EyebuyDirect Glasses Review: The Ultimate Guide

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EyeBuyDirect is an online eyeglasses retailer that offers a large range of high-end and low-cost prescription and non-prescription glasses, as well as sunglasses, for the entire family. This EyeBuyDirect glasses review looks at the advantages and disadvantages of this popular, modern, and attractive eyewear line, as well as user feedback.

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About EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect offers a large range of low-cost eyeglasses. Many of them are designed to look like high-end designer frames. Oakley and Ray-Ban are among the well-known brands sold by EyeBuyDirect in their premium selection. 

With so many people buying eyeglasses online these days, EyeBuyDirect allows you to buy glasses from the convenience of your own home. Those of you who are concerned about not being able to try on glasses will appreciate how simple the brand makes ordering glasses online.

How Do You Order EyeBuyDirect Glasses?

Purchasing glasses on EyeBuyDirect is made easy with the brand’s user-friendly interface and simple steps:

Select your frames.

EyeBuyDirect allows you to filter frames by color, shape, and size. They also give a lot of advice on how to choose frames online based on your own preferences and the shape of your face, so you can buy them online.

Fill out your prescription information.

Once you’ve chosen your frames, the next step is to select your lenses. You’ll need to enter your prescription information into the form on their website, being careful not to make any errors. If you need a prescription, EyeBuyDirect offers a search feature on their website to look up optical retailers they’ve partnered with in your area so you can schedule an eye exam.

Choose lenses and coatings.

At this point, you can also choose add-ons like anti-scratch coating or smudge protection on the lenses.

Add to your shopping cart.

Next, you’ll choose your shipping method and any extras.

How Much Do EyeBuyDirect Glasses Cost?

Each pair of glasses and sunglasses will be priced differently because each person is unique. EyeBuyDirect frames are often inexpensive, with a huge selection available for under $50. 

The average cost of vision distance prescription lenses with clear, basic lenses is around $7. If you want your lenses to have an anti-reflective or anti-scratch coating, the price will rise. Lenses from EyeBuyDirect come with an anti-scratch and anti-glare coating, UV protection, dust and smudge prevention, and cost $80.

Where Is EyeBuyDirect Located?

EyeBuyDirect is an all-American corporation based in Austin, Texas, which is also where the frames are made.  

EyeBuyDirect Glasses: Pros And Cons

What We Like!

  • A wide selection of eyewear included name brands such as Oakley and Ray-Ban.
  • The brand accept FSA and HSA
  • Free 14 days returns
  • The brand donates a pair of glasses to a person in need every time a pair is purchased.


  • The brand is not affiliated with any insurance companies so you can’t use a traditional vision insurance policy

EyeBuyDirect Eyeglasses Review

Ordering eyeglasses is simple with EyeBuyDirect, as all you’ll need is your optometrist’s most recent lens prescription. Because it’s all done online, you can browse through all of the different eyeglass frame styles at anytime and wherever you want!  You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 2000 styles to select from. There are options to suit any budget, as well as a diverse selection of styles, colors, sizes, and forms. Let us take you through some of the best-selling frames from the brand.

St Michel Round Eyeglasses

EyeBuyDirect glasses review
Source: EyeBuyDirect

These full-rim round eyeglasses stand out thanks to the contrast between sleek, matte gold metal and retro, outsized curved lenses. A fine nose bridge and black temple tips compliment the sleek, streamlined form to produce a frame that provides an instant, edgy style boost.

EyeBuyDirect St Michel Round Eyeglasses Customer Review Analysis

EyeBuyDirect glasses reivew1
  • Reviews: 2,527
  • Review Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

What Customers Love About The St Michel Round Eyeglasses:

  • I loved these frames and the prescription is perfect. I ordered these as sunglasses and I can’t express how much I love them.
  • The glasses fit perfect and I feel like they make my face look smaller
  • The only pair of glasses I’ve ever owned that stay on my face and can wear for days on end without getting a headache or pain on my ears. 
  • Really dig the style and it fits like a glove! I recommend this frame.


  • The only thing I find is that the legs of the glasses aren’t curved very much so they slide down my face a bit, I just bent the ends to fix it

Botanist Rectangle Eyeglasses

EyeBuyDirect glasses review2
Source: EyeBuyDirect

The Botanist eyeglasses are a timeless and classic frame. The modest design and subtle hinge studs are attractive and unobtrusive. Besides the two-tone gray and brown finish which is what really sets these spectacles apart, the smooth transition between the hues on the lens frame gives them a very contemporary appearance.

