AddsFit Massage Guns Review: The Ultimate Guide

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In the fitness industry, massage guns, also known as percussion massagers, are becoming increasingly popular. Addsfit provides athletes of all types with portable recovery equipment. Their massage guns use powerful vibrations to reduce pain and increase blood flow, which may help prevent injuries and improve flexibility. 

Addsfit massage guns is an affordable store retailer that specializes in self-massage products to help recovery and sports performance. Addsfit provides full-service massage treatment equipment that may be utilized anywhere! This Addsfit Guide discusses the Addsfit massage gun brand, its products, and their advantages and disadvantages. 

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AddsFit Massage Guns Review

What We Like!

  • Addsfits massage guns are easy to use
  • They provide effective pain relief
  • Organically manufactured
  • All guns come with a long battery life
  • Massage guns are portable

What We Don’t Like!

  • The Addsfit Max can become heavy if using for long periods
  • Attachments can be difficult to connect.

Are Addsfit Massagers Worth It?

addsfit massage gun review, Addsfit Mini massage gun reviews, addsfit max massage gun reviews, addsfit massager

Using one of the Addsfit massage guns are an excellent way to acquire pain treatment and muscle rehabilitation while on the road.
Despite being a relatively young player in the industry, Addsfit has come a long way in providing a wonderful assortment of portable massage guns similar to the more well-known brands. Overall,  customers agreed that this brand of massage guns helped them relieve pain wherever and whenever they needed it.

How To Use An Addsfit Massage Gun

addfit massager review

The addsfit massage gun is simple to use; nevertheless, you should take your time if you don’t want to damage yourself.  To use the massage gun follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your attachment,
  • Turn on the gun using the on/off button at the bottom of the handle
  • Adjust the speed as desired.
  • Slowly work your way through any knots or tight locations.

You’ll rapidly master the usage of the gun. Begin with the slowest tempo, and relax to make the massage more effective. Massage for no more than a few seconds in one location at a time and rotate the gun to prevent overstimulating one section of your body and generating extra pain or injury.

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AddsFit Reviews

addfit massager review

As part of its Addsfit review, GNGuide did more research on the Addsfit brand to give a fair view of the massage guns. First, we went to to see what we could find. The average rating for the 328 reviews of the Addsfit mini-massage gun on Amazon is 4.6 stars. So far, 78% of the reviews of the mini massage gun have given it five stars.

Customers think the massage gun is a must-have because it is easy to use, portable, stylish, works well, is quiet, and isn’t too expensive. Only 3% of customers weren’t happy with the massager because of problems with the hardware. One buyer said the massager she got was scratched, another said it broke after a month, and another said it barely worked for 10 minutes before it stopped working.  

Where Can You Buy AddsFit ?

The full range of Addsfit massage guns is available on the brand’s website,; a limited selection is also available on Amazon.

Deep Tissue Massage Gun AddsFit Max Review

addsfit massage gun review, Addsfit Mini massage gun reviews, addsfit max massage gun reviews, addsfit massager

The Addsfit Max is a percussive massage gun that relieves muscular aches and pains.  It is designed to ease your recovery process by lowering chronic pain, relieving muscular soreness, and releasing tension, resulting in a less unpleasant and more productive recovery session.

The massage gun is useful not only for fitness enthusiasts, but also for people who suffer from chronic pain and pains in their bodies. Additionally it comes with five different head attachments, a Lithium-ion battery, a charger, a quality carrying bag, and a one-year guarantee, with an optional two-year warranty.

AddsFit Max Features

addfit massager review

The Addsfit Max is a powerful massager with a variety of settings that deliver a smooth and regulated massage.

Addsfit Max Massage Gun Performance

The Addsfit MAX Massage Gun features a massage stroke depth of 12 mm and a force of 35 pounds, allowing it to reach deep tissue below the skin. Furthermore, the power of the massager gun promotes blood flow through these tissues, hastening the healing process. It can also help you relax, giving you quick relief from tension in your shoulders, neck, or back.

Additionally, the Addsfit MAX Massage Gun has nine speed options ranging from 1700 to 3300 Percussion Rotations Per Minute (PRM). This function is useful since it allows you to choose different rates for different scenarios. Slower rates, for example, might be used to warm up on a regular basis, whilst quicker speeds can be used to address specific aches and cramps. 

Quiet and Powerful Massage Gun

The Addsfit MAX Massage Gun is quite quiet when you compare it to other massage guns. Even on the maximum setting, the massager gun emits a faint hum that is not loud enough to interfere with the massage. 

