your sunglasses to replace the ones that have been scratched. Lenses for Oakleys, Prada, and Ray-Bans, among many other popular brands, are available from Revant Optics   You can rest assured that your eyes will be shielded from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays with the help of Revant lenses. The lenses are durable and tested extensively to ensure they meet all specifications, including the ANSI Z80.3 standard for impact resistance. Select from one of three available lens intensities:

  • Non-Polarized – these lenses include UV protection, impact resistance and are guaranteed to fit.
  • Polarized – In addition to the features included with the non-polarized lenses, you will also receive precise polarization.
  • Elite Polarized – the Revant Elite polarized lenses also include high definition clarity and specialized lens tints.

Revant Oakley Holbrook R Replacement Lenses Review

These Oakley Holbrook lenses are a perfect replacement, as they block 100% of harmful UV rays. They have a neutral tint, a protective coating to prevent scratches, and optical polycarbonate lenses, making them perfect for sunny days. Different lens shapes are available, and a handy guide is provided to help you find the right lens for your Oakley Holbrooks. Lenses are offered in a variety of non-mirrored black, brown, green, yellow, clear, grey, gray, and orange photochromic colors. Each hue was chosen to enhance a particular mood. Revant offers replacement lenses for the Oakley Holbrook starting at $29 for a pair with a regular lens shape. The price of a pair of glasses with an LX lens shape has increased to $50. For an additional $5, you can have your lenses upgraded to mirrored colors.

Are The Oakley Holbrook R Replacement Lenses Worth It?

Customers raved about the fit and appearance of the Revant Oakley replacement lenses, as well as the excellent value and quality they received for the price.

Revant Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 58mm Lenses Review

These Ray-Ban Aviator lenses are injection molded and tapered to the proper optical curve to alleviate eye strain and provide full protection from the sun’s harmful rays. They have a neutral tint, a protective coating to prevent scratches, and optical polycarbonate lenses, making them perfect for sunny days. Each lens is available in three different sizes: 55mm, 58mm, and 62mm. You can use the included size chart to determine the best fit. Lenses are offered in a variety of non-mirrored black, brown, green, yellow, clear, gray, and orange photochromic colors. Each shade was chosen to look its best in a particular setting.

Are The Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 58mm Lenses Worth It?

The ease with which the revant lenses could be ordered was praised by customers, as was the high quality of the lenses themselves. Others have commented on how quickly they received their orders and how helpful the staff were.

Revant Optics Prescription Lens Replacement Review

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Revant Replacement Lenses

A new set of prescription lenses from Revant Optics can be chosen quickly and easily. To have your frames processed by Revant, you must first choose your lenses. Then, Revant will make lenses according to your precise prescription and install them in your eyewear. When your new lenses have been successfully placed, your old lenses will be returned to you.

What Is Prescription Lens Process When You Order Lenses From Revant Optics?

1. Choose your Prescription Type

You’ll be asked what type of prescription you require. You will find your prescription details on your ophthalmologist’s report; Revant Optics offer the following prescription lens types:

  • Single Vision – Corrects one field of vision (near, distance, or somewhere in between).
  • Progressive – Corrects multiple fields of vision in one lens.

2. Choose the color of your lens

Next you will be offered the opportunity to choose the color of the lens.  

Standard clear lenses come at no additional cost; however non-mirrored or mirrored sun lenses will cost you an additional $50 or $110, respectively.

The polarized lens is also available for sun colors and will cost you an additional $80.

Revant Optics offers their customers transition lenses; these lenses change according to the light. So when you step outside, the lenses will darken, and when you are inside, they will remain clear. Two options are available:

  • XTRActive – These are the fastest and darkest transition lenses on offer.
  • Vantage – The vantage lenses automatically polarize as it darkens to block reflected glare and do not darken behind car windshields.

3. Choose the material of your lens.

All lenses use polycarbonate and include lightweight, built-in UV protection and impact-resistant. 25% thinner than basic CR-39 lenses. For prescription powers from -4.00 to +4.00.

