Hytest Boots Review: The Ultimate Guide

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Hytest Boots is a premium safety footwear company creating a comprehensive range of safety boots and shoes for every work environment and conceivable hazard for Men and women.

This HYTEST Safety Footwear guide reviews the Hytest Boots Range and examines the pros and cons of this brand.

Hytest Boots Reviews

HYTEST is the world’s oldest manufacturer of safety shoes and continues to be the leader in innovative safety shoe technology, offering various styles for men and women.

The only brand of safety shoe to receive the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association–The Podiatrists) certification for a comfortable safety shoe is their high-quality sub-brand “FootRests.”


Every piece of Hytest® footwear is created with the customer’s workday in mind. No matter which boot or shoe you choose, the Hytest collection meets ASTM Standards and is designed to fit the share of your foot so that you can count on comfort and protection.

The company strives to create products for the harshest environments, from high-heat steel mills to operating complex equipment. 

Met-guards have been tested to protect foot tops from even the most severe hazards, and the innovative materials can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.

Waterproofing, traction, and internal met-guards flex with you, allowing you to meet the daily challenges of ever-changing work environments.

Electrical hazard and static dissipating protection, as well as slip-resistant outsoles, will keep you safe at every stage of production.

Where Are Hytest Safety Footwear Made?

Hytest boots are manufactured in a number of countries, including the Dominican Republic, the United States of America, and China.

What Widths are Available in Hytest Boots?

Hytest safety boots are made in a range of widths to provide customers with the best possible fit.

  • N – Narrowest
  • B – Narrow
  • D – Average / Medium
  • E – Narrowist of the wide widths
  • 2E – Extra Wide Width
  • 3E – Wider than the 2E
  • 4E – Hytests Widest Boot

Pros And Cons Of Hytest Boots

What We Like!

  • Leader in Innovative Safety shoe technology
  • Comfortable boots and shoes
  • Wide range of boots and shoes 
  • Excellent customer service

What We Don’t Like!

  • Some customers complained of boots being too narrow

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Hytest Boots

Hytest Boots Review

FootRests® 2.0 Tread Nano Toe 6″ Hiker Boot

With comfort and protection in mind, the FootRests® 2.0 Tread Nano Toe Hiker incorporates key technologies that improve breathability, slip resistance, support, and all-day endurance.


The FootRests® 2.0 Tread Hiker is constructed of abrasion-resistant TecTuff material, a non-metallic nanosafety toe, a lightweight Xergy® anti-fatigue foam midsole that absorbs shock and returns energy. In addition, the new FootHolds® enhanced rubber outsole is oil and slip resistant, improving worker productivity and safety in high-slip areas.

The Hytest Safety Footwear, Footrests® 2.0 Tread Nano Toe 6″ Hiker costs $180 and is available in black, grey, navy, and tan.

Five customer reviews and an average rating of 3.6 stars have been received thus far for the Footrests.

Three reviewers gave the Hytest boots five stars, stating that they are durable yet comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

Negative reviewers expressed disappointment that the color of the boots faded and the boots wrinkled after a few days.

My employer pays for my safety shoes at our warehouse. For years I wore Timberland Pro waterproof hikers and was looking for a new shoe with more comfort. Have to say these are one great pair of shoes.

I work about half of each shift walking on the warehouse floor: great inserts and really nice shoes. I have one small issue with a squeak in one that could be from the insert rubbing against the inside of the shoe sole….trying some foot powder to see if that goes away.

Five-Star Review @Hytest safety footwear

Apex Waterproof Metatarsal Guard Composite Toe Wellington Boots

The Apex waterproof boot is constructed entirely of full-grain leather. They feature a lightweight breathable membrane integrated directly into the shoe or boot’s liner to keep feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions. 

Poron XRD is a breakthrough in Metatarsal Guard Technology, and the proprietary foam material Poron XRD is so light and flexible that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing a metatarsal guard!


The Hytest boot complies with safety standards by providing a barrier protecting the wearer from open electrical currents up to 600 volts and from injury caused by falling and rolling objects.

Additionally, the Boots feature Slip Resistant Soles, which help prevent slip-and-fall injuries on wet, oily, and greasy floors.

Apex Waterproof Metatarsal Guard Composite Toe Wellington Boots cost $205 at Hytest Boots.

These boots have received seven customer reviews, with an average rating of 4.6 stars.

According to most positive reviews, the guard boots are comfortable, durable, and made of high-quality materials. They are also easy to slip on, and the fit is perfect.

The boots are comfortable but smelly, according to the one negative review.

I get these boots thru my employer and I have to say they are most comfortable. Feels like wearing sneakers with industrial strength protection. Highly recommended.

Five-star review @Hytest Safety Footwear

Had these boots for a month and they are comfortable. The thing I don’t like is that they make my feet smell horrible and I wasn’t expecting that for the price of the boots!

Two-star review @Hytest Boots

Kane Waterproof Insulated Composite Toe 6″ Work Boot

The Kane Waterproof Insulated Composite Toe 6″ work boots come with various features; Uppers are made of full-grain waterproof leather with an abrasion-resistant rubber vamp.

The abrasion-resistant breathable mesh lining adds to their durability and comfort, while the HY-Dry Waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry and allows them to breathe freely.


You won’t want to take these Hytest work boots off because they have a Memory foam footbed and a Lightweight EVA cushion midsole for added comfort.

The boots also have an oil and slip-resistant rubber outsole, making them suitable for use in potentially dangerous situations.

These Hytest work boots cost $180 and are ASTM F2413-11 M 1/75 C/75 EH compliant, with left and right safety toe caps that fit separately.

The average review rating for these Hytest work boots is 3.2 stars, based on five reviews.

Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with these work boots, claiming that they run narrow and become uncomfortable after a few hours while they look great.

