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Skip Hop Review: The Ultimate Review

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Skip Hop is a globally recognized brand that safety-conscious parents favor. SkipHop produces smart, functional, and aesthetically pleasing everyday solutions that make parenting easier and more enjoyable.

This Skip Hop review will determine whether the maternity clothing brand meets its objectives and exceeds customer expectations.

About Skip Hop

Michael and Ellen Diamant founded Skip Hop in 2003. As a couple of new parents, they quickly discovered that their diaper bag options were limited.

Encircled by blue and pink baby bags, Ellen drew a bag that was both fashionable and highly functional and met the needs of their on-the-go city lifestyle. At this point, the couple created the Duo Diaper Bag and have never looked back.

Ellen and Michael are not from the baby industry. Ellen’s passion for product innovation, combined with her experience as an art director in publishing and luxury goods marketing and branding, contribute to Skip Hop’s unique vision.

After 15 years as a technology entrepreneur, Michael’s desire to break new ground constantly creates new opportunities for the company.

ski-hop reviews

Skip Hop Review

Skip Hop is one of many lifestyle brands for parents, infants, and toddlers. Millions of products have impacted the lives of parents and babies in over 30 countries around the world.

The companies guiding philosophy is “Must-Haves Made Better,” which means they make an unwavering commitment to producing well-curated, intelligently designed essentials for parents, babies, and toddlers. As you’ll see later in this Skip Hop review, the company has succeeded admirably in this endeavor, producing some truly remarkable products.

Skip Hop re-imagines, re-energizes, and re-engineers products to infuse them with joy. The company is perpetually curious, constantly challenging functionality, form, and design.

Skip Hop products undergo extensive testing to alleviate parents’ concerns during the decision-making process.

The company also gives back through charities such as the Good+ Foundation and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, which assist disadvantaged families in obtaining the resources necessary to be the best parents possible.

Where Are Skip Hop Products Made?

Skip Hop products are sourced from the SkipHop China office.

Pros And cons of Skiphop

What We Like!

  • Great range of practical baby products
  • Free shipping on all orders over $35
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Great quality products

What We Don’t Like!

  • It can be more expensive than other brands

SkipHop Baby Gear Review

Need to gear up for baby’s first year, then SkipHop has got you covered.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bags

Having a fully stocked diaper bag on hand makes it much easier to exit the house and change your child on the go. Parents looking for a functional diaper bag that can hold everything they need for the day will find the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag meets all their needs. It is a well-made shoulder bag that is durable, comfy, and well made.

ski-hop review

The Skip Hop Duo Signature’s most notable feature is its eleven pockets, making it simple to store and quickly retrieve whatever you need. With four external pockets, enabling one-handed access, you can easily store milk bottles, diapers, or a travel mug of coffee.

Duo Signature features an external slot on the back for the included changing pad, and the new zip-top closure keeps contents secure inside the bag. Tote handles and a convenient tech pocket add versatility, and patented shuttle clips convert it easily from a shoulder bag to a bag for your stroller.

The Duo Signature Diaper Bag by SkipHop retails for $70.

A popular choice amongst customers, the SkipHop Diaper Bag, has a 4.8-star rating, with the majority of customers rating it five stars.

The majority of customers commented on the number of pockets included in the bag, how well-priced it was, and how the bag provided enough space to meet their needs.

There was one two-star review; the customer praised the bag’s quality and comfort but expressed disappointment that it was small and didn’t have enough room for more than one child’s belongings.

SkipHop Pronto Signature Changing Station

This is quite adaptable in terms of changing pad’s go. The ultimate diaper changing tool
unfolds into a cushioned changing pad with two side flaps and features a little pillow.

A large mesh pocket is perfect for diapers and ointments, while a zippered front pocket is perfect for smaller items like keys and cell phones. The translucent wipes case allows for easy reloading.

ski-hop reviews

The front is secured with a metal D ring. It fits comfortably inside most diaper bags and can be worn on the wrist or attached to a stroller. The changing pad is detachable, allowing the bag to carry extra diapers or other gear.

The Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station is available in a variety of styles and costs $30.

With an overall rating of 4.7 stars, this product is recommended by a large number of parents.

