1800 Baskets Review: The Ultimate Guide!

With 1800 Baskets’ extensive catalog organized into thoughtful categories, you can quickly narrow down your options to discover the perfect present for any occasion. Wine gift baskets from popular companies include red and white wines as well as an assortment of tasty appetizers to complement them. One of the premium coffee baskets or spa gift baskets from 1800 Baskets would be perfect for your favorite co-workers. The fruit baskets and healthy gift baskets are great selections for the health-conscious recipient. The finest chocolates, meat and cheese, cooking baskets, and more may be found in the gourmet food baskets.

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1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

1800 Baskets Review

Nowadays, practicality usually wins out over sentiment. Given that most of us are short on both time and inspiration when it comes to gift-giving, this is indeed good news. However, there is still a part of us that scrutinizes gifts down to the smallest of details.

Hundreds of gift baskets, from those packed with chocolate and delightful nibbles to those stocked with fresh produce, are available through this delivery service.

1800 Baskets, led by CEO Jim McCann, is a subsidiary of 1-800-Flowers. He launched 1800 Gifts and Goods online shortly after its introduction in 1970. Then in 2009, 1800 Baskets made its debut on the market.

“In this fast-paced world, it’s important to remember that little pleasures can bring you serenity. For this reason, the firm claimed that ordering from 1-800-Baskets.com® would be the “best gift basket experience” the customer had ever had.

These days, you can buy a gift basket for any occasion, including a birthday, an anniversary, a get-well party, or just because. Huge quantities of treats are guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Who Is 1800 Baskets For?

It takes time and effort to find the best present possible. The existence of delivery services like 1800 Baskets attests to the fact that not everyone possesses these abilities.

Customers can quickly and simply get their hands on high-quality snacks and treats from this brand, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t have time to obtain a personalized gift for a loved one or coworker. The fact that these lovely gift baskets require no assembly also makes them perfect for folks who aren’t particularly creative.

Is 1800 Baskets Legit?

Yes the brand is a legitimate company, who provide great quality gift baskets.

Where Is 1800 Baskets Located?

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

1800 Baskets is located in Melrose Park, Illinois.

1800 Baskets Celebrations Passport

The “Celebrations Passport” membership program is exclusive to 1800 Baskets and offers special benefits to its members.

The Celebration Passport program from 1800 Baskets is one of the most reasonably priced membership or subscription options available, costing just $29.99 per year.

Your Celebrations Passport from 1800Baskets.com will allow you to:

  • The shipping is on 1800Baskets!
  • Benefit from points and rewards.
  • Get exclusive discount offers sent right to your email.

Your Passport membership is valid across all 1800Baskets.com brands, so you can shop with confidence.There are several online gift shops, including 1-800-Flowers.com®, 1-800-Baskets.com®, Cheryl’s Cookies®, Harry & David®, PersonalizationMall.com®, Shari’s Berries®, FruitBouquets.com®, Moose Munch®, The Popcorn Factory®, Wolferman’s BakerySM, and Simply Chocolate®.

Pros And Cons Of 1800 Baskets

What We Like!

  • A great selection of gift baskets
  • Personalization is possible
  • Great rewards program if you gift often.

We Don’t Like!

  • Some baskets are expensive

1800 Baskets Full Bloom Sweet Treats Basket Review

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate this basket full of sweet treats. A variety of sweets, including chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-dipped heart-shaped shortbread cookies, and buttercream daisy biscuits, are presented in a beautiful springtime basket. There are three sizes to select from, with the more expensive options including a greater quantity of goodies

1800 Girls Night In Rose Gift Basket Review

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

Having a little girl time? Then, get the gals together with this rose-themed gift box. This charming gift basket is brimming with tasty delicacies, such as a dark chocolate strawberry bubbly bar, popcorn, organic tart cherries, and more.

1800 Newborn Comfy Baby Gift Basket Review

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

If you are in need of a present for a newborn, your search can end here. All the essentials for a new baby, from head to toe, are included in this lovely basket. Everything from a thick terry hooded towel to warm boots to a plush teddy bear and more has been carefully wrapped in cellophane, tied with a ribbon or tulle bow, and then placed in a lined, white wicker basket.

