Redline Steel Review: The Ultimate guide

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Redline Steel specializes in high-quality steel wall art, canvas prints, steel fire pits, and other home decors that are made in the USA.

This Redline Steel guide examines the advantages and disadvantages of this veteran-owned, one-of-a-kind home decor company.


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Redline Steel Review

Redline Steel creates a wide range of home decor items, including a large number of handcrafted patriotic pieces, that can be found on the walls of homes across the country.

Not only are Redline Steel’s products high-quality, but they are also hand-crafted and have a rust-resistant coating, making them extremely durable and allowing them to be mounted on any wall, indoors or out.

Where Are Redline Steel Products Made?

Redline Steel is a Veteran-Owned, 100% American-Made Company that uses 100% American-Made Steel and Materials. 

Pros And Cons Of Redline Steel

What We Like!

  • All products are made in the United States
  • Every piece is made of high-quality steel and features a powder coating meaning you can place it inside or outside.
  • Veterans make products by hand.
  • Wide selection of products which can be customized.

What We Don’t Like!

  • As all products are hand-made, delivery time can be slow.

Redline Steel Custom Steel Monograms Review

Look no further if you’re looking for a piece, you can customize for your home. Whatever the occasion, Redline Steel has something suitable in their diverse range of steel monograms, from custom word text to address monograms and graduation monograms to in-loving memory monograms.

Fancy Address Monogram

This opulent address monogram will set your home apart from the rest. The rust-resistant powder coating on the Redline steel fancy address monogram protects it from the elements, and convenient mounting holes make it easy to display.

There are two sizes available: a small monogram for $39.95 and a medium monogram for $64.95. The fancy address monogram is available in three colors: black, copper, and silver.

The fancy address monogram from Redline Steel has received 649 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars, with all of the reviews being three stars or higher.

Customers gave the product positive feedback for the excellent quality and excellent value for money. Customers praised the monogram for being both sturdy and beautiful, and it looks great on their walls.

Because of the delivery, a number of the three-star reviews did not give the product a higher rating; the majority of these reviewers expressed disappointment with the lengthy shipping times.

Custom Word Text

The custom word text home decor is one of Redline Steel’s best-selling items. You can use any letters you want, but there is no way to add spacing between words, so they’re best for single words like names.

The word text decor features high-quality, thick 16-gauge steel with a rust-resistant powder coating that protects it from the elements, allowing you to hang it wherever you want and know it will last a lifetime.

The custom word text starts at $15.95 for up to four letters, rising to $22.95 for five to eight letters, $28.95 for nine to fourteen letters, and $35.95 for fourteen to twenty letters. The only downside to this decor is, it is only available in black.

To date, 2,963 reviewers have given it a 4.9-star rating on average.

There were a few more negative comments about the slow delivery times.

Redline Distressed Battle Flag Review

This one is dedicated to the Patriots. As veterans, patriotism is at the heart of Redline Steel’s values, so you’ll find a wide range of patriotic products among their best-selling items.

The Distressed Battle flag is the ultimate patriotic symbol of freedom.

The flag is made of thick 16-gauge steel for rigidity and long-term durability, and it has a rust-resistant powder coating to protect it from the elements while proudly displayed in your home.

Small ($89), medium ($169), large ($249), and extra-large ($349) sizes of the Distressed Battle Flag are available. If you want to personalize the flag, you’ll have to pay an extra $20. The distressed flag comes in a variety of colors.

Over 2,090 people have given the flag a 4.9-star rating so far, with nearly 2,000 of them giving it a five-star rating.

Customers commented that the flag was of excellent quality and looks great in the home; here are a few examples of customer feedback:

  • Very well-made, and it looks fantastic!
  • The craftsmanship is superb, and the finish is stunning. The flag is a fantastic addition to my living room.
  • The 4-6 week lead time seems excessive, but it was well worth the wait once we received our XL flag.

There were four dissatisfied customers, all of whom were dissatisfied with the shipping service provided, claiming that their orders were delivered without protection and thus were damaged.

Redline Steel Custom Canvas Review

There are several custom canvas options available, including steel and wood scrolls, as well as custom text steel scrolls. Custom lightweight canvasses come in three assorted sizes: small, medium, and large. 

Each canvas is of exceptional quality, with your photo printed on thick archival grade canvas that is pH neutral and acid free, ensuring that the image will not yellow over time. 

Redline Steel calibrates their printers on a regular basis to ensure the colors in your prints are as accurate as possible. 

You’ll find custom canvas’ on Redline starting from $39.95.

57 customers have generated reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars for the Custom Canvases. 

