Alain Dupetit Review: The ultimate Guide

Affordable and well-made men’s suits are what Alain Dupetit specializes in. If you want a suit that looks great and doesn’t break the bank, you’ve found the ideal spot. You won’t find many places online selling affordable, high-quality suits, but Alain Dupetit is one of them. This Alain Dupetit book discusses the products in this line and evaluates their merits and flaws.

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Alain Dupetit Suits Review

Alain Dupetit review
Image: Alain Dupetit

Suits by Alain Dupetit are amazingly reasonably priced. We think it’s fantastic that the lowest-priced suit is only $39, so you can get a great suit without breaking the bank. There’s a suit for any event among the many available options:

  • Two-Piece Suits
  • Two Button Suits
  • Three-Piece Suits
  • Three-button Suits
  • Double Breasted
  • Wide Lapel
  • Tuxedos
  • Seersucker
  • Rowing Jackets
  • Kids Suits

In addition to the wonderful variety of styles, there is also a great range of color and pattern options. You can find the right size at Alain Dupetit with the help of their online sizing and fitting chart. The bottoms of suits are unfinished, so if you want yours hemmed, you’ll have to take it to a tailor.

Alain Dupetit Suits

For a considerable amount of time, individuals who desired a wardrobe filled with suits but couldn’t afford to break the bank were out of options. Luckily, Alain Dupetit took it upon himself to change things!

This exclusive men’s fashion e-commerce store offers a range of impeccably tailored and fashionable suits, shirts, and tuxedos. What sets them apart is their unbeatable prices, which are a mere fraction of what you’d typically pay at high-end department stores or specialty suit retailers such as Indochino or Suitsupply.

How Do Alain Dupetit Keep Suit Price Low?

According to the Alain Dupetit website, they have adopted a unique approach to suit-making by producing their own suits and selling them directly online. This strategy enables them to eliminate intermediaries and reduce overhead costs. One of the key factors that enables them to maintain their affordable pricing is the type of fabric utilized in their products.

Alain Dupetit, has taken a unique approach to suit fabrics. Unlike the traditional wools and cottons, Dupetit has opted for a blend of two synthetic fabrics, tetron and rayon, which he has aptly named the TR blend. This innovative choice of fabric has set Dupetit’s suits apart from the rest.

How Do Alain Dupetit Suits Fit?

The fit of your suit is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in determining its overall appearance. I couldn’t help but notice how sharp the suits looked on the brands website, but are they really that good?

When it comes to choosing the right fit for your clothing, there are two popular options: classic fit and slim fit. Classic fit is a more traditional cut that offers a relaxed and comfortable feel, while slim fit is a more modern and streamlined option that hugs the body for a sleek look. Both have their pros and cons, and ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference and body type. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two popular fits.

Alain Dupetit, provides its customers with a variety of fit options to choose from. These include the classic/regular fit suit and a range of slim fit designs. When it comes to suits, it’s important to know that not all sizes are available in both cuts. Some suits come in either cut, while others are only available in one or the other.

  • The regular fit is a timeless option that offers a comfortable and relaxed fit throughout the entire suit, including the jacket’s torso and sleeves, as well as the pants’ legs.
  • The classic style exudes a timeless appeal. It boasts a comfortable fit that doesn’t cling to the body, yet still looks sharp and put-together.
  • In comparison, the slim fit suits from AD exude a more contemporary vibe.

Are Alain Dupetit Jackets True to Size?

Most reviewers are thrilled to find out that their jackets fit impeccably, straight out of the packaging. Many reviewers found the Alain Dupetit suits to be the perfect choice for any occasion, whether it’s a formal event or a night out on the town. They feel confident and stylish in the brand’s suits, and they know the suits will turn heads wherever they go.

The ease of adjusting the sleeves on this garment is a notable feature, as the non-functional buttons allow for simple tailoring if necessary. Knowing how a suit should fit is crucial. Make sure to accurately measure yourself and use the size chart. Any necessary tailoring to the jacket should be minor and not cause any significant issues.

Pros And Cons Of Alain Dupetit

Alain Dupetit reviews

What We Like!

  • Large selection of quality suits
  • Suits are available in a wide range of sizes
  • Matching Adults and kids suits are available
  • Offers great value for money

What We Don’t Like!

  • The company offers only one shipping method
  • You cannot exchange your suit.

Blue Plaid Three Piece Suit

Alain Dupetit suit review

For $79, you can get this trendy three-piece suit in Blue Plaid Signature. The 100% rayon lining and 65% Tetron outer shell of this classic suit will keep you feeling and looking great all day long.

The jacket of the three-piece suit has two buttons and a bespoke straight pocket, along with sleeve buttons that don’t work. The length of the ignored flat-front open-bottom pants is 36 inches; they have a belt loop, a zip fly, and buttons. The trousers slim down at the ankle. You can purchase this Alain Dupetit three-piece suit for $79. The brand recommend you dry clean.

Customers Thoughts

There are over sixty reviews of this suit, and more than ninety percent of them are five stars. The perfect tailoring and high-quality fabric of the suits received praise in addition to the excellent service.

Black and White Glen Plaid Double Breasted Wide Lapel Suit

Alain Dupetit review

This suit’s slender cut and classic details—including its double-breasted design and broad notched lapel—make it a modern classic. Larger sizes of the suit cost an extra $10, bringing the total to $69.

