Liingo Eyewear Review: The ultimate Guide!

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Liingo Eyewear is an online eyewear store for men and women that supplies prescription and non-prescription glasses. This liingo guide discusses the benefits and drawbacks of this convenient and reasonably priced eyewear retailer.

Liingo Eyewear Reviews

With an increasing number of everyday services available online, it’s unsurprising that online eyewear retailers have entered the fray. Liingo is one of the more recent online eyewear retailers, but that should not deter you.

Liingo offers a diverse selection of prescription and non-prescription eyewear for men and women; you’ll find a style to suit every occasion and taste.

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The website is also simple to use, with an intuitive layout that makes finding a new pair of glasses simple. With effective filtering, you’ll be able to narrow down your frame selection to find the ideal pair.

Finding Your Liingo Eyeglasses

Liingo In-Home Try-On

Finding new frames is relatively straightforward; Liingo offers several excellent services that will assist you in discovering a style that fits your personality and face shape:

Virtual Try-On

The Virtual Try-on tool enables you to visualize the appearance of various styles without leaving your home.

You’ll need to record a brief video of yourself slowly turning your head from side to side and then browse the various styles to see how they appear until you find some you like.

Free In-Home Try-On Program

Purchasing glasses online can be intimidating for many of you; what if they don’t fit? What if they do not appear to be correct? Fortunately, Liingo has you covered with access to five frames for a five-day complimentary in-home try-on.

To start, you’ll need to locate five frames that you’d like to try on; this is where the convenient virtual try-on tool mentioned above comes in handy.

After you’ve identified five pairs that you believe may be a good fit, you’ll get to try them for five days to help you decide which ones are the best fit.

Place them back in the box and drop them in the mail at the end of the five days and place your order for the frames you love.

To try the five glasses at home, you’ll need to enter your credit card information.

Find My Fit

To alleviate the frustration associated with finding a stylish pair of glasses online that fits your face perfectly, check out Liingo’s Find My Fit.

The innovative Find my fit feature is another useful tool; you can use the camera on your device to scan your face. When complete, the tool provides accurate frame recommendations based on your measurements.  Too easy!

Sending Your Prescription

Once you’ve found the ideal pair of glasses, it’s time to send your prescription to Liingo. You’ll need to take a photo of it and then send it to the brand via text or email.

If you do not have a copy, your doctor can fax it to them directly. Alternatively, you can use Liingo’s new prescription app to quickly and easily obtain the details of your current prescription.

The Liingo high-tech prescription reader app extracts the optical parameters from your current glasses; it does not replace an eye exam or provide you with a new prescription. Liingo guarantees accurate results, and the prescription reader app has been tested and complies with industry standards.

Anytime you order new glasses, your prescription must be current and valid.

Does Liingo Accept FSA and HSA?

Lingo’s website does not accept insurance, so you will need to proceed with payment as usual. However, you can submit your receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement afterward.

Additionally, you can pay for your glasses with your FSA or HSA. 

Liingo Sunglasses

Liingo Lens Options

With every eyewear purchase, you’ll receive a complimentary pair of single-vision or non-prescription lenses:

  • Non-prescription lenses feature premium polycarbonate; the lenses are 20% thinner, 30% lighter, and ten to twelve times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses. The lenses offer 100% UV protection and are coated with a duraseal anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating.
  • Although single-vision lenses are included in the frame price, if you have a prescription of +3.50 or -4.50, you will need to upgrade your lenses for $49.

Progressive/multifocal prescription holders will need to upgrade their lenses for $149.

Lens Addons

Along with the standard clear lenses, you can upgrade to the following lens types:

  • Blue Light Lenses: For an additional $59 you can upgrade to a blue light lens, which filters out a portion of the blue light emitted by digital screens and the sun.
  • Sunglasses: For an additional $49, you may transform your frames into your favorite sunglasses, with glare-reducing lenses that provide 100% UV protection.
  • Light-responsive Lenses: Liingo also offers light-responsive lenses that transition from clear to tinted as they pass through various light sources.

Finally, you can purchase the deluxe lens protection package, which includes a deluxe coating that makes your glasses more resistant to water, less prone to smudge, and easier to clean.

How Much Do Liingo Eyeglasses Cost?

This Liingo review discovered that the brand offers outstanding value for money eyewear when compared to several of its competitors.

A complete pair of single vision glasses will cost anywhere between $79 and $139, which is fantastic for us, the buyer.

Sunglasses are slightly more expensive, but the brand is hard to beat for single-vision sunglasses, with prices starting at $129.

Liingo Frames

Pros And Cons Of Liingo Eyewear


  • Free In-home try-on program is available on a wide selection of frames
  • Virtual try-on technology from the comfort of your home
  • Sixty day return policy
  • Free shipping


  • Liingo only ships within the US.
  • You need to add your credit card information for the in-home try-on program

Liingo Eyewear Review

Now that we’ve learned everything there is to know about Liingo, let’s look at some of the brand’s most popular products.

Liingo Sunglasses Review: The Chelan

It’s easy to see why this frame is a favorite among Liingo’s customers; it’s versatile, has a chic silhouette, and has a keyhole bridge.

Liingo Sunglasses review
Liingo Sunglasses: The Chelan

The Chelan is available in Matte Stout, Matte Black and Tan, Matte Amber, Pilsner, Matte Snakebite, Matte Denim Fade, and Aruba and is priced at $99 each.