4. Choose the coating on your lens.

  • Standard coatings are included at no extra cost; these are scratch-resistant and offer 100% UV protection.
  • Premium coatings include premium anti-reflective to block glare and hydrophobic coating to repel water, dust, and any smudges.

5. Add prescription and notes.

Finally, you’ll need to add your current prescription and ensure your pupillary distance is included.

Other Ethically sustainable Companies you may be interest in include:

Revant Optics Reviews From Other Sources

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More than 23,400 customers have submitted product reviews for Revant Optics on their website, giving the company a remarkable 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers praised the lenses for being well-made and of great quality, as well as the wonderful customer service they experienced.

GnGuide evaluates reviews from different websites as part of this Revant Optics Review to provide a balanced perspective.

Revant does not fare well on Trustpilot, given the fact that just nineteen customers supplied comments. Revant received 3.2 out of 5 stars on this website. The majority of the negative reviews talked about poor customer service, coupons, and poor quality. Revant responded to nearly every negative review, stating that they would address the concerns. 

Where Can You Buy Revant Optics?

You can purchase a great range of lenses online at or on Amazon.

Revant Optics Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Promo codes

We looked for Revant Optics coupons and deals as part of our Revant Optics evaluation. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any that were relevant. Check out the Revant Optics website to stay up to date on current promotions.

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Revant Optics Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Revant Optics ship Lenses to?

Non-Prescription Replacement Lenses and Accessories:

It will take Revant two days to ship your item; once orders are complete, packaged, and shipped, Revant will email you with a tracking number.

  • USPS First Class shipping is free, and it will take approximately 3 to 6 working days to receive
  • FedEx 2 days will cost $8.95, and your lenses will be with you within two days.
  • FedEx overnight starts at $26, and you’ll have your lenses within one working day.

Prescription Lenses:

When shipping your frames to Revant to have your prescription lenses fitted, you’ll have a few options.  

  1.  You can use your own box and the emailed prepaid shipping label. 
  2. Revant can send a box with a prepaid shipping label to you so you can send your frames.
Using your own box speeds up the delivery times:
  • Standard delivery takes approximately three weeks and is free.
  • Expedited delivery takes approximately 2.5 weeks and costs $14.95
If Revant sends you a box, delivery times are:
  • Standard delivery takes approximately four weeks and is free.
  • Expedited delivery takes approximately three weeks and costs $24.95.

The estimated delivery times shown above are from when you place your order. The prescription lens cannot be shipped to PO boxes or FPO/APO/DPO addresses.

Do Revant Optics Ship Internationally?

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If you live internationally, orders will take slightly longer to receive. Revant Optics ships to all locations except Cuba, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Ukraine, and Iran.

It takes two days to get your order ready; shipping options include:

  • DHL global mail takes approximately 10 to 30 business days and costs $8.99
  • FedEx International Express takes 2 to 4 business days and starts at $24

Your countries customs department may charge customs fees depending on your location, but these remain your responsibility.

What Is Revant’s Return Policy?

Revant Optics industry-leading guarantee means that you can put your lenses to the test, and if you don’t love them, as long as you send them back within sixty days, you will receive a full refund.

If there is a manufacturing defect in your lenses, you’ll be pleased to hear Revant lenses and accessories have a 365-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

About Revant Optics

When Jason Bolt crashed his mountain bike in 2010 and couldn’t find replacement lenses for his existing frames, he launched Revant. Jason saw an opportunity and founded Revant Optics; his major goal was to extend the life of his customers’ eyeglasses by developing premium lenses that are not only inexpensive but also healthier for the environment. Every day, an estimated 11,000 frames are thrown away, resulting in a lot of unneeded waste, so having the ability to replace the lenses on your favorite sunglasses is a great idea. Revant Optics has grown from strength to strength, winning various honors along the way.

Revant Optics Contact information

If you require support from Revant, you can start by reviewing the Revant Optics help center. The center provides a wealth of information and covers many frequently asked questions, so you should find the answer you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can contact the Revant Eyewear experts on any weekday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm PT by either live chat or by sending them an email using their contact us page.

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