EyeBuyDirect Botanist Rectangle Eyeglasses Customer Review Analysis

EyeBuyDirect glasses review3
  • Reviews: 1,077
  • Review Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

What Customers Love About The Botanist Rectangle Eyeglasses:

  • The brown is very dark, but I love the way it gets lighter toward the bottom. It is more flattering on me.
  • For a fraction of the cost, I got better glasses than I’m used to having and without the guilt I sometimes feel spending a bunch of money on myself.
  • They are great quality and look super stylish.


  • Some customers had to tighten them up a little.

EyeBuyDirect Kids Glasses Review

Because your children deserve the best when it comes to eyewear, EyeBuyDirect’s children’s eyeglasses are built with comfort in mind. To keep your youngsters comfortable and happy, the brand uses skin-friendly fabrics and lightweight construction. The kids’ glasses frames are especially stylish and comfortable because of their vivid colors and current forms. As a bonus, most of the lenses have an anti-scratch coating that will protect your child’s glasses when they play or play sports. You can also add non-prescription lenses to any frame if you’re looking for non-prescription glasses for kids.

Rainbow Round Eyeglasses For Kids

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Source: EyeBuyDirect

Rainbow full-rim round glasses will make your child shine brightly, and are excellent for showing off their pride. This colorful frame, made of plastic, is the ideal accessory for letting your child show off their genuine colors—since nothing beats having your own distinct style.  

EyeBuyDirect Rainbow Round Eyeglasses For Kids Customer Review Analysis

eyebuydirect glasses review3
  • Reviews: 245
  • Review Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

What Customers Love About The Rainbow Round Eyeglasses For Kids:

  • Every time I wear these glasses, I get a ton of compliments. They’re perfect- so bright and cheery and light.
  • The frames fit; I can see well; they are affordable. What’s not to like.
  •  love this frame. It’s light, stylish and so fun.
  •  am more than satisfied with this frame. Fits perfectly and quality is very good. Doesn’t look cheap at all, but stylish.


  • We did not find any negative reviews

Trust Cat Eye Eyeglasses For Kids

eyebuydirect glasses review5.
Source: EyeBuyDirect

On these Trust children’s eyeglasses, the bold full-rim style is supported by spring hinges. The bright pink color and cat-eye design will ensure that your kids are too cool for school.

EyeBuyDirect Trust Cat Eye Eyeglasses For Kids Customer Review Analysis

eyebuydirect glasses review6.
  • Reviews: 245
  • Review Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

What Customers Love About The Trust Cat Eye Eyeglasses For Kids:

  • My daughter loves these frames and they are so cute!!
  • Excellent experience all around! Fast shipping and a great resource for replacing glasses in an affordable way.
  • They are light, confortable and the color looks very nice.


  • We did not find any negative reviews.

EyeBuyDirect Sunglasses Review

In addition to the brand’s great range of eyeglasses, EyeBuyDirect also has a wonderful selection of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and dangerous UV rays in style. After you’ve chosen your frames, you may choose from a variety of RX sunglasses lens options, including color tint, mirrored lenses, polarized lenses, and gradient tint.

Good Vibrations Sunglasses

eyebuydirect glasses review7.
Source: EyeBuyDirect

These vintage aviator sunglasses are perfect for those long summer days. For added comfort, the sleek, thin black wire frame has a double nose bridge, as well as adjustable nose cushions and acetate temple tips. 

EyeBuyDirect Good Vibrations Sunglasses Customer Review Analysis

eyebuydirect glasses review8
  • Reviews: 1,032
  • Review Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

What Customers Love About The Good Vibrations Sunglasses:

  • They fit fantastic. I have a longer face and they suit it well. Lenses are perfect, the anti-glare coating works as intended.
  • Super lightweight and look great in gold with a light yellow tint.
  • These sunglasses are light, yet sturdy, and fit really well.
  • Just the right size for my face and came exactly as per my prescription. The gradient was excellent.


  • If you’re looking for a wide frame, this one is a couple millimeters too narrow. Otherwise, a nice frame.

monroe Round Sunglasses

eyebuydirect glasses review9
Source: EyeBuyDirect

This pair of floral sunglasses is bang on trend. A quirky touch is provided by the vintage-inspired keyhole cutout nose bridge, rounded lenses, and semi-transparent floral finish. The delicate metal temples make this seem light and airy. These are the ideal accessories for standing out from the crowd.

EyeBuyDirect monroe Round Sunglasses Customer Review Analysis

eyebuydirect glasses review10
  • Reviews: 515
  • Review Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

What Customers Love About The monroe Round Sunglasses:

  • Just like my other glasses from this website, they fit great and don’t hit my round cheeks when smiling.
  • What I love the most about these is they give your eyes full coverage from the sun. No worries of sunlight glares with these. Plus there super lightweight on your face.
  • It’s comfortable! Lightweight! Stylish! 
  • Love the look & the quality, and these glasses do NOT slide off ever,


  • I would have liked more flowery colours
  • Slightly small

Similar retailers

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Reviews From Other Sources

Gn Guide looked at a number of different review sites as part of its EyeBuyDirect glasses review to see what customers had to say about the brand’s eyewear.

