How To Clean An Air Fryer

How To Clean An Air Fryer! Cleaning the air fryer is one of those tedious tasks that nobody likes to do. But if you follow these steps, it’s easy to clean the air fryer and keep smoke and oil from building up. 

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After some use, any appliance will inevitably become grimy and in need of a thorough cleaning. Just like any other kitchen appliance, your air fryer may start to smell and look a little dirty. Read on for some helpful advice if it’s time to clean your air fryer.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Fryer?

Some areas of your air fryer will require cleaning more frequently than others. Knowing how to clean the basket and drawer of an air fryer is crucial, as it must be done after each usage.

Give the air fryer a good cleaning every month or so. Keep in mind that silicone baskets, liners, and parchment paper can make cleanup a breeze after using an air fryer. They’ll make it so your air fryer doesn’t become dirty as often.

Other Do’s and Don’ts of Air Frying

How To Clean Your Air Fryer

While each kind of air fryer has its own quirks, they can all be cleaned in much the same way.

Clean Your Air Fryer After Every Use

We get it, cleaning is tedious, but think of all the time you’ll save by doing it right after each usage of the air fryer. You can avoid the buildup of gunk by giving your machine a quick clean after each use. Simply turn off your air fryer and allow it to cool.

Wipe The Air Fryer Basket And Pan With Soapy Water

As a first step, clean your basket and pan with some warm, soapy water. This won’t take long at all, thanks to the fact that the inner baskets and pans can be pulled out easily.

Submerge and leave the basket in the soapy water if you’ve neglected it for too long and it’s particularly unclean with stubborn stains. The baskets and pans of some models of air fryers can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  

Wipe The Bottom Chamber

Cleaning the machine’s bottom chamber can be a bit more of a pain, but it’s really necessary that you do so. 

Meat drippings, oil splatters, and crumbs can settle to the bottom of the chamber. It’s best to remove the basket and the pan, and then use a moist paper towel or clean dish towel to wash off the interior of the machine before setting it aside to dry.

Wipe The Heating Element

Once the device has cooled down, the heating element can be wiped out. To gain access more easily, you could try turning the machine on its side.

Ensure You Dry The Air Fryer

After your quick clean, make sure to completely dry all of the parts of your air fryer before reassembling it. 

How Do You Get Tough Grease Out Of An Air Fryer?

Once a month at the very least, when you need to get tough grease out, give your air fryer a thorough cleaning.

If you have never given your air fryer a thorough cleaning before, follow these steps! You’ll require: 

  • Use Dawn’s Powerwash Spray.
  • Abrasive-free sponge 
  • a tooth brush

Take off the basket and drawer from your air fryer, then fill them with hot water and some Dawn dish soap. Just leave it for a while, and then use the soft sponge to scrub away any greasy residue that remains.

Then, spray with Dawn Powerwash Spray. Ten to fifteen minutes later, use a toothbrush to get in there and scrub the inside of your air fryer to remove the greasy buildup. Drain the water and dry the air fryer.

Can I Use Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean My Air Fryer?

If you are wondering how to clean an air fryer, don’t use vinegar and baking soda. The metal finish may be harmed by the chemical reaction that occurs when vinegar and baking soda are used together for cleaning. Just mix some baking soda with water and use that!

Mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water to make a paste. Air-fry it for 30 minutes, then scrub it with a toothbrush and water.

How To Clean The Air Fryer Heating Element

First, ensure the air fryer has cooled down to room temperature. Use a toothbrush or a nonabrasive sponge to scrape the bottom of the air fryer after spraying it with Dawn Powerwash Spray or a baking soda mixture. You should avoid getting the cleanser on the coils.

When the air fryer is cool, you can flip it over and use a damp, nonabrasive microfiber cloth to scrub the top and the area around the heating coil. Cleaning the heating element of an air fryer requires only water and careful handling to avoid damaging the coil.

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