Zeelool Glasses Review: The ultimate Guide

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Zeelool is an online eyewear retailer that produces high-quality, affordable, unisex eyewear designed to provide the newest styles so you can keep up with the latest trends.

This Zeelool review will determine if the Zeelool brand achieves its goals and meets its customer’s expectations.

Zeelool review

Zeelool Glasses Top Picks

Zeelool Reviews

Zeelool.com offers a wide range of glasses and accessories, so let’s check them out.

Where Are Zeelool Located?

Zeelool is a large company with warehouses and laboratories located throughout the world; the majority of its manufacturing occurs in China.

Pros And Cons Of Zeelool

What We Like!

  • Good customer support
  • Wide range of glasses at affordable prices
  • Unique styles
  • Six-month warranty

What We Don’t Like!

  • Not affiliated to insurance companies
  • You cannot try the glasses on before purchasing
  • You cannot check your prescription with a professional before ordering

Zeelool Eyeglasses

You may be perplexed as to why you would want to buy glasses online. To be honest, choosing glasses in a store is difficult at the best of times, but Zeelool makes it simple to find a frame that fits and complements your face, and the company offers excellent value in addition to a wide selection of frames.

Choosing the right glasses is critical; you don’t want to wear glasses that make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Zeelool has included a few helpful pages on their website to assist you in making the right choice.

When you sign up for an account on the Zeelool website, you’ll be able to narrow down your glasses selection to several categories, narrowing the options and making it easier to find the perfect pair for you.

Choose the Shape of Your Glasses

The company offers a range of shapes to fit almost any shaped face:

Zeelool glasses frames
  • Aviator
  • Cat-eye
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Browline
  • Geometric
  • Rectangle

Choose the Color of Your Glasses

If you want a particular color, then you need to click on your specific choice. For those of you brave enough, you’ll find a great selection of plain and patterned lens choices.

Material Choices

You may want to purchase a particular material, again they have a wide range:

  • Acetate
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Titanium
  • TR90
  • Nylon
  • Wood

Frame Size

Zeelool offers frames in narrow, medium, wide, or custom fit.

Here are some of our favorite frames from the Zeelool range.

Zeelool Try-On View

Another great feature of the Zeelool site is that you can click on the ‘Try on View.’ This view allows you to upload an image of yourself to see the glasses suit your face shape.

This view doesn’t show the actual size effect, so you will still need to refer to the specific details and measurements.

Zelool Women’s Glasses collection Review

Women’s Sean Cat Eye Glasses

The Sean glasses are a women’s classic cat-eye frame that will add some glam to your wardrobe and flatter your face shape. 

The glasses feature:

  • A Full rim
  • They are made from Acetate.
  • Progressive Lens

Zeelool Sean Glasses Frame costs $31.95; adding clear transparent lenses perfect for everyday use will cost you an additional $5, and blue light blocking lenses will cost an additional $15.

If you require prescription lenses, Zeelool will calculate your lens price as you move through the order process.

Over 67 customers have left five-star reviews for the Sean Glasses.

What Customers Say!

Customers thought the glasses are excellent quality, fashionable, comfortable, and fit great.

‘Great Fit. Super comfortable, lightweight, and Great quality!’

Five-star review @Zeelool

Women’s Evelyn Rimless Glasses

zeelool women's glasses reviews
Eveyln Glasses @Zeelool

The Women’s Evelyn glasses are made from high-quality Titanium and feature soft nose pads to ensure the glasses remain comfy.

This chic pair of rimless glasses are fashionable and suit almost any face shape. The unique cat-eye design and seamless temples suit women with various features and hairstyles.

The glasses feature:

  • Rimless frames
  • Made from Titanium
  • Cat-eye shape
  • A progressive lens can be placed within these glasses.

Zeelool’s Evelyn Glasses cost $22.95. Clear transparent lenses will cost an additional $5, and blue light blocking lenses will cost an additional $15.

These Zeelool frames received many positive reviews.

What Customers Say!

Customers thought the glasses were flawless, the lens shape is funky, while the frame is classic, the frames were well-made, and the RX lenses were excellent.