The outer shell of the double-breasted suit features a breathable and soft blend of 65% Tetron and 35% Rayon. There is a rayon lining inside. The jacket of the double-breasted suit has straight pockets and buttons on the sleeves that don’t do anything.

The jacket has two vents on either side and is slightly cropped. The pants have a non-pleated front design with a 36″ inseam, and they are unhemmed and have a flat front. Dry cleaning is required for the two-button jacket.

Customers Thoughts

Over 35 satisfied customers have rated the double-breasted suit at 4.9 out of 5 stars, with many of the same compliments as the three-piece suit.

Alain Dupetit Kids Suits Review

Alain Dupetit kids suits review

This boy’s royal blue two-button suit, which includes a shirt and tie, is available for only $69. The jacket is 65% polyester and 35% rayon on the outside and 100% rayon on the inside. The jacket features double vents, has a bespoke straight pocket, and features non-functional buttons on the sleeves.

The elastic waistband on these unfinished pants allows for a custom fit. The suit’s tie is fully adjustable and crafted from lightweight polyester. Approximately 60% of the shirt is cotton, and 40% is polyester. Additionally, you can wash the boy’s shirt in a washing machine with cold water, and dry clean the suit. All of the children’s suits sold by Alain Dupetit are available in adult sizes for anyone who would like to coordinate for a formal event.

Customers Thoughts

The kid’s suit received two five-star reviews from consumers. Many reviewers noted that the low price of this children’s suit made it an excellent choice for formal events.

Alain Dupetit Shirts Review

Alain Dupetit also promotes his limited line of dress shirts and one tuxedo option. Shirts are machine washable in cold water and manufactured from a blend of Egyptian cotton (80%) and polyester (20%).

Dress Shirt With Traditional Point Collar

Alain Dupetit shirt review

The white dress shirt has a classic point collar and is offered in several sizes. It has a gentle rounding at the hem, typical single barrel cuffs, and removable stays, all of which contribute to its regular modern fit. The $16 traditional point collar dress shirt is a steal.

Customer Thoughts

Over 85 percent of the 68 evaluations gave the product a perfect score, indicating consumer satisfaction. Those who have purchased the item have raved about its quality, fit, and overall pleasant experience.

Alain Dupetit Formal Tuxedo Shirt

Alain Dupetit shirts reviews

For only $16, you can have this tuxedo shirt with all the trimmings: a spread collar, glass buttons, convertible cuffs, and a softly contoured hem.

Alain Dupetit Cufflink Review

Alain Dupetit cufflinks review

Alain Dupetit recognizes the importance of cufflinks to a well-put-together suit and offers a small selection of designs. Silver stainless steel is used throughout production, and each pair of cufflinks costs $9. A unique cufflink case is another special touch.

Alain Dupetit Tie Review

Alain Dupetit tie reviews
Alain Dupetit tie review
Alain Dupetit bow tie review

If you’re looking to complete your suit with a fashionable tie, you’re in luck since Alain Dupetit has a broad variety of options, including woven, thick knit, and bow ties. Ties may be cleaned in cold water, cost $9, and are made entirely of woven microfibre. Premium-grade stainless steel, silver finish Prices for tie bars start at $9.

Alain Dupetit Customer Reviews From Other Sources

Our research into Alain Dupetit includes feedback obtained from a wide range of online sources. To begin, we looked at what previous buyers had to say about the products on Amazon. The Two Buttons Slim Suit has 4.3 stars on average from more than 360 customer reviews.

Customers were pleased with the suit’s fit and style, and several also commented on the excellent value it provided. Some of the reviews complained about the suit needing to be tailored, and others complained about sizing issues.

Alain Dupetit Discount Code, Promotions and Offers

There are now no Alain Dupetit discount codes available, but I encourage you to check back soon because the business frequently runs sales on its website.

Where Can You Buy Alain Dupetit?

All suits are sold at

Alain Dupetit Frequently Asked Questions

Alain Dupetit

How Long Does Alain Dupetit Take To Ship?

All orders are fulfilled from the firm’s Ontario, Canada, distribution center. Within five business days, UPS Ground processes all orders and mails them out. It may take an additional 5 business days for your order to arrive.

What Is Alain Dupetit’s Return Policy?

Send an email to if you need to return an item purchased from Alain Dupetit. Please specify the reason for the return, your order number, and your full name.All returns must be requested within 14 days after the purchase date, include all original packaging, and be in unused, like-new condition. Return shipping fees are not paid for by Alain Dupetit.

A Little Bit About Alain Dupetit

More than forty years ago, Alain Dupetit began his career as a tailor. At the age of 21, he left Paris, France, and came to the United States to launch his first store. In 2014, he established Alain Dupetit, and beginning in 2015, he began offering products for sale on his website to consumers. He established the firm with the intention of mass-producing fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

Alain Dupetit Contact Details

Send an email to if you have any concerns about your Alain Dupetit purchase. Please give the company up to four working days to respond. You can also reach them by dialing (628) 219-3300 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Is Alain Dupetit Any Good?

Suits by Alain Dupetit are worth considering if you want to look sharp without breaking the bank. Alain Dupetit’s suits are not as high-quality as more expensive suits, but they are suitable for everyday wear.

These stores offer a wide selection of complementary suit accessories.

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