FitPulse Massage Gun Review: The Ultimate Guide

About FitPulse Massage Gun

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

Until recently the FitPulse Massage gun was only available through the brands Amazon store, but due to their popularity, the firm is growing and now sells a selection of massage guns on their official website. As a relatively new brand, we were excited to hear a range of positive feedback from consumers. When you look closer, you can see that their massage guns are very similar to some of the best-selling massage guns and come with a great range of accessories.

Fitpulse is a forward-thinking fitness firm that focuses on offering tools to improve their clients’ training, performance, and well-being. This Fitpulse massage gun review will investigate the brand to discover if their massage gun line meets client expectations.

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Fitpulse Massage Gun Review

What We Like!

  • A great range of entry level massagers at an affordable price.
  • Free shipping

What We Don’t Like!

  • Massage guns are quite heavy

Is The FitPulse Massage Gun Worth It?

If you’re looking for your first massage gun, then you may like to consider the Fitpulse massage gun range. The massage guns feature typical specifications, and offers excellent value for money, making them an excellent choice for home and personal use. The percussive massage guns help the body heal faster by improving blood flow and repair, which minimizes the risk of injury from activity and is useful in warming-up exercises.

FitPulse Pro Massage Gun Review

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

FitPulse’s leading massager, the FitPulse Pro Massage Gun, is an excellent pick for your first massage gun. The Fitpulse deep tissue percussion massage gun comes with 17 attachments constructed of durable plastic, making it an excellent device for use on various areas of your body. The Fitpulse massager is simple to use. It has a touchscreen display that is a little difficult to operate at first but becomes user friendly after you get the hang of it.

Furthermore, it has a 10 mm amplitude, which will provide more of a relaxing massage and will not provide a deep massage, so if you’re searching for something that can eliminate all of the knots, you may want to try another massage gun. The percussion speed varies from 1800 to 3200 RPM, and the gun has 30 speed options. Furthermore, the Fitpulse percussion massage gun is extremely quiet; at low speeds, the sound is barely audible.

FitPulse Massage Gun Features

The Fitpulse Pro massage gun has 30 speed levels and a maximum of 3200 strong strokes per minute, as well as 17 head attachments, providing you with lots of possibilities. The massager has an 8-hour battery life when used at low settings and is incredibly quiet when in operation.

Who Is The FitPulse Massage Gun For?

The Fitpulse Massage Gun is an excellent choice for your first massage gun. It has a variety of simple features at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for personal and home use. For those who exercise regularly and are looking for something with a range of features, the Fitpulse massage guns are probably not for you.    

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FitPulse Pro Massage Gun Reviews

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

The Fitpulse Pro Massage Gun is ideal for individuals who seek efficient body pain relief and muscle massage. The Fitpulse massage gun is a well-designed entry level massage gun and compares well to other leading models.

The Pro massage gun has 544 ratings on the Fitpulse website, all of which are three stars or higher, which is really outstanding. We read a lot of excellent feedback, “I use it frequently and it works wonders on my aching muscles” to “this is a fantastic massage gun; excellent pressure, a plethora of attachments, and an even better price.” Every feature of the percussion massage gun impressed customers.

We also explore various review sites as part of our Fitpulse Pro massage gun review to see what consumers think of the brand in order to offer our readers a more balanced perspective. The massagers earn a lot of positive feedback on the Fitpulse website, so let’s see if customers on other sites agree. We began our analysis with Walmart. The consumer reviews on this website were remarkably similar to those on the brand’s website. The percussion massager, for example, has 747 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Fitpulse massagers also garnered excellent praise on, with all massagers receiving a variety of positive ratings.


Customers said the massage guns were very durable and appreciated the variety of attachments offered. Reviewers appreciated that their massagers arrived in a solid carrying case.


Many reviewers say they use the Fitpulse massage gun every day to relieve pain. The many attachments and different speeds are quite valuable to customers, with the main drawback being the weight of the massager.

Battery life

The outstanding battery life is one component of the massage gun that reviews agree on. One buyer reported that they charged it once and used it eight times in 15 minutes and it is still working. If you use the massager at high speeds, however, the charge doesn’t last as long.