I love these; I was a little worried that they may not be big enough because I have a big face, they fit great. Also super lightweight, perfect for work. Something I wasn’t aware of, they don’t fold. (not a big deal, though)

Five-star review @Zeelool.

Zeelool Men’s Glasses Collection Review

Men’s Arthur Geometric Glasses

The contemporary men’s Arthur lens is a great feel-good style. These glasses look great and combine exceptional durability.

The glasses feature:

  • Full rim
  • Made from Acetate
  • Progressive lens

Zeelool Men’s Arthur Glasses cost $38.95. If you require clear transparent lenses, you will pay an additional $5, and blue light blocking lenses will cost an additional $15.

Zeelool will calculate your prescription lens price as you move through the order process.

These glasses have received an impressive five stars from 90 customer reviews.

What Customers Say!

Customers shared that they thought the glasses were high-quality, affordable, and modern. Many customers were concerned about ordering online. However, they were impressed with the quality of the glasses and the service they received.

Men’s Marlin Rectangle Glasses

zeelool mens eyeglassses review
Marlin Glasses @Zeelool

These Men’s Marlin Glasses are made from high-quality lightweight materials and feature slim metal temples.  

The rectangle design and adjustable nose pads make these glasses comfortable and wear-resistant. The frames suit almost all face shapes and are an excellent choice for stylish decoration.

The Merlin glasses feature:

  • Full Rims
  • Made from Acetate and Titanium
  • Rectangle shape
  • Can include Progressive lenses.

Zeelool Merlin frame costs $45.95, Clear transparent lenses will cost an additional $5, and blue light blocking lenses will cost an additional $15.

What Customers Say!

Once again, positive reviews for these frames, customers shared that the frames were just as advertised, they are a great price and look super cute. Customers were also impressed with the packaging and delivery service.

Nice frames! Exactly like they’re advertised and very lightweight! Not really a masculine look, and they’re wider than I expected, so if you have a rounder face, they’ll be perfect.

Four-star review @Zeelool

Zeelool Sunglasses Review

Unisex Nayeli Sunglasses

These Unisex Aviator-shaped sunglasses feature metal arms, adjustable nose pads and come in five colors so you can match perfectly with whatever you wear.

The sunglasses feature:

  • Full rim
  • They are made from a range of materials
  • Aviator shaped

Zeelool Nayeli Sunglasses cost $28.95. Non-prescription lenses will cost you an additional $20, and Polarized prescription lens cost an additional $50.

What Customers Say!

All reviewers highly recommend the Nayeli Sunglasses; customers loved the frames; they also shared that the glasses are super lightweight and are incredibly comfy and stylish.

I love this style of frame so much I accidentally bought it twice. As I ordered the first pair with my old prescription, but soon after, I changed with my prescription.

I reached out to customer service, and they were able to change the script for me. As I had already ordered a new pair with the correct script I guess I didn’t think they would change it, but they proved me wrong.

Five-star review @Zeelool

Zeelool Lens Choices

Lenses are made of polycarbonate, which makes them highly impact-resistant and ideal for eyewear.

Because polycarbonate lenses are made of softer materials, they scratch easily. To combat this, Zeelool coats each lens multiple times with a hard coating that forms a protective layer around the lenses.

All polycarbonate lenses come with built-in UV400 protection.

Once you’ve found the ideal frame, you’ll need to choose a lens type. Zeelool’s lens selection includes the following:

Single Vision Lenses

Those of you with standard prescriptions will purchase Single Vision lenses.

The glasses only have one viewing area and are the most common type of lens used. Only having one viewing area means that the power of the lens covers the entire lens and can only be used for one function:

  • Long Distances – If you need to see things far away.
  • Middle Distances – If you need to work on a computer or see things that are an arms distance away.
  • Reading Lenses – if you need to read with glasses.

The lenses cannot combine two functions.

Progressive Bifocal Lenses

Zeelool’s progressive lenses provide a transition from out into the distance through intermediate to near, with all the in-between corrections included.

