Cryotex Massage Gun Review: The Ultimate Guide!

About Cryotex Massage Guns

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Cryotex massage guns are only available on Amazon, but that should not prevent you from acquiring one because they are a great alternative to more well-known brands and are relatively inexpensive. In terms of massage guns, Cryotex offers three massage guns that are functionally extremely similar but have a few major variances that we’ll examine further down this article. This Cryotex Massagers review delves into this new brand to discover what customers think of the massagers.

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Cryotex Massage Guns Review

What We Like!

  • Affordable, great quality massage guns
  • Massage guns come with a hard carrying case
  • Extremely quiet
  • Great Value for Money

What We Don’t Like

  • You may need a friend to help get to those difficult to reach areas

Are The Cryotex Massage Guns Worth It?

Cryotex massage guns are without a doubt the best deep tissue massage guns that will help to relieve your aches and pains. These massagers not only offer a deep and vigorous massage, but they are also lightweight and extremely silent. Furthermore, they are one of the most cost-effective massage gun vendors we have examined. Cryotex Massagers is one of the more affordable massage gun retailers on the internet.

Cryotex Massage Guns Review

The brand provides three devices at reasonable prices. They are fairly similar, with only a few notable variances.

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Cryotex Massage Gun

Cryotex Massage Gun, Cryotex massage gun review, Cryotex deep tissue massage gun

The first massage gun we’ll look at is one of Cryotex’s mid range models. This massage gun differs from others in that it features an LCD screen on top of the device rather than on the side or back. The LCD screen displays the speeds, making it easier to determine which speed you are currently using. Once again, this Cryotex Massage Gun comes with six plastic attachments: a ball, flat, bullet, fork, spade, and air cushion.

This Cryotex percussion massager, like the others, has a 12mm amplitude, a 40lb stall force, and speeds ranging from 2000 to 3200rpms. This massage gun has 20 speeds; the difference between them is negligible. The massage gun is quiet and has a 2600mAh battery that allows it to run at a low speed for up to six hours.

Is The Cryotex Massage Gun Worth It?

With over 6,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, the Cryotex massage gun is rather popular. Furthermore, an astounding 88% of reviewers gave the massage gun 5 stars. Customers say this is a massage gun that will not disappoint, that the attachments are surprisingly accurate, and that it has a wonderful strong feel to it. Furthermore, even at level 20, the massager is remarkably silent while still packing a punch. Only 3% of reviewers gave the massager a negative rating because the attachments didn’t satisfy their needs, they didn’t like the touchscreen, and they didn’t like that the battery didn’t recharge.

Cryotex Massage Gun 2

cryotex massage gun, cryotex deep tissue massage gun, cryotex massager

This deep tissue portable percussion massager from Cryotex is the most expensive of the massage guns. It cures body aches and pains by massaging the muscles deeply and powerfully. This massager has a number of unique characteristics that set it apart from other Cryotex massage guns. It has a touch-sensitive LCD display on the back and an auxiliary screen on the base that displays the battery percentage and switches off automatically when not in use.

This massage gun is both pleasant and effective, with six plastic attachments that allow you to massage most of your body and a spherical handle that makes it easy to grasp. The massage pistol has a 12-millimeter amplitude, a stall force of 40 pounds, and a percussion range of 2000-3200 revolutions per minute. Furthermore, it has four speeds and four dynamic modes:

  • *AI Mode (Intelligent Mode): Adjusts the speed automatically in reaction to pressure.
  • *Incline: Increases the velocity of the wave motion.
  • *Decline: Reduces the wave’s speed.
  • *Variable speed flow.

Cryotex 4-Speed handheld Percussion Massager

cryotex massage gun, cryotex deep tissue massage gun, cryotex massager

Is The Cryotex Percussion Massage Gun Worth It?

The Cryotex percussion massager, like the other massagers, is a popular equipment. Over 10,000 reviewers rate the massgaer 4.8 stars and numerous positive reviews. While reading the testimonials, a consistent theme emerged: people believe that the device is a fantastic massage gun that is simple to use and gives excellent pain relief while also providing exceptional value for money. A few customers were dissatisfied since their equipment broke within a year.

Another portable device that delivers excellent pain treatment, therapy, and relaxation is the Cryotex percussion massager. The percussion massager, aimed at athletes, is easy to use and has four speeds. It also comes with six attachments that allow you to massage the majority of your body. The massage gun delivers adequate vibration therapy for the majority of users, with a 12 mm amplitude, a percussion range of 2,000–3,200 rpm, and a stall force of 45 lbs. In addition, the device is quite silent.

Similar retailers:

Cryotex Massage Gun Reviews

cryotex massage gun, cryotex deep tissue massage gun, cryotex massager

GNGuide visits various review sites as part of our Cryotex Massage Gun review to learn what customers think of the brand’s massage products. Due to the fact that the brand sells their devices exclusively through Amazon, we’ve included a summary of the reviews found on the site above for each massage gun.

Our first stop was at Best Views Reviews, which was offering two Cryotex massage guns. The company gave the device an overall rating of 9.57 out of 10 based on 970 reviews. Furthermore, numerous individual reviews were written for the brand, all of which lauded the brand’s massage guns and many of which included them in their lists of the best massage guns.

Customer service: 

Numerous customers lauded Cryotex’s customer service team, with many remarking on how quickly and efficiently any issues were resolved. Cryotex sent replacement devices to some reviewers who had problems with their devices.  In contrast, a few customers said they had a bad experience with the customer service team; they said the team was hard to get in touch with.


Numerous reviews remarked on the excellent quality of the Cryotex massage guns in comparison to the price paid. Furthermore, they compared the quality of the Cryotex range to that of other leading manufacturers and concluded that the Cryotex brand delivers the same level of quality as the more expensive massage guns. While some customers complained about the manual being difficult to read, this had no bearing on the device’s quality. There were very few negative reviews about the quality of the massage guns, especially in comparison to the positive reviews. According to the reviews we found, the heads did not stay in the device, it was difficult to use, and the quality control was poor.


The price point of Cryotex’s massage guns is one of their main selling points! Many customers said that the brand’s massage guns are cheaper than those made by other companies.

Where Can You Buy Cryotex Massage Gun?

Cryotex Massage Guns are available on

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Cryotex Massage Gun Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cryotex Massage Gun Have A Return Policy?

If you change your mind, the brand will gladly accept returns as long as the return request is received within 7 days of receiving the item and the item is returned in its original packaging, unused, and in resellable condition. Return shipping is at the customer’s expense, and customers are responsible for arranging their own shipping.

Cryotex Massage Gun Shipping Policy

During the checkout process, shipping costs are calculated based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of the items in the order. Shipping costs will be added to the purchase price. Domestic shipments are typically dispatched within two business days and take between two and seven days to arrive.

If you live outside of the United States, your order will be shipped in two business days and take between four and 22 days to arrive, depending on where you live and the courier you choose at checkout.

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