Outlaw Soaps Review: The Ultimate Guide

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Outlaw Soaps specializes in creating natural soaps and personal care products that smell like the great outdoors; think campfires, whiskey, leather, and sandalwood! This Outlaw soaps guide discusses the benefits and drawbacks of this natural line to help you decide if these western-inspired scents are right for you.

outlaw soaps review

Pros And Cons of Outlaw Soaps

What We Like!

  • Experience the smell of the outdoors each and every morning
  • Natural products
  • Unique soaps and personal care products
  • Made In the USA

What We Don’t Like!

  • Not everyone loves the outdoors

Outlaw Soaps Review

Outlaw Soaps is an innovative company dedicated to creating high-quality products with outstandingly unique scents. The majority of their products are made from scratch, and they all contain safe and ethically sourced ingredients. Unless otherwise specified in the description, their soaps are vegan, and they conduct all of their testings on humans.

Where Are Outlaw Soaps Manufactured?

Outlaw takes pride in their values, one of which is their belief in purchasing American-made goods. Whenever possible, the brand purchases American-made products.

outlaw soaps

Outlaw Soaps Scent Review

For this review, I’m going to do something a little different and go over each scent individually, as this is what sets Outlaw Soaps apart from the competition. Each scent is unique and was inspired by the Outlaw soaps team’s favorite activities — camping, carousing, and general rabble-rousing.

The brand believes that scent is a personal experience that you should share with those closest to you; therefore, you’ll find subtle scents. These scents will not make you “that jerk with all the cologne” in a crowded elevator, instead they are intended to create an atmosphere, not to make a statement.

All fragrances are skin-safe and long-lasting, providing hours of rugged pleasure.

Blazing Saddles By Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw soaps review

The blazing saddles fragrance is marketed as the sexiest scent ever and is the brand’s most popular fragrance.

The scent will transport you to a world of warm leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush; imagine yourself in a real-life western film each morning in your shower. The description of the blazing saddles handmade soap is fantastic.


@Outlaw soaps

Customers rave about the blazing saddles scent, stating that it smells incredible and that it leaves their bathrooms smelling like the Wild West – in a good way!

The Badlands

Outlaw soap review

The glowing embers of a campfire inspire the Badlands scent at twilight; it smells divinely of campfire and cedar. A touch of smokiness and a touch of sweetness. We adore the way Outlaw soaps describe this scent.

‘The twilight huddles close to the sleepy fire, its embers blinking at you in the dark. Smoke follows beauty, and it’s a beautiful night. You lay back and look at the infinite sky above and watch the smoke trails drift their waves into the darkness.’

@Outlaw Soaps

Another customer favorite, one customer, shared that taking a shower with this fragrance transports them to the Sierra Nevadas or the Cascades, where these magnificent cedars and their scents bloom. What more could you ask for in your daily shower?

Fire In The Hole

outlaw soaps reviews

Campfire, gunpowder, whisky, and sagebrush combine to create the scent of Outlaw soaps the Fire In The Hole. If gunpowder, campfires, whiskey, and dirt are your favorite scents, then spice up your shower experience and emerge from your bathroom smelling like the best days of your life and put this scent on your Christmas stocking list.

Again, excellent reviews have been left for the fire in the hole scent; one customer shared that the soap left him smelling like bad choices and great stories. Numerous other reviewers stated that the smell reminds them of happy times.

Calamity Jane

Outlaw soaps reviews

A touch of spice, a touch of sweetness! This combination of clove, orange, cinnamon, and, of course, whiskey will warm your senses! 

Jane’s warm, inviting fragrance is adored by many! Outlaw Soaps describe this soap as capturing Calamity Jane’s warm, affable, and enduring spirit while avoiding the um, “practical outcomes” of a single leather outfit and a dislike for bathing.

Sass and spice, crisp autumn evenings, wonderful, and unique are just a few of the glowing reviews for the Calamity Jane fragrance.

The Cursed Cowboy By Outlaw Soaps

outlaw soaps reviews

The Cursed Cowboy infuses your favorite moments with the scent of campfire and clove. This collection has a seductive and sweet scent that is devilishly spicy.

There are only a few comments on this scent, but they all agree that the spicy and smokey scent was fantastic.

