Clever Fox Planner Review: The Ultimate Guide!

Want to get your life in order? If you’re looking for a productivity and happiness planner, bullet journal, or calendar, then you should hear about Clever Fox. Clever Fox planners are designed to help you become the most organized person in the office with no effort. High-quality materials and thoughtful design combine in these planners to improve your efficiency, inspiration, and drive.

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Clever Fox Planner Review

Planners are a powerful tool for getting things done, but they also come with a steep learning curve and a hefty price tag. It’s common for people to spend money on a paper planner but then give it up when they realize it isn’t helping them stay organized.

Clever Fox offers a variety of planners and diaries, all of which include the brand’s trademark bright exteriors and simple black and white interiors. In this review of Clever Fox Planners, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the company as well as share honest feedback from actual consumers about their excellent product line.

Who Are Clever Fox Planners For?

Students, parents, and working professionals alike will benefit from using a Clever Fox planner. You can manage and organize your life in a variety of ways thanks to the wide selection of complementary planners available. As long as you use them when you need them, you can save money because they are not time-sensitive. You have nothing to lose by giving it a shot and seeing if it works, as there is a full refund policy in place.

Where Is Clever Fox Located?

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1800 Baskets is located in Melrose Park, Illinois.

Pros And Cons Of Clever Fox Planner

What We Like!

  • Planners are undated so you can use them when you need too
  • Functional planners
  • High quality
  • Great value for money

We Don’t Like!

  • Some reviewers find not having a date is a con!
  • Some find the planners complex

Clever Fox Password Book Review

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If you’re as overwhelmed with passwords as I am and have tried everything from storing them in an app to writing them down on pieces of paper that inevitably get lost, then you should seriously consider investing in Clever Fox’s password book.

The Clever Fox Password Safe is available in three sizes and a rainbow of colors, and it has the same great features as the other Clever Fox items available. The Password Book, like other Clever Fox products, offers several useful functions. The hard cover has a leather-like texture, and the closure strap is elastic. The book’s paper is of the highest quality, being bright white and silky and measuring in at 120 GSM. Standard pens don’t cause bleed-through.

You probably aren’t going to be shocked to learn that the bulk of the Clever Fox Password Book is dedicated to storing your passwords. All the letters of the alphabet are organized into groups of two or three in tab cutouts along the margins of the pages.

I am aware that there is debate about whether or not you should record your passwords. I think it’s essential to have a safe place to keep them. Not just so that you can acquire what you need in an emergency but also so that others can if you can’t.

Thankfully, the Clever Fox Password Book just looks like a little notebook from the outside. Without understanding what to look for, it would be difficult to identify anything containing crucial information.

Clever Fox Daily Planner Review

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Clever Fox’s planner lives up to its name by ingeniously preventing you from straying from your plans. This daily planner will help you stay on track with hourly to-do lists as well as monthly and weekly calendars. Its straightforward design has earned the respect of both experts and novices. You’ll stay encouraged as you record your progress toward your weekly and monthly goals, as well as the habits you’ve developed and the awards you’ve earned.

The layout of the Clever Fox Daily is minimal, and the paper itself is thin and light. It’s the Clever Fox Weekly Planner, but in a 6-month daily format! The daily planner allows you to keep track of your weekly objectives, top priorities, and other important notes and to-dos. You can use the daily checkboxes to keep track of your progress toward your goals. Calculate this week’s successes and make plans for next week’s improvements.

Write down your objective and keep a log of your daily progress; you’ll be amazed at the difference a pen and paper can make in your life.

What Customers Say!

The clever fox’s daily planner has received rave reviews from critics. Customers have praised the daily planner’s layout, saying things like, “I love that it’s a 6-month planner rather than a 3-month planner” and “I love the set-up, saying that it helps with my organization and planning of my days.”

Clever Fox Planner Pro Weekly Review

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Want to increase your efficiency, joy, and success? Use the Clever Fox as your personal planner and calendar to improve your productivity and attitude toward life.

This planner is in A4 format, or approximately 8.5″ x 11″. It needs to be larger to accommodate all the revolutionary features it offers. It has an exquisite faux leather soft cover, an elastic closure, three sheets of colorful planning stickers, three ribbon bookmarks, and an inside pocket.

The opening few pages are packed with reflective questions and space to write down your resolutions for the year. Then, to make sure you don’t forget anything, there are weekly pages with a brain dump on the side.

This planner is useful since it allows you to organize your business and personal lives by creating vision boards, setting objectives, and planning out your month and week. Additionally, there are pages at the end of each month to help you refocus and reflect.

What Customers Say!

Customer feedback consistently expresses enthusiasm for anything Clever Fox creates, but particular enthusiasm has been directed toward this pro-weekly personal planner.