We began our investigation of the company on Trustpilot, where they had earned 18,351 reviews and a 4.4 star rating. Over 88% of reviewers gave the brand four or five stars, praising the frames’ appearance, as well as the firm’s exceptional quality, cheap prices, quick shipping, and helpful customer care. 

Negative reviews were few and far between, with the majority of them complaining about poor shipping and frame quality. 

We then looked at the reviews on the brand’s Facebook page, and found that the brand did exceptionally well, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 4,579 reviews. Customers expressed their dissatisfaction with the lengthy delivery periods, similar to the Trustpilot evaluations, but there were also many reviews expressing satisfaction with their experiences.

Finally, we looked at the feedback provided on the brand’s Amazon store. Once again, we discovered that the brand’s glasses received a lot of positive feedback from customers: 

The Aviator Sunglasses have 28 reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Blue Light Glasses from EyeBuyDirect have received 10 reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. 

The Aviator sunglasses garnered a variety of responses, including “not polarized enough,” “they are wonderful for the price,” and “they are also durable and certainly help while driving.” and “These glasses are quite comfy, durable, and fashionable.”

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Source: eyebuydirect glasses review

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Social Media

The brand is extremely popular on social media, with approximately 750k followers on their @EyeBuyDirect Facebook page and over 424k on their @eyebuydirect instagram feed. Customers’ uploads and information about new styles appear on these pages.

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Source: eyebuydirect glasses review

Where Can You Buy EyeBuyDirect Glasses?

We recommend buying your glasses directly from EyeBuyDirect.com to ensure you get the best deal, but Amazon is also a fantastic option.

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Promotions and Discounts

During our search for EyeBuyDirect coupons, we discovered a number of offers and ways to save money. A clearance store can be found on the brand’s website, which is a terrific opportunity to get end-of-line eyewear at a low price. Furthermore, the business sells its eyewear at discounted prices on a regular basis; for more information, see their sale pages. 

EyeBuyDirect Coupon Codes

Customers can save even more money by using the following promo codes: 

  • Use code MS30 to get $30 off orders of $100 or more. 
  • When you use the code WC25 you will receive a 25% discount on orders above $110. 
  • Use the code MS20 to get a 10% discount on all orders of $75 or more. 
  • Use the coupon Blue30 to get 30% off blue light blocking lenses.
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Source: eyebuydirect glasses review

Sign Up To EyeBuyDirect Emails

When you sign up to receive emails, you will be the first to hear of exclusive offers and be notified of the latest products. You’ll also receive 15% off your first order and free shipping.

EyeBuyDirect Referral Program

When you join the brand’s referral program, each time you invite friends to EyeBuyDirect, you will receive $10 in EDB credits, and your friend will receive $10 in credits for joining, in addition to 15% off and free shipping on their first order. It’s a great way to save on the cost of eyewear. The company additionally gives customers $50 for every five referrals.

Rewards Program

Joining the brand’s loyalty club is another option to save money on your eyewear. You will gain points every time you shop, which will count towards your tier rank.

Tier 1 benefits, such as discounts (1EBD credit = $1), gifts, and other perks, are unlocked once you spend $75. The more money you spend, the more money you save.

Student Discounts

All students can get 30% off everything they buy with bluelight lenses if they register and show that they are a student with Student Beans.

Veteran Discounts

The brand want to thank those who serve their country, so offer 20% off all eyeglass frames and lenses to all military veterans. At checkout, simply enter the code: Valor.

Contact EyeBuyDirect

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Live Chat
  • Email: eyecare@eyebuydirect.com
  • Call: 1 (855) 393 2891
  • Check out their support pages

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Frequently Asked Questions

Does EyeBuyDirect Have a Return Policy?

The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Within two weeks of receiving your item, you can return for a one-time replacement pair of equal or lesser value, or seek a complete refund!

Do EyeBuyDirect Offer a Warranty?

The brand offer a 365 day guarantee.  If your eyewear has noticeable craftsmanship flaws, you’re eligible for a one-time replacement pair within 12 months.

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Source: eyebuydirect glasses review

EyebuyDirect Glasses Shipping Policy

EyeBuyDirect ships to consumers in the United States via USPS and UPS next day air. All orders are delivered for free in two days.

Domestic shipping through Canada Post is $9.95 for consumers in Canada. Clients in Australia will pay $10.95, while customers in the rest of the world will pay $19.

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Source: eyebuydirect glasses review
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