Camper Shoes Review: The Ultimate Review

About Camper Shoes

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Camper Shoes is an iconic shoe brand with a household name, that produces high-quality, diverse shoes for everyone. This Camper Shoes guide reviews the iconic shoe range and examines the pros and cons of this brand.

Camper makes everyday fashion shoes that are some of the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever tried. The company is well-known for producing high-quality, lightweight, and long-lasting wide-styled shoes. The designs are one-of-a-kind while remaining simple and snug (while still allowing movement) so you can walk pain-free all day.

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Camper Shoes Review

What We Like!

  • Wide range of unique, fashionable shoes
  • Shoes are very comfortable
  • Free shipping on orders over $45

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive than competitors

Are Camper Shoes Worth It?

Given that this legendary shoe company has existed nearly as long as I have, it goes without saying that you can trust them. We adore the fact that they continue to improve and develop their renowned shoes season after season. With a diverse selection of creative, fun, comfy, and durable shoes, you’re certain to find something you adore.

Who Are Camper Shoes For?

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

If you’re looking for something unique but also practical and comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis, camper shoes and their traditional aspects mixed with modern qualities may be the answer.

Camper Shoes Reviews

As part of this Camper shoe review, GNGuide visits a number of other websites around the world to learn more about what Camper customers have to say about the products. Our search began on the Trustpilot website. We were surprised to learn that the brand only received an average rating of 1.6 stars on the Trustpilot website, with over 81% of those leaving negative reviews. Customers complained about poor customer service and quality issues, in addition to several customers receiving defective or incorrect shoes.

Customer Review

We bought a pair of shoes from Camper in March. Unfortunately, we received the wrong pair of sneakers. After calling several times and about three weeks since we started calling customer service, we still don’t receive the promised email to return the wrong shoes and receive a refund of what we paid for the ones we bought.

One-star review @Trustpilot.

The Amazon reviews were much more positive and in line with those on the Camper website. Over 870 customers gave the Camper Men’s Peu sneaker a 4.5-star rating on average. Several customers said the shoes were a great minimalist shoe, that they were comfortable, and that the rubber gripping on the bottom was excellent.

Customer Review

I bought these after seeing them on a stranger’s feet. It looked so cool I needed to get some. I wear 10.5 US usually and got the ones listed as 11. They fit perfectly. This shoe design is roomy in the roe box, so make sure you like that before you buy. Similar to that Hawaiian shoe brand that starts with an O.
Also, as others have mentioned in reviews, there is no support for your foot in these. Very minimalist design with a thin sole, and you feel the hard ground on your foot. I like that, make sure you do too before you buy. It came with two sets of laces! Dark brown in addition to honey-colored ones. That was a pleasant surprise.

Five-star review @Amazon.

Where Can You Buy Camper Shoes

You’ll find the complete Camper Shoes collection at Additionally, you can purchase the Camper range over the phone, in one of their many stores or on Amazon.

Camper Peu Shoes Review

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

Inspired by barefoot walking, the Camper Peu collection comprises shoes with a revolutionary ergonomic design that retains the benefits of going shoeless. The Iconic Peu shoe collection incorporates elastic zigzag laces and additional width to accept and adapt to the shape of your foot. You’ll find these sneakers melt into your foot.

These 360-degree stitched sneakers are elegant yet comfortable, simple yet sophisticated. They feature Strobel construction technology, which ensures unsurpassed flexibility and durability. Peu shoes are available for men, women, and children.

The price of a pair of camper Peu adult shoes starts at $155, rising to $215 for the Peu Customize range. The Peu kids range starts at $70, rising to $90.

Are The Camper Peu Shoes Worth It?

The Camper Peu’s scored well with reviewers who left the following comments:


The majority of consumers raved about how comfortable the Peu shoes are, with several stating that they are comfy enough to wear all day on any terrain. A few critical comments were made, but they were in the minority. One customer complained about the tongue, but reasoned that it could be because they hadn’t broken the shoes in yet.


Numerous reviews indicated that the shoes are well-made and attractive. They are described as timeless, extremely trendy, dressy, and casual by customers. Additionally they are versatile and easy to wear. According to one reviewer, the color combinations are occasionally a little too trendy for an elderly person. 