Liingo Sunglasses Review: The Grady

It’s time to bring geek chic back to the forefront with this super thick, handmade acetate frame.
Grady frames feature spring hinges for all-day comfort.

Liingo Sunglasses reviews
Liingo Sunglasses: The Grady

Grady frames are available in the following colors: Jet Black, Crystal, Rose, Maple Tortoise, Lavender, Classic Blue, and Aruba. Frames begin at $99.

Liingo Unisex Eyewear Review: The Orion

The Orion eyeglasses feature an ultra-flattering square shape, rounded corners, and a slight flare at the hinge; the frames combine style and comfort.

Made of high-quality acetate and featuring spring hinges for a more comfortable fit, these glasses are durable and versatile.

Liingo Review
Liingo Eyewear: The Orion

Liingo eyewear’s Orion sunglasses start at $99. They come in a variety of colours, including dream tortoise, sunflower, crystal, and Cherry Cola.

Liingo Unisex Eyeglasses Review: The Alta

The Alta features deep rectangle frames handcrafted from premium acetate. The eyeglasses frames are so light that you will forget you are wearing them. Spring hinges only add to the frame’s incredible comfort.

Liingo Eyeglasses: The Alta

Alta frames start at $79 and come in a variety of colors including Maple Tortoise, Fog, Seaweed, Black Crystal, Denim Tortoise, and Cherry Cola.

Liingo Unisex Eyeglasses Review: The Wales

The Wales Eyeglasses is Liingo’s homage to Superman, the Man of Steel. This square frame is handmade from premium acetate and features comfortable spring hinges that eliminate brain pinch.

The subtle color transition between dark and light on the rim softens the overall appearance and adds a unique twist to this classic style.

Liingo Eyewear: The Wales

The Wales glasses begin at $99 and include premium prescription lenses. They are available in six distinct colors: Bourbon, Whiskey Neat, Storm, Seaside, Sahara, and Deep Sea.

Liingo Eyewear Reviews From Other Sources

GNGuide looks at other websites to find out what Liingo customers think of the brand and the quality of their eyeglasses, as part of our review of Liingo.

While Liingo’s eyewear site provides a brief look at some of the positive reviews it has received, you can’t read reviews for individual styles.

Commentaries on the brand’s website include, for instance:

Absolutely love the glasses I bought! The prescription is perfect and I love the virtual try-on. Very pleased.


This was my first online prescription eyewear purchase. Liingo hit it out of the park! Quality product, fast delivery, great price, accurate prescription execution, and comfortable fit that needed no adjustment. What more could I ask for? Thanks, Liingo!


A growing number of people are following the @Liingoeyewear Facebook page on Facebook. On the page, 135 customers have given the eyewear company five stars and highly recommend it to others.

Customers were happy with their purchases; from the fantastic customer service to the quality of the glasses, comments were overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to the NYtimes, Healthline, and other websites, we found that customers have had positive experiences with the company.

As a result of its A-rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a total of three complaints have been resolved.

A customer complained that the prescription analysis tool said her prescription was too high for it to be analyzed by the tool’s algorithm. The glasses would not have been ordered if she had known this beforehand.

In the case of a complaint, a customer found the customer service team to be non-responsive.

Where Can You Buy Liingo Eyewear?

You can purchase Liingo Eyewear online at

Liingo Eyewear Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Promo codes

As part of our Liingo eyewear review, we search for discount codes, promotional codes, and other ways to save. Liingo offers the following ways to save money.

Liingo Refer A Friend

Sign up to give your friends a $20 discount on their first order of $79 or more, and earn $20 for each successful referral.

Discount Code

15% Off All Lingo Eyewear Orders

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Liingo Eyewear Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policy

All Liingo eyewear orders come with free shipping. You will receive your glasses two weeks after the company receives your valid prescription

Do Liingo Eyewear Ship Internationally?

No, the brand only ship within the USA.

What Is Liingo Eyewear Return Policy?

Liingo provides a risk-free option to buy glasses online by allowing you to try them for 60 days and then return them for free if you don’t like them.

Eyewear Guarantee

Liingo Eyewear’s guarantee is impressive; to start with they give you 60 days to try on your new glasses, and if you don’t like them, you can return the glasses for free.

They also promise to pay you up to $25 if you need to take your new Liingo glasses to any optical shop for adjustment and they cover shipping expenses on all orders.

About Liingo Eyewear

Douglas Harris, Amy Larson, Brandon Adams, and Peter Singleton, four optical industry experts, established Liingo Eyewear in 2016.

The idea was to build a vertically integrated corporation that would save customers over 50% on high-end eyewear.

The brand was acquired by 1-800 Contacts in 2017, which explains why the brand does not offer contact lenses.

Liingo Eyewear Contact information

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact Liingo eyewear directly, you can contact their support team:

Liingo Eyewear Review: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for affordable eyeglasses that you can order from the convenience of your own home, you should seriously consider Liingo eyewear.

Not only does the company offer affordable frames with non-prescription and single vision lenses included in the price, but it also offers a diverse selection of stylish frames for all face shapes.

Liingo simplifies the process of purchasing eyewear by offering a variety of convenient features, such as virtual try-on and the ability to try five pairs at home, which ensures you find the perfect pair of glasses for you.

If you’re worried about purchasing eyeglasses online, the company also offers a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy, so you can be confident that if the frames aren’t quite right, you can exchange them.

Overall, the Liingo brand offers affordable, durable, and fashionable eyewear from the convenience of your own home; what have you got to lose?!

15% Off All Lingo Eyewear Orders

Use Discount Code: SAVE15-2021


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