Skin-Friendly Silicone Material Heads

The Addsfit MAX Massage Gun comes with a variety of gun heads, all of which include a silicon covering to make them robust and comfortable. Changing attachments is simple compared to some of the chunkier gadgets due to the silicon attachments. Furthermore, the silicon is resistant to perspiration and microorganisms. A dampener, a thumb, a fork, a triggered flat, and a wedge are among the five heads available. The impact intensity of the heads varies substantially, with each head meant to target a distinct body location. 

Includes a Long-Lasting Battery

When used at moderate speeds, the Addsfit Max Massage gun has an excellent battery life of up to six hours; but, if you use it often at 3300RPM, the power will deplete significantly quicker. If you only use the massage gun for half an hour every day at modest speeds, you’ll only need to charge it once a week. 


The Addsfit MAX Massager Gun weighs 2.2 pounds and is convenient to carry. The gadget comes in a sleek, high-quality casing that features compartments for each of the five massage heads. Because the massager is lightweight, you will not tire as quickly if you use it for extended periods of time. The main negative is that getting to tricky regions can be difficult. 

Deep Tissue Massage Gun: AddsFit Mini Review

addsfit massage gun review, Addsfit Mini massage gun reviews, addsfit max massage gun reviews, addsfit massager

The addsfit Mini performs the task of a personal masseur. It is portable and capable of providing enough percussion for your everyday massage. This is a small and lightweight massage gun that fits easily in your pocket or knapsack. With dimensions of 129mm x 40mm x 104mm and a weight of 12.6 oz, you won’t notice you are carrying it.

This compact massage gun is useful not just for gym goers, but also for individuals who suffer from chronic pain and seek a quick, handy, and easy approach to relieve discomfort throughout the day.

The Addsfit Mini massager includes:

  • Two interchangeable heads.
  • A lithium-ion battery.
  • A USB-C charger.
  • A portable carrying case.
  • A three-year warranty.

AddsFit Mini Massager Features

addfit massager review

The Addsfit Mini is a tiny, portable massager with a variety of capabilities that provide a smooth, regulated massage wherever and at any time. 

Performance of the Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Despite its compact size, the Mini produces up to 3000 percussions each minute, more than enough to calm tired muscles and help with workout recuperation. The Mini massage gun, with a maximum force of 27 lbs and an amplitude of 6 mm, is inadequate for deep tissue massage. Instead, it’s the perfect tool for relaxing your tired muscles at the end of a long day. The massage gun does not use severe pressure; instead, the massager employs vibration, which is excellent if all you want to do is relax. Additionally the Addsfit Mini has three power settings: 1600rpm, 2500rpm, and 3000rpm, but you’ll probably only use the highest level when traveling. 

Quiet and Powerful Massage Gun

The Addsfit Mini massage gun, with an operating noise level of less than 40db, allows you to enjoy a massage without bothering people around you.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic shape and superior aluminum body of the Addsfit Mini make it a pleasure to handle and clean. The Addsfit Mini Massager has two aluminum heads: a flat head and a bullet head. Because these are the most popular massage gun heads, having only two is not a deal breaker. 

Includes a Long-Lasting Battery

Addsfit promises 400 minutes of usage before needing to recharge via USB-C, although this is at the lowest power level. The battery will deplete quicker as the power is increased. 

The Addsfit Max is Portable

The addsfit Mini, at 360g, is the ideal grab-and-go massager that fits easily in your pocket. While it is not as strong as some of the larger massager guns, its lightweight and portable design make it excellent for reaching those difficult-to-reach spots that other massager guns just cannot.

Is The Addsfit Mini Worth It?

Addsfit consumers were so impressed with this massage gun, to date the massage gun only has 5 star reviews.


Despite the fact that this massage gun is small, customers report that it is really effective. It has a high quality feel and design, and it comes in a beautiful zippered bag, according to one reviewer. Another person mentioned how simple it is to handle and use. Reviewers strongly appreciate the Addsfit Mini Massager for its performance.


Customers found it to be the ideal accessory for their requirements, with numerous reviewers expressing how it has aided them virtually every day. Along with rapid charging, consumers claim that the massage gun’s three speeds are enough for their requirements. Even though it is small, it packs a lot of punch, and yet some reviewers can only use it on the first and second levels as it is so powerful.

Customer Views

This mini massager is small and compact but packs a powerful punch. The massager comes well packed in a travel case, and the moment you take the massager out of the case, you can instantly feel the quality. It is quite weighty, which tells you straight away that this isn’t some cheap plastic toy but a very well-made metal appliance. It fits nicely in the hand and comes with 2 attachments—a flat head for general use, and a pointed thumb head for really getting into smaller areas.

