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About Grant Stone

grant stone review

Grant Stone is an industry leader in men’s footwear, producing an extensive line of shoes and boots. More than four decades of combined experience and a shared passion for footwear make this a dream job for the entire crew. The company’s shoes are backed by the confidence that comes from knowing they were made using time-honored, hand-crafted bootmaking traditions and premium leather and components.

Grant Stone places a premium on quality, so it searches far and wide for the finest leathers and other materials it can find, drawing on the knowledge of the industry’s most reputable vendors. Italy provides the thick vegetable-tanned skins, Pennsylvania supplies the oil-dipped leather outsoles, and Massachusetts supplies the leather welts. 

In this Grant Stone review, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Grant Stone brand. 

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Grant Stone Review

grant stone review

What We Like!

  • Offer great value shoes compared with their competitors
  • Shoes are of excellent quality

What We Don’t Like!

  • Some people may wince that they are paying a lot of money for shoes made in China

Are Grant Stone Shoes Worth It?

Grant Stone is the perfect place to go if you’re in need of a sturdy, high-quality pair of footwear. From the very first moment we began looking into Grant Stone, we found them to be an upbeat, proactive firm that takes great pride in making shoes that customers love to wear again and again. The shoes are a great deal, and if you get them now, you can rest assured that you will get a pair that you adore. 

Is Grant Stone footwear Goodyear-welted?

grant stone review

All Grant Stone shoes are made using the time-honored technique of Goodyear welting (GYW) because of Stone’s unwavering faith in GYW’s superior durability and comfort. Shoes with Goodyear welts take a lot of time and effort to make by hand, thus they can’t be mass produced. Goodyear-welt shoes have been produced by Grant Stone’s Factory in Xiamen, China, for many years.

What Materials Do Grant Stone Use?

We appreciate that Grant Stone is open and honest about all they do, even the fact that they manufacture their shoes in China. They tell clients straight out where they source the materials used in their shoes and how they manage to produce such high quality footwear:

  • Uppers made entirely of leather are sourced from the finest tanneries in the United States, Great Britain, Italy, and France.
  • Leather linings: A buttery soft lining crafted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, may be found inside each and every pair of shoes. Because of these linings, even when worn without socks, each pair of shoes has a plush, pampered sensation.
  • Grant Stone uses Massachusetts-sourced leather welts that have been vegetable-tanned for added durability in every pair of shoes they make.
  • Vegetable-tanned leather insoles offer support and ensure your feet don’t grow tired.
  • Natural cork fillers are included in every pair of shoes to reduce the effects of impact and the moisture buildup that can occur throughout the day.
  • The steel shank has three ribs to help keep your feet in place. Your weight is evenly distributed as you move forward from the heel to the ball of your foot.

Are Grant Stone’s Shoes Made In China?

grant stone review

Grant Stone’s primary factory is in China’s Xiamen. Given that the majority of footwear manufacturers produce Goodyear-welt footwear in Western nations, you may be perplexed as to why Grant Stone chose to establish their headquarters in China. The company had already decided on their product vision and technical requirements before deciding to produce shoes in China; it just so happened that they had a history of working with the factory they picked to create their collections.

The director and co-founder Wyatt spent eight years honing their craft in the Xiamen factory, so they had a sense of the procedures and the crew in charge. Because of their close ties to production that prioritizes quality, the company decides to produce its goods in China. 

How Do Grant Stone Sizes compare?

According to Grant Stone, the majority of the shoes in their collections run one full size and one half sizes larger than the typical shoe size. The business also provides various widths: 

  • D is an average size
  • E is wide
  • EEE is extra wide.

Send an email with your size to if you are unsure of your size before placing your order, and they will assist you in determining your size. 

Grant Stone Boots Review

Grant Stone Diesel Boot

grant stone review

Diesel boots are appropriately named so that customers will remember that they are built for strength and durability. These boots are unique; they have a robust Micro Stud Rubber sole and heel that are made to withstand all weather conditions, and the Navy Horween Chromexcel leather gives the boots some depth by changing color as you move through various types of light.

The full-grain leather cow lining from Milwaukee feels wonderful against your feet, and these Diesel boots have a great appearance thanks to the brass eyelets and hooks. The Grant Stones Diesel Boots are $340. 

Are Grant Stone Diesel Boots Worth It?

To this day, every review of the Grant Stone boots has been five stars, with buyers praising the shoes for their high quality construction, exceptional comfort, and affordable price. 