After reading the overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings (4.8 out of 5), we think everyone who might use a little help getting their lives in order should acquire one. Many customers have reported an increase in productivity and discipline while adhering to their goals after using the weekly spread. Additionally, they praise the paper’s high quality and the fact that it does not bleed when writing.

Clever Fox Budget Planner Review

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Keeping tabs on financial matters requires recording every single dollar that comes in and goes out. However, budgeting entails more than just that.

Using a few straightforward methods, you can enhance and optimize your financial outlays. Having a planner on hand is a handy and effective tool for this purpose.

The best part about this planner is the budgeting instructions it provides. The Clever Fox Planner is adaptable and stays with the general outlines it suggests.

First, you’ll need to input some basic information about yourself. If you misplace your planner and do this, you have a better chance of finding it again. Your financial objectives and strategy for achieving them are outlined in the following section. This section is set up to make you feel like you’re participating in a brainstorming session.

A dot-grid template for a bullet journal may be seen on the right. An inspiring mind map to achieve your monetary targets can be colored in. Following the establishment of your financial objectives, you should proceed with the recording of your income and expenditures. All of this information is recorded on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Every month, take stock of your progress and restate your goals for the coming weeks. You should feel more in charge, and you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to live within your means.

A set of stickers, including motivational sayings and monetary symbols, is included. You can post them somewhere visible to serve as a constant reminder of your objectives. Maintaining dedication can be challenging, but these measures can help.

What Customers Say!

With an average review score of 4.8/5 from 134 reviews, this budget planner is clearly a hit with buyers.

Clever Fox’s budget planner is popular among customers. Users have praised the planner’s exceptional quality, including its soft cover and durable pages. They also appreciate the way it guides them through the budgeting process and provides assistance in managing their anticipated finances.

I really love the Clever Fox Planners. I have been using this Budget Planner for 2 1/2 Months and it has really opened my eyes to where I have been wasting money. It is very organized without being overly complicated. I love the stickers and being creative with little notes to myself. Like it says in the description, it’s not an expense but an investment. And with all the money you learn to save….you can buy new Clever Fox Planners!! =}

5 star review

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Clever Fox Planner Reviews From Other Sources

clever fox, clever fox planners review, clever fox review,

In order to provide an accurate assessment of the Clever Fox Planners, we consulted a wide range of third-party review resources.

Reviews consistently praise Clever Fox as one of the best planning book manufacturers on the market. The books, notebooks, budgeting guides, and planners sold there help people become more disciplined and well-organized in all facets of their lives.

Amazon customers’ reviews served as the basis for our evaluation:

  • With 10,121 ratings, Clever Fox Planner Pro has an average rating of 4.7 stars.
  • With 27,639 ratings, this budget planner has an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Customers’ opinions:

Quality: There is widespread agreement among satisfied customers that the plans are of the highest quality and are loaded with helpful tools. The planners are useful, well-organized, and user-friendly, with enough space for clients to jot down their thoughts.

Price: Although the Clever Fox planners are more costly than many other brands, many customers insist that the extra cost is well worth it. Customers who ultimately decided to buy a planner from the brand regretted that they hadn’t done so sooner. There were a smattering of complaints, mostly about the cost, but they were not widespread.

Customer Service: It seems like Clever Fox has everything figured out. According to testimonials, not only do they make excellent planners, but their support team is also extremely helpful.

Where Can You Buy Clever Fox Planners?

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We recommend you purchase your Clever Fox Planner directly from the brands website, however if you reside outside of the US, then you should check out the Amazon Clever Fox store.

Clever Fox Planner Promotions and Discounts

If you want the most up-to-date information about the brand’s frequent promotions and discounts, you should visit the brand’s website.

Sign Up To The Newsletter

When you sign up to the Clever Fox Newsletter you will receive a 10% off discount coupon to use on your order, in addition to access to exclusive news and content.

Contact Clever Fox

clever fox, clever fox planners review, clever fox review,

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Use the contact us page on the brands website
  • Email:

Clever Fox Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clever Fox Have a Return Policy?

There is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee offered by the company.

Clever Fox Shipping Policy

All orders within the United States are shipped for free, and delivery time is typically between 3 and 10 business days.

In addition to Canada, and Australia/New Zealand, Clever Fox does not ship to Europe. If you live in one of these locations the brand recommend you purchase your planner or other products from Amazon.

Clever Fox Planner Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

clever fox, clever fox planners review, clever fox review,

I believe that any planner is worthwhile if its user is dedicated to its use. If you’re new to planning or have trouble sticking to a planner, the Clever Fox planners are for you. They include thoughtful prompts and spaces to help you fill them in and document your days, allowing you to reflect on your progress and recognize your accomplishments.

The Clever Fox planners offer great value for the money, in my opinion. Whether you plan to use it once and throw it away or keep it as a keepsake on a bookshelf, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the materials breaking down.

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