Customers commented that the changing station enables them to change their baby regardless of where they are and that it’s convenient to have diapers, wipes, and the changing mat all in one bag.

There were only a few negative reviews; these customers stated that the item was of poor quality and that one customer’s mat developed mold.

SkipHop Potty Training Essentials

With SkipHop’s Made Easy Potty, step stool, and toddler toilet seat, potty time will be a breeze. With the appearance of a grown-up toilet, the modern potty helps little ones confidently transfer to the real thing! Clean-up is a breeze with smooth, wipeable surfaces and a detachable basin. You can store a removable wipes case or your child’s favorite book in the back compartment.

Skiphop  review

The simple-to-use toddler toilet seat will help your child in developing potty training confidence.  The go & stow design minimizes the size of your adult toilet seat and includes a handy tab to secure the trainer in place when the toilet lid is lifted.

Additionally, there is a unique hub that magnetically lifts and stores the training seat inside the toilet lid (or on the bathroom wall) when not in use.

The 2-in-1 step stool provides a big-kid boost to toddler independence by making everything more accessible for children to reach. It’s ideal for potty training at the bathroom sink and toilet and works well as a kitchen helper and more.

The Skiphop Easy-store toilet trainer is available for $20 and currently has an average rating of 4.7 stars. Customers appreciated that the toilet seat did not slide around; the seat fits perfectly and helps keep the toilet area less cluttered.

The Skip-hop made-for-me toilet costs $36 and has received only four and five-star reviews thus far. Customers have expressed their delight with their purchase, stating that their children enjoy hearing the flush when they are finished and that it motivates them.

The Skip Hop double-step stool is priced at $20. Customers gave these steps an average rating of five stars, praising them for being the ideal height, sturdy, and not too heavy, allowing the child to move around if necessary.

Skip Hop Bathtime Review

From the Skip Hop Branded Moby tubs, spout covers, and rinsers to Skip Hop’s splashy bathing helpers and bath toys, your bathtime becomes a breeze! Here are some of their bestselling bath time essentials.

Skip Hop Moby three-stage bathtub

The Skip-Hop multi-stage bathtub grows with your baby and is the only baby bathtub you’ll ever need. From head to toe, the dual-layered mesh and comfort-edge construction will securely cradle your baby.

The slings adjust to create a cushioned seat that supports babies who are learning to sit correctly, and when the baby has accomplished sitting, remove the sling and bathe the baby easily in the large tub – no uncomfortable plastic bumps.

skiphop reviews

Skip Hop’s three-stage Moby Smart sling is $35.

Customers have rated the bathtub an average of 3.9 stars, with 49% of reviewers giving it a five-star rating.

The three stages were a hit with reviewers, as was the neck support, which allows you to wash and rinse your child with your hands-free.

While most customers expressed satisfaction with the bath’s quality, many expressed disappointment that the paper warning stickers were challenging to remove and left a sticky patch, effectively ruining the bathtub.

Several customers expressed concern about mold in various areas of the bath, most notably the sling.

SkipHop Bathtime Assistance Kit

Bathing a baby is a breeze with the assistance of the Skiphop convenient bathtime assistance kit. The four-piece set contains a rinser, soft spout cover, padded elbow rest, and kneeler.

Now, parents can enjoy tub time in the same level of comfort as their children. Additionally, it makes an excellent gift for first-time parents!

This Bathtime essentials kit was a winner at the 2020 Good Housekeeping Parenting awards.

Skiphop reviews

The Skip Hop Bathtime essentials kit retails for $55 and is available in blue or grey.

Twenty customers have given the bath-time essentials kit a 4.7-star rating. Fifteen customers rated this item five stars and commended the kit’s convenience, quality, and cuteness factor.

The kneeling pad and elbow pads were a huge hit and significantly improved bath time comfort. The whale spout cover is a must, as it protects your baby’s head, and the rinsing cup prevents water from getting into their eyes, which anyone with a child knows is a blessing.

Skip Hop Kids Bags and Backpacks Review

SkipHop Zoo Little Kid Backpack

This animal backpack’s whimsical details and durable materials make it the ideal pack for your on-the-go little one! Adjustable mesh side pocket accommodates a juice box, sippy cup, or water bottle.

