Kachava Review: The Ultimate Guide

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Kachava Offer Organic Superfoods and Plant-Based Protein In There Ultimate Whole Body Meals!

About Kachava

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KaChava is a superfood meal shake made from plants. It’s an all-in-one meal replacement shake packed with vitamins and minerals that’s a popular choice for those who don’t have time to eat a full meal. The vegan, gluten-free shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, chai, and coconut acai flavors and taste just like your favorite shakes, with the exception that they contain natural superfoods that may help you live a healthier life.

KaChava also features none of the filler ingredients found in other meal replacements, providing a healthy dose of protein to keep you satisfied for longer. The bags contain a thick coconut milk powder that can be used to make up to 15 meals. KaChava shakes are simple to make at home and transport in a water bottle.

Kachava Shakes Review

What We Like!

  • Convenient healthy meal
  • Full of superfoods
  • Made of high-quality ingredients

What We Don’t Like!

  • More expensive than competitors
  • Only available in the US

Who Are Kachava Shakes For?

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

Kachava has a wide nutritional profile, making it suitable for almost anyone looking to eat more healthily. The Kachava shakes will benefit anyone, from busy moms who don’t have time for themselves, fitness fanatics who want to make sure they’re getting the right nutrients, or someone who simply wants to take care of their body.

Kachava Ingredients

The Ka’Chava shakes contain more than 85 superfoods that are naturally high in complex nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Many of these are nutritional powerhouses that serve to enrich a meal in order to achieve a balanced diet and maintain excellent health.

What is not included in these protein-rich shakes is perhaps just as significant as what is. You’ll be happy to know that each KaChava shake is vegan-friendly, with no dairy, gluten, soy, preservatives, or artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Kachava Shake Benefits

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

The Ka’Chava shakes feature a blend of superfoods to provide you with all you need to succeed both physically and emotionally. Ka’Chava’s potent nutrient combination promotes healthy gut bacteria, reduces bloating, and minimizes intestinal inflammation, among other benefits.


The shakes contain seven immune-boosting nutrients, which help your body manufacture more healthy cells, fight infections, and heal injuries faster. Furthermore the Ka’Chava shake is high in zinc and selenium. These two minerals are required for a better immune system.


Low levels of critical vitamins and minerals can leave you feeling exhausted no matter how much sleep you get, so the shakes include numerous key elements such as iron, vitamin B and vitamin C, which play an important role in turning food into energy to help you get through a stressful week, support energy levels and help prevent fatigue.


As we all know, a bad diet can increase stress and anxiety, as well as disrupt your mood and productivity. Zinc and potassium, as well as a variety of other key minerals found in KaChava, will help you return your mindset to its peak.


The important nutrients in Ka’chava will also aid in relaxing and the optimization of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with sleep quality. One of the minerals featured is magnesium, which contributes to healthy nervous system and can help calm your body so you can relax and fall asleep much easier.


Focusing on the correct foods and nutrients can go a long way toward treating your digestive troubles, which is why Ka’Chava shakes include a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as other vital elements to aid digestion. Ka’Chava contains a high concentration of fiber, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, all of which have been proved to assist digestion.


Cutting back on processed meals and filling up on nutrient-rich foods that eliminate cravings while fueling your body ready for the day will help you achieve a healthy weight that is sustainable. Ka’Chava has six nutrients that help you maintain a healthy weight, including fiber, which increases satiety and helps your gut. 


A healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity, stress management, proper sleep, and a nutritious diet all contribute to good heart health, thus the 5 nutrients found in Ka’chava will help reduce the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Ka’Chava features both vitamin A and vitamin C, these two vitamins are essential when maintaining a healthy complexion.


Protein, iron, and magnesium are among the nutrients found in Ka’Chava that promote muscle growth, function, and exercise performance.

Side Effects of Kachava Shakes

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

The product has some allergens, according to Ka’Chava’s support center. One of the allergens mentioned is  tree nuts, for example. Before using the shake, expectant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and children should seek medical advice. Furthermore, users also shouldn’t rely on it for all of their nutritional needs.

Ka’Chava Flavors

The brand now offers five shake flavors including chocolate, vanilla, coconut Acai, chai and matcha.

How Do You Make A KaChava Shake?

It’s simple to make a KaChava shake. The protein powder comes with a scoop, and you simply combine a few heaping spoonfuls of the mix with 12 ounces of cold water in your blender. While the brand’s shake is delicious on its own, KaChava also offers some terrific recipe ideas on their website to liven up your everyday shake so you don’t get bored.

