Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review: The Ultimate Guide

About Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker


Mr. Coffee is well known for its automatic-drip kitchen coffee machines, which enable you to get started in the morning with the option to brew instantly! Mr. Coffee dates all the way back to 1972, when Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer launched the brand’s drip coffeemaker into homes. Customers loved this new type of coffee maker that maintained a consistent brewing temperature, resulting in a significantly improved flavor. Today, Sunbeam owns the firm, and it offers a diverse range of coffee machines for all coffee enthusiasts.

This Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker review will assess the company’s ability to achieve its objectives and exceed customer expectations.

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Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review

What We Like!

  • Gives you the opportunity to prepare your favorite cold drink in minutes
  • Great way to save money
  • Mr.Coffee’s devices are easy to use
  • One year limited warranty.


  • A number of reviewers described quality issues
  • Cannot purchase directly from the brand

Who Are Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Makers For?

If you prefer your coffee cold but lack the time to queue, the Mr. Coffee Iced coffee maker may be the answer. The device enables you to brew cold coffee at home anytime you like in a matter of minutes, which makes it perfect for those hot summer days.

Where Is Mr Coffee Located?

Mr. Coffee’s headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio. However, while they design their products exclusively in the United States; the coffee machines are actually made in China.

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Review

Source: Mr Coffee

Mr. Coffee’s Iced Coffee Maker makes it easy to brew delightful iced coffee at home in minutes. The simple measuring system and included scoop make it simple to brew the ideal ratio of hot, concentrated coffee to ice, resulting in a powerful, flavorful coffee that is never watered down.

The pod-free brewing method enables you to enjoy great-tasting iced coffee with less waste. Simply fill the machine with water and coffee grounds, fill the tumbler with ice, and push Start. Personalized with your preferred flavors and milk, and then sip and enjoy. You’ll always have the ideal iced coffee on hand to assist you in conquering the day! Additionally, you can save money by preparing your own iced coffee at home.

Is The Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Worth It?


According to reviews, Mr. Coffee’s iced coffee machine is really straightforward to use. Simply fill the cup with water, pour it into the machine, add your coffee grounds, fill your cup with ice cubes, and push the button! Cleaning the machine is also rather straightforward.


There were conflicting opinions regarding the quality of the iced coffee maker. Positive reviewers remarked on how tiny the machine is, readily fitting on their counters. Additionally, they praise the resusable BPA-free tumbler because it holds a good amount of coffee and is also easy to clean.

We did discover a plethora of complaints about the item. Numerous clients discovered that it ceased to function after a relatively brief period. The device appears to stop working for no apparent reason. Other buyers stated that the item leaked.


Now for the critical part: the coffee! Numerous customers remarked on how delicious the coffee was. They appreciated that the equipment brewed the coffee hot and slowly, resulting in a stronger cup of coffee that was not diluted by the ice. Additionally they found it convenient to have their coffee ready in under 4 minutes.

Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Frappe, Iced, and Hot Coffee Maker and Blender Review

source: Mr Coffee

Is The Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Frappe, Iced, and Hot Coffee Maker and Blender Worth It?


Customers raved about how simple the frappe machine is to use, from the measurement lines to the ease with which it cleans. When cleaning the machine, one consumer observed that there were soap suds at the bottom of the container that did not empty.


Numerous consumers praised the tiny Frappe machine for its effectiveness, particularly the blender, which is surprisingly powerful. As with the previous Mr.Coffee products, a substantial number of buyers expressed dismay that the coffee maker stopped working after a few uses, or in some cases, never worked at all. Additionally, it was reported that the cord was far too short.


According to one reviewer, the Mr. Coffee Frappe was a game changer. They were overjoyed to be able to make iced and hot coffee from the same machine. Additionally, clients appreciate the fact that they may create an infinite number of taste combinations. Another reviewer expressed how much she appreciated the device’s versatility, stating that it could be used at any time of day.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Review

Source: Mr. Coffee

Create coffeehouse-style cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Mr. Coffee Café Barista prepares espresso coffee using a 15-bar pump system and automatically froths milk for cappuccino and latte options with a single touch.

You don’t have to be a barista to create personalized coffee beverages in the style of your favorite café. Simply select a single shot or double-shot filter, fill the milk reservoir, and select your brew. The Café Barista will save you time and money on hectic weekday mornings by eliminating the need to visit a café.

Is The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Worth It?


Making your morning cup of coffee has never been simpler. This machine includes simple-to-follow instructions that users find beneficial and understandable. Customers complimented it for how simple the push buttons are to grasp. 


Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista’s style is clean and modern, and customers appreciate the variety of colors available. All components are simply detachable for easy cleaning and restoration. They felt it to be reasonably sized, but others noted that it did take up enough space if you intended to leave it out. 


Customers expressed their admiration for the coffee barista, leaving a variety of positive comments, including “I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I can make a killer cappuccino!” and “efficient barista from Mr. Coffee that consistently makes an excellent cup of strong espresso, creamy latte, or foamy cappuccino!” and “Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Machine demonstrates that you can produce rich, flavorful espresso at home without the use of pricey equipment.” or foamy cappuccino every time without fail!” and “Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Machine proves you can make rich, tasty espresso at home without needing expensive equipment to accomplish the task.”

Mr Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Alternatives

Mr Coffee Reviews From Other Sources


As part of our GN Guides review of the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker, we searched the internet for Mr. Coffee customer reviews. Mr. Coffee’s website displays a mixed bag of reviews, with numerous consumers praising the company for its high-quality and durable portable coffee makers, but also sharing concerns about the gadgets. Notably, the brand’s customer support team has responded to each unfavorable review.

The brand has earned extremely positive feedback for their products on the bestbuy and bedbathandbeyond websites, which aligns with the brand’s website. Additionally, the brand has earned similar remarks on Amazon, receiving the following ratings: 

  • 5 cup programmable coffee maker: 4,967 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Mr. Coffee 10 cup coffee maker: 12,023 reviews and 4 out of 5 stars
  • Espresso and Cappuccino Maker: 10,237 reviews and 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Mr Coffee Social Media

The brand has a substantial social media following, boasting over 29k Instagram followers and around 383k Facebook followers. The pages are densely packed with information about the brand and enticing photographs of coffee.

Where Can You Buy Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker?

Unfortunately, Mr. Coffee iced coffee makers are not available directly from the brand; instead, they have partnered with a huge number of retailers, including the following:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Bed, bath and beyond
  • Best by
  • Costco.

Mr Coffee Promotions and Discounts


Because Mr. Coffee does not sell directly through their website, please visit the list of suppliers above and check out their different deals and discounts.

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Contact Mr Coffee

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email using the contact us page.
  • Call: 1 (800) 672 6333
  • Check out their support pages

Mr Coffee Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mr Coffee Have a Return Policy?

As Mr Coffee does not sell directly through their website, please go to the list of suppliers above and then check out their respective return policies. 

Do Mr Coffee Offer a Warranty?

Mr. Coffee products are covered by a limited one-year guarantee from the date of purchase. It applies to products that are not free of material and workmanship faults.

Mr Coffee Shipping Policy

As Mr. Coffee does not sell directly through their website, please go to the list of suppliers above and then check out their respective policies. 

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