Customer Review @Addsfit
AddsFit Massage Guns Review

AddsFit Elite Review

Update: This massage gun is no longer available.

addsfit massage gun review, Addsfit Mini massage gun reviews, addsfit max massage gun reviews, addsfit massager

The Addsfit Elite is a percussion massage gun that you can use to relieve muscle aches and pains. Although the Addsfit Max Elite is larger than the Addsfit Mini, strangely, it is also lighter. The Elite percussion massager is ideal for releasing muscle tension and knots.

The device is not as powerful as some of the other massage guns on the market because to its smaller size, but it is powerful in comparison to its size.

The massager includes:

  • *Five interchangeable heads.
  • *A Lithium-ion battery.
  • *A charger.
  • *A premium carrying case.
  • *A three-year warranty.

The Addsfit Elite Massage Gun retails for $139.99.

AddsFit Elite Features

The Addsfit Elite Massage gun is designed to provide the best deep tissue massage experience possible.

Performance of the Addsfit Elite Massage Gun

With a 12mm amplitude, the addsfit Elite performs admirably and matches the amplitude of the addsfit Max, ensuring a deep massage.

The Elite features four-speed settings, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity of your massage. The massage gun has a maximum speed of 3100RPM, which is only 200RPM short of the max model.

The massage gun is capable of exerting a relatively large amount of force, exceeding 28.6 lbs.

Quiet and Powerful Massage Gun

You’ll find this massage gun is particularly quiet.

Skin-Friendly Silicone Material Heads

The Addsfit Elite massage gun comes with five heads: a dampener, a triggered flat, a thumb, a fork, and a ball.

The Dampener head delivers a low-impact massage, while the triggered Flat is ideal for larger muscles such as the quads and glutes.

The thumb and fork heads are exceptionally intense and target specific areas.
Finally, the ball features a low-impact head that provides a gentle touch in sensitive areas.

Includes a Long-Lasting Battery

On a full charge, the high-quality lithium battery provides more than 15 hours of massage. This effect is diminished, however, when the speed and intensity settings are increased.

The Addsfit Elite is Portable

The Addsfit Elite massage gun is a lightweight option that folds up into a small package; if you’re looking for something compact and easy to store, this may be the right choice for you.

With a weight of just 640g, the device is slightly larger than most smartphones, making it easy to carry and ideal for reaching those difficult-to-reach areas wherever you are.

AddsFit Promotions and Discounts

addsfit massage gun review, Addsfit Mini massage gun reviews, addsfit max massage gun reviews, addsfit massager

As part of the GNGuide Addsfit massage guns review, we looked for discount codes and promo codes. We discovered the following ways to save:

Subscribe To The Addsfit Newsletter

When you subscribe to the Addsfit newsletter, you will receive a 10% off coupon.

AddsFit Company Information

addsfit massage gun review, Addsfit Mini massage gun reviews, addsfit max massage gun reviews, addsfit massager

Addsfit massage guns were launched in late 2019 with the goal of helping people improve their health through proper muscle development and exercise. The business developed a line of massage devices for body therapy and muscle recovery that could be used anywhere: at home, in the gym, on vacation, and so on. The massage guns are made to resemble the touch of a caring therapist, allowing people of all ages and sizes to get the best feeling no matter where they are or when they want it.

Contact AddsFit

If you require any more information, or if you need to contact AddsFit directly, you can contact their support team:

  • *Email:
  • *Address: Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Room 604, 6/F World Finance Centre, Hong Kong.

AddsFit Frequently Asked Questions

addfit massager review

Does AddsFit Have a Return Policy?

You have 30 calendar days from the date of delivery to return your Addsfit order.

Your item must be unopened and in the same condition as when it was delivered to you. It has to be in its original packaging as well.

Only items purchased directly from may be returned to the company. If your item has been used or opened, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

AddsFit Shipping Policy

You will receive your order within five to ten business days if you live in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, or China, and shipping is free.

Due to customs, delivery times for other international destinations may vary, but shipping typically takes ten to twenty business days. Depending on where you live, shipping costs range from $3.99 to $39.99.

Any additional Customs Duty is the responsibility of the international customer once the order has been shipped.

AddsFit Warranty

For products purchased through authorized channels, Addsfit provides a twelve-month warranty. You will be offered a 24-month bonus warranty program if you buy your Addsfit massage gun through the Addsfit website.

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