We’ve read numerous favourable comments about the Custom Canvas, including the following: 

  • The finished product was incredible!! Exceeding expectations. It was framed and ready to hang when it arrived. 
  • The photographs are stunning, and the black frame undoubtedly makes your image pop, and they are unbeatable in terms of price. 

There were only two negative reviews; one stated that the canvas was bubbled inside the frame, and the other stated that the picture was extremely dark. 

Both times, the Redline Steel support team responded to the complaint, and we can only assume that the issues were resolved.

Custom Camper Fire Pit Review

If you’re looking for a way to sit outside with friends on a cool evening, this high-quality, thick 16 gauge steel Camper fire pit may represent the ideal addition to your garden. 

Due to the thick 16-gauge steel and powder coating, the fire pit remains rigid, temperature resistant and resistant to the elements for a lifetime. 

This fire pit is simple to assemble, requiring only three straightforward steps.

Customize the fire pit with up to 25 characters.Redline Steels custom camper fire pit retails for $119.

There have been sixteen reviews of the camper fire pit, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. 

A few customers suggested that the fire pit could be enhanced further by including a grate in the center.

Redline Steel Reviews From Other Sources

During our Redline Steel review, we looked at reviews left by Redline Steel customers on a variety of other websites to get a more comprehensive picture of the company.

We began our investigation on The Redline Steel brand received 585 reviews on this site, with an average rating of 3.71 stars and a 67 percent recommendation rate.

The majority of reviews expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service provided. Many customers complained about being unable to contact the customer service team, late delivery, and receiving incorrect products.

The company had received 1,221 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, and the Redline Steel Customer Service Team responded to each one, with all customers expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

Finally, we looked at Amazon reviews for the brands. Redline Steel’s products have received positive feedback on Amazon:

One hundred and Fifty-Four people gave personalized wall decor a 4.9-star rating.
Steel Cross Wall Decor has a 4.9-star rating based on 823 reviews.
There were 12 reviews and a 4.6-star rating for custom text decor.

The brand is also popular on social media, with over 750k followers on the @redlinesteeloffical Facebook page and 95k followers on their redline steel Instagram page.

Where Can You Buy Redline Steel?

Redline Steel’s entire product line is available on the brand’s website, Alternatively, go to Amazon Redline Steel Store.

Redline Steel Promotions and Discounts

As part of our GNGuide Redline Steel review, we look for ways to save money on your purchase. We discovered the following offers and ways to save.

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Members of Redline Steels’ $5 club receive weekly product releases, access to a password-protected collection, a variety of special offers from other companies and monthly giveaways. 

Access to the club costs $5; if you purchase from the company on a regular basis, the club represents excellent value.

Deal Of The Week

Each week, the company features a ‘deal of the week.’ One of Redline Steel’s products is available at a reduced price with free shipping.


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About Redline Steel

Colin Wayne founded Redline Steel in January 2016 with the goal of producing high-quality artwork that customers will enjoy for many years.

Contact Redline Steel

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact Redline Steel directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Email:
  • Call: 1 (800) 308 6708
  • Mobile Support: Text REDLINE to 29071.
  • Complete the contact form
  • Check out their FAQ page

Redline Steel Frequently Asked Questions

Does Redline Steel Have a Return Policy?

Returns are accepted, but some items, such as custom items, bracelets, key chains, and monograms, are not refundable.

If you cancel a non-customized or stock item more than 24 hours after purchase, you will be charged a 15% cancellation fee.

Returns and exchanges are accepted for up to ten days after the item is received.

Redline Steel is not accepting returns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Redline Steel Shipping Policy

Redline Steel ships via USPS or UPS to any location in the United States.

The weight of your order determines the cost of delivery, and the brand bases estimated delivery times on the availability of the items in your order. Free shipping is available on all orders over $99.

  • It may take 1-3 weeks for stock items to arrive after your order is placed.
  • Flags and monograms take 3 to 6 weeks to produce.
  • Customized items can take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Redline Steel does not currently offer international shipping but hopes to expand its delivery options in the future.

Should You Buy From Redline Steel?

During our Redline Steel review, we discovered that the vast majority of customers thought the products they purchased were of high quality, exactly what they needed, and provided excellent value for money. The craftsmanship was exceptional, and they were enthralled by the wide range of unique styles available.

We did discover, however, that several customers were dissatisfied with Redline Steel’s customer service team, return policy, and lengthy delivery times. These complaints were in the minority, but they were all mentioned in the majority of negative reviews we read.

We recommend Redline Steel and their beautifully unique, handcrafted products, but please be aware of the lengthy delivery times; if purchasing as a gift, we recommend adding a few weeks to the times listed on the website.


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