FitTrack Scale Review: The Ultimate Guide

About FitTrack


FitTrack is a health technology company that uses health monitoring devices to easily and accurately track and measure your health.

FitTrack is a health tech business that has developed some of the most innovative fitness devices currently available. The corporation is stepping up their tracking of your vital signs. You may use their goods to better your health and fitness since they give you access to personalized data that guides you toward your objectives. They use state-of-the-art equipment to simplify your body measurements and give you the data you need to get there.

The company’s products leverage high-tech gadgets and useful apps to help you learn more about your own body. I hope this encourages you and helps you stay focused on your objectives. The Dara Scale, the Beebo family scale, and the Atria Tracker Smartwatch are the brand’s three main products. In addition, the company provides an innovative mobile application that delivers insightful metrics.

This FitTrack review examines the advantages and disadvantages of this premium health technology brand.

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FitTrack Review

What We Like

  • Offers a great variety of devices to monitor and track body metrics
  • App is easy to use
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Scales allow multiple users and features a handy infant mode.

What We Don’t Like!

  • Batteries not included in devices

Is FitTrack Worth It?

In conclusion, all of the health monitoring devices from FitTrack make it simpler to keep tabs on your health without leaving the house. The gadgets not only provide precise readings to help you better manage your health, but they also feature a slew of health data points that are unavailable on regular scales. Devices in the mid-price range are highly reliable, simple to operate, and accurate in their results. Make regular use of the tools and software to cement healthy routines into your life. 

What Is The FitTrack Health App?

FitTrack App

The FitTrack Pro App provides access to every one of your health metrics. The three tabs on the app make it easy to use. You can access your results for each metric on the home tab. For each metric, you’ll be able to see if you fall within a healthy range and get a description of it. The history tab is found after that.

You’ll find all of your results from the previous day, week, month, and year, as the name would imply. You’ll see that in addition to keeping track of your results, the average result for each metric is also available. Finally, you can create a profile for each user under the “Me” tab. You can also set reminders to take your measurements and enable integrations with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit. 

Where Are FitTrack Scales Made?

The company website states that it is based in Canada, but it does not specify where the products are manufactured.

FitTrack Smart Health Scales Review

Knowing what a smart scale is will help set the stage for a more in-depth discussion of the health monitoring devices offered by FitTracks. In contrast to a standard bathroom scale, a smart body scale can also measure fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone density. They allow you to keep track of data over time by syncing with a mobile app. The FitTrack smart scale is a reliable fitness tracking tool. You may measure your body in 17 different ways to keep yourself in check and make sure you’re making headway toward your objectives. 

What Do The FitTrack Smart Scales Measure?

The FitTracks scale can assess a whopping 17 different health indicators. Personalized metrics help you stay on target and give your health journey a serious boost. Look at the things you can keep tabs on: 

Metabolic Age

This metric takes into account your body structure, BMR, fat, and muscle mass. It provides an accurate picture of your health by informing you of your body’s age in relation to your actual age.

Body Fat Percentage (BFP)

Knowing your body fat percentage enables you to analyze and manage your routine more effectively, as well as determine whether you need to make any changes to your diet or exercise routine.

Body Water Percentage

The percentage of water found in the body is another important metric to monitor as it is critical to avoiding dehydration and ensuring your body has what it requires to function correctly.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR):

BMR is the number of calories your body requires each day to function at rest (how much energy your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day). This metric will assist you in meeting your fitness objectives, whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat surrounds your organs and is deep within the abdominal cavity. It’s the kind of fat you can’t see or touch. Measuring this metric ensures that you understand what’s going on inside your body. It also provides insight into any changes you might need to make to improve your overall health.

Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous Fat is the fat you can see in the mirror, and you’ll find it beneath the skin. This Fat is less harmful than Visceral Fat and is sometimes referred to as “stubborn” fat. This is because it is more difficult to lose. Understanding the critical distinction between Visceral Fat and Subcutaneous Fat provides insight into your body’s fat distribution, which can aid in predicting any risks of illness.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

FitTrack calculates your BMI based on your height and weight. It can be a great place to start if you want to get a quick picture of your physical health.

Body Fat Mass

The total weight of fat in your body is your body fat mass. It is critical to monitor and maintain a healthy Body Fat Mass because it can help reduce the risks of certain illnesses and increase overall wellness.