How Often Can You Drink Ka’Chava?

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

Only drink Ka’Chava meal replacement powder once a day. It is meant to be drunk in conjunction with a balanced diet. The timing of when you drink your Ka’chava drink is entirely dependent on your health objectives and daily routine. Ka’Chava is a great on-the-go breakfast option in the morning. But it can also be used as a quick lunch alternative if you need to get through your workday with few interruptions; or as a light supper if you need something light before getting your beauty sleep.

What Flavors Does Ka’Chava Offer?

KaChava’s nutrient shakes come in five different flavors. Each of the different flavors is rich and creamy in texture, and taste like milkshakes.

What Makes KaChava Shakes So Filling?

The Ka’Chava shakes are designed to keep you full without consuming too many calories. This is accomplished by adjusting quantities of protein (25 g), fiber (9 g), and healthy fats (7 g), three critical elements that aid in appetite control. Ka’Chava also includes a number of micronutrients that aid in the management of hunger. A serving, for example, contains 60% of your daily magnesium need, a mineral that can help regulate blood sugar levels and consequently cravings.

Is Ka’Chava Healthy?

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

Although all of the chemicals in Ka’Chava are considered safe, some of them may cause mild adverse effects. The plant-based Ka’Chava meal replacement shakes are suited for vegans and vegetarians, as well as being free of dairy, gluten, soy, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a supplement regimen to ensure that the product is appropriate for you. 

How Do You Drink Ka’Chava?

Ka’Chava can be used in the same way as any other protein powder, with the exception that it mixes best with ice-cold water rather than water of room temperature. Mix 2 scoops of powder with 12-14 oz of water in a blender and mix to make shakes, and even baked goods. 

When you don’t have time to eat or want to lose weight, kachava shakes can help. Make a shake and put it in the fridge until lunchtime instead of buying a fatty lunch. Additionally, as one drink contains all of your daily nutrients as well as a healthy amount of protein, you’ll feel nice and full for the rest of the day, keeping those bad cravings at bay.

Does Ka’Chava Help With Weight Loss?

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

Ka’Chava is high in protein and low in carbs, which makes it a great shake for anyone trying to lose a few pounds. Each shake is only 240 calories and keeps you full for hours, so you won’t be tempted to snack thanks to the 25 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and probiotic blend. Kachava is all about weight loss that is natural, healthy, and long-term.  

What Is A Ka’Chava Subscription?

Subscriptions allow you to order Ka’Chava Shakes at a time that is convenient for you. You’ll get $10 off each bag when you sign up for a Ka’Chava subscription, and there’s no obligation, so you can cancel at any time. You can also pause the delay or change the frequency as needed. 

How Do I Sign Up For Ka’Chava?

The process of joining KaChava is very simple; simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website’s URL.
  2. Select’shop.’
  3. Choose your favorite KaChava powder flavor.
  4. Choose how often your subscription will be delivered.
  5. Continue to Checkout .
  6. Confirm your email, shipping, and billing information.

Ka’Chava Customer Review Analysis

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

Ka’Chava is a nutrient-dense vegan meal replacement shake that provides numerous health benefits for active adults. We examined the protein shakes in this KaChava review to learn more about their health advantages and what makes them so popular. In order to present a balanced perspective, we searched the web for brand reviews as part of our GNGuides assessment of the Ka’Chava shakes. The shakes have received rave reviews from a large percentage of customers on the brand’s website.

Kachava’s chocolate meal replacement shake has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which is similar to the review rating on the brand’s website.


Overall, the shakes received a lot of positive feedback. We found review after review praising the taste of the shakes, with phrases like “”This is the best tasting powered food supplement I’ve ever had!” ” and”The flavor is nice. It’s not chalky, it’s very smooth, and it’s great blended with ice and fruit or agave to sweeten it up”. Additionally, customers also commented on how great the consistency is, with the perfect consistency and thickness.  Many customers prefer the chocolate shake, but some reviewers complained that the flavors left an unpleasant taste in their mouths. 


The majority of customers reported that the Ka’chava shakes increased their energy levels. They praised it not only for how much more physical energy it gave them, but also for how it made them feel mentally prepared for the day ahead, with comments like “I feel tremendous amounts of energy, and way less brain fog,” and “My Ka’Chava breakfast gives me noticeably more physical and mental energy all day.”

In contrast, not everyone agreed that the superfood-infused shakes gave them more energy, with some reviewers dissatisfied because the shakes made them sleepy and that they were overpriced.

