Renpho Scale Review: The Ultimate Guide!

About Renpho

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Renpho should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a new health product. When it comes to economical and high-quality options, the brand leads the pack. This means that people who want to get in on the trend but don’t want to invest a fortune can obtain fantastic results. Renpho manufactures a variety of smart health solutions that include simple-to-use apps. Digital food scales, massagers, air purifiers, and an AI Smart Bike are among the items available for purchase. This Renpho Scale review dives into the brand’s health and wellness offerings to discover what customers think.

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Renpho Scale Review

What We Like!

  • Great range of health products for everyone
  • Fantastic Health Apps
  • Durable and quality products
  • Affordable
  • Free shipping in the USA


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Is The Renpho Scale Worth It?

Renpho offers a wide choice of items to suit all fitness levels. Thousands of enthusiastic reviews shared accounts of how amazing the lifestyle equipment is, as well as delivering fantastic value.

Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale Review

Renpho’s Smart Body Fat Scale is sleek, easy to use, and lightweight, while also tracking a range of health data. On the large LED display, you will be able to observe not only your body weight but also your BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Water Percentage, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-Free Body Weight, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and metabolic age.

Renpho Scale Features

renpho scale review, renpho review, renpho massage gun review, renpho massager reviews, renpho eye massager.

Download the Renpho app (iOS or Android) and build a customized profile to see the other 12 metrics the scale measures on your LED display. Additionally, the Renpho scale app is also compatible with the Apple Watch. Simply download the Renpho Apple Watch App and navigate to the “measurement” section. When you step on the scale while the app is open, your data and metrics automatically update.

The Renpho scale is excellent for monitoring changes in body composition, whether fat or muscle. If accurate and detailed measurements of your health are important to you, the Renpho scale is an obvious choice. It is affordable, easy to use, and quite informative. When pursuing specific health objectives, the ability to track patterns and save or share them allows for better informed decision-making. 

Three AAA batteries or a USB connection are required to power the Renpho scale. The scale calibrates quickly after being reset to zero with a step on the scale.

Renpho Smart Scale Benefits

Using a smart scale can make a big impact on your health journey. Not only does it measure weight but also specific parameters like fat percentages, muscle mass, and heart rates. You can also link the Renpho Smart Scale to your phone and health apps. The Renpho scale also provides the following advantages:

  • The Renpho scale measures 14 body parameters and compares them to their optimal values for your height, age, and other relevant variables, giving you a complete picture of your health that you can track.
  • Furthermore, the renpho scale captures and shows your health data, allowing you to detect distinct trends.
  • Because the Renpho smart scale is Wi-Fi enabled, you can personalize and contextualize every metric.

Renpho Smart Body Fat Scale Reviews

The Renpho Smart Scale is an Amazon best-seller with glowing reviews from more than 20,000 consumers.


On the brand’s website, the Renpho scale has not received a review rating of less than three stars. Customers are really pleased with its performance, and many use it on a daily basis. Many people report that they step on the scale in the morning, open the app, and see all of their weight measurements. They find it a really simple way to keep track of their weight patterns. 


Customers praise the scales’ sleek appearance, which they say looks fantastic in their bathrooms and is easy to read. There were a few negative remarks about the size of the foot area, and others were upset that it only measures in kilos and pounds, but it worked flawlessly otherwise.

Oh my goodness, WOW! If you’re looking for a scale, this one comes highly recommended. It’s unbeatable for the price and what you get. My husband is a city firefighter, and we received this scale the day after he had to complete his wellness check (which is pretty much everything this scale reads), and the scale is accurate in every measuring spot. When compared to professional scales, this performs admirably.

Five Star Review

Where Can You Buy Renpho?

GN Guide recommend you purchase your Renpho product directly from their online store to ensure you receive the best value and warranty. However the brand offers their products in a variety of other stores and online at Amazon and Kogan.

Other Renpho Products To Consider

Renpho AI Smart Bike Review

renpho scale review, renpho review, renpho massage gun review, renpho massager reviews, renpho eye massager.

Renpho’s smart cycle is one of the smartest AI bikes available, and it comes equipped with an app for training optimization. The Renpho AI technology develops each workout algorithmically based on your biometrics to help you reach your fitness objectives, automatically altering your resistance level for a smooth and effective workout.

You may use the smart bike and app to establish goals, track your fitness progress, and participate in a number of cycling programs. There are also customised training routines available based on your biometrics and pedaling power. In addition, Renpho’s smart bike makes use of Smart Motor Damping Resistance, a reverse-engineered electric vehicle technology instead of traditional electromagnetic resistance methods, the result is a precise resistance generated with 90% accuracy using real-time power computation, allowing the smart bike to modify your degree of difficulty automatically and effortlessly.

The smart bike has enclosed wheels for safety and a smooth freewheel pedal design that stops rotating when you stop pedaling, allowing you to coast without having to worry about your pedals catching on your clothes, feet, pets, or children. The spacious, cushioned seat of the smart stationary bike is designed for comfort, allowing for longer, more enjoyable workouts, and the ergonomically positioned handlebars allow you to ride it as a spinning cycle or an exercise bike, tailoring your workouts to your specific training style.

The AI gym app has 70+ classes and 5 distinct fitness modes, and there are no premium membership fees. The app includes coaching video classes, power training regimens, scenic rides, and much more.

Customer Review

This bike was easy to assemble. My husband did it in about 30 minutes. I downloaded the app and everything instantly connected. I’m really unfit, so the ‘find your fitness level’ was really useful, and helped me to gauge what other programmes and at what level I should be accessing. I really enjoyed the 20-minute aerobic session, and I have also done the short cycle ride through Paris. It’s a great bike at a good price. My fitness levels have gone up, and combined with a better diet, I’m becoming much healthier. I would definitely recommend it.