Weight Without Fat

Have you ever wondered what your body weight would be if you had 0% BFP? This metric calculates your weight without taking into account body fat. Weight Without Fat can be a helpful indicator for those attempting to lose weight. It can also be a helpful benchmark for goal setting, but keep in mind that every healthy body requires some fat to function.

Bone Mass

The predicted weight of bone minerals in the body is known as bone mass. Because bone mass declines slowly with age, it’s important to keep track of it to avoid any health surprises. A low Bone Mass may increase the risk of injury or provide information to help determine the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Muscle Mass Percentage

Because muscle mass naturally declines with age, muscle mass percentage is an excellent indicator of health. You can effectively gauge how healthy your body is aging by closely monitoring it! This metric is critical for anyone looking to gain muscle, improve fitness, or reduce their risk of injury or illness.

Muscle Weight

Keeping track of your muscle weight can help you reverse the aging-related loss of muscle mass and bone density. You can also use muscle mass to evaluate your training program or workout.

Protein Mass

The amount of protein in the body is your protein mass. Knowing and tracking protein mass can assist you in reaching your Muscle Mass objectives. Meeting the daily protein requirements will help your body maintain healthy nails, hair, and skin, as well as build muscle.

Protein Rate:

The percentage of protein found in your body expressed as a percentage relative to other compositional data is reflected in Protein Rate. It is essential for both your physical and mental health. Protein is also a necessary component of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. This is an important metric to keep track of on a regular basis.

Standard Weight

The recommended healthy and optimal weight is based on a variety of factors such as height, weight, age, and gender. This metric may inspire you to work towards your overall weight goals, but you should only use the metric as a guide.

Weight Control

Weight Control is a metric that compares your weight to the average weight for your age. This metric can help you determine how much you need to lose or gain in order to set realistic and smart goals for yourself.

Body Weight:

Having an accurate reading of your body weight is critical for certain athletes and in certain situations. However, this is not always the case. To get an accurate reading, weigh yourself at the same time and under the same conditions every day.

With all of these metrics at your disposal, you can easily take control of your health. Overall the metrics let you determine how you can make simple lifestyle changes that will benefit your body.

Fittrack offers two smart body scales, each designed for a slightly different genre; let’s take a look.

How To Use FitTrack Scales

To use the scales, you must:

  • Install the FitTrack Pro App.
  • Place your new scales on a flat, hard surface.
  • Put your bare feet on the scales.
  • The app will display your real-time body measurements.

FitTrack Dara Smart Scale Reviews

FitTrack Dara Smart Scale

The Smart Scale by Fittrack is designed for those who are serious about their health and wish to reduce their body weight. Dara’s smart scale works by sending tiny electrical currents through your body when you stand on its four metal electrodes. Hydrated muscle tissue allows the electrical signal to travel swiftly through the water, but fatty tissue slows it down.

Here’s where the Dara scale really shines, by measuring resistance and feeding that data into the tried-and-true Fittrack formulas for calculating body composition. The scales do not come with batteries, but will run on four AAA batteries. Furthermore, you must pair the scale with the app in order to see the full range of metrics; otherwise, you will only be able to see your body weight on the scales. Right now, you can get one for just $79. For up-to-date pricing and delivery rates to your area, please visit the FitTrack website. 

Is The FitIndex Dara Scale Worth It?

Currently, 1,664 buyers have given the Dara smart scales a perfect five-star rating. Even though we looked, we were unable to locate any consumer comments regarding the few bad evaluations of the Dara scales. Many consumers were impressed that the digital scales allowed them to keep tabs on their health and weight, but overall satisfaction was high. They remarked that it was intuitive and full of useful information. 

This scale is one of the best and most informative scales that I ever used. I love that it goes beyond giving me my weight, but gives me so much more helpful information that helps me 🙂

Five star review @FitTrack

FitTrack Beebo Family Smart Scale Reviews

FitTrack Beebo

The Beebo smart scale is wide enough to accommodate you and your growing family. During your nine months of pregnancy, you can easily monitor your health and weight with the help of pregnancy mode. Then, after giving birth, you can change the settings to “infant” to track your baby’s development.

The Beebo smart scale’s large platform can accommodate users of varying heights and widths, so everyone in your household can use it to learn about their body composition and work toward their weight and fitness goals. As an added bonus, eight profiles are recognized automatically, making it easy to keep everyone in your family in shape. Usually sold for $189.99, the Beebo Smart Scale and Pregnancy Tracker is on sale for $89. 

Is The FitIndex Beebo Scale Worth It?

