Arboleaf Scales Review: The Ultimate Guide

About Arboleaf

arboleaf scales review

Arboleaf is a company that makes a variety of health-related smart products with easy-to-use apps. Among the products available are digital food scales, smart bathroom scales, and massage guns. The goal of using the Arboleaf Smart Body Composition Scales is to help you maintain a healthy weight and physique.

An Arboleaf Body Composition Scale can be used to assess these factors. This scale is capable of measuring a wide range of physiologic variables, including but not limited to weight, body mass index, fat mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, and water content. When you use a smart scale and its corresponding mobile app, you can easily keep track of your measurements and sync them with common fitness applications like Fitbit, Apple Health, or Google Fit. 

This Arboleaf review looks at the brand’s health and wellness products to see what customers have to say about them.

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Arboleaf Review

What We Like!

  • Scales are easy to read
  • Supports Bluetooth and WIFI
  • Products integrate with Apple health, google fit and Fitbit
  • Great looking products

What We Don’t Like!

  • You can only purchase from external suppliers

Are Arboleaf Scales Worth It?

arboleaf scales review

Arboleaf’s smart scales are sleek and modern, and they sync wirelessly with a phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Arboleaf app, when used in conjunction with the body weight scales and the food scales, makes it easy to monitor and modify your diet and exercise routines, as well as see the results of your efforts. In general, Arboleaf offers high-quality goods at reasonable prices. 

Are Arboleaf Scales Accurate?

It’s not easy to tell how precise a smart scale’s various measurements actually are. You probably don’t have access to any equipment to compare these data to, unless you’re working in a state-of-the-art exercise physiology lab. What matters is how reliable they are.

If you step on the scale again in quick succession, will you obtain the same result each time? Many reviewers praised the reliability of their Arboleaf scales, saying that the weights they read are always accurate. In addition, several people reported that the readings agreed with those obtained from their physicians’ offices or their previously used scales. 

How Does Arboleaf Calculate Body Fat?

arboleaf scale review

The Arboleaf Smart Body Composition Scales, like most home body fat scales, utilize the Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Method to determine one’s body fat percentage. Your feet will touch four electrodes on the scale, and an electrical current will run through your body at such a low intensity that you will not feel it.

The speed of the stream is modified by the individual’s total body water content. The device registers the degree to which this signal is weakened by passing through various tissues. High conductivity is found in fluid and electrolyte-rich tissues like blood, while signal propagation is slowed in fat and bone.

Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) offers estimations of body water from which body fat can be determined using specified algorithms by measuring the resistance to the flow of the current as it passes through the body. This is why taking measures on a metric scale requires the user to stand barefoot and touch the metal pads with both feet. 

What Is The Weight Limit On Arboleaf Scales?

With a 400-pound capacity, this scale is on par with its smart-scale counterparts.

What Are The Body Types On Arboleaf Scales?

The levels of body fat and BMI numbers are used to classify people into different body types. According to Arboleaf, there are nine distinct body kinds:

  • Skinny Fat
  • Overweight
  • Heavy
  • Under Exercised
  • Normal
  • Fit
  • Skinny
  • Muscular
  • Very Muscular

Can Multiple People Use Arboleaf Scales?

arboleaf scales review

An infinite number of users can access the Arboleaf scale. It’s great for everyone in the household. There are two kinds of users:

  • As an individual, all users get their own copy of the Arboleaf app and create their own personal account. Measuring information is transmitted to the user’s own app. Every person operates on their own and protects their own personal metrics.
  • All users share an account. The account holder’s app will receive this user’s metrics automatically. Users’ individual metrics are available to the account owner. Users in this category include, for instance, kids under their parents’ supervision or a team under the leadership of a coach. It is perfect for keeping tabs on your kids’ weight gains or losses, or for monitoring your clients’ fitness levels. 

How Do You Use An Arboleaf Scale?

The Arboleaf scale has a simple and quick setup process:

  • If your smart scale requires batteries, insert three AAAs into the compartment provided. If your smart scale can be charged through USB, attach the appropriate charging cable.
  • Put the scales down on a stable, hard surface. It’s important that your scale reads “zero.”
  • Get the “Arboleaf” app and sign up for an account. Find “Arboleaf” on the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store, and install it on your phone.
  • Launch Arboleaf and enter your email address to join. When asked a few questions, choose “yes” or “allow.” Information like your gender, date of birth, and height is required to create an account.
  • Connect the scale to your mobile device. Check your phone’s settings to make sure Bluetooth is turned on. For iPhone users, toggle Bluetooth on and off in the Arboleaf app. Make sure Location Service is turned on if you’re using an Android device.
  • Enter the “Measurements” screen of your Arboleaf app.
  • Stand on the scales to activate. If the Bluetooth symbol appears on the scale after a few moments, pairing is complete.
  • Launch the Arboleaf app and navigate to the “Measurements” page.
  • Press down on the scale’s knob to turn it on, then watch as the “CAL” reading resets to zero.
  • Remove your shoes before stepping onto the scale.
  • Your current weight will be displayed twice before the zero on your scale begins to wiggle back and forth.
  • When your weight and height return to their original positions after the “0” has stopped moving, the scale is finished.
  • If your phone beeps, it means the data you gathered has been sent to the app.
  • Leave the scales immediately. 

