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Guardline is a security firm that focuses on providing high-quality wireless driveway alarms.

This Guardline review delves into the brand to discover what customers have to say about the company’s products and whether they truly do keep your house safe.

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Guardline Review

Let us begin our Guardline review with a look at the brand’s mission.

‘to be the most dependable, reliable, and accurate outdoor motion detector technology on the market by taking the guesswork out of DIY home security for every customer’.

Let’s see if they succeed in their objective!

You won’t have to worry about your Guardline security devices failing because they’ve been rigorously tested for reliable and accurate wireless range promises. The gadgets are put through their paces in dense woods, hailstorms, high winds, and snowstorms, among other scenarios, to ensure there are no false alarms.

Where Is Guardline Located?

Guardline, established in Yelm, Washington, is the most popular wireless driveway alarm in the United States according to the brand.

Pros And Cons Of Guardline

What We Like!

  • Easy to install
  • All alarms have plenty of features
  • Extensively tested in all weather conditions

What We Don’t Like!

  • Some customers complained the volume was too low

Guardline Wireless Driveway alarms

Guardline’s wireless driveway alarm is an outdoor DIY motion sensor alert system that provides you with a sense of security by alerting you when someone enters your property.

Place the receiver in your home and the sensors near your driveway or porch, and as long as there are no significant obstacles in the way, you’ll be able to detect a signal when someone enters those regions.

During our investigation of Guardline’s home security systems, we discovered that installation is quick and easy, meaning that anyone can set up the motion sensor alert system.

You’ll be able to pair up to 16 sensors per receiver, depending on the size of your property. If you have a two-story house or a shed at the end of the garden, consider the purchase of a second receiver to hear the alarm if a sensor is triggered.

guardline wireless driveway alarm

What Customers Say!

The Guardline wireless driveway alarm has earned 1,502 reviews so far, with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Seventy-four percent of the reviews were five stars, while only five percent were one star.

The driveway alarm was reported to perform flawlessly by the majority of consumers, with numerous positive comments such as:

  • The range signal is powerful enough to reach the sensor from our long driveway, where we installed it.
  • Setup is a breeze.
  • Because it can be mounted higher than prior alarms, it no longer gets activated by wildlife.

There were some bad reviews, as with any product. When the device detects someone, it lights up instead of pinging, according to some consumers. Additionally there were also some complaints about the brand’s customer support being slow to respond.

Guardline Long Range Driveway Alarm Review

The long range driveway alarm is identical to the 500ft driveway alarm. The only exception is it has a greater range and will work up to a quarter mile distant in extreme weather.

guardline driveway alarm

What Customers Say!

The long-range driveway alarm received comparable feedback as the other alarm on the market. The alarm received a 4.4-star rating from 1313 reviewers.

SadoTech Wireless Doorbells

Wireless doorbells from the company are a big seller. All of the alarms are wireless and long-range, allowing you to set them up anywhere in your house.

The doorbells come with a 1,000-foot range and a waterproof button. You can customise with 52 distinct tones and four different volume settings.

The doorbells, like the wireless driveway alarms, are simple to set up; simply connect in your receiver and mount the button.

sadotech wireless doorbell
sadotech doorbell
guard line sadotech wireless doorbell

What Customers Say!

To date, Sadotech wireless doorbells have gained a lot of excellent feedback. Customers appreciate how simple it was to install and set up the doorbells, as well as the variety of tones available and the wonderful value the doorbells provided.

A few reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the doorbell since they couldn’t hear it clearly.

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Guardline Reviews From Other Sources

GNGuide checks numerous review sites as part of our Guardline review to learn more about customers’ opinions on the brand’s wireless security equipment.

Our investigation began on Amazon, where the company’s security devices have garnered a lot of excellent feedback:

There are 1982 reviews for the 1/4 mile wireless driveway alarm, with an average rating of 4.4 stars.
There are 5788 reviews for the 500ft wireless driveway alarm, with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

We then went to Best Views Reviews, where the brand has once again received a lot of positive feedback, with the 1/4 mile wireless driveway alarm rating 8.9 out of 10 and the wireless driveway alarm scoring a whopping 9.5 out of 10.

Customers’ opinions:

Customer service: The customer support team earned a mixed bag of ratings on the brand’s website, which are consistent with those found on other review sites.

Some of the following comments concerning Guardline’s customer service appeared in positive reviews:

  • While we weren’t too happy with the alarm, the customer support crew was fantastic to work with.
  • We encountered a problem and had a great time working with the customer support personnel.

The following are a few examples of unfavorable feedback:

  • After completing the customer service call, Guardline was meant to deliver a replacement receiver, but nothing arrived.
  • Customer service is delegated to a third party.
  • I sent an email to customer support but did not receive a response.

Quality: The quality of the companies’ alarms received mixed ratings once again. While some people praised the devices’ quality, others were less enthusiastic.

One dissatisfied customer said their item didn’t last, another said the quality wasn’t as advertised, and others shared the sensor quality was poor, with four of them malfunctioning due to moisture.

On the other hand, clients said the quality was exceptional and the range was adequate for their needs.

Price: The price of Guardline’s driveway alarms was widely praised, with many customers stating that the alarms were a fantastic product at an even better price.

Social Media

With over 15k likes on their @guardline Facebook page and 2k likes on their @guardlinesecurity Instagram account, Guardline has a growing social media following. While the brand does not publish on Instagram on a regular basis, its Facebook page has a wealth of information.

Where Can You Buy Guardline?

To avoid missing out on amazing offers, GN Guide recommends purchasing your guardline wireless driveway alarm directly from the brand’s website.

In addition, the brand has an Amazon store that offers excellent value.

Guardline Promotions and Discounts

We look for discounts and promotional codes as part of our GNGuide Guardline review to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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About Guardline

Guardline began as a modest business in Yelm, Washington in the summer of 2001. Since their beginnings in a teeny-tiny storage closet behind a local children’s theater, the home security company has developed quickly.

Sales soared swiftly, and the brand’s product line now includes a variety of home security solutions.

Guardline Security began producing their own products in 2011. The guardline motion alert system was launched after two years of hard effort, and its driveway alarms grew into one of the most respected and sought-after home security systems on the market.

Contact Guardline

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Call: 1 (888) 519 0413
  • Email:
  • Use the contact form
  • Check out their FAQs page

Guardline Frequently Asked Questions

Does Guardline Have a Return Policy?

Returns and exchanges are made simple and hassle-free by the brand.To begin, return any goods within 30 days for a complete refund with no questions asked.

You can also swap it for a different product that may suit your needs better. For a complete refund, all merchandise must be returned in new condition.

Do Guardline Driveway Alarms Have A Warranty Period?

All Guardline Security branded products come with a limited warranty. For two years from the date of purchase, the warranty covers faults in materials and workmanship.

In order to validate the warranty, buyers must register their purchase as described above.

Only new product purchases made through an authorized retailer are covered by the warranty. To validate the warranty, the original purchaser must register their purchase. 

Guardline Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

During our research, we discovered that Guardline provides dependable, high-quality wireless driveway alarms at a reasonable price. Not only are the alarms simple to set up and install, but the sensors are also simple to mount, and the devices perform as expected, so this Guardline review strongly suggests the brand.

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