Grant Stone Derbys and Oxfords Review

Grant Stone Fairfield Oxford

grant stone review

The Fairfield Oxford Shoes are a classic style of work shoe, with polished calfskin leather uppers sourced from a tannery in France. Vegetable-tanned leather insoles, a cork filler with a steel shank, full-grain leather heel counters, and full-grain leather uppers all contribute to the durability of these men’s Oxford shoes. Plus, Grant Stone has included a new, all-day-comfortable last. The Oliver last provides a roomier fit without compromising the classic cut of a dress shoe. The price tag on a pair of Grant Stone Oxfords is $295. 

Are The Grant Stone Oxford Shoes Worth It?

Given the newness of the Grant Stone line, only one consumer has taken the time to leave a review; that reviewer gave the shoes five stars and said they did what they were supposed to. 

Grant Stone Loafers Review:

Grant Stone Traveler Penny Loafer

grant stone review

Grant Stone designed the Penny Loafers with the wearer’s flexibility and comfort in mind. These are a must-have accessory that can be worn throughout the year and with any ensemble. These Penny loafers strike a nice blend of soft console/outsole tannage and a leather upper. These loafers are durable and comfortable thanks to their Goodyear-welt construction and Butyl rubber outsole. The Alexander last is featured in the shoes. Grant Stones’ Penny Loafers cost $275 at retail. 

Are Grant Stone Loafers Worth It?

All three reviewers agree that these loafers are fantastic; they are of high quality, they fit perfectly, and they look terrific with both casual and formal attire. 

Grant Stone Reviews From Other Sources

In order to provide an accurate assessment of Grant Stone, GNGuide analyzed customer feedback from a wide range of international websites. The Grant Stone website boasts over a thousand 5-star ratings, but we had a hard time finding any other sites with user reviews of this product. Customer reviews on the Grant Stone Facebook page were also overwhelmingly positive. We have also read numerous evaluations pertaining to specific shoes, and they have all been extremely good and supportive of the company’s stated mission to create high-quality footwear. 

‘VERY sturdy longwing brogue shoes with beautiful construction and attention to detail. Definitely follow the recommendation from Grant Stone on how to size yourself for their shoes; these run a half to whole size large, in my opinion, but are very comfortable when you get the fit right. I would say these are a clear step above Allen Edmonds’ quality in terms of both finishing details and overall build and for a better price to boot. I now own five pairs of shoes in this longwing style by different makers, and this pair is my overall favorite so far.’

Five-star review from the Grant Stone Website

Where Can You Buy Grant Stone Boots?

grant stone review

All Grant Stone footwear is sold through their online store and shipped from their Michigan Warehouse.

Grant Stone Discounts and Promotions

While conducting research for this Grant Stone review, GNGuide was unable to locate any coupons or other deals for the Grant Stone brand. The company tells clients they offer the best everyday value and that they don’t need to look elsewhere for sales or promotions. Visit their “last chance styles” page if you are interested in acquiring shoes with minor cosmetic faults or already sold out items. However, quantities of these styles tend to be restricted and soon depleted. 

Grant Stone Frequently Asked Questions

grant stone review

Grant Stone Shipping Policy

Inside the 48 contiguous states, shipping is on the house. It takes about 48 hours to process, verify, and ship an order, and most customers receive their packages within five business days.

Customers from outside of the US should call the company for assistance in placing an order and selecting the right size. Shipping fees for international orders change depending on your region. The cost might range from $30 (in Canada) to $70 (in Poland). Read through Grant Stone’s Frequently Asked Questions for more details. Usually, packages arrive within ten business days. 

What Is Grant Stone’s Return Policy?

Customers who live in the 48 contiguous states are eligible for free returns from this company. The merchandise must be returned within 15 days of purchase. Products should be unopened and unused. Not a single scratch or dent is allowed. Returns from overseas clients are accepted by Grant Stone, however the customer must cover the cost of the return shipment. 

How To Care For Your Grant Stone Shoes

Grant Stone offer customers some great advice when taking care of their shoes; they recommend you take the following steps each day:

  • Insert a cedar shoe tree to wick away moisture and support the upper to reduce creasing.
  • Use a moist towel or cloth to remove any sediments
  • Apply a conditioner or shoe cream every few weeks if the surface of the shoe looks dry or flat
  • Use a brush or polishing cloth to bring out the wax and oils in the leather.

Grant Stone Contact information

grant stone review

You can contact Grant Stone by using the contact form on their website.

If you have a sizing inquiry, you can contact Randy, who has over 30 years of experience in the Goodyear-welt business (269) 363-2488.

If you can’t find a pair of shoes or boots you like at Grant Stone, you might want to check out the following retailers:

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