1800 Classic Ghirardelli Gift Baskets Review

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

The rich chocolate chip cookies, cocoa mix, and delectable chocolate squares in this gift basket are sure to please any fan of the Ghiardelli brand. The very thought of it makes me hungry.

1800’s Vintner’s Choice Classic Epicurean Charcuterie and Cheese Collection With Wine Basket Review

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

The Vinterners’ Choice Classic Basket is the perfect gift for that someone special when you want to do something a little bit different.

Delicious treats from all corners of the globe are brought together in this spectacular charcuterie and cheese assortment. Try the Casalingo’s mild, firm Italian salami, the Fermin’s Spanish Serrano Paleta, and the Tartufo’s sweet, earthy black truffle salami. Sartori® BellaVitano® Tennessee Whiskey cheese, made in Wisconsin, is a mild, sweet cheese. Dry Jack, produced by the Rumiano Cheese Company, is a hard cheese recognized for its distinctive, nutty flavor.  

There are also two types of high-end crisps and several other spreads, such as artichoke lemon pesto, roasted pepper and garlic, and a spread made with Aegean figs. A bottle of Palermo Cabernet Sauvignon, some pitted green olives, some dried Turkish apricots, some roasted almonds, and some dolmas round out this amazing assortment. Additionally, a lovely hardwood serving tray is included with your purchase to facilitate the presentation of your spread.

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1800 Baskets Reviews From Other Sources

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

As part of our 1800 Baskets review, GNGuide looks into multiple review sites to discover more about customers’ thoughts on the brand’s gift baskets. The brand’s website does not share reviews so we checked out other review sites. Our first stop was Influenster where the brand scores a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. We also visited TopTenReviews where the brand scored 3.8 stars.

Customers’ opinions:

Quality: Reviews of the 1800 baskets’ quality were conflicting. While many customers thought the baskets made wonderful gifts and were of exceptional quality, the food was always fresh and of a high standard and was also sincerely enjoyed in addition to being aesthetically beautiful. Many consumers disagreed and said they received gifts that were broken or found the fruit to be soft.

Price: Customers felt the pricing was fair because they were getting both high-quality products and the ease of shopping from home.

Customer Service: Many people have praised 1800 Baskets’ helpful customer service. Customers appreciated the ease of the ordering process and the helpfulness of the brand’s phone support staff.

Where Can You Buy 1800 Baskets?

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

Do you need to purchase a gift bag? If that’s the case, visitors can check out what’s available at 1800baskets.com.

1800 Baskets Promotions and Discounts

If you want the most up-to-date information about the brand’s frequent promotions and discounts, you should visit the brand’s website.

Contact 1800 Baskets

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Placing orders Call: 1 (800) 227 5387
  • Existing Orders Call: 1 (800) 716 4851
  • Use Chat on the brands website.

1800 Baskets Frequently Asked Questions

Does 1800 Baskets Have a Return Policy?

There is no explicit return policy listed on the 1800 Baskets website. This contains information about shipping costs, return policies, and expected delivery times. We suggest contacting customer support if there is a problem with an order.

1800 Baskets Shipping Policy

1800 Baskets’ shipping rates vary with the total amount of your purchase. If you’re wondering about shipping costs, they offer a handy breakdown on their website.

Expedited shipping is available for an extra $5 or more for those who request special orders. Along with your order confirmation, the company will include a tracking number so you can monitor its whereabouts. It seems that this company does not ship to countries outside of the United States.

1800 Baskets Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

1800 baskets review, 1800 gift baskets review, 1800baskets

Because of how convenient it is, I recommend 1800 Baskets. Guests can expect anything from chocolate and biscuits to freshly selected fruits and vegetables in their gift bags.

While many of the gift bags are expensive, those concerned with cost can choose from the brand’s budget-friendly section. Vegan, kosher, and gluten-free alternatives are available from the company, which is ideal for people with dietary restrictions. Overall, I think you should give them a shot.

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