Best Long-Range Electric Scooters

In this comprehensive guide to the top best long-range electric scooters, we investigate the growing popularity of this niche product.

The range of a new electric scooter is a major factor in the buyer’s decision. Everyone wants the best performance from their electric motor, and a dead battery is a major setback. That’s why many shoppers investigate the eScooter range and battery life before making a purchase.

Quick Look At The Best Long-Range Electric Scooters

best long-range electric scooters
  1. Fastest Long-range electric scooter – Kaabo Wolf King
  2. Most reliable Long-Range electric scooter – Segway Ninebot Max
  3. Best Value Long-Range Electric Scooter – Fluid Freeride Horizon
  4. Best City and Off Road Long Range Scooter – VSett 10+
  5. Best Long-Range Electric Scooter For New Riders – Apollo Air Pro
  6. Best 60+ mile Long-Range Electric Scooter – INOKIM OxO
  7. Best Off Roading Long Range Electric Scooter – NAMI Burn-E Max

What Is A Long-Range Electric Scooter?

What we mean by “maximum range” when discussing eScooters is the farthest distance the scooter can travel before its battery dies and it needs to be recharged. Knowing your maximum range is helpful for trip planning and knowing for sure how far your long-range electric scooter can travel.

Consider purchasing a long-range electric scooter if your round-trip commute is more than 20 kilometers or if you’re in the market for an electric scooter designed for off-road exploration. When a scooter has a range of 50 kilometers or more on a single charge, we call it a long-range scooter.

What Impacts The Distance Range In An Electric Scooter

The range of your long-range scooter is largely determined by the capacity of the battery. The larger and more powerful your battery, the further you can travel on your scooter.

The way you’re riding also has an effect on your range. We advocate using the eco mode when riding because it paces the battery power, allowing you to travel further between charges. More power is needed to support more aggressive riding styles and mode settings, so the battery will deplete quicker.

The road and weather conditions you encounter will also affect your mileage. Steeper inclines and rougher terrains, including dirt and rocks, place a greater strain on your battery and reduce your riding range. The same holds true for heavier passengers, as more power is required to propel the trip forward, resulting in a shorter range.

Is A Long-Range Scooter Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for the quickest scooter on the block, consider one with a longer range and a larger battery pack. Long-range scooters can now accelerate more quickly and reach a higher top speed thanks to the increased motor power.

For many city commuters, a range of ten to twelve miles may be plenty, but a long-range model with 20 or 30 miles on a single charge is worth considering if you do not live in close proximity to public transportation hubs but still want the convenience and energy-saving benefits of riding a scooter.

Ideal for exploring and trail riding, maximum range is especially crucial when taking an electric scooter on mountain bike trails or on day trips to the park or the beach, for instance. When going up hills or speeding up quickly, the batteries will die a lot faster than they would on flat roads.This means that you should look for features like a large battery, a strong frame, and a potent motor in an adventure scooter.

An increased maximum range reduces the number of times an electric kick scooter must be charged, which is very convenient if you use one as part of your daily commute. If you’re out and about running errands and don’t have access to charging facilities, being able to go further on a single charge provides peace of mind.

How To Choose The Best Long-Range Electric Scooter

When compared to a regular kick scooter, an electric scooter built for maximum range has many advantages. Look for an electric kick scooter that has a solid chassis, dual disc brakes, and lights—especially a rear brake light—for added safety. You should also see whether there are any modes that help you get the most out of your battery life, such as an eco mode or different speeds.

Even if you’re required to restrict your scooter’s top speed below 20 mph by local scooter regulations, a more powerful motor will make it easier to ride up hills and get going faster after stopping. Dual headlamps, dual suspension for stress absorption, and a removable battery are also desirable characteristics.

Choosing the best long-distance electric scooter for your needs involves a number of considerations.

Do You Cycle In City Centers?

Features such as lights and collapsible handlebar posts become increasingly significant for urban riding. You should look for a lightweight, long-distance e-scooter with an aerospace-grade aluminum or carbon fiber chassis, a bright headlight, and an LED display. Knobby dirt tires and a four-wheel suspension may not be as useful in the city. As most municipalities have passed ordinances capping the maximum speed of kick scooters at 20 miles per hour, this may also be less of a worry.

