Do Massage Guns Work?

A massage gun is a device used to relieve muscle pain, increase range of motion, and speed up recovery time. In recent years, massage guns of various makes and models have become somewhat popular in the health and fitness world. But how do massage guns operate, and do they even do anything? 

What Does A Massage Gun Do?

do massage guns work

A massage gun looks and sounds like a drill. The majority of these small and portable massagers include different parts and speeds that can be used to relieve muscle pain. Due to the explosion in devices, you’ll find many different brands and prices ranging from $50 right up to $700. Massage guns provide a form of precussion therapy, as do foam rollers, trigger point balls, or hand massages. However, massage guns target specific areas quickly and effectively.

A massage gun can be used before or after exercise depending on the individual’s specific needs as it encourages blood flow to the targeted area, which can help alleviate inflammation and muscle tension. Although anybody can use massage guns, they are most frequently utilized by endurance athletes to ease tight and painful muscles after a workout. Different attachments will be included with each massage gun to specifically target various body sections. 

Do Massage Guns Really Work?

do massage guns work

Scientific studies have demonstrated that massage guns can help reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and increase muscle length in the short term. After a strenuous workout, your muscles may feel sore for up to three days; using a massage gun on the working muscles can help alleviate this discomfort and speed up the recovery process. Studies have shown little to no increase in speed, stamina, or strength. Consequently, percussion therapy cannot be said to directly enhance athletic performance. However, the use of a massage gun can be quite helpful depending on the goal. The use of massage guns is quite beneficial for enhancing muscle length and decreasing muscle pain. 

Why Does A Massage Gun Decrease Muscle Pain?

do massage guns work

A muscle knot is a collection of tight muscular fibers. Because they aren’t receiving the chemical input that normally tells them to relax, these fibers become stuck and cause pain. Research into massage therapy shows that delivering a mechanical stimulus to a muscle can stretch the fibers out and pull them back into an extended state, thereby removing any tightness or knots. Instead of applying pressure with one’s hands, one can use a massage gun to apply pulsing oscillations from a percussive tool to the target muscle, providing the same mechanical stimulus as a hand massage. 

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