The Gambler

Outlaw soaps

A sweet scent reminiscent of bourbon, tobacco, and leather, ideal for that whiskey-wake-me-up feeling. It’s as if you’re receiving a soothing aromatherapy massage, washing away your day’s worries and concerns. It will also not make you smell like a distillery.

Comments include the scent is unusual but it is still a firm favorite, its not too overbearing, and leaves a distinct smell.

Home On The Range By Outlaw Soaps

outlaw reviews

Home on the Range is a bright and fresh scent that will bring happiness and peace to your world. The scent is a delicious combination of juicy blackberries, sun-dried laundry, and freshly cut grass.

Your boots in the grass. A light breeze guides you on your way. And yet, there’s nowhere in particular to be. The comforting scent of laundry wafts across the yard.

@Outlaw Soaps

Another popular scent with consumers who share the scent smells like freshly folded laundry has a hint of berry and grass to give it a fresh outdoors vibe and smells like a pure, gentle spring breeze.

Lust In The Dust

review of outlaw soaps

The high desert beckons you with its seductive warmth and the scent of sage and campfire wafting through the air. Desert sage, sandalwood, and a lightly smoky campfire combine to create this scent.

Today is going to be extremely hot. You’re using the cool morning air to cover the distance between you and the last town. Nobody, not even the US Marshal, travels across the Mojave after eleven o’clock.

The breeze has already begun to warm, carrying with it the desert’s heat. The next town may be an appropriate stopping point.

The hotel is quite opulent, but you have plenty of money. As you enter, you sense the manager’s gaze. It’s your high school sweetheart, all grown up and living in this out-of-the-way desert town. The heat between you is comparable to the rising sun outside. You set your saddlebags down.

@Outlaw soaps

Customers have given the lust in the dust scent five stars. Among the comments are that the ether scent is divine, that it smells wonderful, that it smells incredible, that it smells incredible, and that it is a seductive deep scent.

Mountain Hideout By Outlaw Soaps.

outlaw soaps1

You’re on the run, and the best place to hide is high on the ridge. This fragrance is reminiscent of pine trees, pine cones, campfires, and moist earth.

Another customer favorite, with numerous positive reviews and a 4.6-star rating. Customers report that the scent reminds them of camping in the Rocky Mountains; it smells of pine and has a faint hint of a campfire.

Customers expressed disappointment with the scent, which they described as smelling like Ajax cleaning powder.

Outlaw Soaps Handmade Bar Soaps Review

Outlaw soaps are handmade in small batches using all-natural ingredients, carefully poured and swirled with attention to detail, sliced into 4 oz bars, and cured for 30 days.  You’ll discover a diverse selection of soaps, each with its own distinct scent as described above. Here are a few soaps from the Outlaw collection.

Fire In The Hole Handmade Bar Soap

With an all-vegan oil blend, the Fire in the hole soap lathers up beautifully in the shower and leaves your skin silky smooth. Fire in the Hole 4oz bar soap by Outlaw Soaps is $14.

outlaw soaps review

The soap has received 641 ratings and a 4.5-star rating so far.

Customers rave about the soap’s unique and amazing scent; they also comment on how well-made and fragrant it is, how long it lasts, and how nicely it lathers.

A few disappointed customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the soap’s lack of scent, while others found it overpowering.

Blazing Saddles Handmade Soap Review

The Blazing saddles soap is made by highly skilled humans using an age-old method of mixing oils and lye. It’s a satin of suds for your shower that elevates what could otherwise be a humdrum, ho-hum water experience into a showering celebration. This velvety satin of suds lathers up beautifully and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

outlaw soap barsoap review

The price of Blazing Saddles Handmade Soap is $14.

There are 382 reviews and a five-star rating for this soap.

According to postivie reviews, the blazing saddles soap has a great leather scent, great lather, smells clean and masculine, and outperforms supermarket soaps.

Customers who left negative reviews said the soap smelled awful, that it didn’t last long, and that it left an orange-colored residue on the tiles.

Outlaw Soaps Subscriptions

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your purchase, Outlaw Soaps offers two different soap subscription services:

The Slick and Simple Soap Subscription:

By subscribing to this service, you can have your preferred soaps delivered regularly. The brand makes it simple to manage; select the soap you want, the quantity you wish to receive, and the delivery frequency.