Do You Require Reliability In Any Weather?

A slightly more durable variant of an extended-range electric scooter is recommended if you use an e-scooter for a year-round commute, ride off-road, or travel on uneven roads. The best long-distance scooters typically offer high water ingress protection, so you can ride through puddles and mud without worrying about damaging your scooter. Riding over slick surfaces is another scenario that benefits from a reduced-speed mode or environmental mode.

How Big Does Your Scooter Need To Be?

The stability and on-road performance of some long-range scooters can be improved with wider decks and larger, 12-inch wheels, but this design choice may come at the expense of storage space. Electric scooters with decks wider than 8 inches can be cumbersome to move on public transit or to store in the trunk of a car.

Where Do You Need To Go?

Not all long-range scooters have the same range on a single battery. Certain versions of electric scooters have a range of up to 50 miles. Naturally, mileage varies based on such variables as topography, rider weight, riding technique, and environmental temperature.

Best Long Range Electric Scooters

1. Fastest Long Range Electric Scooter – Kaabo Wolf King GT

best long-range electric scooters

If you’re looking for the best electric scooter, go no further than the Wolf King GT. This electric scooter can do it all. The King GT excels in every category, including speed, range, safety, and riding comfort.

On a single charge, the Wolf King GT can go an amazing 88.6 kilometers. The massive 72 V, 2520 Wh battery, which takes 7 hours to fully recharge, is responsible for the impressive range.

The King GT features one of the smoothest and quickest accelerations, moving from 0 to 24 km/h in just 1.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 98.2 km/h, so put your foot down as hard as you feel comfortable doing. We’re relieved that the King GT can stop from 24 km/h to 0 in just 3.0 m thanks to its powerful dual hydraulic brakes.

The GT has pneumatic tires that are 28 centimeters in diameter and are flat-proof. Front and rear suspension further soften the ride. The rider also benefits from a long and wide grid that measures 51 centimeters by 23 centimeters, giving them plenty of room to switch up their riding style for optimal ease and convenience.

With its sturdy construction, 119 kg rider weight capacity, height of 94 cm handlebars, dual stem for stability, and outstanding dual suspension setup, the King GT is also one of the best long-range electric scooters for heavier riders who wish to go far. The King GT has an IPX5 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in any condition. Kaabo also boasts the finest illumination of any electric scooter, so you can ride at any time of day or night.


  • Battery: 2520 Wh
  • Charge time: 7 hours
  • Riding time: 88 km’s
  • Top speed: 99 kmh

What We Like!

  • This is one fast scooter
  • Excellent braking
  • Feels safe


  • Very bulky
  • Heavier than other scooters


2. Most Reliable Long-Range Electric Scooter – Segway Ninebot Max

most reliable long-range electric scooters

The Segway Ninebot Max has attracted a devoted fan base and stands out as one of the most dependable long-range electric scooters available.

The Max’s 36-volt, 551-watt-hour battery gives this Ninebot electric scooter an excellent range for its class—64.4 kilometers, according to the company.

The Ninebot Max has one of the most durable designs on this list of electric scooters because it was made to be rented out.With its IPX5 classification, this electric scooter may be used in all weather conditions. Also, the rider weight capability of 99 kg means that the 350 watt motor power is effective in pushing bigger riders up inclines. The Max’s speed is its greatest weakness.

The pneumatic tires also offer decent protection from the effects of shock. Unfortunately, the ride is a little bumpy over difficult terrain because there is no suspension system. However, the Ninebot’s design makes up for this by providing a spacious 48 by 15-centimeter standing platform with a deck-to-handlebar height of 102 centimeters.


  • Charge time: 6 hours
  • Riding time: 65 km
  • Average Riding Time – 45km
  • Top speed: 30 kmph
  • Rider Weight: 100 kg

What We Like!

  • Offers excellent reliability
  • Offers great value for money


  • Need to kick off to start.
  • Bit of a bumpy ride


3. Best Value Long-Range Electric Scooter – Fluid Freeride Horizon

best value long-range electric scooter

The Fluid FreeRide Horizon is an excellent all-around durable electric scooter. The Horizon is cheaper than the majority of long-range electric scooters on our list, but it performs like much more expensive electric scooters.