Another consumer favorite, Beebo Scale, has received 797 reviews, with a perfect 5-star average. There was a lot of praise for the Beebo scales, just like there was for the Dara smart scales. Customers loved being able to monitor their progress in terms of weight and other metrics throughout their pregnancies and also to weigh their newborns after they were home. 

Love this scale as it does everything from normal weight tracking to tracking pregnancy weight to being able to help weigh my daughter. This is by far the best scale out there and works without any issues!

Five Star review @FitTrack

Tempo Infrared Thermometer

Use Tempo to ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones. This cutting-edge infrared thermometer was developed by medical professionals and allows for precise temperature readings to be taken without ever touching the patient. The thermometer is a must-have for any household since it allows for clean measurements of body temperature (through the forehead or ear).

Taking your child’s temperature is easy, even if they are sleeping, thanks to the target laser that allows for fast and precise readings. Tempo’s one-second reading makes it a convenient and quick way to track your vitals on the fly. The regular price of a Tempo thermometer is $90, however at the moment you can get one for only $69.95. 

Best thermometer! Works quickly and very accurate. Couldn’t be happier!

Five Star Review @FitTrack

FitTrack Reviews From Other Sources


As a last step of the FitTrack review, GNGuide scours the web for user feedback about the company and its health trackers. We first looked at Trustpilot for information. There has been a wide range of opinions expressed about the brand thus far, with an average rating of 3.5 stars. Sixty-eight percent of reviews gave an average rating of four or five stars, which means the brand did well. Nevertheless, twenty-eight percent of reviews were one star, which is incongruous with the reviews available on their website.

We started with the good reviews and saw that most of them mentioned how quickly their orders were fulfilled. Other reviewers also commented on the FitTrack scales’ effectiveness as a motivator. Customers have reported success with weight loss after using the scales because of the insight gained from analyzing their data.

According to the data, 28% of reviewers were unhappy with their purchases, and the majority of these evaluations were made during the past three months. Poor service to customers was the primary source of negative feedback. Customers were especially irritated that orders were never delivered and that they never received a response to their communications. Clients also complained that customer support was unhelpful while trying to sync with the necessary app. 

Amazon Reviews

Trustpilot reviews are very different from Amazon reviews. There were 6,303 reviews of the Dara smart scale, and it was rated 4.4 stars overall. Amazingly, 85% of reviewers gave four or five stars, while only 7% gave one star. Users praised the app for being straightforward and easy to navigate.

They also found the scales to be accurate, easy to read, and straightforward to set up. Similar customer disappointment was expressed, albeit to a lesser extent than on Trustpilot. Customers had trouble connecting the scales to the mobile app, and others complained about unhelpful support staff.

FitTrack Social Media Stats

Both the @GetFitTrack Facebook page (with 84,000 likes) and the fittrack Instagram page (with 127,500 likes) for the product have a large number of users. Both accounts feature information about fresh offerings and helpful health recommendations. In addition, you’re informed of all the most recent discounts. 

Where Can You Buy FitTrack?

The FitTrack Health Management Ecosystem collection is available in various locations worldwide, but the best deals are on the FitTrack website. Alternatively, you could go to their Amazon page.

Promo Codes, Discounts, and Promotions for FitTrack


As part of GNGuides FitTrack review, we look for discount codes, promotional codes, and other ways to save. The following discounts are available from the brand:

Refer A Friend

Give your friends 20% off and get a $10 Amazon gift card for every friend you refer after their first purchase.

FitTrack Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FitTrack Shipping Policy?

FitTrack provides free shipping to a wide range of countries around the world. As you check out, you’ll be able to see if your location qualifies.  All orders are processed within two business days, but shipping times are not specified.

FitTrack Return Policy

The brand wants to ensure that its customers are completely satisfied. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact a customer success agent who will assist you. Fittrack’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee entitles you to a full refund if the item is returned in its original packaging.

About FitTrack

In 2019, Jeffrey Lee and Marius Ronnov founded FitTrack, a health technology company. They began with the idea that the type of health information people usually obtain at the doctor’s office should be readily available in their homes.

Following extensive research and development, the FitTrack team created a prototype that provided health data with similar accuracy as medical devices found in hospitals.

The brand’s mission is to create an ecosystem that promotes the well-being and health of its users. Their mission is to assist people in maintaining an ongoing, positive, and healthy relationship with their bodies.

FitTrack Contact information

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact FitTrack directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Messager: Facebook Messenger
  • Check out their FAQ page.
  • Address: 315 Queen Street WestToronto, ON M5V2A4

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