If you choose to receive one bar of soap, the cost is $10, saving you $4 per bar. If you choose to receive two soaps, which we recommend, you will pay $19 plus shipping.

Outlaw soaps have received a slew of positive reviews for their soap subscription service.

Customers comment that the amount, frequency, and shipping date options make this an easy subscription, and having the soap shipped regularly without having to think about it while receiving a small discount is a no-brainer!

There were two negative reviews relating to the subscription service; these shared a customer’s delivery hadn’t arrived yet, and the other customer hadn’t received their 15% discount.  The brand actioned both reviews.

The Outlaw Soap Of The Month Subscription

Would you like to sample a selection of Outlaw’s handmade, natural soaps? This subscription is the best way to sample all Outlaw’s thrilling scents without dealing with the inconvenient reordering process.

Again, one bar of soap will cost you $10, while two bars will cost you $19, with free shipping included. Given that not everyone enjoys every scent, the brand offers consumers three options:

  1. A selection of all handmade soaps
  2. Soaps Inspired by the Wilderness
  3. Soaps Inspired by Western Culture

Over 200 reviews and a 4.5-star rating have been shared for the soap of the month subscription service.

Customer comments include: ‘I haven’t found a single scent that I dislike,’ ‘I’m hooked on trying these soaps,’ and ‘I eagerly await the arrival of the next soap.’

Several customers expressed dissatisfaction with the scents and canceled their subscriptions.

Outlaw Soaps Deodorant

outlaw soaps deodorant review

Soaps of the Outlaws Deodorant is an aluminum-free solid deodorant that is good for you and bad for your odor. Whereas many deodorants begin to smell after a few hours, Outlaw’s unique formula is guaranteed to last through the day’s most strenuous activities.

The Outlaw Soaps Deodorant retails for $18. You can also choose to subscribe to a regular delivery of deodorant.

Customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchase of the deodorant sticks; they share that the sticks smell great, have a slightly different texture than standard deodorant, last a long time, and do not leave an overpowering aftertaste.

Several dissatisfied customers stated that the deodorant is similar to hair gel for armpit hair, the floral scent made them gag, and the deodorant is chalky, dry, and drags when applied.

Outlaw Soaps Beard Care Review

If you’re looking to condition your beard with jojoba oil and the refined, woodsy scent of cedarwood essential oil and campfire, this beard oil is for you. It soothes even the most unruly bird nest of scraggly beard while smelling divine.

Handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients to ensure maximum awe-inspiringness.

The price of the Outlaw Magic beard and hair elixir is $32.

With 146 reviews and an average rating of five stars, this beard oil is a no-brainer.

 The majority of customers recommend this beard oil because it is not too oily or slippery on the skin, it stands up to the rigors of working life and protects hair from wind and sun, it has a light texture and a long shelf life.

The two one-star comments left disappointed comments relating to shipping issues.

Outlaw Soaps Body Wash Review

Outlaw’s body wash is a satin of suds for your shower that elevates what could otherwise be a mundane, ho-hum water experience. It’s the kind of body wash that inspires cowboys to write poetry and cowgirls to sing songs. Outlaw’s Body wash costs $19 for a 8oz bottle.

outlaw soaps body wash

Once again, so many positives. Each of the six body washes has received many reviews and an average rating of at least 4.6 stars.

Positive feedback includes that the body wash leaves them feeling refreshed and smelling great, that the natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin, that the scent is strong but not overpowering, and leaves no unpleasant residue.

Negative reviewers express their disappointment with the body wash’s strong scent; some say it smells like chemicals, while others say it’s too expensive.

