Cariuma Shoes Review: The Ultimate Guide

Cariuma shoes are a men’s and women’s unisex footwear brand known for its high-quality sneakers. Each sneaker is designed with sustainability, comfort, and timeliness in mind

This Cariuma review will examine whether the shoe brand accomplishes its objectives and what contributes to its popularity.

Cariuma Shoes Reviews

The Cariuma sneakers are casual yet comfortable, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Cariuma shoes are made sustainably, additionally the brand make it their mission to disrupt the wasteful practices that exist in today’s world.

The company began a reforestation program in Brazil’s rainforests in June 2020. Unfortunately, 20% of the forest floor has been destroyed, so Cariuma has undertaken the task of replanting the forest floor two trees at a time.

This innovative company plants a pair of trees for every pair of sneakers it sells; they had already planted 200,000 trees by the end of September 2020, which is pretty impressive.

What Are Cariuma Shoes Made From?

Cariuma produces a wide range of sneakers, all made with a green conscience.

Impressively we found Cariuma empowers conscious customers to buy quality over quantity.  

Cariuma’s first priority is to produce products that are better for the planet.

Premium raw materials feature in the production of sneakers to yield a smaller footprint, including:

  • Bamboo – for its rapid regrowth, and minimal waste.
  • Rubber: The removable of a milky sap from trees to produce natural rubber.
  • Organic Cotton: Cariuma uses organic Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton.
  • Sugarcane: Sourced from Brazil, the sugarcane relies on rainwater to thrive. Fully renewable and naturally removes carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Cork – Another natural and sustainable material. Cork, is scraped from the cork tree, so the tree remains in tack, and new cork can grow.
  • Mamona Oil: Mamona is an organic alternative to petroleum. The use of Mamona decreases the use of virgin plastics and increases the natural content of Cariuma shoes.
  • Recycled PET: Recycled plastic bottle are the main component of the vast majority of Cariuma upper laces, labels, and threads.
  • Leather and Suede:  100% of the water used to produce leather is recycled and reused. 
  • Recycled and Recyclable Packaging Paper – The shoe box doubles up as the shipping box, reducing the amount of packaging used; the company also uses 100% recycled paper to cushion your new sneakers.
  • Dye Chemicals: Bluesign-certified chemicals are used to dye products. 

Are Cariuma Sneakers Vegan?

The Cariuma IBI is entirely green. As a vegan sneaker, the IBI features plants and recycled plastics from heel to toe.

Where Are Cariuma Sneakers Made?

Cariuma source their suede and leather from environmentally-friendly tanneries in Argentina, Thailand, Brazil, and China.

Cariuma promotes ethical workplace practices, including fair working hours and wages and work-life balance in their factories, per International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines.

Pros And Cons Of Cariuma

What We Like!

  • Made From Ethically Sourced Materials
  • Great Range of Casual Shoes

What We Don’t like!

  • Relatively Expensive compared to Competitors.

Cariuma IBI Review

The Cariuma IBIs are a pair of high-performance, low-impact, ultra-lightweight sneakers that are both fashionable and comfortable. IBI’s are a eco-friendly sneaker; as part of Cariuma’s vegan collection, they are made entirely of plants and recycled plastics.

The environment is considered at every design stage, from the self-regenerating bamboo uppers and lining to the long-lasting outsoles featuring sugarcane EVA.

The IBIs are made with knitting that flexes and beautifully retains its shape to hug your feet. The signature memory foam insole features recyclable cork and organic mamona oil, making them really comfortable.

This sneaker gives the feeling that you are floating on air, in addition to being the perfect weight. Not to mention, its elegant shape makes getting where you want to go a breeze.

This sneaker takes it a step further by featuring recycled plastic threads on the shoelaces and logo labels.

The IBIs have a classic look: they’re machine washable, slip on easily, are vegan, and have a low environmental impact.

Cariuma IBI

Not only will you look great in these stylish, comfortable, and sustainable Cariuma IBI Sneakers, but you’ll feel as if you’re walking on clouds! Cariuma IBI Shoes cost $98 and come in a variety of colors.

At this time, these shoes have over 1,700 reviews and a 4.86 rating, therefore these sneakers are a very popular choice.

According to customers, the IBI’s are ideal for people with wide feet due to the stretch bamboo material. They are incredibly comfortable; it’s as if you’re walking on air, and the colors are vibrant and cheerful.

