EatSmart Scale Review: The Ultimate Guide

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EatSmart offers a variety of high-quality scales, including food scales and body weight scales. This EatSmart scale review examines the brand’s scales and products to see what customers have to say about them.

EatSmart scale review

EatSmart scales: Pros and Cons

What We Like!

  • Precise Scales
  • All scales are simple to set up
  • Scales come with a measuring tape
  • Two Year limited warranty included


  • More expensive than competitors

EatSmart Review

If all you need is a dependable scale, the EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scales are the answer. The scales from this brand will tell you your weight, in addition to being dependable and accurate. As we all know, maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle can be a daily battle.

EatSmart’s goal is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence necessary to confront the obstacles life throws at you so you can take on the challenge. EatSmart, formed in 2005, is committed to developing innovative health care solutions that meet the needs of their clientele. 

EatSmart scales review

Where Is EatSmart Located?

All EatSmart Scales are designed and engineered in Chicago, USA. The scales are manufactured in the Far East.

Customer Favorities

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review

EatSmart precision digital bathroom scale

EatSmart’s Precision Weight Tracker and BMI Digital Bathroom Scale are great for anyone interested in maintaining a healthy weight and improving their health. Up to four people can use the weight tracking and BMI capabilities, and the screen displays the weight variations between weigh-ins.

EatSmart’s patented “Step-On” technology enables you to simply step onto the scale and instantly receive an accurate readout to the nearest 0.2 pounds.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Customer Review Analysis

EatSmart scale review
  • Reviews: 12,221
  • Review Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars
  • Amazon Choice
  • 86% rated this precision digital scale five stars

Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Customer Views:


In terms of accuracy, the precision scales received mixed reviews. Many reviewers praised the scales’ accuracy, saying things like “accuracy is good,” “very happy with the accuracy,” and “accuracy is key, and this scale seems to nail it.” Many unhappy reviewers, on the other hand, questioned the scales’ accuracy. One customer claims that the accuracy is off by about 10 pounds, while others claim that it gives different results every time.


Customers praised the scales’ design, describing them as “very high-end looking.” Many reviewers described them as “sleek and stunning.” They also appreciate the large surface area on which you can easily place your feet, in addition to the large readout that eliminates the need for acrobatics to see the scales, and the beep that alerts you to your final weight. However, some reviewers expressed displeasure with the loud beep.


The precision scales are described by the majority of customers as a high-quality model that can only be matched by the scales at their doctors’ offices.

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Review

EatSmart scales

Thanks to its exclusive “step-on” technology and streamlined design, this scale meets the highest standards of accuracy, aesthetics, and home usefulness. Its tempered safety glass base has a load capacity of 400 pounds, rounded up to the next 0.2 pounds. Additionally, four high-gauge accuracy sensors ensure that weight measurements are always precise, and the large Accubright LCD display has a cool-blue backlight for easy viewing in any light. Furthermore, the tempered glass scale’s thin, non-slip design blends in with any bathroom or home decor. 

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Customer Review Analysis

EatSmart scales review
  • Reviews: 36,000
  • Review Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Digital Bathroom Scale Customer Views:


The accuracy of the bathroom scales was found to be consistent, similar to the other Eatsmart bathroom scales reviewed. Customers have said things like, “I really like its accuracy and consistency.” “Accuracy is on-point!” and “I’ve had mine for 8 months now and it matches the doctor’s office scales I’ve been weighed on closely, within a pound.” Since the beginning of 2021, there have only been a few complaints about the scales’ accuracy, with a few customers claiming that the weight accuracy has drastically changed.


The ergonomic design of the scales impressed customers. The easy-to-read display and the tape measure that came with the scales were particularly appealing to them. The design was described by customers as “clean, sleek, and pleasing.” They also discovered that it fits perfectly in small spaces.


Consumers praised the scales’ quality, saying they were very pleased with the scales’ quality for the price. However, a few customers complained that the quality was poor because the products failed within a few months of purchase. 

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale Review

EatSmart digital nutrition scale

This is the only nutrition scale on the market that can calculate nutrients for any product that has a USDA Nutrition Facts label. It has a brightly lit display with easy-to-read numbers. Simply weigh your portion, enter the nutritional information from the label, and wait for the kitchen scale to calculate your calorie intake and other nutrients. 

The EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale calculates a food’s nutritional value based on its portion size. This smart food scale weighs up to 11 pounds in precise 0.1 oz/1 gram increments and has a carefully curated database with nearly 1,000 fresh, complete foods that most Americans eat. Calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, potassium, magnesium, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, calcium, protein, and vitamin K are all vital elements for overall health and well-being that can be easily determined in seconds. There are also two different measuring modes: pounds and grammes. 

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale Customer Review Analysis

eatsmart scales review
  • Reviews: 883
  • Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars

Digital Nutrition Scale Customer Views:


Many customers appreciate how precise the scales are, particularly those who need to keep track of their food intake. 


Numerous customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the difficulty of mastering the EatSmart nutrition scales’ features. They initially find it difficult to use, and it takes some time to get the hang of it. Customers appreciate the scales’ build-a-meal and calculator functions, as well as the large, easy-to-read numbers. 


Despite the fact that some customers were pleased with the features of these food scales, they were disappointed when they stopped working after only a few months. Furthermore, a few customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with it when it gives different weights to different scales.

EatSmart Alternatives

EatSmart Reviews From Other Sources

As part of our EatSmart Scales analysis, GNGuide looked into a variety of review sites to learn more about customers’ thoughts on the brand’s scales. Our investigation began with a trip to On Amazon, the brand received high marks, with the following ratings:

  • The EatSmart Precision Extra Wide body fat scale has a 4.5 star rating and 12,211 reviews.
  • The Digital body fat scale with auto identification has 10,336 reviews and a 4.6 star rating.
  • CalPal Digital bathroom scale from EatSmart has 1,826 reviews and a 4.4 star rating.

We next looked at a few blogs to see what the reviews had to say about the brands’ scales.

eatsmart scale review

Customers’ opinions:

Customer service: Although a few customers were dissatisfied, they thought the customer service representatives did an excellent job on the whole. Customers described how customer service representatives helped them troubleshoot problems and, when they couldn’t, sent them replacement scales. According to the feedback, the crew was friendly and genuinely cared about their customers.

Quality: Once again, the majority of reviews praised EatSmart’s scales for their high quality

Price: When it came to the scales’ pricing, the brand was consistently praised. Customers thought the scales were a fantastic value.

Social Media

EatSmart Scales has a large social media following, with over 31k likes on their @EatSmartProdcuts Facebook page and 2k followers on their @eatsmartproducts Instagram account. The brand appears to be quite active on both sites, providing useful information on a variety of health topics.

EatSmart precision digital bathroom scale review

Where Can You Buy EatSmart?

EatSmart Scales are available online at eatsmartproducts, additionally you’ll find them at numerous online stores including Amazon.

Contact EatSmart

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Call: 1 (866) 843 3905
  • Email:
  • Check out their FAQs page
EatSmart scales

EatSmart Frequently Asked Questions

Does EatSmart Have a Return Policy?

All products must be returned within 30 days of the original purchase.

EatSmart Warranty

All EatSmart devices come with a 2 year limited warranty.

EatSmart kitchen scale

EatSmart Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Look no farther than EatSmart Scales if you’re seeking for a dependable, easy-to-use bathroom scale without all the bells and whistles.

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