Outlaw Soaps Subscription Review

outlaw soaps subscription

Along with regular subscriptions for your favorite soap, deodorant, or other product, you can sign up for a variety of other subscriptions at a frequency that works for you. These are an excellent way to ensure that you receive your favorite products without having to order them individually, and they also make fabulously unique gifts:


  • Two milled soap bars or one bottle body wash (you pick)
  • One lotion bottle
  • One deodorant


  • Two milled soap bars or one bottle body wash (you pick)
  • One lotion bottle
  • One antiperspirant
  • One deodorant


  • Two milled soap bars or one bottle body wash (you pick)
  • One lotion bottle
  • One cologne solid
  • One deodorant


  • Two milled soap bars or one bottle body wash (you pick)
  • One lotion bottle
  • One cologne solid
  • One antiperspirant
  • One air freshener

Other great subscriptions you may be interested in, include:

outlaw soaps review

Outlaw Soaps Reviews From Other Sources

GNGuide conducted additional research on the Outlaw Soaps brand as part of this review to provide a more balanced opinion. Our investigation began with a Trustpilot search. To date, 121 customers have left reviews for Outlaw brands products, giving them an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Over 80% of customers left five-star reviews and expressed extreme satisfaction with their purchases.

There are several comments. Outlaw products are of exceptional quality; the scents are distinctive, not gimmicky, but truly unique; those with an appreciation for the great outdoors will adore this company. 

Additionally, the company provides excellent packaging, prompt shipping, and exceptional customer service.

On Trustpilot, there were slightly more negative reviews than on the outlaw website, with 8% of consumers leaving one-star reviews.

These customers expressed their disappointment that they could not notice any difference in the scents they ordered, and the products smelled like chemicals. One customer experienced a burning sensation after using the soap, and another had items delivered to the incorrect address.

A wide range of outlaw soaps range is available on Amazon. Once again, many consumers gave outstanding reviews for the products:

  • The Three western-style handmade soaps scored a 4-star rating from 770 reviewers.
  • The fire in the hole body has received 596 reviews and a 4.6-star rating.
  • The blazing saddles milled soap received 165 reviews and a 4-star rating.

Finally, we visited the @outlawsoaps Facebook page, which boasts nearly 60,000 followers and a whopping 4.8-star rating on their review page. The company updates their Facebook page frequently, and it’s a great place to stay informed about the brand’s news.

review of outlaw soaps

Where Can You Buy Outlaw Soaps?

You can purchase the entire Outlaw soaps collection online, and a limited selection of the brand is also available on the brand’s Amazon page.

Outlaw Soaps Promotions and Discounts

As part of our GNGuide Outlaw soaps review, we look for discount codes and promotional codes.  The following cost savings were discovered. For a complete list of promo codes check out our coupon page.

Military Personnel Discounts

Military personnel, medical personnel, first responders, educators, and commercial drivers all qualify for a discount from Outlaw soaps; simply sign into Verify Pass to receive a unique discount code.

Take The Scent Quiz

Taking the Outlaw scent quiz is a quick and easy way to save 15% on your purchase. You’ll not only get 15% off your first order, but Outlaw will also match you with your perfect scent.

About Outlaw Soaps

outlaw soaps founders

Russell and Danielle Vincent founded the Outlaw brand in 2013 and lived their lives similarly to the products they create. Outlaw Soaps is a company founded by adventurers for adventurers.

The couple enjoy campfires, whiskey, and other adventurous activities, so they decided to create a company for adventurous people based on the things they enjoy. They take pride in enabling people to connect with happy memories, good places, and inspiring environments, as well as reminding them to live their best lives.

All of their scents are meant to encourage you to get outside and remind you that “your daily grind is not the grind of your life.”

Contact Outlaw Soaps

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact Outlaw Soaps directly, you can contact their support team:

Outlaw Soaps Frequently Asked Questions

Does Outlaw Soaps Have a Returns Policy?

The brand promises that you will be delighted with your purchase. If you are unhappy with your order, contact customer service, and they will refund your purchase price and cover the cost of returning it to them.

Outlaw Soaps Shipping Policy

Outlaw ships to almost any location on the globe! The brand will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you when you place your order, based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you select. Many of the items Outlaw offers have weight-based shipping rates. 

outlaw soap review

Should You Buy From Outlaw Soaps?

Whilst conducting this review, I have to say we have come to really admire Outlaw soaps for their uniqueness; they’re not trying to be anything they’re not, they’re not trying to fit into the status quo; you either love their brand or you don’t – end of story!

We were also very impressed with customer reviews; all of their products received excellent feedback on their website and other third-party review sites. While there were a few dissatisfied customers, the vast majority of reviewers praised the products and, in particular, the brand’s uniqueness.

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