Value For Money

We didn’t come across many reviews discussing the price of the Peu Camper shoes, but we did come across numerous customers stating that they love the shoes so much that they purchase them repeatedly.

Excellent quality leather, sleek style, ultra-comfortable! Love it! Been wearing them nonstop since they arrived. No break-in time! I wish you guys would provide multiple colors for the laces, for different options.

Five-star review @Camper.

I love Peus, but they are so much more narrow than they used to be hence my 4-star rating. I go up a size for the width, but still…and it’s also really unfortunate that the soles crack and make the shoes unusable.
Other styles of Campers can have soles replaced, making them last AGES – but unfortunately not Peus…really disappointing that Camper doesn’t sell replacement soles for this style. These specific shoes are a great color and just how I expect them to be as far as quality – very, very good

4-star review @Camper.

Camper Twins Shoes Review

The Camper Twins” collection is one of the most unique, creative, and enjoyable shoe collections we’ve ever seen. In 1988, the business questioned the notion that shoes must be identical; they chose to create shoes with distinct right and left shoes, resulting in the Twins collection.

Twin Sandals

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

The playful, mismatched styles are a terrific conversation starter, and despite the fact that each shoe is unique, they work beautifully together. Unfortunately, there is insufficient space in this Camper Shoes review to feature every shoe in the collection, but we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites.

The Women’s Multi-colored Twins sandals have a yellow and white leather top strap, a yellow TPU outsole with exceptional traction, and a 20% ABS heel. The Camper Shoes Twins multi-colored sandal is $130. Additionally, this sandal is available in black, grey, and red. 

Are Camper Twins Worth It?

33 Camper consumers rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.


From the rubber sole to the padded straps to the size, consumers raved about how comfortable the twins sandals are.


The twins sandals have been described as “fun,” “beautiful,” and “classy” by reviewers. Customers expressed satisfaction with the heel height, as well as the fit and quality of the materials and finish. Additionally, shoppers appreciate how versatile the sandals are, as they can be worn with both dresses and jeans. A few consumers complained that the shoes were too thin for their feet. 

Camper Twins sneakers

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

The Camper Men’s multi-colored Twins sneaker is another unique pair of shoes; you will most certainly stand out when wearing these sneakers. The shoes have a leather upper and a 20% recycled, extremely light EVA outsole that helps keep you light on your feet and absorbs shock.  

Are Camper Twins Sneakers Worth It?


According to one customer, the twins shoes are extremely comfy and lightweight. Customers believe that they are really comfortable and are constructed of high-quality materials. One reviewer disagreed, stating that the leather gave the impression of being cheap and that it appeared to be overly cumbersome.


Customers rave about how well-made and comfortable these sneakers are. Additionally, they appreciate the fact that they keep their feet dry. Customers describe them as having a sporty, eye-catching style and being predominantly campers.  

My campers are authentic in everyday life. Two feathers that keep your feet warm as you walk. If flying were possible, I would do it while wearing my campers.

Customer review @Camper shoes

Camper Girls Twins Shoes

Along with adult shoes, Camper also offers a fantastic selection of their twins line for the younger members of our families. From sandals and slippers to shoes, you’re sure to find a pair that’s just right for you. As with the adult versions, all children’s shoes are constructed to a high standard using high-quality materials.

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

Camper Pelotas Shoes Review

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

Camper’s Pelotas sneakers are undoubtedly the most well-known of the Camper collection; introduced in 1995, these shoes were inspired by pioneers of sport. Each pair of Camper Pelotas is handcrafted from European leather and stitched 360 degrees around the classic 87-ball rubber outsole.

Impressively, these shoes come with a lifetime guarantee; Camper values quality, which is why these shoes are built to last and are constructed entirely of the finest materials.

Each season, the Pelotas (Spanish for balls) shoe evolves while remaining true to its beginnings. With leather uppers, a detachable cushioned footbed, and a stitched rubber outsole for durability and traction, these shoes will quickly become your new favorites.

Are The Camper Pelotas Sneakers Worth It?


Super comfy, very soft leather, extremely comfortable, and the best shoes I’ve ever worn walking all day are just a few of the compliments left on how comfortable the Pelotas shoes are.