Ease of Use

The whole-body meal shakes are also praised for being simple and quick to prepare. Ka’chava tastes great and makes me feel great. It’s also incredibly simple to make. 

Kachava Customer Reviews

Daughter recommended chocolate Ka’Chava after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The first thing I do each day is drink Ka’Chava in almond or coconut milk. It keeps me from getting nauseous, gives me necessary protein and nutrients, and seems to make it easier to eat other lighter food later.

5 Star Review @Ka’Chava

I purchased the Chocolate flavor and am very pleased with it. It’s a good, quick lunch substitute for staying on track while working from home. This is SO DELICIOUS with a spoonful of peanut butter and a handful of berries. I’ve lost weight, am more satisfied, and overall feel better. It appeals to me.

Ka’Chava 5 star review – Amazon

This was something I tried because I needed a healthy, high-protein shake to supplement my protein intake, and this fit the bill. However, it tastes terrible. I eventually mixed it half and half with my regular protein shake, which made the flavor bearable while still providing some nutrients. However, I am not going to buy it again. It’s very expensive for something I can barely stomach.

Ka’Chava 2 star review – Amazon

Ka’Chava has a sizable social media following, with over 183k Instagram followers and over 120k Facebook friends. The pages are jam-packed with brand-related information and health-related articles.

Where Can You Buy Kachava?

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

The Ka’chava shake is only available on the brand’s website.

How Much Does Ka’Chava Cost?

One 15-serving bag of Ka’Chava costs $69.95, or $4.66 per serving. If you sign up for a subscription, the price drops to $59.95 for 15 serves. In addition, when you buy one of Ka’Chava’s meal replacement packs, a portion of the proceeds is contributed to the rainforest trust.

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Kachava Promotions and Discounts

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

We search the internet for current special deals as part of our KaChava review. The brand is currently not offering any specials, but see below for ways to save.

Sign Up To Kachava Emails

When you sign up to receive emails, you will be the first to hear of exclusive offers and be notified of the latest products. Additionally the brand offers new customers a 11% discount when you sign up.

Ka’Chava Rewards Club

KaChava rewards club offers the ability to earn points and save money to honor its loyal clients. The rewards club is free, and when you join, you will automatically receive 250 points.

As a bronze member, you receive two points for every dollar you spend up to $299 in a single year. When you spend $300, you advance to the silver level and receive five points for every dollar spent. Customers that spend more than $600 earn gold status. When they spend a $1, they get 10 points. You have up to 12 months to utilize your points before they expire, and you can redeem them for specific discounts. KaChava offers a $5 discount voucher in exchange for 500 points and a $25 coupon in exchange for 25,000 points. To save even more on your shopping, apply a single coupon or combine coupons.


Every month, the company gives away five free bags of Ka’Chava. To enter, simply input your email address on the website.

Refer A Friend

If you like your Kachava shake, tell your friends so you can earn money off your next order. Kachava’s refer a friend promotion guarantees that when you recommend a friend, not only will they receive $15 off their first purchase, but you will also receive $15 for each successful referral. 

Contact Kachava

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Complete the contact form
  • Email: support@kachava.com
  • Call: 1 (855) 668 7574
  • Check out their support pages

Kachava Overview

kachava reviews, kachava shake, kachava meal replacement, kachava protein, kachava protein powder, kachava for weight loss

Simon Malone founded Ka’Chava in 2014 with the goal of changing people’s attitudes toward food. He left the corporate world because his health was too important to him, and he became obsessed with superfoods. As eating healthy was difficult, he decided to create KaChava after researching which nutrients we need more of and which ones satisfy hunger and provide energy throughout the day. He wanted his product to be the most natural on the market so that people could maintain good health no matter how hectic their lives were.

Kachava Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Kachava Located?

Ka’chava is made in a cutting-edge pharmaceutical-grade facility in southern California. They get their superfoods from organic farms in various climates around the world that use sustainable farming practices.

Does Kachava Have a Return Policy?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is available. If you decide you don’t like the powder within that time, contact the manufacturer for a full refund. 

Kachava Shipping Policy

If you buy two or more bags of Kachava, shipping is free; otherwise, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. All 50 states, as well as American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and the Northern Mariana Islands are supported by the brand.

Standard shipping takes 4 to 7 business days, priority shipping takes 2 to 3 business days, and next-day delivery takes 2 to 3 business days. Orders are processed in about 2 business days. 

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