Bespoke Post Review: The Ultimate Guide!

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Bespoke Post offers an excellent subscription service for guys looking for an easy way to receive some incredible products in the post each month.

The company provides goods and guidance for the modern world, which are delivered monthly.

Bespoke Post aims to improve members’ daily lives by sending them themed boxes stuffed with desirable items.

This Bespoke Post guide examines the benefits and drawbacks of men’s subscription boxes to determine whether they are worth your time.

Bespoke Post Review

The Bespoke post subscription service provides men-themed boxes filled with high-quality goods; think of everything you need but didn’t realize you needed!

How Do I Become A Member Of A Bespoke Post Subscription Service?

Now for the easy part, signing up is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Bespoke Post will direct you to a questionnaire titled ‘Tell Us About Yourself.’ The quiz will ask you ten questions to help the brand determine the type of boxes you’d like to receive.

The purpose of these questions is to determine whether you are very interested, open to trying, or not interested in a particular niche. Because the questions cover a broad range of topics, your box could contain anything from watches, wallets, sunglasses, ties, or socks to headphones, laptop sleeves, speakers, or portable chargers.

After completing the quiz, you will be prompted to enter your personal information and subscribe to the subscription service.

How Much Does Bespoke Post Cost?

The Bespoke Post subscription cost varies depending on whether you choose to order monthly or join the club and subscribe for a more extended period.

The price for one-time boxes is $55. However, if you choose to order a subscription, it will cost $45 per month.

Joining the club is free, so you should join even if you’re planning on purchasing a single box.

Can I Change My Bespoke Post Box?

One feature we like about the service is that you can preview your subscription box before shipping, which means that if the package contains items that aren’t of interest to you, you can exchange them or skip them until the following month.

Each month, you have until the 5th of the month to review your choices. You can change the style, switch to a different box, or skip a month.

Bespoke Post will ship the box mid month.

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Can I purchase Bespoke Items Individually?

You’ll discover that the Bespoke shop is another option for purchasing these fantastic products. New apparel, grooming products, and outdoor gear are added to the brand’s inventory regularly.

Pros And Cons Of Bespoke Post

What We Like!

  • Offers a great selection of quality products for men
  • Great Gift Idea
  • Boxes are tailored to suit your interests
  • You have the ability to opt-out of a box
  • Shipping is free

What We Don’t Like!

  • Some of the products are not useful
  • Shipping dates are not guaranteed
  • Individual items in boxes cannot be returned.

Bespoke Post Subscription Boxes

If you’re curious about the products included in the subscription boxes, here are a few examples from June 2021.

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

The Custom Kit is sure to be a hit with any gentleman who enjoys a clean, fiery capsaicin kick! Two hot sauce blends, four glass bottles, a plastic funnel, four labels, and detailed instructions on how to make the blends are included, as well as an artisan-made Molcajete and a stainless steel taco rack.

Bespoke post review

Coast Shirt

Another subscription box offering was this Zephyr Linen-blend short sleeve shirt and Surf Beach Wallet.

The shirts are light and breezy, made of 55% linen and 45% cotton, and feature mother of pearl buttons. The surf beach wallet is ideal for days spent in the sun; it’s the perfect place to store your cash, cards, and identification without exposing them to stray splashes and sand.

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Carbon Skincare

If you need a toxin-fighting grooming ritual, you’ll appreciate this subscription box. The Bespoke Post subscription box included a selection of BlackWolf skincare products, including the following: Soothing Razor Bump Cream Detoxifying Charcoal Peel-off Mask Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel Bamboo Exfoliating Face Scrub.

Your face will never look as good as it will with this subscription box.

bespoke post review


Some Bespoke customers discovered this handy wireless charger in June’s Subscription boxes. The CATCH:1 has a low profile, is weighted to keep it in place, and is made of high-quality leather and aluminum alloy.

This charger by Courant is ideal for use in areas where space is at a premium, such as end tables, office desks, and kitchen countertops/islands.

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Although the style of this weekend bag was initially designed to transport stonemasons’ tools to construction sites, Line of Trade believes it makes the ideal weekend bag, and we have to agree.

The weekender is constructed of thick, durable canvas with a heavy-duty reinforced frame and ample storage space for everything you’ll need for a few days away.

bespoke post subscription review

As you can see from this small selection of subscription boxes, Bespoke Post offers a diverse selection of goodies within each box; there is truly something for everyone.

Subscription Boxes For Men.


Bespoke Post ‘The Shop’ Review

In addition to the subscription boxes, you can also purchase individual items from the Bespoke Post Shop. Again, the range is extensive and diverse; we were particularly impressed by the products on offer; if you’re looking for a unique gift for the men in your life, look no further.

