Circadian Optics Review: The Ultimate Guide!

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Circadian Optics is a company that makes daylight-like bright light therapy lamps.

This Circadian Optics review dives into the company’s therapy lights to see what consumers have to say about them and if they actually work.

Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamps Review

Circadian Optics is a company that makes bright light therapy lamps that look like daylight. Their stylish lights provide the illumination you require, whether at your desk or in your living room. We all know that in order to be our best selves, we must get adequate sleep, eat the right food and vitamins, drink plenty of water, and exercise. Circadian Optics was created because we occasionally need a little help with these things.

Circadian Optics was founded in the dead of winter, in a gloomy office. Because the founders’ brains and bodies craved sunlight, they set out to create their own bright light lamps. The company claims to be on a mission to raise awareness about the value of light in our daily lives. They also want to explain why having enough light at the proper time improves mood, gives you more energy, and helps you sleep better.

Circadian Optics and a slew of academics claim that 15 to 60 minutes of intense light treatment in the morning can deliver a day’s worth of benefits.

You’ll start the day feeling more focused and productive, more optimistic, and the light will help keep the blues away; also, bright light therapy can help reset your body’s internal clock, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Circadian Optics Therapy Lamp: How to Use It

You’ll be on your way to a new you in just a few simple steps!

Set the therapy lamp on your desk first thing in the morning, turn it on, and adjust the brightness to your liking. Then, while working in a therapeutic setting, let the light beam on you for 15 to 60 minutes.

All Circadian Optics therapy lamps feature a unique, one-touch operation of the light treatment lamp, which makes it simple to operate. The three brightness levels allow you to easily change the brightness settings to your liking, and they also givs the suggested 10,000 LUX brightness for effective light therapy to help you combat the winter blues, regulate your sleep, fight fatigue, enhance your mood, and increase your attention.

Where Is Circadian Optics Located?

Circadian Optics is a Minneapolis-based company.

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Pros And Cons Of Circadian Optics

What We Like!

  • Modern, streamlined designs
  • All lamps are portable and easy to store.
  • LED light span is much longer than fluorescent bulbs

What We Don’t Like!

  • We’d like a longer warranty period
  • Some reviewers found it wasn’t bright enough

Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamp Review

The Circadian Optics Luxy Light Therapy Lamp is compact, portable, ultra bright, and award-winning, having earned Architectural Digest’s cleverest award.

The Luxy light therapy lamp is also the first and only light treatment lamp that has a USB port. When the lid is opened, the therapy lamp transforms into a dual-angle adjustable stand and the cover protects the light panel from harm when it is closed. It also comes with an adaptor for use with a standard wall outlet for further convenience. 

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What Customers Say!

The Luxy Lamp has earned 181 reviews so far, with an average rating of four stars.

The Luxy light was commended by the majority of customers for its capacity to supply them with a daily dosage of sunshine. Many people, especially those with depression or sleep issues, have said that it helps reduce stress and improve their mood. Customers also thought the three brightness settings were fantastic, as well as the fact that it was aesthetically pleasing, well-made, and didn’t take up too much space.

In the recent six months, there have only been a few unfavorable reviews. Prior to this, unfavorable reviews had varied feelings about the therapy light, with some claiming that it was difficult to turn on, that it didn’t seem like sunlight, and that it took a long time to turn on.

Lampu Light Therapy Lamp

The Lampu light treatment lamp features flowing curves with clean forms in mind. At first glance, you’ll note that it has a lovely minimalist aesthetic. This theme is carried throughout the lamp, with the venting detailing and subtle color use adding to the appearance of luxury and exquisite design.

Circadian optics lamp reviews

What Customers Say!

As one of Circadian Optics’ best-selling products, we weren’t shocked to see such a high number of positive reviews. The Lampu Light Therapy Lamp has 623 reviews and a 4.8 star rating as of writing this article.

Positive feedback was widespread; here is a sampling of some of the comments given by reviewers:

  • I like the light’s appearance and design, as well as the brightness levels and the length of the power cord.
  • Lamp is not too large, has a pleasant appearance, and is reasonably priced.
  • Design is sleek, looks nice even when not in use, and is as brilliant as the sun.