The front pouch is insulated, so it is perfect for snacks, and the backpack features additional pockets for pencils and other travel essentials. Padded straps are gentle on small shoulders!

skiphop review

SkipHop’s Zoo small child backpack is $22 and is available in a variety of designs.

Over 1,000 customers have given this backpack a 4.9-star rating, with nearly 100% stating that the bag’s quality is excellent.

Customers praised the features and thought it was ideal for children aged two to four.

The bag’s primary disadvantage is its size; a large number of reviewers expressed a desire for a larger backpack.

SkipHop Lunchbags

Skiphop’s insulated kids’ lunch bag features friendly ZOO® characters and keeps food and snacks fresh on the go. Featuring a spacious main compartment for sandwiches, snacks, and beverages, Interior pockets to store utensils, an ice pack and other essentials, and a mesh bottle pocket that keeps beverages close at hand. Flap closure and clip-on handle round out this toddler essential for school and days out.

review of skiphop

The Insulated kid’s lunch bag from SkipHop is $10, and each bag features a different zoo character design.

Each of the insulated lunch bags has a different review rating, ranging from 4.8 to five stars, but the comments are consistent.

Customers compliment the lunch bag’s excellent features, design, and quality and state that their children adore it.

SkipHop Mealtime Essentials

Skip-Hop Sit-To-Step High Chair

SkipHop’s modern high chair is loaded with convenient features that make mealtime easier. It can be pulled right up to the table, allowing the baby to participate in family meals. Subsequently, it will convert to a Toddler Step Stool, allowing your child to help as they grow.

Featuring wipe-clean surfaces and beechwood accents,  this space-saving high chair is an excellent choice for parents and infants. 

skip hop review

The stage one high chair is suitable for babies from three months to three years or up to a weight of 33lbs (15kg).  When they’ve reached three, the chair can turn into a toddler step stool.  

With a height-adjustable seat that reclines in three different angled positions, the Skip hop Sit and Step seats are easily customized for your child’s comfort. The secure five-point harness is detachable for easy cleaning. For added convenience, an infant seat insert and soft head support are included.

A Dishwasher-safe insert is included with the removable tray. The dishwasher-safe tray rests flat on the table, creating less mess to clean.

When not in use, the space-saving design folds up for easy storage. The inset wheels on the Sit in Step tilt for mobility, allowing you to move the high chair around your house at your leisure.

The Skip Hop Sit to Step High chair retails for $200.

Customers have given the sit and step high chair a 4.7-star review rating.

The majority of customer comments mention how sturdy, trendy, and easy to clean the chair is. One customer made a negative comment about the tight fit between the child’s chair and tray.

Along with the high chair, you’ll find a variety of baby and child-friendly mealtime essentials. The skip hop range features adorable zoo animals that will add some excitement to mealtimes.

SkipHop Playtime and Toys Review

With a diverse selection of playtime and toys, SkipHop has an activity center or baby toy to suit every family’s preferences.

Skip hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View Activity Center

SkipHop’s Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s Activity Center is an action-packed baby gym designed to grow with babies in three stages.  The Activity Center includes a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing.

The unique Discovery Window allows small children to see their feet clearly as they play the light-up piano, allowing them to make connections between cause and effect, and you can rearrange dreamlike toys to create unique play experiences. 

skip hop reviews

As your baby grows, the activity center transforms into a convenient cruising area. Finally, in the third stage, it transforms into a sturdy toddler table with a plastic chalkboard surface perfect for drawing, playing, and more!

SkipHops Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View Activity Center costs $136.

Another well-liked option among SkipHop customers. This activity center received an average rating of 4.8 stars from customers.

The activity center transitions well for children of all ages; it is functional and straightforward, and children can’t get enough of the colorful keyboard and toy attachments.

SkipHop Farmstand Grow and Play Activity Gym

Skip-Hop’s Farmstand Grow & Play Activity Gym stimulates baby’s senses and continues to teach as they grow.  The soft playmat is filled with interesting textures and sounds for the baby to explore and features cheerful farm images and numbers. The fold-up sides establish an enclosed play area ideal for tummy time. 

review of skip hop

A vibrant watermelon wedge pillow with a plush texture and a charming side pocket allows baby to “pick” a vegetable, and five hanging toys keep babies entertained and happy, including an avocado rattle, a beetroot squeaker, and a musical bunny. 

