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Empowering parents through turbulent times


Hi there!  I’m Sue and welcome to GN Guide.  Before we dive into the wild world of Teenagers, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I’m a mum of three incredible (and sometimes incredibly messy!) girls.  There’s Olivia, my sassy teenager who’s currently navigating the exciting (and sometimes terrifying) world of high school. Then there’s Chiara, my energetic tween who’s a walking whirlwind of emotions and glitter. And finally, the sunshine of my life, Louisa, my little one who still thinks I can fix any boo-boo with a hug and a kiss (although hopefully, she’ll learn some problem-solving skills from these blog posts!).

While “Mum” is definitely my most important job title now, it wasn’t always the case.  For years, I climbed the corporate ladder as an accountant. Don’t get me wrong, there was a certain satisfaction in crunching numbers and achieving financial goals. But somewhere along the way, the spreadsheets started to lose their appeal, and the giggles (and meltdowns) of my growing daughters became the soundtrack of my life.

That’s when I realized I wanted to create something more.  Something that combined my love for helping others with the ever-present chaos of raising teenagers (and a tween and a youngster, let’s not forget!).

So, what is GN Guide all about?


It’s about helping mums like you and me navigate the wonderful, messy, and often confusing journey of raising teenagers.  It’s about sharing tips and tricks, learning from each other’s experiences, and most importantly, reminding ourselves that we’re not alone.

This blog is a space where we can celebrate the joys of raising teens (yes, there are joys!),  acknowledge the challenges (because trust me, there are plenty!), and figure out how to be the best mums we can be without losing sight of ourselves in the process.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or wine – no judgement here!), pull up a chair, and join the conversation!  Let’s laugh together, cry together (because there will be tears!), and most importantly, support each other as we raise these amazing, complex beings called teenagers (and tweens, and youngsters!).

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