These lenses allow you to look up to see in the distance, look ahead at your computer and look down to read your book.

Zeelool Reviews From Other Sources

As part of the GN Guides review of Zeelool, we search the internet for Zeelool customer reviews.

On Zeelool’s website, the company receives glowing praise; customers share positive reviews and feel the Zeelool branded glasses are great value for money; they are comfortable and durable.

Next, we checked out Trustpilot; the company fared equally as well on this site, with over 1,880 customers giving the company an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

With 69% of reviewers giving an excellent rating, you should consider these glasses. 

Customers thought the lenses were of great value, stylish, fashionable, affordable, and the customer service was outstanding.

Awesome experience, what great customer service! Eyeglasses are beautiful; I cannot believe I have a pair of beautiful progressive eyeglasses for the price I paid; I will buy from this company again, highly recommended.

5-star review @Trustpilot

Of the 1,880 customers who shared their thoughts, 16% were disappointed in their purchases and gave the company terrible reviews.

These customers shared their dissatisfaction with the company due to the poor customer service, lengthy delivery times, and some customers shared that the lenses are of a low quality.

I ordered two pairs of glasses but have yet to receive them. Customer Service has been no help at all.

1-star review @Trustpilot

Zeelool is active on social media, regularly sharing new offers and frames. The company’s @zeelooloptical Facebook page has 470,000 followers, and their zeelool Instagram page has 313,000 followers.

zeelool glasses

Where Can You Buy Zeelool Glasses?

You can find the Zee lool eyeglasses collection at Zeelool.com or Amazon.

Zeelool Discounts and Promotions

During our search for Zeelool discounts and promotions, we found several promotions.

Refer a Friend

Zeelool is keen for you to share the news about their fantastic glasses range; you can give your friend $10 off by sharing a unique link.

After your friend successfully registers, you will receive 10 points, and when they make a purchase, you’ll receive an additional 90 points.

Every 10 points are worth $1 off your next order.

Zeelool Coupon codes

The following Zeelool coupons are available.

Order ValueDiscountCoupon Code

Zeelool Frequently Asked Questions

zeelool glasses review

How Long Does It Take To Get Glasses From Zeelool?

Zeelool offers free standard shipping on all orders over USD 69. This is available for customers residing in:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Singapore

Standard shipping costs $6.95 for orders under $69, and the estimated delivery is between 14 and 21 days.

You will pay $18.95 for express shipping; the estimated shipping time is between 7 and 14 days.

Zeelool does not ship to Russia, Crimea, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Uzbekistan, India, Hongkong, Taiwan, Sudan, French Guiana, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Zeelool Return Policy

Zeelool’s quality assurance processes are thorough, and there are many quality inspections before sending you your order. However, if there is a defect in your glasses, you will need to contact the customer service center.

All glasses come with a six-month warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or improper care.

The company will offer a one-time replacement.

If you dislike your glasses, there is a size issue, or your prescription is uncomfortable, you will need to contact Zeelool within 30 days of receiving your order; the company will provide you with a special discount for another style.

Does Zeelool Accept Insurance?

Zeelool is not affiliated with any insurance companies. However, the company can provide you with a copy of your invoice so you can request a reimbursement.

Zeelol accessories

About Zeelool

Founded in 2018 by Zhengzhou Ziaomoshou E-Commerce Co, Ltd, Zeelool is a company that wants to help people see! The provide fashionable, innovative, and high-quality eyewear at affordable prices.

The brand uses superior materials to design and craft its range of glasses.

Zeelool Contact information

You can contact Zeelool in a variety of ways:

Are Zeelool Glasses Worth It?

During our Zeelool review, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many customers love the wide range of unique and classic styled glasses on offer.

The majority of customer reviews praise the companies products and recommend the company to their friends.

The negative thoughts we have read are few and far between, and we hope they are just teething issues as the company is relatively new to the industry. We will revisit the reviews to check how the company is progressing.  

Overall, Zeelool produces high-quality glasses at affordable prices; if you are not in a rush for the glasses, they provide a great option to purchase excellent glasses.

zeelool review

Other quality eyewear providers include:

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