The Dude Fire Pit

We think this is the most incredible fire pit we’ve ever seen. A 35-gallon cauldron hangs from a hook on a tripod-like setup that you can adjust.It’s simple to assemble so that you can take it anywhere; imagine sitting there each evening sharing stories of the day’s adventures with a dram.

The Dude Fire Pit costs $999.

bespoke post shop

Microgreens Discovery Grow Kit

If you have some space, a shelf, and some light, this micro greens discovery grow kit will look great. With ten seed packets, twenty-seven bamboo fiber grow mats, and three reusable bamboo fiber grow trays, you’ll be growing lentils, radishes, kale, and mustard in no time.

The Discovery Grow Kit Costs $50.

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OHOM Self-Heating Ceramic Mug

I’m sure you’ll agree that we all need a mug that can self-heat, which this 12oz Ceramic mug and lid can provide. No more cold coffee, thanks to the retail particles in the mug’s base interacting with the wireless charging base to keep your liquid at a toasty 135 degrees. To keep things interesting when you’re not heating your mug, you can use the base to charge your phone.

The Self-heating Mug retails at $75.

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Bolin Webb X1 Razor & Stand Set

This award-winning razor not only looks sharp but also has a soft, grippy finish that makes wet shaving a breeze. The shaver works with Gillette Fusion 5 blades and has a magnetized stand that clicks into place.

The X1 Razor and Stand will set you back $155.

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Bespoke Post Reviews From Other Sources

As part of this review, GNGuide conducted additional research on the Bespoke Post brand to provide a diverse perspective.

The first step in our investigation was to go to Trustpilot.

On the Trustpilot website, the brand has received only five reviews to date. Four customers gave the company five stars, while one customer gave them one.

Customers said each box was great value compared to street value, that they received high-quality name-brand products, and looked forward to seeing what Bespoke post delivers each month.

The team’s excellent customer service was also mentioned, with reviewers stating that they were friendly, responsive, and accommodating.

Now, the negative review, the reviewer said it was difficult to cancel their account because they had to text or call Bespoke Post to do so. They suggested the company allow customers to unsubscribe via the website.

Bespoke post received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. There were thirty-one complaints, all of which were addressed by the Bespoke customer service team.

With 438k followers on Facebook, the @bespokepost page has a large following. Their bespokepost Instagram page has a sizable following, and both are updated regularly.

bespoke post reviews

Where Can You Buy Bespoke Post?

You can find these fantastic themed boxes on the Bespoke Post website.

Bespoke Post Promotions and Discounts

As part of our GNGuide Bespoke Post review, we look for discount codes and promotional codes.

We didn’t find any discount codes or promotions during our search. You can, however, sign up for their newsletter to receive special offers.

Subscription Boxes For Men.


About Bespoke Post

Rishi Prabhu and Steven Szaronos co-founded Bespoke Post in 2014. They began sourcing products, packing orders, and shipping them throughout the United States. 

They’ve grown to a team of 60 employees since those early days, and they’re still growing. The company’s mission hasn’t changed: they want to help customers “cut through the clutter, so you don’t have to,” find products with heart and soul, and teach you how to live a more discerning life.

Bespoke Post is open about their beliefs and the high standards they’ve set for their company.

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Contact Bespoke Post

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact Bespoke Post directly, you can contact their support team:

Address: Bespoke Post, 151 West 25th Street, Floor 5, New York, NY 10001.

Bespoke Post Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bespoke Post Have a Return Policy?

Bespoke Post accepts returns on the majority of their boxes within sixty days of purchase. You must return the entire box, and all products must be in their original manufacturer’s packaging and unopened.

Exchanges for account credits are free; however, there is a $6 fee if you wish for the refund to be placed on your credit card. If you receive a damaged or broken item, please contact the Bespoke Post customer service team, who will gladly assist you.

Bespoke Post Shipping Policy

Bespoke Post delivers to the 48 contiguous United States of America, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. They also ship to military addresses, but you must contact the company in advance.

Shipping is $3.95 for standard orders, and all orders over $75 receive free shipping. Your delivery should arrive within three to eight days. If you choose expedited shipping, the cost will be displayed during checkout.

If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, you will be charged a $10 shipping fee. Customers in Canada should expect to receive their package within ten to fifteen days, while those in Alaska and Hawaii may have to wait up to twenty business days.

Is Bespoke Post Worth It?

If you’re a fan of high-end gear and high-quality goods, the Bespoke Subscription boxes are a must-have.

Customers adore the innovative boxes they receive each month from Bespoke Post, and what they love most is that you get to review the package before shipping and decide whether to keep the contents, switch boxes, or skip a month.

Each box contains products worth more than $70, making the $45 price tag for members an excellent value.

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