Air Fryer Vs Food Dehydrator

Air Fryer Vs Food Dehydrator? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to look for when shopping for a new kitchen appliance. In this article, we will explain how an air fryer is different from a food dehydrator to help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision. 

Whether you’re making a meal for your loved ones or just whipping up a quick snack for yourself, you’ll know exactly where to find what you’re searching for.

air fryer vs food dehydrator, dehydrator vs air fryers
air fryer vs food dehydrator, dehydrator vs air fryers

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Air Fryer Vs Food Dehydrator and Their Similarities

Air Fryers and dehydrators are very different appliances but they do have a number of similarities:

  • Both of these products make it possible to prepare healthy meals in the kitchen.
  • Both of these devices are straightforward to operate.
  • Both devices are simple to clean.
  • You can prepare different foods with either one.
  • Time your cooking with ease thanks to the timers built into both of these appliances.
  • Both air fryers and food dehydrators provide uniform cooking and preparation.

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What Is An Air Fryer?

In order to cook food at a high temperature without using oil, an air fryer blows hot air over the meal. In most of these devices, a fan inside circulates hot air through a metal basket to provide heat. 

Because they don’t need much oil, air fryers are perfect for cooking oil-sensitive foods like vegetables and lean meats like chicken wings. Because of the dry heat, the exterior of baked goods like bread and cookies goes crispy while the interior cooks perfectly. Check out our favorite air fryers.

What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

You can quickly and easily air fry a wide variety of dishes in an air fryer without using any oil, and you’ll get none of those messy grease splashes all over the place. You may cook things like chicken wings, fish sticks, french fries, onion rings, and veggies. Other air fryer do’s and don’ts can be found here.

What Is A Food Dehydrator?

A dehydrator can be used to dry foods such as fruits and vegetables.Fruits and vegetables can be dried using this method by allowing the water content to evaporate within a predetermined temperature range.

When done, most foods may be eaten within 30 minutes, making this method ideal for those who want to keep nutritious snacks on hand at all times.

What Can You Cook In A Food Dehydrator?

air fryer vs food dehydrator, dehydrator vs air fryers

Dried fruit may be the first thing that comes to mind, but there is so much more you can do with dehydration, including making tasty treats like beef jerky, bread, crackers, chips, granola bars, pizza crust, and even banana chips!

Air Fryer Vs Food Dehydrator?

As two very distinct types of kitchen appliances, an air fryer and a food dehydrator are difficult to compare.

Food dehydrators use low heat to dry out their produce, while air fryers use high heat to cook the food.

You can get healthier food from both appliances, though.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Your Food In An Air Fryer Vs Dehyrdrator?

Food cooked in an air fryer takes about half as long to cook as food cooked in an oven. They are perfect if you’re watching your calorie intake because you can prepare food without adding oil or butter.

Cooking times in food dehydrators are longer, but they’re ideal for drying out fresh produce. Making beef jerky in a dehydrator can take a few hours.

How Easy To Use Are Food Dehydrators Vs Air Fryers?

air fryer vs food dehydrator, dehydrator vs air fryers

Using either of these products couldn’t be simpler. Despite their convenience, air fryers don’t always deliver the same results as conventional ovens. Because of the inconsistency in heat distribution, certain areas of the dish could be undercooked while others are overcooked if you don’t move the pan sometimes throughout cooking. 

Benefiting greatly from the ability to dehydrate fresh produce without damaging their nutritional value, food dehydrators are a terrific kitchen investment. Food dehydrators are similar to ovens in that they cook with hardly any human involvement.

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Can You Dehydrate In An Air Fryer?

The majority of air fryers do not include a dehydrating function; however, some do. The Ninja Air Fryer is one brand that immediately comes to mind when thinking of air fryers with dehydration abilities.

What Are The Main Differences Between Air Fryers Vs Food Dehydrators?

Both the air fryer and dehydrator are completely different appliances, as we discussed previously.

Optimal temperatures for cooking

The dehydrator has a temperature range of 90–145 degrees Fahrenheit, while the air fryer goes all the way up to 450 degrees.


The air fryer is responsible for cooking, while the dehydrator is in charge of drying the food.

Element Heaters 

The heating element of an air fryer is located at the top of the appliance, alongside the fan; this allows the gadget to cook food rapidly while maintaining the necessary high temperature. The dehydrator, on the other hand, has a fan and a heating element in the back, and it also includes a number of shelves that let cool air circulate inside.

Time required

Food cooked in an air fryer is ready in only a few minutes. Dehydrators, on the other hand, require a lot of time to fry the meal.

Appearance of Food

Dehydrating food alters its appearance. Dehydration is responsible for this result since it removes the food’s natural moisture. With an air fryer, this is not the case. On the contrary, as you take it out of the air fryer, it looks even more appetizing than before.


In contrast to food produced in an air fryer, food dried in a dehydrator can be eaten months after it was prepared.

Water percentage 

While a dehydrator can remove water from your food, an air fryer will leave it juicy and flavorful. As with utilizing a frying pan while in the air, the food is prepared in the same manner.

Maximum Number of Customers Served

While the air fryer lacks a storage compartment, the dehydrator provides plenty of room for food that needs to dry. If you want to cook a lot of food, you’ll have to do so multiple times in an air fryer.

Should You Buy An Air Fryer Or A Food Dehydrator?

How you want to put the appliance to work will determine which model is ideal for you. Do you prefer foods that have been cooked at a higher temperature and turned out crisp?

How often do you foresee yourself preparing beef jerky or dried fruit? Do you eat only raw foods? Invest wisely in the kitchen gadget you plan to use most frequently and can accommodate on your kitchen counter.

Both of these give you a lot of leeway in the kitchen when it comes to making healthy meal choices. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to deep frying, air fryers and food dehydrators are fantastic tools for making healthy, crispy cuisine without oil.

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