According to Fluid, a single charge of the 624 Wh battery found in the FreeRide Horizon will take you 48.3 kilometers. The 48-volt battery takes about five to seven hours to fully charge. The Horizon is one of the more transportable long-range electric scooters because of how compact it folds up and how light it is overall, but it doesn’t skimp on ride quality, even on extended trips.

The 22×5-inch front pneumatic inner tube tire and the solid rear tire, in addition to the front and rear suspension, make for a comfortable ride on the Fluid FreeRide Horizon. The front spring suspension and pneumatic tire work together to dampen the impact of rough terrain and make it easier to roll over obstacles without suffering serious injury.

When it comes to long-range electric scooters, the Horizon is among the best due to its reasonable pricing, high top speed, excellent hill-climbing capabilities, and compatibility.


  • Charge time: 5 to 7 hours
  • Riding time: 48 Kms
  • Top speed: 37 kmh
  • Rider Weight: 120kg

What We Like!

  • Compact when folded
  • Great value for money
  • Portable

What We Don’t Like!

  • Lights aren’t upto nighttime riding


4. Best City and Off Road Long Range Scooter – VSett 10+

best city and off road long-range electric scooter

The VSETT 10+R has a lot going for it, including a huge range, a relatively light frame (relative to the power it provides), and a spot in the top 10 quickest scooters. It strikes a nice balance between performance and cost, resulting in a nimble and adaptable scooter. It’s a great deal for the money, and a scooter fanatic shouldn’t pass up on this one. It’s highly adaptable and can travel on or off-road with ease. Additionally, it’s great if you’ve got a distance to travel.


  • Battery: 183Wh
  • Charge time: 6 to 12 hours
  • Riding time: 65 to 90Km
  • Top speed: 70 to 80 Kmh
  • Rider weight: 120 kg

What We Like!

  • Foldable handles
  • Looks great
  • Superb value for money
  • Water resistant
  • Exceptionally powerful



5. Best Long-Range Electric Scooter For New Riders – Apollo Air Pro

best long-range electric scooter for new riders

The Apollo Air Pro electric scooter has all of Apollo’s signature features and is suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Neither the ride quality nor the stunning good looks of the original Apollo Air are typical of the mid-range commuter scooter class, but both are present on the Air Pro.
The 374 kW lithium-ion battery pack gives the Air Pro electric scooter a decent range. Air Pro’s superior ride quality more than makes up for its modestly reduced peak speed, range, and performance. It’s quite comfortable, stays very stable, and makes you want to go for a long, long drive.


  • Charge time: 5 to 7 hours
  • Riding time: 31 Km
  • Top speed: 31 Kmh
  • Max rider weight: 100 kg

What We Like!

  • Great stability
  • Easy to handle
  • Great safety features


  • Kickstand is hard to use


6. Best 60+ mile Long-Range Electric Scooter – INOKIM OxO

best 60+ mile long-range electric scooter

The INOKIM OxO excels in every category. The OxO is one powerhouse you won’t want to pass up, what with its incredible 60V, 26Ah LG battery, amazing adjustable rubber suspension, and highly functional hydraulic braking system.

The INOKIM OxO, powered by a robust LG battery, can travel up to 68 miles on a single charge in ideal conditions or 45 miles under more realistic conditions. Fortunately, the Oxo was designed with lengthy rides in mind. Its ergonomically curved handlebars and kickplate make for a secure, steady ride, and its broad foot deck ensures good balance and a comfortable stance.

The only downside is that, unlike many other long-range scooters, the OxO needs to be charged for 12 to 14 hours before it can be used. The OxO’s two nearly silent 60V, 1000W brushless motors let it reach 40 mph in a hurry and give it a respectable amount of hill-climbing prowess.

The Oxo’s front and rear hydraulic brakes are among the best in the industry, providing powerful stopping ability on any surface. Even a light touch on the brake levers will cause the OxO to react, giving you complete control of your speed. Furthermore, the OxO has two replaceable sets of 10-inch pneumatic tires. The basic street tires can be swapped out for a more rugged, knobby off-road version if you’re feeling daring.

Specs / Performance

  • Charge time: 12 to 14 hours
  • Maximum Riding time: 65 miles
  • Average Riding time: 47 miles
  • Top speed: 40mph
  • Load: 265 Ilbs

What We Like!