Cariuma IBI High

Similar to theIBI Lows, the Cariuma IBI Highs are the ideal everyday sneaker. The Cariuma IBI High Sneaker retails for $129.

Six reviewers have given these sneakers an average rating of five stars.

According to reviews, the IBI highs are incredibly comfortable and stylish; they feel cushiony, and customers frequently wear them.

Cariuma Shoes OCA Review

Cariuma’s much-loved signature sneaker is the OCA.

Crafted from premium materials and featuring lightweight cushion technology, a perfectly weighted rubber sole, and a classic cap-toe design for an insanely comfortable go-to look, are undoubtedly the reasons why this is such a popular shoe.

Cariuma OCA Low

The OCA Low Sneaker is an elegantly simple take on Rio’s street and beach culture. This is one of Cariuma’s most versatile sneakers, equally at home exploring the city or lounging by the beach.

Cariuma OCA Low
Cariuma OCA Low

Handcrafted from a durable canvas, the OCA Low Canvas Sneakers straddles the line between function and style. With vegan insoles made entirely of organic mamona oil and cork, this shoe ensures optimal comfort and fit.

The OCA Low features an innovative cap toe design and a fully stitched lightweight outsole for a durable shoe. Finally, the OCA Low sneakers feature aglets made of debossed metal.

Cariuma OCA lows retail for $79 in canvas, $98 in suede and $139 in Premium Leather.

At this time, over 6,600 positive reviews have been shared about the Cariuma OCA Lows, with an average rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars.

Each reviewer gave the product a four or five-star rating, which is quite impressive.

Customers said the OCA lows are well-made. Reviewers like the color variety, appreciate the shoes are ethically sourced, and additionally find them very comfortable to walk around in for a few hours.

Cariuma OCA High

Take a look at the OCA High. It features lightweight cushion technology, a perfectly weighted rubber sole, and a classic cap-toe design. The OCA high is the quintessential old-school aesthetic updated with modern-day ethics.

When you wear these stunning red high-cut canvas sneakers, all eyes will be on you, and you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go.

The OCA High is a handcrafted shoe with a full canvas upper, unique cap-toe design, and debossed metal aglets that sit at the crossroads of style and comfort.

The sophisticated sneakers are comfortable, feature Cariuma’s signature lightweight memory foam technology and include a durable vulcanized rubber sole.

Cariuma Shoes OCA highs cost $98 for canvas sneakers and $159 for leather sneakers.

Many customers have praised these OCA highs, giving them an average rating of 4.87 stars.

In a similar manner to the OCA lows, customers express their preference for the OCA highs because they are ethically sourced, extremely comfortable, and extremely cute. The shoes fit perfectly, the fabric is soft and stretchy, and one customer even said they are the best sneakers they’ve ever owned.

Cariuma Catiba Pro Review

Specially designed for the skaters out there, these skate shoes are comfortable and made to protect our planet.

The Cariuma CATIBA Pro range are durable, provide movement and give the best grip possible. The CATIBA Pro is crafted entirely by hand from premium suede and organic cotton and features a vulcanized natural rubber sole. Each pair includes a cork, memory foam, and mamona oil insole, providing the same comfort level as a well-worn shoe in a brand-new pair of sneakers.

Build with board feel, traction, comfort, ankle stability, and a reinforced flick point; these skate shoes are definitely on point.

Cariuma Catiba Pro

The CATIBA Pro is engineered for maximum durability, movement, and grip. It’s design features a reinforced flick point for board feel, traction, ultimate comfort, and ankle stability.

The sticky grip outsole contains raw natural gum rubber in a classic herringbone pattern, allowing the shoe to move with you while remaining secure.

Its foxing features thicker diagonal stripes carved into the outsole, improving the channel’s traction and flick.

Additionally, the CATIBA Pro features a triple-stitch upper at the flick point, which increases the shoe’s lifespan and overall durability. A memory foam insole that mimics the anatomy of the foot and provides arch support and ultimate comfort.

Catiba Pro’s Suede collection is $89 and comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, a white leather CATIBA Pro is available for $139.

At this time, the Catiba Pro’s has a 4.97 star rating from 88 reviewers, showing these shoes have piqued the interest of many skaters.