I ordered these 11.5 W. I always order 11.5 dbl E width and when they came they were way too narrow. Also as narrow as they were when a walked with them the heal rubbed. I have returned them hopefully youll get them back soon

Three-star review @Hytest safety footwear

FootRests® 2.0 Charge Waterproof Nano Toe 6″ Hiker

These footrests® 2.0 Charge Waterproof Nano Toe Hiking Boots are constructed of premium TecTuff abrasion-resistant waterproof leather and mesh. The moisture-wicking mesh lining combined with the waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry all day.

The work boots feature a CoreTempTM temperature control lining that absorbs heat for a cooling effect and then releases it to keep you warm.


Additionally, they feature a removable FootRests® trilayer, an anti-fatigue footbed, and a Xergy® anti-fatigue foam midsole that absorbs shock and returns energy to keep your feet comfortable all day.

FootRests® 2.0 Charge Waterproof Nano Toe 6″ Hiker retail for $205 at Hytest Boots.

Four customers have given the Footrest boots an average rating of 4.5 stars.

The boots took a few days to break in, but they are comfortable, durable, waterproof, and stylish.

Only took a few days to break them in. Had to swap the insole because it was too thin for the balls of my feet and they hurt at the end of the day. I have sweaty feet big time and I still sweat in these but I think it’s a lot better than any other steel toe boot I’ve worn.

Four-star review @Hytest Boots

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Hytest Safety Footwear

Hytest Shoes Review

Annex Metatarsal Guard Nano Toe Athletic

The Annex Athletic shoe features a Xergy anti-fatigue foam midsole that absorbs shock and returns energy, and an oil-and slip-resistant rubber outsole. The Hytest shoe also includes an athletic-inspired design constructed of leather and abrasion-resistant TecTuff material, a non-metallic nanosafety toe, and the lightweight HYTEST-exclusive Terrapin internal met-guard technology.


Terrapin’s internal metatarsal guard is constructed of dual-density TPU: the external shell deflects energy away from the foot, while the cushion layer on the inside absorbs shock.

Annex Metatarsal Guard Nano Toe Athletic cost $145.

Five reviewers gave these Hytest work shoes an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchase of these Hytest shoes, stating that they keep their feet comfortable during long days on their feet and that the comfort is out of this world.

One customer did mention that the insoles can feel weird and can sometimes be uncomfortable.

I am very happy with this style. I am required to wear a met-guard and struggle to find styles that can keep my feet comfortable for long days on my feet. This style has done the trick! I will definitely purchase again in the future.

Five-star review @Hytest Boots

Avery Conductive Steel Toe Shoes

The Avery Conductive Steel toes shoes feature a full-grain leather upper and an abrasion-resistant mesh lining for added durability and comfort. These work shoes feature HY-Ground technology, which strategically places conductive material around the upper, a Molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning, and a G-044 oil and slip-resistant conductive rubber outsole to keep your feet safe in hazardous situations.


Avery Conductive Steel Toe Shoes cost $145 at Hytest Boots. These Hytest steel toe shoes have received no reviews to date.

Hytest Boots Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this Hytest Boots review, GNGuide visits a variety of other websites around the world to learn what their customers think about the products.

Finding external reviews has proven quite tricky; we discovered numerous individual reviews praising the shoes, but we found none on any major review sites.

Hytest Safety Footwear are active on social media, with 16,700 people following the @hytestsafetyfootwear Facebook page and 2,100 individuals following the Hytest safety footwear Instagram page.

Hytest footwear review

Where Can You Buy Hytest Boots?

The complete Hytest Boots Collection is available at hytest.com.

Alternatively, the boot collection is available in a variety of stores across the country.

Hytest Boots Promo Codes, Discounts, and Promotions

We searched for discount codes and promo codes as part of the GNGuide Hytest Boots review.

Check out the Hytest promo code page to stay up to date on current promotions.

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Hytest Safety Footwear

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Hytest Boots Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hytest Boots Shipping Policy?

Hytest ships exclusively to the United States of America.

Shipments within the contiguous United States

  • Standard shipping is complimentary on orders over $99 and is $7 on all other orders. Delivery is estimated to take between two and six business days.
  • Express Delivery is $15 and takes between two and three days to arrive.
  • Rush shipping is $30, and delivery is estimated to take one to three business days.

Alaska and Hawaii shipments

Express shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $25, and delivery is estimated to take between two and four business days.

Shipping To Military Post Offices In The United States

Second Day Air Delivery is $5.95 and takes between ten and twenty business days to arrive.

Hytest Boots Return Policy

Within 30 days of purchase, Hytest Boots will gladly accept the return of UNWORN merchandise.

Exchanges are always complimentary. You must return the item(s) in their original packaging.


About Hytest Safety Footwear

Since 1933, Hytest has been at the forefront of safety footwear service and product innovation.

Their distribution network covers the entirety of the United States as well as Puerto Rico.

The company is dedicated to developing and incorporating cutting-edge technology into its footwear in order to protect workers from foot injuries while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Hytest Boots Contact information

Before contacting Hytest Safety footwear directly, you might want to look through their FAQ page, which may answer your questions.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can reach Hytest Boots through a variety of channels:

  • Call on 1 (877) 565 1482
  • Chat using the chat button on the website.
  • Location: Hytest.com customer service, 1400 Industries Road, Richmond, IN 47374.

Does GNGuide Recommend Hytest Boots?

Hytest, the world’s oldest safety shoe manufacturer, wouldn’t be where they are today without producing high-quality work boots, shoes, and wellingtons. 

The company is known for producing award-winning innovative products as well as comfortable safety boots for everyone.

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Hytest Safety Footwear

If you are unable to find an appropriate pair of safety boots or shoes at Hytest Safety Footwear you might want to check out the following retailers:

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