Everyfun Massage Guns Review: The Ultimate Guide

About Everyfun massage Guns

everyfun massage gun review

Everyfun Massage guns are ideal for soothing stiff and fatigued muscles after a strenuous workout or a long day. This Everyfun guide looks at the advantages and disadvantages of this relatively new and low-cost massage gun provider.

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EveryFun Reviews

everyfun massage gun review

What We Like!

  • Features five adjustable speed settings
  • Lasts up to ten hours when fully charged
  • First two speed levels are very quiet
  • An easy to carry hard case is included

What We Don’t Like!

  • Massage gun can by noisy on the higher speeds

Is The Everyfun Massage Gun Worth It?

To summarize, the Everyfun M3 Pro is a dependable massage gun that offers great value for money. The massage gun is powerful, long-lasting, portable, and somewhat quiet, making the M3 Pro a portable massager worth considering.

Everyfun Massage Gun Review

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The Everyfun M3 massage gun is a Physiotherapy-grade massage gun that helps to relax sore and stiff muscles. The device can not only assist with pre-training warm-ups, but also with post-training pain reduction, thereby improving the overall health of soft tissue.

Everyfun Massage Guns Inclusions

When you order your massage device from Everyfun, in addition to the massage gun, you’ll recieve:

  • *A hard carrying case
  • *A pouch to keep the massage gun safe and clean
  • *Five massage heads
  • *3200mAh Lithium Battery
  • *User manual.

Everyfun Massage Gun Features

everyfun massage gun, everyfun massagers, everyfun

The Everyfun M3 Pro Muscle Massage Device is a long-lasting massage gun with an ergonomic design that makes it easier to massage those hard-to-reach places. The device has various amazing functions that ensure your deep tissue massage promotes circulation, reduces tension and stiffness, improves performance, and provides immediate pain relief when you need it the most!

Everyfun Massage Guns Performance

The deep tissue massage is provided by the 12MM amplitude, high-speed powerful motor, and powerful battery cells. If you want a massage gun that can really go into all your sore regions, the Everyfun M3 Pro’s performance is all you need. With five speed settings ranging from 200 to 3,200 percussions, each speed level gives various degrees of intensity, ensuring that you’ll discover the ideal pace for your needs. The device also comes with five massage heads, each of which targets a different body portion or muscle group:

  • Air Cushioned Head: This head is good for soft tissue and delicate muscle groups.
  • Spiral Head: Designed specifically for deep tissue massages.
  • Fork Head: This tool can be used on the spine, neck, and shoulders.
  • The ball head is the most commonly used massage gun head and is great for massaging big muscle regions.
  • Flat Head: Another head type that can be worn on any area of the body, including the back and legs.

Everyfun Massage Guns Efficiency

The M3 Pro is both quiet and powerful. When using the lower speeds of the Everyfun M3 Pro massage gun, you will hear a very slight hum. Nevertheless, when using the faster settings, the gadget becomes louder, but not unbearably so.

Battery life

The Everyfun M3 Pro comes with six 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries that may last up to 10 hours when fully charged, requiring only a few weeks of charging. The battery life is important because it ensures that you will not lose power during a massage and that the strength and depth of the massage will be maintained. Because of this function, the M3 Pro is a fantastic massage gun to take on an adventurous weekend; you won’t have to worry about it losing power after a long hike when you really need it. The massage gun also boasts a smart battery and motherboard protection mechanism that switches the gadget off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Ease of Use

The Everyday M3 Pro massage gun is easy to use with one hand. The percussion massager’s tilted handle, ergonomic grip, and non-skid surface make it easy to grasp and massage your neck, upper back, and other difficult-to-reach areas. The only disadvantage is that the massage gun is fairly hefty at 2.3 pounds, so it may tire you out if you need a longer massage.

Portable and convenient

The Everyfun M3 Pro comes with a handy protective case that makes it easy to travel with the massage gun and massage heads anywhere you go. The case is compact enough to carry with you to work or the gym, allowing you to get the most out of your therapy.

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Everyfun M3 Pro Massage Gun Reviews

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During our Everyfun M3 Pro Massage Gun Review, we visited several websites to see what people genuinely thought about the massager.

The Everyfun M3 Pro massage gun is a great value for a mid-range handheld percussive massage gun that relieves muscle pain, improves mobility, and promotes relaxation. The M3 Pro massage gun, designed by physical therapists for sports, is also a wonderful solution for general use. So far, the Everyfun M3 Pro Massager has received 139 reviews, with an average rating of five stars on the brands website.

Customers are ecstatic with the item, with one calling it a “revelation!” Customers appreciate the variety of speeds and attachments because it makes each massage feel unique. Additionally, the massage device easily targets areas where muscle relief is required; the device is simple to use; the battery life is impressive; and the carry case is extremely useful for keeping the device safe and portable.

In addition to the brands’ websites, we also reviewed the comments made on various review sites, starting with Amazon. The Percussion Muscle Massage Gun has also received rave reviews on Amazon, with 622 customers rating it 4.7 stars.

Customer Comments

This massage gun is highly popular among users, with over 87 percent of evaluations awarding it five stars and a slew of other positive remarks.

  • *the device’s operation is basic and uncomplicated.
  • *I prefer to use the massage gun before and after I warm up since it relieves my discomfort!
  • *Even on the lowest setting, I can feel the power of the massage, and it’s incredibly simple to operate.
  • *After my long runs or strong leg workouts, the crescent head does its job!
  • *My legs are not as sore as they were when I did nothing or used a roller.

Only 3% of customers awarded it one star, which is exceptional for such a product. These customers complained about a range of issues, including the device not holding a charge, the massage gun not working when it arrived, one customer finding the device very aggressive, and others being disappointed with the instructions, which were written in awful English.

How Much Is Everyfun M3 Pro?

Red, black, blue, and silver are the four colours available for the M3 Pro. On the Everyfun website, the devices cost $199.99.

Everyfun Massage Guns Alternatives

Everyfun Massage Guns Promotions and Discounts

everyfun massage gun review

As part of the GNGuide Everyfun massage gun review, we looked for discount codes and promo codes. We discovered the following savings:

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About Everyfun Massage Guns

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Everyfun is a sports product and massage therapy recovery device brand that seeks to let everyone enjoy the fun of sports by assisting them in warming up and recovering rapidly before and after a workout to achieve better results.  Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co. Ltd is a sub-brand of Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co. Ltd, which is situated in Shenzhen, China and was founded in 2014.

Contact Everyfun

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact Everyfun directly, you can contact their support team:

Everyfun Frequently Asked Questions

everyfun massage gun review

Does Everyfun Have a Return Policy?

Everyfun does not have as generous a return policy as some of the other massage gun retailers.  Everyfun offers a fifteen-day money-back guarantee, from the date of purchase. The company does not accept refunds or exchanges beyond after this date. 

The massage gun must be unused and in the same condition as when you received it to be eligible for a return. It has to be in its original box as well.

Everyfun Shipping Policy

For orders within the United States, Everyfun provides free shipping.  They do not ship to military addresses located outside of the United States of America. You will receive your order between seven to ten business days. Everyfun ships to many countries; you will need to contact the business for precise shipping prices and delivery estimates.

Everyfun Warranty

The company offers a worry-free 15-month warranty as well as lifetime technical support.

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