Is The Arboleaf App Free?

All Arboleaf Smart Scale models are compatible with the free Arboleaf app. 

Where Is Arboleaf Located?

Arboleaf Corporation is a Plano, Texas-based private firm. The brand manufactures and sells body composition scales in addition to massage guns and food scales.

Arboleaf Smart Body Composition Scale (CS20N) Review

arboleaf scales review

Bone weight, muscle weight, visceral fat average, body fat percentage, and water weight are just some of the metrics that can be measured with the Arboleaf Bluetooth scale. The four sensitive electrodes of the Arboleaf scale collaborate to provide reliable measurements. Auto-zero functionality is also made possible by step-on technology in modern bathroom scales.

When paired with the Arboleaf app, not only do these scales provide instantaneous weight data, but they also provide a trend line that displays improvement. You can download the program quickly from either the Apple or Google Play stores, and it communicates with popular health and fitness apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.

The whole family can use the same set of bathroom scales because it allows several user accounts, and the scales will recognize each user and store their weight history accordingly. 

Is The Arboleaf Smart Scale Worth It?

Customers love the Arboleaf scale; 94% of them gave the digital scales a 4-star rating or higher. The Arboleaf digital scales have received rave reviews for their ease of use, modern design, and ability to complement any bathroom decor. Customers experienced difficulties setting up the Arboleaf. However after it was set up, users found it to be user-friendly and they appreciate the comprehensive health analysis it provided. 

Arboleaf food Scale Review

arboleaf scales review

The Arboleaf food scale has a one-touch tare function as well as a continuous tare function. You can trust the accurate weighing of your food thanks to its four precision load sensors. The portable scales are compact enough to fit in a drawer when not in use, or you can take them with you to help keep track of your daily caloric intake wherever you go.

The energy-saving scales have a low-battery warning and shut off after 120 seconds. Arboleaf’s smart kitchen scale software, which features the USDA’s dietary information, is also compatible with the scales. Before you weigh or measure anything, check the UPC code to see how many calories, carbs, and fat grams it contains. These food scales are great for dieters who want to watch their portions. 

Is The Arboleaf Food Scale Worth It?

To date, all reviews of the Arboleaf food scales have been positive. Customers love them since they are so simple to use and maintain. Customers praise the arboleaf food scale due to its large, colorful display and the ease with which it converts between different measuring systems. 

Arboleaf Massage Gun Review

arboleaf scales review

Athletes can benefit from the compact, lightweight, and potent Arboleaf massage gun. The Arboleaf mini massage gun is lightweight (less than a pound) and comes with a convenient carrying case. The percussive massage cannon features variable speeds between 1500 and 3000 rpm and four replaceable silicone massage heads.

Using this method, you can work out your entire body, from your head to your toes. Arboleaf employs powerful but stealthy technologies. You can use the massager for upto 8 hours after a full charge, and it can stay on standby for up to 180 days; if you use it for 30 minutes each day, you’ll only need to charge it once every two weeks, making it an excellent massage gun for athletes. 

Is The Arboleaf Massage Gun Worth It?

The high quality and variety of the arboleaf massage gun’s features have been well received by satisfied customers. One user said it felt sturdy in their hands, and another said it performed well. In addition, it was compared favorably to high-profile massage guns.

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Arboleaf Reviews From Other Sources

arboleaf scales review

As part of our Arboleaf review, GNGuide looked into a number of review sit

es to discover more about customers’ thoughts on the brand’s smart scales and massage guns. Our enquiry began on, where the company has received many favourable reviews from a wide range of customers.

To date, 751 customers have given the scales an average rating of 9.8 out of ten, which is comparable to Amazon’s evaluations.

We found the brand included in a number of top ten pages, illustrating how popular it is across a wide range of categories.

Customers’ opinions:

Customer Service

Arboleaf’s support services were praised by customers generally. Users reported that they were responsive to inquiries and proactive in solving issues. 


Some consumers complained the massage guns are poorly constructed, despite the fact that the vast majority of customers have praised Arboleaf’s products for their high quality. These are some of the comments we heard from our customers: The quality seems to be better than average. Everything about it is top-notch, from the design to the materials used to the palette. 


When compared to its competitors, nothing can beat it for the value it provides. We read hundreds of reviews and only found a few people who were unhappy with the price of Arboleaf Smart Scales or massage guns. In most cases, reviewers praise the brand for their great value.

Social Media

To date Arboleaf has roughly 100 likes on their @arboleaf Facebook page and 39 followers on their @arboleaf Instagram account.

Where Can You Buy Arboleaf?

arboleaf scales review

Arboleaf’s whole collection is available on Amazon, Newegg, and other online retailers.

Contact Arboleaf

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact the brand directly, you can contact their support team:

  • Call: 1 (800) 658 1148
  • Email:
  • Check out their FAQs page

Arboleaf Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arboleaf Have a Return Policy?

All Arboleaf Smart Scale products are under one (1) year limited warranty. 

Arboleaf Shipping Policy

All Arboleaf Products are sold by external sites so you will need to check out these directly.

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