In addition to the fantastic star rating, many satisfied customers rave about how comfortable the shoes are, how well they grip, and how stylish they are.

Cariuma CATIBA Pro Highs

In the same fashion as the Catiba low, the high-top variant of the CATIBAs is nearly identical to the low-top version. The main distinction is the additional ankle support. The CATIBA Pro Highs cost $119.

Cariuma Shoes Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this Cariuma Shoes review, GNGuide visits various other websites to ascertain what the company’s customers think about the products.

We began our investigation on Differing to the reviews found on the Cariuma site, we found the sneakers to only have a 3.1-star rating on this site.

Fifty percent of reviewers gave the sneakers a five-star rating, while twenty percent gave them a one-star rating.

While the majority of reviews were positive, there were some negative reviews, happy customers expressed their appreciation for the shoes’ good looks, the variety of colors available, the company’s commitment to the environment, and the excellent customer service they received.

The numerous negative reviews have been posted in the last two months. Unhappy customers state that Cariuma is not as transparent as they claim. In essence customers are disappointed the shoes are manufactured in China. Additionally, many customers are disappointed that the company is not as sustainable as they claim.

Other negative reviews expressed customers’ dissatisfaction with the shoes because they were not as comfortable as they had hoped.

Here are a few extracts from the customer’s reviews we found on Trustpilot:

‘High expectations but shoes weren’t as comfortable as everyone else was saying.’

3-star customer review – Trustpilot

‘Great shoes – Shipping was super fast.’

5-star customer review – Trustpilot

‘Bad customer service and incorrect refund.’

2-star customer review – Trustpilot

Cariuma Shoes maintains an active social media presence, with 42,000 followers on the @cariuma Facebook page and 158,000 on the Cariuma Instagram page.

Where Can You Buy Cariuma Shoes?

Cariuma shoes are available across the globe online at

You’ll also find them at Selfridges, Farfetch, Berrics, Lane Crawford, Level Shoes, and Pedder.

Cariuma Shoes also have several pop-up stores. You’ll need to check out their website for current locations.

Cariuma Shoes Discounts and Promotions

As part of GNGuide’s Cariuma Shoe review, we searched for discounts and promotions. Unfortunately, we could not find any that were relevant.

To keep up to date with current promotions, check out the Cariuma site. While we were unable to locate any coupon codes, we were able to discover the following ongoing promotions.

Subscribe To Cariuma

When you subscribe to Cariuma, you’re contributing to improving our planet as they will state a tree for every new subscriber.

Cariuma Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Cariuma Shoes Ship To?

Cariuma ships free to over 49 countries worldwide.

DestinationCostEstimated Shipping Time
UK/ThailandFree2 – 5 business days
USA/Canada – StandardFree4 – 7 business days
USA/Canada – Express$4.952 – 5 business days
Mexico – StandardFree4 – 7 business days
Mexico – Express$7.952 – 5 business days
Australia/New ZealandFree2 – 5 business days
Hong Kong/JapanFree2 – 5 business days

What Is Cariuma Shoes Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase of Cariuma shoes, you have up to 60 days to return. Sneakers must be unworn, unwashed, and in the original packaging.

Cariuma Shoes Contact information

If you can’t find the answer to any of your questions on the Cariuma frequently asked question page, there are numerous ways to contact the Cariuma care team.

About Cariuma Shoes

This impressive sneaker start-up, founded in 2018 by cofounders David Python and Fernando Porto, has gone from strength to strength.

The Cofounders worked together in their native Brazil before founding Cariuma and, with a shared passion for boardsports, decided that the sneaker market needed to be shaken up. Thus, Cariuma shoes were born.

The founders agree that it is their responsibility to make sneakers look good, are comfortable and are sustainably produced.

Do GN Guide Recommend Cariuma Shoes?

To conclude, how can we not recommend Cariuma! Not only does this company produce comfortable, casual, and fantastic-looking sneakers, they are also doing their bit to save the planet.

Unquestionably any brand that donates two trees for every pair of shoes they sell is a winner in our books. Additionally, since starting our Cariuma Shoes review, we’ve also found out the company contributes any gently worn and returned sneakers to soles4souls, which is a nonprofit organization helping those in need.

Hats off to these guys, and we’re looking forward to reporting on new designs and initiatives in the future.

Sustainable, Crazy Comfortable and Classic, cool white sneakers

Cariuma Sneakers

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