While there were few bad reviews, we thought we’d share a few of them:

  • It only lasted during the winter season.
  • The light is irritatingly bright, and the angle of the light is odd.

Circadian Optics Lumos Light Therapy Lamp

The most popular and best-selling light therapy lamp from Circadian Optics is also the brand’s original lamp. Its rotating light panel gives it a lot of versatility, allowing you to place, position, and aim the lamp in the best possible way to get the most out of your light therapy session.

Circadian optics therapy lamp review

What Customers Say!

The first lamp from Circadian optics has received a lot of positive feedback, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. 398 consumers have given the light five stars so far.

Consumers have praised this lamp in the same way that they have the other Circadian Optics therapy lamps.

Many customers found that the light had a positive impact on their life. Numerous good comments shared the following:

  • I have trouble sleeping, and this light assisted me in finally getting a good night’s sleep.
  • I’m more attentive and awake as a result of it.
  • The lamp is well-made and durable, and it has three brightness levels.

Other retailers of interest are:

Circadian Optics Reviews From Other Sources

As part of our Circadian Optics study, GNGuide looked at a number of review sites to see what customers had to say about the brand’s therapy lamps.

Our research started on Amazon, where the company’s light treatment lamps have received a lot of positive feedback:

  • The lamp’s lumos edition has 4741 reviews with a 4.6 star rating.
  • There are 1,138 reviews for the Lattis therapy lamp, with a 4.5 star rating.
  • There are 1661 reviews for the Lumine lamp, with a 4.5 star rating.

Then we went to bestviewsreviews, where the lamp scored a whopping 9/10 from 1,477 people.

Finally, the lamps received a 7.1 out of 10 rating from 226 votes in the review index website.

Customers’ opinions:

Customer service: On all review platforms, the customer assistance team received mixed feedback.

While the majority of reviewers thought the customer service was excellent, a few were dissatisfied with the response they received when they contacted the team.

A lot of recent reviews stated that the customer support team performed an outstanding job; when one customer contacted the team about a misplaced cord, they acted quickly and resolved the issue; they were also applauded for their excellent and prompt communication.

Customers who were dissatisfied said they had trouble reaching the customer support staff, and that the personnel did not follow through on its promises.

Quality: The Circadian therapy lamps quality received mostly excellent feedback from customers. Here are a some of the comments that have been left:

  • Exceptional quality
  • I was blown away by the craftsmanship and elegance of the design.
  • The quality was greater than expected for the price.
  • Their instruction booklet is written clearly and concisely, and the quality and brightness are excellent.

Price: Customer feedback differed significantly in terms of the cost of the Circadian treatment lamps. While some consumers thought the lamp provided outstanding value, others thought the pricing was reasonable, and yet others thought they were overpriced for what they received.

The following are some of the comments:

  • Overall, I’m happy with my purchase, and the pricing is fair.
  • Given the price, I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of craftsmanship.

Social Media

Guardline has a developing social media presence, with over 1.7k likes on their @circadianoptics Facebook page and 5k likes on their @circadianoptics Instagram account. Both social media profiles are full of useful information and keep you up to date on all things related to Circadian optics and therapy lights.

Where Can You Buy Circadian Optics?

We recommend you purchase your therapy lamps directly from the Circadian Optics website to ensure you get the best deal, however another great place to purchase your lamp is from their Amazon store.

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Contact Circadian Optics

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Check out their FAQs page

Circadian Optics Frequently Asked Questions

Does Circadian Optics Have a Return Policy?

Circadian Optics wants you to be happy with your purchase. If you’re not satisfied, please contact their customer service team within 30 days of your purchase.

Circadian Optics Shipping Policy

Shipping and taxes are computed during checkout and vary based on your order and location.

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Circadian Optics Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

Circadian light therapy bulbs are highly likely really beneficial for readers who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Not only do these innovative lights give you much-needed light on a dreary winter day, but they will also help you feel less gloomy and more energized.

Circadian Optics light therapy lights are not only attractive, but they are also simple to use and inexpensive.

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