When infants sprout, the detachable arches transform into a growth chart.

The SkipHop Farmstand Grow and Play Activity Gym is priced at $85. 

This activity gym has an average rating of 4.4 stars from customers. 

Customers commented on how bright and fun the activity gym was and how comfortable the mat was.

A few dissatisfied customers expressed their disappointment that the musical bunny did not work from the start.

Skip Hop Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this Skip Hop review, GNGuide analyses various other websites to determine how their customers feel about the SkipHop products.

On Amazon, we discovered numerous SkipHop products. Customer reviews on Amazon are comparable to those on the Skip Hop website.

The Skip Hop Baby Gate received a 4.7-star rating on Amazon from over 600 customers.

The majority of customers expressed satisfaction with their purchase, stating that it was simple to assemble, durable, and looked great. However, they did advise that the baby gate was on the small side and that they could probably use two or more panels to accommodate their child’s curiosity.

While there are no reviews on the Skip Hop Facebook page, the company has over 340,000 followers and 519,000 followers on Instagram.

Skip Hop Promo Codes, Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

GNGuide has discovered no discount codes for Skip Hop as part of this review.
You should, however, visit their website frequently to stay informed of current sales and promotions.

Rewarding Moments in Skip Hop

Skip Hop does have a loyalty program; each dollar spent earns you one point. Then, once you reach 150 points, you’ll be eligible for a $10 reward redeemable in-store or online.

Earn points at any Skip Hop brand, including Carter’s, OshKosh B’gosh, and SkipHop.

Additionally, you’ll receive exclusive bonus points and savings, as well as a surprise birthday offer for your children if they’re added to your account. You’ll also be the first to see any new Skip Hop arrivals.

Where Can You Buy Skip Hop?

You’ll find the complete Skip Hop collection at

Alternatively, you can purchase the skip hop range in one of their many stores and on Amazon.

Skip Hop Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policy for SkipHop 

Skip Hop offers combined standard flat rate shipping to most addresses in the United States, including military addresses and territories. 

Orders for kerbside and store pickup are always free of charge. 

Standard Shipping – All orders over $35 qualify for free standard shipping. For orders under $35, you will be charged a $6 shipping fee. Within eight days, you should receive the delivery. 

Expedited Shipping – For a fee of $15, you can have your order delivered within three business days. 

Overnight Shipping: There is a $25 fee for next-day delivery. 

Expedited and Overnight shipping services are available only within the continental United States.

Skiphop International Shipping Instructions

The total order cost, including merchandise, shipping, taxes, and duties, will be displayed in your preferred currency during checkout. 

Depending on where in the world you reside, the list below summarises the estimated shipping times. However, you will be quoted a specific estimated delivery time when you checkout.

  • The Canadian Federation – 5-20 business days
  • America Central and the Caribbean – 6-13 business days
  • Americas – 6-14 business days
  • The European Union – 6-13 business days
  • Asia-Pacific Region – 6-14 business days
  • Asia in the South – 7-14 business days
  • Africa and the Arabian Peninsula – 6-13 business days

Skip-Hop Returns Policy

The Returns process is simple. You create your return label using SkipHop’s interactive return tool; on the reverse side of your packing slip, complete the form and enclose it with your merchandise.

Once SkipHop receives your shipment, they will issue a credit to your original method of payment, less shipping and handling charges.

Skip Hop Happiness Policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it along with the original sales receipt, gift receipt, or packing slip. Skip Hop will exchange the item or refund the full purchase price for all new, unworn products returned within ninety days of purchase, less shipping, and handling fees for online orders.

If you do not have your receipt or your purchase occurred more than 90 days ago, Skip Hop will exchange the item for the current selling price.

Skip Hop Reviews1

Skip Hop Contact Details

You can contact the Skip Hop customer service team in various ways.

  • Call them on 1(877) 333 0117
  • Use the Skip Hop online contact form

Is Skip Hop Worth It?

Being a parent entails a plethora of responsibilities. Every day, it’s critical to remember the numerous new ways to care for your child.

The Skip Hop range of baby equipment, toys, and essentials simplifies things by allowing you to enjoy your time with your young family.

For more products to help you in your journey into parenthood or for your youngster, check out the following reviews.

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