Can You Put Glass In An Air Fryer?

While air fryers are becoming increasingly common in homes, many consumers are still unsure of the ins and outs of this helpful appliance. One question asked regularly is, “Can glass be used in an air fryer?”

The answer is sure, however, there are some measures you need to take to guarantee the air fryer’s safe and effective operation.

glass in an air fryer

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Is It Safe To Use A Glass Dish In An Air Fryer?

In order to use a glass dish in your air fryer, make sure it can withstand oven temperatures. Putting a cold glass dish into a hot air fryer will cause the dish to break due to thermal stress. Before you use the air fryer, you should warm up the glass dish in warm to slightly hot water as an extra safety measure.

Make sure your glass dish can get from the oven to the table. Typical glass bowls aren’t durable enough to endure the rapid temperature changes inside an air fryer. Check the label or try heating the dish in the air fryer without food to see whether it can withstand the high temperatures.

What Is Glass Cookware Made Of?

Most glass cookware is made to go in the oven without breaking, but some can easily break or even explode if the temperature changes quickly.

Pyrex is a prominent brand of glasses that may be used in the oven without breaking. Pyrex is heat-resistant because it is comprised of borosilicate glass. Manufacturing Pyrex requires an oven temperature of 1000 degrees.

Even though it says on the label that it may go from the oven to the freezer, most Pyrex bowls are not totally immune to heat shock. Even though you can use a Pyrex dish in an air fryer, you shouldn’t change the temperature too quickly to keep it from cracking.

Aside from windows, tempered glass is used in cookware and many other places due to its resistance to extreme heat and cold. However, it’s not nearly as prevalent as borosilicate glass.

What Type of Glass Is Safe to Use In An Air Fryer?

Air fryers can be used with tempered or borosilicate glass without risk. Due to its resistance to heat, this glass is frequently used in kitchen applications.

How To Keep Glass From Shattering In Your Air Fryer

There are measures you may take to lessen the likelihood of your air fryer’s glass bowl shattering during use:

  • One thing to keep in mind is to try to prevent any extreme temperature shifts. The most common reason for glass to shatter is an abrupt shift in temperature.
  • Taking a glass bowl of leftovers from the freezer to put straight into the air fryer is a big no-no. You should put the glass in an air fryer once it has cooled to room temperature. In these cases, you should use caution when operating the air fryer.
  • Before using your air fryer, you should also check the condition of the glass dish you intend to use. Check the surface of the glass for any signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or unevenness, which could indicate that the glass is weak and could break easily.
  • It’s worth noting that most oven-safe glass is only designed to withstand temperatures between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to check the label to see what sort of maximum temperature your glass dish can withstand.

Should You Cook With Glass In An Air Fryer?

Glass is widely used in the kitchen because you can use it for a variety of purposes, it is durable, and does not react to acids. Glass’s non-porous surface prevents it from absorbing food or bacteria so ensures your food remains healthy. You can rest assured that no harmful substances will transfer to your food during the air-frying process. Additionally glass is incredibly easy to clean. When it comes to the kitchen, glass containers are superior to any other material.

The only problem with using glass in an air fryer is that it might get in the way of the air flow. 


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