5 Star review @Renpho

Renpho Eye Massager Review

renpho scale review, renpho review, renpho massage gun review, renpho massager reviews, renpho eye massager.

The Renpho Eye Massager was designed to stimulate acupoints and reduce stress and headaches. This massager is perfect for anyone who works long hours or studies late at night. Please keep in mind that if you have cataracts, have had eye treatment, or have a retina condition, this item is inappropriate for you. It features a Heated Massage Oscillating Trigger Point Pressure and built-in heating pads that provide a comfortable temperature range of 104-107°F (40-42°C) to alleviate headaches and eye strain.

The clamshell style of the eye therapy massager allows you to take it to work, wear it on aircraft while traveling, or use it wherever you like. The head strap’s size is easily adjustable, making it suitable for both teenagers and adults. Furthermore, the wireless Bluetooth eye massager comes with two meditation tracks as well as built-in Bluetooth capabilities for wirelessly connecting to your smartphone or other media device. 

Customer Review

I have to admit, the first time I tried this thing I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not. After using it a few times, I actually really enjoy it. The music aspect is lame and not necessary but the heat and massage are really nice. When my eyes are tired, I used this to try to calm them down. It does help especially when you have computer fatigue. I recommend using this device and then not putting on your glasses, watching TV or looking at your phone for about 15 minutes after. It’s worth the money.

Renpho eye massager 5 star review @Renpho

Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

renpho scale review, renpho review, renpho massage gun review, renpho massager reviews, renpho eye massager.

The Renpho foot massager is not only sleek, stylish, and comfortable, but it also has a spinning ball, a rolling stick, and heat for a 3-in-1 foot massage. The ergonomic design has a full range of features, including three kneading and three squeezing intensities that may be adjusted to your preferences. The unzippable cloth in the foot chambers is easily cleaned to maintain sanitary conditions for a comfortable air compression and heat foot massage, and the touch panel of this shiatsu foot massager machine with heat may be conveniently operated with your toes or an additional remote control.

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Renpho Reviews From Other Sources

As part of our Renpho scale review, GNGuide explores many review sites to discover more about customers’ perspectives on the brand’s massagers and wellness equipment. Our analysis started on Trustpilot, where the company received multiple good testimonials from a wide range of clients. To date, 376 customers have given the brand an average rating of 4.3 stars, which matches the ratings on the company’s website.

According to Trustpilot reviews, customers mostly had positive comments regarding the products, and the majority of the negative comments were concerning customer service and shipping. It’s worth noting that Renpho responded to every negative review. After that, we headed to Renpho’s Amazon page.

On Amazon, a wide assortment of products received rave ratings. Renpho’s body fat scale is already a best-seller on Amazon, so we were pleased to see that the other items were well received as well. 

  • The Renpho back massager with heat has received 4,173 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.
  • Renpho’s foot massager has 17,816 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.
  • Renpho’s cordless water teeth cleaning has 1,801 reviews with a rating of 4.3 stars.
  • With 2,997 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars, the Air Purifier also did well.

We identified the company included in multiple top 10 reviews, illustrating how the diverse range of products is popular with many different genres, in addition to the excellent ratings gained on the major review sites.

Customers’ opinions:

Customer service: While there were a few concerns about the brand’s customer service, customers in general evaluated Renpho favorably, stating the team was prompt, effective, and helpful.

Quality: Renpho’s product quality is undeniably popular with customers. We only found a few complaints concerning poor quality.

Price: The price of Renpho scales, similarly to the brand’s quality and customer service, is clearly a selling point. Customers thought the price was quite affordable, particularly in comparison to other brands.

Social Media

Renpho’s social media presence is rising, with about 2.5k likes on their @RENPHOglobal Facebook page and 19.5k likes on their renphogroup Instagram account. On both social media platforms, the brand is quite active and provides relevant product information.

Renpho Promotions and Discounts

renpho scale review, renpho review, renpho massage gun review, renpho massager reviews, renpho eye massager.

We look for discounts and promotional codes as part of our GNGuide Renpho review to ensure you get the best deal possible. Additionally check out our Renpho promo codes page for all the latest discounts.

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Contact Renpho

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Call: 1 (8444) 417 0149
  • Email:
  • Check out their FAQs page

Renpho Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Renpho Located?

Renpho is a worldwide brand that started out in California, USA. The company has quickly expanded and currently has operations in China, Germany, Taiwan, and Japan. The products are manufactured in Hong Kong.

Does Renpho Have a Return Policy?

The brand accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase (i.e., the date listed on your receipt). You must return the product in its original condition to Renpho. Costs may be incurred due to normal wear and tear, as well as damage caused by incorrect use, misassembly, missing parts, or accidents.

If you experience quality issues and wish to receive a refund, the brand will cover the cost of return shipping and restocking. You, however are responsible for the cost of return shipping and restocking fees (15% of the item’s original price). Renpho will advise this fee and will base it on the nature and condition of the product you are returning or exchanging.

Renpho AI Smart Bike Returns

Every AI Smart Bike comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and if you follow the rules below, you can return it in its original condition for a refund or exchange. A $100 return shipping fee and a 15% restocking fee of the item’s original price will be deducted from your refund.

The brand will only accept returns in brand new, resellable condition (free of scratches and/or dents) and in the original box with tags, user manual, and charger. If you return or exchange an item more than 31 days after the delivery date, you will pay $200 plus a 15% restocking fee. Renpho does not accept returns or exchanges after 90 days. 

Renpho Shipping Policy

The brand dispatch the majority of items within 48 hours, shipping is free, and standard delivery takes five to 10 days.

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