  • Excellent ride quality
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Interchangeable tires

What We Don’t Like!

  • Deck is not as grippy as some brands
  • Lights are not sufficient for night riding

7. Best Off Roading Long-Range Electric Scooter – NAMI Burn-E Max

best off road long-range electric scooter

The NAMI Burn-E-Max electric scooter is robust, efficient, and well-made.

The NAMI Burn-E-Max e-scooter was created with independence in mind. It’s a great companion for riders who want to explore by road or off road. With its 1500-watt peak output, the eScooter can propel you at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. Hydraulic disc brakes and twin suspensions are included. The e-scooter is equipped with a powerful lighting system that includes brilliant turn signals, brake lights, integrated side LED strip lights, and a front LED light with 2000 lumens, letting you ride without worry at any hour of the day or night. The standing deck is spacious, providing more room and security for the rider.

The extensive coverage area is also another fantastic quality of NAMI MAX. The 72V, 32AH Lithium-Ion battery in this monster allows it to drive up to 150km on a single charge. That’s a tenth of what most scooters can manage. This is the ideal vehicle for explorers, errand runners, and daily commuters.

NAMI Burn-E-Max Electric Scooter Specs

  • Charge time: 8 to 10 hours
  • Riding time: 115 miles
  • Top speed: 60 mph
  • Rider weight: 265 Ibs

What We Like!

  • Fully adjustable hydraulic shocks
  • Great range
  • Fast acceleration
  • Fantastic features

What We Don’t Like!

  • When travelling at speeds there is a slight shake
  • Display gets scratched when scooter is folded

Long-Range Electric Scooters Vs Electric Scooters

Long-range electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries and electric motors, just like the rest of the electric scooters on the market.

Larger Batteries

Long-distance electric scooters typically have larger batteries and plusher seating than their shorter-range counterparts. They have beefier, more durable tires on the back wheels to better tackle the terrain and increase stability. The batteries on these custom-made scooters are made to last longer, and they come with features like intelligent battery management and regenerative braking as standard .But if you want even more stopping power, you may upgrade to hydraulic disk brakes, dual brakes, or electronic brakes.

Adjustable Speeds

In addition, most of them offer a feature that lets you change the speed, so you can choose the best one for your trip regardless of the road conditions.

Dual Suspension

Several long-range scooters have dual-suspension, which means that each wheel has a coil spring and a shock absorber. This makes the ride smoother for long-distance cruising. Cruise control, front and back lights, and an LCD display that shows data like speed, battery life, and remaining range may all be features of these vehicles.


Long-distance scooters are made to go farther distances, so they often go faster than average electric scooters. Some models can go as fast as 40 or 50 mph.

Hydraulic Brakes

On a long-range electric scooter, it’s more likely that both wheels will have reliable hydraulic brakes than on a standard model. The increased top speed of some long-range electric scooters makes mechanical disc brakes a must when navigating main roads and bike lanes.

Air Filled Tires

Most long-range scooters also have air-filled tires, which are more comfortable than solid rubber tires.If you plan on riding for a while, you might also be interested in learning how scooters and mopeds compare to one another. For more stability at higher speeds, the air tires might be wider than those on regular electric scooters. Long-range versions require even closer attention to optimal tire pressure and tire size maintenance.

Why Should You Buy One of The Best Long-Range Electric Scooters?

If you enjoy venturing out but find it difficult to reach some areas of your city on foot, a longer-range electric scooter may be the solution. Long-range scooters are a good option for riders who are willing to spend a little more money to get the most useful and high-tech scooters on the market. This is because their batteries last longer and their motors are stronger.A long-range electric scooter is an option to consider if you’re seeking a stylish and comfortable mode of transportation.

Long-distance electric scooters have better suspension and safety technology, and the newest models have more range and go faster. The use of pneumatic road tires and dual suspension guarantees comfort. Also, rather than relying on a single disc brake in the back, modern e-scooters have begun providing dual-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Other recently released models are also showing respectable mileage totals. With advancements in efficiency and battery pack technology, some can travel as far as 40 or 50 miles on a single charge. So, it can be worthwhile to invest in a longer-range model if you plan on using an electric scooter as a commuter vehicle or as an alternative to a bicycle.

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