Lucyd Eyewear Review: The Ultimate Guide!

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Lucyd eyewear specializes in stylish, high-quality, affordable Bluetooth Sunglasses that double as headphones.

This Lucyd Eyewear guide discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this high-tech eyewear line to determine whether the innovative glasses are worth your time.

Lucyd Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

Lucyd introduces Lyte®, a new generation of intelligent eyewear that is both stylish and functional. These patent-pending Bluetooth frames combine designer styling, vision correction, protection, and smart features in an unprecedented way.

The lightweight smart glasses feature crisp open-ear playback and flush speakers in each arm, allowing you to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks easily.

The glasses not only let you listen to your favorite music, but they also have a noise-canceling microphone for calls and a voice assistant, so you won’t have to touch your phone while driving.

Lucyd sunglasses review
@Lucyd Wayfarer Bluetooth sunglasses

Two buttons on the arms of the Lyte Bluetooth glasses enable a variety of high-utility touch controls. To answer a call, press either button and to end a call, press it again.

You can either double or triple tap the buttons to play, pause, skip tracks, or increase or decrease the volume settings.

The Lyte wayfarers have a battery life of six to eight hours, so you can wear them for the majority of the day, in the knowledge that the glasses have you covered. 

The sunglasses feature UV400 polarized sun lenses with light-reflecting properties. 

How Do The Lucyd Sunglasses Work?

Lucyd Lyte sunglasses review
@Lucyd Lyte Round Bluetooth Sunglasses

The Lucyd sunglasses are simple to use; they connect wirelessly to most smartphones, computers, and smartwatches within a fifty-foot range.

You’ll need to charge the glasses for two hours before pairing and using them; you’ll find a magnetic charging cable that can be quickly and easily attached to the arm.

Once charged, pairing should take no more than a few minutes. After the initial pairing, when the glasses are removed from the charger, they will automatically seek connection, which we thought was convenient.

The entire process is quick and straightforward.

What Lenses Are Included With Lucyd Glasses?

Non-prescription, scratch-resistant, UV400 polarized lenses are standard on Lucyd Lyte sunglasses.

You can upgrade your lens type at an additional cost in addition to the standard non-prescription lenses.  There are numerous options available such as anti-reflective clear, colorized lenses, mirror lenses, and more.

You can also pay extra for standard prescription lenses, progressive prescription lenses, or readers. The website has a fantastic tutorials page with some handy information on ordering the various types of lenses.

How Much Do Lucyd Bluetooth Sunglasses Cost?

review of Lucyd Eyewear

Lucyd’s Lyte Wayfarer Bluetooth Sunglasses are priced at $149, include pro insurance for a total of $229.

Review of Lucyd sunglasses

Lucyd’s Lyte Round Bluetooth Sunglasses are priced at $149, include pro insurance for a total of $229.

Pros And Cons Of Lucyd Glasses

What We Like!

  • Sunglasses and Bluetooth headphones in one product
  • You can take phone calls from the glasses
  • Prescription lenses are available
  • The glasses enable you to hear what is going on around you
  • Comfortable to wear

What We Don’t Like!

  • They are pretty loud, so they may disrupt those around you.
  • Only two frame styles available

Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth Sunglasses Customer Reviews

As part of our Lucyd review, we analyze customer comments:

Lucyd Lyte Wayfarer Sunglasses Customer Reviews

Ninety-four reviewers have rated the Lucyd Lyte Wayfarer glasses an astounding 4.9 stars.

The sunglasses are easily paired with an iPhone to listen to music while walking, they are of good quality and have good sound, they are simple to set up, and they look stylish, with numerous customers recommending them.

Consumers commented on a few minor issues, including how annoying the voice prompt is and how the speaker is not ideal when in close proximity to others who can hear what is being said.

The Lucyd customer service team has replied to each review with negative comments and assured customers that they would consider their comments.

Lucyd Eyewear review
@Lucyd Lyte Round Sunglasses

Lucyd Lyte Round Sunglasses Customer Reviews

Once again, Lucyd’s reviews demonstrate how much customers appreciate the sunglasses. At the time of writing, 43 reviewers have given the glasses a five-star rating.

Customers are once again ecstatic with their purchases, stating that the glasses are simple to use, provide clear reception, are ideal for people on the go, and look great.

Lucyd review
@Lucyd Wayfarer Sunglasses

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Lucyd Lyte Sunglasses

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Lucyd Eyewear Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this review, GNGuide conducted additional research on the Lucyd Eyewear brand to provide a more balanced opinion.

Our investigation began with a search on Amazon.

To date, 94 customers have given the Lucyd Lyte Bluetooth smart audio sunglasses an average rating of 4.4 stars.

The arms are slim and are not noticeably heavier than regular glasses. The battery life is good, the sound is crystal clear, and they fit perfectly, according to nearly 79 percent of reviewers.

There were a few negative reviews on Amazon, including the following: the glasses look great, but they are extremely small, the magnet does not attach to the charging port, the sound is not great, and one customer encountered an issue with the voice stating the glasses are powered off when fully charged.

Where Can You Buy Lucyd Eyewear?

Lucyd Bluetooth sunglasses are available for purchase on and Amazon.

Lucyd Eyewear Promotions and Discounts

We search for discount codes and promotional codes as part of our GNGuide Lucyd Eyewear review.

We discovered the following cost savings:

Discount Code For Lucyd Eyewear

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Lucyd Lyte Sunglasses

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About Lucyd Eyewear

Harrison Gross, Eric Cohen, and Konrad Dabrowski founded Lucyd in 2017.

When they realized there was no single pair of prescription glasses on the market that combined smart features with the human need to see clearly and comfortably, the dedicated trio set out to create them.

Contact Lucyd Eyewear

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact Lucyd Eyewear directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Call: 1 (561) 579 7671
  • Use the contact form at the bottom of each page
  • Check out their FAQ page
  • Address: 8101 Biscayne BI, #705, Miami, FL 33138.

Lucyd Eyewear Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lucyd Eyewear Have a Return Policy?

If you are dissatisfied with your Lucyd eyewear purchase, you can receive a full refund if the glasses are returned within seven days of confirmed delivery with a postmark.

Is a Manufacturer’s Warranty Available?

If the product has a factory defect, the manufacturer’s warranty is valid for 90 days from the delivery date, and the customer can request a replacement. The customer must return the defective unit.

Lucyd Eyewear Shipping Policy

All orders placed in the United States receive free USPS shipping.

International shipping starts at $14.99 for North America and $29.99 for the rest of the world via FedEx.

Returns to the United States are free of charge; international returns must pay for return shipping.

Lucyd eyewear review

Should You Buy From Lucyd Eyewear?

I had no idea that sunglasses could incorporate headphones until I reviewed Lucyd eyewear; what an incredible realization.

If you wear glasses or sunglasses and enjoy listening to music while out and about, you should consider the Lucyd Bluetooth smart glasses.

Since the sound emanates from the arms of these glasses, you are not only hearing what is going on around you, but you are also protecting your eardrums.

The glasses are simple to use; they have two buttons on either arm that allow you to make calls, control the volume, change the track, and communicate with Siri, among other functions.

The glasses are reasonably priced, including prescription lenses, they are comfortable, and they come highly recommended by other consumers.

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Lucyd Lyte Sunglasses

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