Customer Review

I’m really impressed with this gun. I’ve tried a few and this one mostly rivals equipment that is 2-3x the price. I’d say this is going to be a great choice for 95% of users considering one. It’s easy to use, solid quality, and the attachments are all pretty good quality, too. It’s really quiet, and the handle is nice and grippy and easy to hold. The build quality is great. No feelings of weakness or looseness anywhere. The only issue I can really find with it only applies to fit and muscular people. If you have dense muscles to punch through, this might not pack enough punch, so for athletes I’d recommend something stronger. For the other 95% of us who prefer Netflix to the gym, this is perfect.

5 Star review @Fitpulse store

Social Media

As a developing brand, you can discover them on Facebook at @fitpulsecom and Instagram at @thisisfitpulse.

Where Can You Buy The FitPulse Massagers?

Fitpulses’ massage guns can be purchased directly from the company’s website, as well as from Amazon, Walmart, and a variety of other online stores.

Other Massage Guns Available At Fitpulse

Fitpulse Max Massage Gun 

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

The Fitpulse Max massage gun is a stylish massage gun that is available in a variety of colors. The brand’s mid-tier massage gun is reasonably light to hold, albeit it becomes more difficult to manage the longer you hold it. It has a touchscreen display that indicates the speed and the remaining battery charge, along with a battery life of 6 hours, 30 speed levels, and 17 massage heads to target every muscle group.

Is The Fitpulse Max Massage Gun Worth It?

The Fitpulse Max massage gun, like the other Fitpulse massage guns, is a good entry-level massager for home and personal usage. 

To date, more than 8,400 people have reviewed the Fitpulse massage gun, with many giving it five stars. Customers were mostly pleased with their massage guns, particularly the price. Many reviewers find the massager delivers rapid relief, is simple to use, robust, and has a long battery life. A few customers discovered that the massage gun did not retain a charge, but they considered the customer service to be amazing. There were also a few remarks about how the massage gun barely lasted a few months.

Customer Review

We are thoroughly impressed. I was a bit concerned at the time of purchase because the price was so low compared to other models, but we are totally satisfied with this purchase. The tool itself is very good, sturdy quality and feels like it will last forever. The battery life is the best I have seen in anything rechargeable. We have had this for over a month, use it almost daily, and have only had to charge it twice. It works very well at relieving pain in sore overused muscles. It only takes a few minutes at a time to get relief.

5 Star Review @Fitpulse store

FitPulse Chirogun Revive Massage Gun

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

The FitPulse Chirogun Revive is the brand’s most ergonomically focused massage gun to date, designed to provide the most comfortable massage during muscle recovery. The Chirogun massage gun has a dual handle and a rotating head to provide you with numerous grip options when you start to feel tired. You may also personalize the pressure to target those difficult-to-reach spots. The Revive, like the other Fitpulse massagers, has 17 plastic massage heads, 30 speed ranges up to 3200 RPM, and a long battery life.

Is The FitPulse Chirogun Revive Massage Gun Worth It?

The Fitpulse Chirogun Revive has only 33 reviews, being a relatively new massage gun. All of these reviews are five stars, and they all commend the Chirogun revive for its performance and value for money. The only drawback we discovered was that it is a little noisy when compared to other massage guns.

FitPulse Massager Alternatives

FitPulse Massage Gun Promotions and Discounts

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

We hunt for discounts and coupon codes as part of our Fitpulse Massage gun review to ensure you get the most value for money when you buy. We uncovered the following ways to save:

Sign Up To FitPulse Emails

When you sign up to receive emails, you will be the first to hear of exclusive offers and be notified of the latest products. Additionally you will receive 10% off your first order.

Contact FitPulse

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Call: 001 (856) 474 1017
  • Check out their support pages

FitPulse Frequently Asked Questions

Fitpulse massage gun, Fitpulse massager, Fitpulse muscle massage gun, Fitpulse percussion muscle gun.

Where Is FitPulse Located?

Fitpulse’s headquarters are in Alabama, the United States.

Does FitPulse Have a Return Policy?

If you are dissatisfied with your Fitpulse massager, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it. The massager must be returned unused and in the same condition as it was delivered to you. It must also be in its original packaging. 

Customers must pay for their own return shipping rates. Original shipping fees are non-refundable and will be deducted from your refund.

FitPulse Shipping Policy

All orders qualify for free standard shipping, although delivery timeframes vary depending on your location: 

  • -American Standard (five to six business days) 
  • -US Express (3 business days) 
  • -Priority for the United States ( 1 to 2 business days) 

International buyers should expect their massage gun to arrive within 7 to 10 business days. 

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