How to help Children Balance On An Electric Scooter

Have you just gotten your kid an electric scooter? It could have been a birthday or Christmas present, and you probably didn’t think about the fact that they would have to learn to ride it. Some kids are born with the balance and coordination needed to ride a bike or scooter, while others need to practice before they can actually start going.

Tips To Help Your Child Balance On An Electric Scooter

help children balance on an electric scooter

It may take some time and energy to teach your kids to ride an electric scooter safely, but let us provide you with some helpful tips to get you on your way!

Overbalancing on a scooter is similar to overbalancing on a bike. You can skip this if they already know how to ride a bike without training wheels, but if they don’t, there are two options, depending on the type of scooter they have.

If you go for a standard kids’ scooter, you can either pull them along while they grasp the handlebars and rest both feet on the deck, or you can show them how to stop by placing one foot on the floor while keeping the other on the deck. You can’t exactly guide a kid on an electric scooter while it’s running, and they shouldn’t use the ground as a brake. Instead, you should have them practice balancing on one foot while it’s off and then transferring that foot to the deck while you hold the scooter still.

Determine Your Child’s Dominant Foot

The first step for any scooter rider is to discover their dominant foot. Like being right- or left-handed, the majority of people favor their right foot, hence the term “regular stance.” Yet, there are still many left-foot dominant individuals. After you know which foot is dominant, you can teach your child to walk with their strong foot behind their weaker foot. The person’s weaker foot will stay on the scooter while their stronger one does the pushing.

Make sure the scooter is set up correctly

There’s also the matter of adjusting the electric scooter’s height to your kid’s specific height. The handlebars on most electric scooters may be adjusted to the rider’s height, which is crucial for both riding comfort and safety.

Have your kid stand on the deck in their outdoor sports shoes while you balance the scooter for them. The handlebars should be set somewhere between the rider’s hips and their waist. Despite the fact that it’s enticing for many kids, you shouldn’t let them adjust the handlebars so that they’re over their waist. If the handlebars are excessively high, the rider will lose control of the scooter. As a starting point, waist height is ideal.

Learn How To Kick Start The Electric Scooter

To ride an electric scooter, you need to put one foot on the deck and the other on the ground, then push off with your foot. Now that they’ve worked hard to propel the vehicle forward, they must put all their weight on their feet while maintaining their balance.

You can provide support by holding their shoulders or their backs. Some guardians even run beside their kids when they ride electric scooters so that everyone may feel secure.

Learn How To Use The Brakes

Both the speed and stop controls for your electric scooter are on the handlebar, but on opposing sides. Some parts, however, were also created according to the manufacturers’ specifications. If you need help when you’re riding, then why not use these components? Check the height of your child’s first electric scooter to make sure his or her feet will touch the ground comfortably. As a result, the child enjoys the experience of riding more and develops self-assurance.

Start Slowly

They will probably begin by looking at the electric scooter’s features and settings rather than actually using it. Let them utilize it as they see fit, whether that is to sit, stand, or push. They’ll soon be zooming about in no time!

Show Your Child How To Balance On An Electric Scooter

A more experienced scooter rider, such as an older sibling, can teach a younger sibling the ropes if you both have access to one. Little children learn best by mimicking their elders, so lead by example. You could also show them some videos on YouTube if no one you know has a scooter. It’s common for youngsters to have a friend who can help them out.

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