The pelotas shoes are of exceptional quality, which satisfies the vast majority of clients. One client aptly described them as “the ideal shoe for a variety of occasions: comfy and beautiful.” Additionally, many buyers report that the shoes fit precisely and give necessary support, and that they last for years. The only criticism we have is that the lacing system takes some time to adjust to.  

My first pair of Pelotas lasted ten years of nearly daily use. I never entirely destroyed them, even at that, but needed to move on as I feared I’d never get a new pair of shoes if I had to wait for them to break. These things are extremely durable and are a lifetime piece that I’ve never seen in a shoe before. Absolutely can’t recommend them enough.

Five-star review @Camper

Camper Wabi Slippers Review

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

Japanese minimalism is reflected in the Camper Wabi slippers. These iconic slippers, which were created with minimal production processes and minimal materials, have kept feet warm and cozy for more than 20 years! The Wabi collection was created by people who care about our planet and strive to reduce the environmental impact of footwear production. Camper’s Monomaterial Wabi sandal costs $75 and is made of 20% recycled TPU, and is 100% recyclable.

Are Camper Wabi Slippers Worth It?


Many customers said the slippers were the most comfortable they’d ever worn, and many others said they were very happy with them.


The camper wabi slippers have received rave reviews for their design and quality, in addition to being lightweight and quiet. The high quality of the workmanship has been mentioned by reviewers. A few of the negative reviews mentioned problems with the insoles. One customer complained that the right sole of the shoe came out, which was inconvenient, while another complained that the shoes were too thin.  

4 and 1/2 stars. This is my third pair of Wabis after many years and my favorite color so far. It is super comfortable, light, and cozy at the same time. I particularly like the rubber non-skid sole (I would not do without it after slipping with a felt wool sole.
They are immediately easy to wear with or without socks – and these days I wear them nearly all day! A minor (half star) for wish for a little increased arch support, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. I love the design.

4-star review @Camper Shoes.

Camper Women’s Shoes Review

Pix Shoes For Women

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

These shoes make me want to jump around and have fun. The look is excellent, and the soles have just the right amount of spring.

5-star rating @Camper.

Brutus Boots For Women

camper shoes, camper shoes women, camper sandals, camper shoes men, camper sneakers,

The women’s Camper Brutus boot has a leather upper with laces and a zip, as well as a 51% recycled extra light EVA outsole that feels light and absorbs shock. The boots are 360 stitched for added durability, and they come with a removable footbed with a cushioning system to keep your feet comfortable all day!

Camper Shoes Promo Codes, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

camper shoes reviews

GnGuide has found no discount codes during this Camper shoes review, however the brand do have promotions so check out their website. There are some others ways to save”

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Is Camper A Spanish Brand?

Camper was founded in 1975 in Mallorca, Spain, by Lorenzo Fluxa in response to a need for a new footwear design. Lorenzo’s family has a long history in shoemaking and imported the first sewing machines to Mallorca in 1877.

Where Are Camper Shoes Produced?

Camper Shoes have over 500 locations globally, yet the shoes continue to be designed and developed on the little Spanish island. Each season, a young creative team collaborates with seasoned artisans to develop a selection of one-of-a-kind models.

Camper Shoes Contact Details

You can contact the Camper Shoes customer service team in various ways.

  • Call 1 (877) 562 0723
  • Use the Camper Shoes online contact form

Camper Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Camper Shoes Located?

Camper shoes can be found on Mallorca, a Spanish island.

Why Are Camper Shoes So Popular?

Using cutting-edge techniques like 360-degree stitching and Goodyear welt construction, Camper produces shoes that are both flexible and durable without sacrificing weight. This makes them an incredibly popular brand.

How Do Camper Shoes Fit? Do Camper Shoes Stretch?

camper shoes stretch

Most people find they need to add one size up from their regular shoe size. Camper shoes are known for their extraordinarily soft leather, which allows you to wear them for long periods of time on the first go. It’s a known fact that campers stretch a little after being worn. 

Shipping Policy

The brand offers free ground shipping on all orders over $45, with an estimated delivery time of one to seven business days. For orders under $45, shipping costs $9. Express shipping costs $14.90, and you will receive your delivery within two business days.

Camper Returns Policy

You can return Camper products within 30 days of delivery if the item is unused. You cannot return customized items unless the product has a manufacturing defect.

Does Camper Offer a Guarantee on Their Shoes?

All Camper shoes come with a two-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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